Bun B. And Wife Queenie Detail Their Traumatic Home Invasion, The Aftermath, New Music + More
Bun B. And Wife Queenie drop in to tell us all the details about the home invasion that shook them up and how Bun B.'s reputation proceeded him in this instance. Plus, the rapper's lawyer joins to help explain how this isn't a crime story but a love story with a gun.
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Bun B. And Wife Queenie Detail Their Traumatic Home Invasion, The Aftermath, New Music + More
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  • xae

    I’m an early 90s baby and I was blessed to watch men like this growing up. When I heard the story I was so proud of Bun. To this day I refuse to be with any guy that doesn’t act like the OGs. Family men. Real men. I won’t accept anything less.

  • me

    Black love at his best!!!!💘💝💖💗💓💞💕💟❣❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  • Deborah Ferguson
    Deborah Ferguson

    Bun B has the principles of Manhood instilled in him. Protective men PROTECT AT ALL COSTS.

  • sue

    God Bless your union! REALEST! #BLACKLOVE 🥰🙏🏿

  • Terrence Pierson
    Terrence Pierson

    If you go to kick in a door, make sure you wearing a bulletproof vest and make sure its not bun b house you tryna rob👍

  • Luke B
    Luke B

    Buns the realest. Rare

  • Young King
    Young King

    Murder murder murder . Some smelly red jelly falling out of yo belly - bun b

  • Aldo Fernandez
    Aldo Fernandez

    One half of UGK the real is dead Rip Pimp. The fake scared one alive scared and a puppet you ppl stupid man. How long have u known Ugk 1 year? Pathetic

  • curt williams
    curt williams

    I need to move to Texas

  • Chico Fontane
    Chico Fontane

    Anybody notice how this nigga bun voice be deep when he around certain people then the nigga sound like a science nerd at other times this nigga fake he been exposed

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith

    she tried to set up Bun

  • Joey Sloan
    Joey Sloan

    So proud of Bun b and Queenie for showing black America and black love exist,it’s real, it’s beautiful and possible. Love and proud of you Bun.

  • The RealB
    The RealB

    He always worried about somebody dick he ain’t even suspect no dude clearly gay 😂 he a sell out On4nem

  • Audra Folkes
    Audra Folkes

    Wo1derful dialogue.. Shout out to the Breakfast Club, Bun & fam, Attorney Charles Adams, sounding like Dr. Phil, and Steven Wilkos rolled up in one tootsie roll..#staywokeppl✌️

  • Flea Bands
    Flea Bands

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  • Coco D
    Coco D

    Here after this king protected Hot Girl Meg 🐎 and now I see he is a REAL one. Look at how he treats his wife 😍

  • dj cutarekord
    dj cutarekord

    Wow. What if Bun B had opened that door? That toilet probably saved Bun B's life.

  • harry williams
    harry williams

    Pimp C is rolling over in his grave right now. Bun B has a lawyer who is not only his good friend, but he also used to be a cop. And he has that cocky cop attitude. He doesn't even seem genuine in his statements about Bun B and his relationship with Bun. That shit don't add up. His lawyer/cop friend doesn't pass the temperature check test with me. It's something strange about Bun B since Pimp C died.

  • Brandon Goddy
    Brandon Goddy


  • Karim Parker
    Karim Parker

    Yo that lawyer " I would've run him put one in his head and a gun his hand"

  • Dallas to Odessa
    Dallas to Odessa

    Last year someone tried to kick down my door, but thankfully I had a dumbbell against it. Since then I got a doberman pinscher to watch the perimeter, built a fence around the entire house, and got a 9mm.

  • Loveitmanee


  • Kitty Owens
    Kitty Owens

    You can still hear the fear in her voice... Queenie is such a strong woman & you can tell that the foundation of their marriage is built strong!!! ♥️💞♥️

  • Muhammad Smith
    Muhammad Smith

    haha love when they talk about avengers at the end haha

  • Muhammad Smith
    Muhammad Smith

    Bun B and Queenie we love yall

  • Spiritual Giant
    Spiritual Giant

    Queenie seems so sweet.

  • juan sanchez
    juan sanchez

    I understand the gun at home for protection but just carrying guns all over for the hell of it , I do not agree.

  • Tonylion Bryan
    Tonylion Bryan

    Bun’s Wife real gangster she tried to lock the Garage door with the guy in the car..... connect!

  • monique 45
    monique 45

    Damn! Who attorney is this! He gonna pop him and put the gun in his hand! 😂😂😂

    • aliveandconnected

      I had a boss who told me if someone breaks in "they don't make it out" I was like "huh?" 😳 he said "it's your word against theirs if he gets away. People make up shit. He needs to be dead " so I hope no one breaks in cause I don't have a gun and it'll be bloody 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • monique 45
    monique 45

    I don't know why that guy tried bun. He came to the wrong house! They said back in the day bun bought $20,000 worth of guns.

  • Vincente Guerrero
    Vincente Guerrero

    Ok bun say he cocked his gun and it had 1 in the head before he cocked it so the other bullet flew out. But that's not possible. Your bullet wont eject if the clip in. Plus if u double cock your gun with the clip in it will jam.

  • G P
    G P

    Man Bun B u ain't really ready cause u hit all those spots u should had just walked up to the car and hit em so u really wasn't trying to kill him

  • Jai Johnson
    Jai Johnson

    This statement is only for the 769 thumb's down; I know you was hoping that both the Black King and Queen would be six feet in a grave.. God truly have better plans for both their journey's of life!!!

  • Abiodun Babashola
    Abiodun Babashola

    Bun B...…........you a KING, because you have a QUEEN !!!!!!! That's what's REAL !

  • Jeffrey Mitchell
    Jeffrey Mitchell

    This aint no comedy show keep it real. Black people love to laugh & joke.

  • dave trent
    dave trent

    2 old fools

  • LaDy Meaux
    LaDy Meaux

    Big ups ENVY!!! Protect ya neck

  • LaDy Meaux
    LaDy Meaux


  • kosmique

    they both soldiers. u have to get thru her to get to him and vice versa.

  • Melvin Hill
    Melvin Hill

    Charmaine the fake God always say some stupid 💩💩 when are you leaving again 🤔😅

  • Don Hopson
    Don Hopson

    "SALUTE"to Bun for holdin'it down and protecting his Would've did the same or worst to that Boy


    She is so beautiful. They are Black Love.

  • Duckie MrPoetry
    Duckie MrPoetry

    "Did you wipe" -Dj Envy 😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Moovee Makka
    Moovee Makka

    That lawyer look like he gets locked up with you and be like don’t worry

    • xae


  • unavailable username
    unavailable username

    Anyone know for sure what model Audi he had that the robber almost stole? I'm curious bc that's a safe car, I may have to wait 10 years until they are in price range but I want my family in a car that solid.

  • taz santiago
    taz santiago

    God bless them both that nothing happened. And can somebody please tell me why there is a black guy fucking a white guy on the right hand side behind the lawyer? WTF? @21:37 😧🤷🏻‍♂️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Natasha Crook
    Natasha Crook


  • Latín Goonie
    Latín Goonie

    11:55 the ex cop sed he was fina run him down shot him put the gun in his hand what 😂 fucking pigs

  • Tweetie Sweetie
    Tweetie Sweetie

    Do the BUN😁😁😁

  • Roberto Hernandez
    Roberto Hernandez

    Rest In Peace PIMP C

  • Roberto Hernandez
    Roberto Hernandez

    Bun B living legend

  • Tianna Ivy
    Tianna Ivy


  • Jared Bennett
    Jared Bennett

    Liberal cities he would be doing life in prison. When cnn bashes stand your ground That means you don't have a duty to immediately run and hide upstairs you cannot enter that garage the intruder is fleeing. You cannot chase whatsoever. Do not believe that what bun did in his state you can do in yours.

  • duster43

    Charlemagne always saying something stupid. ALWAYS

  • Linda

    New Sub! I've just recently found you channel... That was an absolutely great episode! Thank God that brave couple made it out alive! God bless you all...💜 Love From Canada! P.S. What in the f😠CK is wrong with N.Y....!

  • Zdravko Perkovich
    Zdravko Perkovich

    Colin Quinm came out of Bun B's mouth. Im so happy right now.

  • Yvener Saintcyr
    Yvener Saintcyr



    guess someone listened to "pull a kick doe" that night....

  • Tyriq Haywood
    Tyriq Haywood

    Even though they are a little hot baby bun b

  • Joel

    NY gun laws don't allow you to protect your home with a gun and the gun has to be registered to the person who shoots. So Bun B's wife wouldn't have been able to shoot it because it's not registered to her.

  • Scarlett Marie
    Scarlett Marie

    Damn the relationships between these three are just stunningly beautiful and deep....loyalty is beautiful. And the love between Bun B and Queenie is just...I can't find words strong enough! That Queenie though, that's the type of woman I aspire to be.

  • Johnny Drama
    Johnny Drama

    I wish Bun was rocking FMJ when this happened.

  • Lamont Allen
    Lamont Allen


  • Vero.

    Real good interview 👏🏽 👏🏽 thank you breakfast club !

  • Blackstallion007

    this is WHY, it was told by MANY OLD HEADS a very VERY long time ago. listen MEN: get your weight up. No seriously; stop running around all over the internet chasing KIM K Lookalikes with dumpy asses,10 Tons of MakeUp. " the Old Adage " get your SHYT together means exactly this.you know why Bun B has his queen? because of hard work, trials and tribulations errors life lessons you LEARN TOGETHER AS YOU GROW TOGETHER AS A COUPLE. too many quit,or jump into things to fast and don't know the direction they going in.simple rules apply here: 1)Don't get involved with Adult Children. Meaning. for example if she's 41 or 27 and acts & behaves like a 15 year old High Schooler; Bro's you know what to do.MAN THE F**K UP!! CUT IT OFF ASAP. 2)Don't just hire an Attorney / Mechanic / Physician / Accountant (CPA). these are the MEN & WOMEN who are going / should be apart of your ADULT LIFE for the NEXT 50+ Years. You Develop Friendships / Associations with this specific VERY IMPORTANT Individuals.i'm NOT saying your going to be invited to the next round of Golf.But they should know of YOU,Whom you and your Wife & Kids( if you have any ) they are. i can't STRESS this enough.don't ask, query things with them, allow them to get to know you / understand you.These ppl can also validate your Honorable Integrity,Morality if ever GOD forbid trouble arrives towards you & and your family. 3)Marry with VALUE, not for LOVE,NOT FOR SEX. NOT FOR LUST. ONLY for VALUE. what is value. simply put. everyone has a specific amount of VALUE they add to everyone's life. SOME ppl's value is criminal / felonies and that WORKS for them. however there are others their value is UNSTABLE, UNBALANCED. you really have to WISE, Not Smart smart ppl make mistakes all the time in life.. WISDOM used to praised in the past. just look at history. the wises of kings , rulers were HONORED because ppl all around valued their WISDOM. the ability to understand, think things through bs foolishness without having to sacrifice their own merit / values / morals. do your self the DUE DILIGENCE and value your WIFE before that woman becomes your wife you mate partner examine her value(s) that she brings to relationship.For the Men Same EXACTLY GOES FOR YOU TOO.you cannot have a posses a near perfect wife if you YOURSELF AREN'T Valuable TOO. it works both ways here. if your GAY OR LESBIAN . THE RULES Still Apply. because regardless human beings are ppl; and ppl are ppl. with have moral codes / ethics. faith and love. laughter. sharing from one another,etc. everybody try to remember all this. I WISH the Millennial's, The 40+ UP Crowd Best In All Their Endeavors Of Finding Peace & Happiness With That Special Someone. Just Follow Through & Re-Read ALL OF This. -Cheers Everyone

  • DJ TRIP Hennesy
    DJ TRIP Hennesy


  • L

    How can Bun B promote criminallity for a living then be mad at criminals?

  • Enlightened One
    Enlightened One

    Gun ballistics. If he had ballpoint ammo, bullets would have went straight through and hit him. Definately a 357 sig round would have penetrated.

  • Matthew Mahfood
    Matthew Mahfood

    Thats mister killa grimmie right there, that robber had to shit him self.

  • Anton

    That lawyer cop is really making sure he spinning any part of the story that could sound sketchy . He solid.

  • Mexiveli Da Don
    Mexiveli Da Don

    Bun B of UGK Ft. Mexiveli - Wood Wheelz (Audio) "New 2019" Click Link to Watch On UZload! uzload.info/fun/qmOkfXWvmn-jxJM/video Click Link 4 Free Download! soundcloud.com/andr-z/mexiveli-ft-bun-b-of-ugk-wood

  • Mounder Blue
    Mounder Blue

    Thank God Yall are Okay UGK 4 LIFE We Let our Nuts hang Round Here!!!

  • Marla Clayborn
    Marla Clayborn

    Damn Bun got him a TRU RIDE OR DIE ON HIS HANDS....💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥IM GLAD THEY BOTH KOOL.....UGK 4-Life....rip Pimp C....

  • Maliek Jackson
    Maliek Jackson

    It's funny how Pimp C and Bun B are from the same part of Texas, but Bun B has only a slight country accent and Pimp C much more so.

  • Delandis Dillard
    Delandis Dillard

    Bun B is that dude! That is a husband.

  • Matthew Gillett
    Matthew Gillett

    yall better vote republican

  • Allie Pendleton
    Allie Pendleton

    i don’t even know who tf this radio dude who said this is, but he has 2 dogs outside and 1 inside? Why keep 2 dogs outside? If you get a dog to keep outside, you don’t need a dog. He sounds like an idiot. “i have a dog if you need it” stfu you sound ignorant. But regardless Bun & Queenie are so perfect. Just genuine love, it’s so refreshing to see that type of relationship, it’s a rarity.

  • T Parker
    T Parker

    Bun B the great! Protect your family! Black love at its finest

  • rmzmusik

    "You really let your nuts hang" xD much love to bun B, glad it turned out that way

  • Anthony Mcclain
    Anthony Mcclain

    Salute to bun for protecting his family

  • Miss Trina
    Miss Trina

    Who sent him?

  • Harry Good
    Harry Good

    Cant be pro gun and still vote democrat. They want to take your guns away starting with black people guns

  • Jay West
    Jay West

    I like bun b. And I respect how he handled the situation. But he pointed the guy out in a lineup. He supposed to be a street dude. Trill Fam

    • nolan rimson
      nolan rimson

      Cause he rap don’t mean he street.He almost 50 police 👮‍♀️ coming regardless after shooting 🤔

  • Crazy 808
    Crazy 808

    And this why me and my wife go to the gun range at least twice a week

  • R W
    R W

    His 1st thought of her and how she was doing. I want this energy.To know you're protected in your own home is beautiful.

  • In4mous 1
    In4mous 1

    Great interview, you suckers that like to take what people work hard to earn I hope this was a lesson for your ass

  • BaraZulu

    Yall sayin "God bless black women"? No, God bless *THIS* woman. 99% of women would run in this situation. This woman is a real soldier.

    • ezekwu

      ctg is a simp...

  • Harvey J.R.
    Harvey J.R.

    Forget hoes, baby momma's and side pieces...fellas settle down and get you a REAL WIFE not "wifey" got mine in 2010

  • Scott KE0ZVZ
    Scott KE0ZVZ

    did Bun mention he reps the trill?.......peace!

  • eric

    Met bun b in the Detroit airport.. Real cool guy

  • Why K Da Jukeboxx
    Why K Da Jukeboxx

    Yo Angela Yee is Low Key Hilarious yo

  • Patterson New York
    Patterson New York

    This would be a great movie if they Decided to make one

  • Brandon Liles
    Brandon Liles

    This is a true marriage. Self sacrifice, total commitment, perfected protection. Look at his wife: there's nothing extravagant or made-up about her, but she seemingly possesses all the qualities a man would need in a wife. Fellas and ladies, don't miss YOUR blessing because you're too busy checking for fine-tuned and shallow looks.

  • oliverrando

    like so true how envy said that like a criminal that has a gun could go away but like a person that has a gun to defend themselves like then goes to jail i always have said this

  • wldlvndr

    another reason to never answer the door

  • one love
    one love

    Bun B wife is so brave a real👑 Queen. Bun B was not playing with that boy 🔫

  • DirtPoorFarmer

    If it's a choice between a cell or my wife's funeral it's not even a choice not even a consideration for me

  • Erich Dewald
    Erich Dewald

    Mess around in Texas, pay the price. Bun is a real OG and his wife is a true ride or die


    Go get the strap

  • 21plepur

    Strong Black Queen and King 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾