M1 MacBook Pro ULTIMATE Gaming Review: AAA Mac Gaming? 🤯
Can you ACTUALLY play AAA games on Apple’s new M1 MacBook Pro? I test everything from iPhone/iPad games and Native ARM Games to x86 Mac & Windows 10 Games to find out!
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I’ve been hyping up Apple Silicon ever since July, when I started watching Apple’s WWDC 2020 developer videos!
I’m even the first one to claim that Apple Silicon would FINALLY bring decent AAA gaming to the Mac!Let’s find out if my old speculations were correct, by testing out a TON of games on Apple’s new M1 MacBook Pro.
In this video, I used 4 different methods of playing games on the M1 chip: Playing Native ARM-based Mac games that have been updated to Apple Silicon, playing x86 Mac games under Rosetta 2, playing iPhone & iPad games by side-loading them using iMazing and finally, playing x86 Windows 10 games by using Crossover 20 to emulate them!
This is the start of a computing revolution, and this will only get better with next year’s Apple M1X chip in the 16” MacBook Pro and other Macs!
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Timestamps ⬇️
M1 MacBook Pro Gaming Review - 00:00
Native ARM Mac Gaming - 02:48
Playing iOS Games from App Store - 03:34
How to Play ANY iOS Game on M1 - 04:26
Side-Loaded iPhone & iPad Games - 05:16
Call of Duty: Mobile on M1 Mac - 8:46
x86 Mac Games Under Rosetta 2 - 09:37
League of Legends on M1 Mac - 09:48
CS:GO on M1 Mac - 11:09
Diablo 3: LOD on M1 Mac- 12:59
How to play x86 Windows Games using Crossover - 14:16
Playing x86 Windows 10 Games - 15:22
Final Fantasy X - 16:04
Team Fortress 2 - 17:45
Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 19:13
Is the M1 MBP Good for Gaming? - 21:18

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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

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    • ネーナ・トリニティ

      What about games such as Rainbow Six Siege will the anti-cheat get triggered?

    • Yusuf Domun
      Yusuf Domun

      Can you make a video to explain why a person need a macbook instead of a windows machine ? It would be great for a lot of people who wants to switch !

    • Mirco Veljanoski
      Mirco Veljanoski

      fifa 21?

    • Jamie R
      Jamie R

      @Laurence Whitney The pro has 2-3c less temps than the pro. It'd say it probably runs fine.

    • Tommy O.K.
      Tommy O.K.

      @F M dont want ports, you want games build from the ground on arm..

  • Finn Davies
    Finn Davies

    who is going to tell him that isn’t minecraft

  • Francisco C
    Francisco C

    Maybe it will be good with M1X, but it still isn't good enough... I can´t justify paying 1500 euro for a laptop and can´t play a game from 2015

  • Aditya Agarwal
    Aditya Agarwal

    How did you download Call of Duty Mobile on an M1 Mac?

  • Dan

    But can it play Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020?

  • MUCH_

    so it has the gaming power of a $300 desktop, neat!

  • Colaskittles910

    i put CS GO RELEASED 20YEARS AGO on 1680x1050 and it runs perfectly on my 1,500€ macbook pro from 2021.. dude, im not gonna pay that sick for a 2021 macbook PRO to run a game less than Full HD.. get this shit in your head guys..

  • Felrobert

    Nice vid! Can you do another video with the higher end MacBook Air (8core)?

  • Sanchir Baasanjav
    Sanchir Baasanjav

    Hey Max how do i show my gpu cpu usage and fan speed on menu bar?

  • Priyanshu Raj
    Priyanshu Raj

    Macbook pro gives lower 20 fps at 1080P in witcher 3(UNPLAYABLE) and you said it gives good fps at native resolution and now I am stuck with this cause cant return it here.

    • Priyanshu Raj
      Priyanshu Raj

      Man the trust is over for you from my end. You should've been honest I could've saved my money.

  • James Belli
    James Belli

    Do you know if the Terraria lag and the LOL Voice issues are solved? Thanks, great videos dude!


    Just buy asus rog Legion Lenovo acer. gaming leptop girls Mac its not worthit

  • اﻻعمال الشرقيه
    اﻻعمال الشرقيه


  • Manga Dolo
    Manga Dolo

    Is this on the 8GB Ram MBP M1?

  • di_rty

    This guy's my top laner every game in LOL. "sorry guys, my team, but I gotta move on" (summoner has disconnected)

  • Jesus Gil
    Jesus Gil

    Osrs will be the only game I'll play on this. Not much else other than that.

  • Ross N
    Ross N

    PC gamers: I can't play anything under 240fps Mac gamers: we got 7fps!

  • J33vs

    I got the m1 mba with 16gb would that be okay ?

  • Daniel Toledo
    Daniel Toledo

    You Have 8Gb Ram or 16?


    At this point, just get an xbox or a PS... This is sad.

  • Mikkel Thorbech
    Mikkel Thorbech

    Nice, roughly 12 FPS average in a PS2 game that came out like close to 20 years ago, not bad 🤔 The PS2 could push this game to 30 fps, but who counts 😅

  • morgan ghetti
    morgan ghetti

    Those PC games ran like garbage. If youre not informed about PC gaming and watching this video to find out about gaming on this PC, ignore his advice. This is not even remotely decent for gaming.

  • Raul

    What app do you use to see your fan in the top bar?

  • Kim Tan-Buenaventura
    Kim Tan-Buenaventura

    I want to try the crossover but I'm sooo scared that it will brick my mac. Hahaha

  • Dish washer
    Dish washer

    You don't Game on Apple 💥

  • Rıdvan Eren Eldem
    Rıdvan Eren Eldem

    This is not good performace at all

    • Rıdvan Eren Eldem
      Rıdvan Eren Eldem

      @PerSis X No I don't but in the video he says It's was realy good.

    • PerSis X
      PerSis X

      did you think that apple macbooks are for gaming or what?

  • Muhammad Rafif
    Muhammad Rafif

    Thats is actually kinda impressive, because arm chips finally can play aaa games

  • His humble servant
    His humble servant

    Could anyone kindly assist me to get the correct MacBook Pro for my daughters who have been struggling with this long quarantine? Would a MacBook Pro: m1 chip 8 core CPU with 4 performance cores and 4 efficient cores 8 core GPU 16 core neural engine And 8GB unified memory Would these specs be more then enough for Roblox or do I need more ? Thank you kindly!

  • Dinar Ramadian
    Dinar Ramadian

    People buy apple just for prestige

  • Black supaman
    Black supaman

    Can you play something from 2020 or 2019

  • Jordan Busuttil
    Jordan Busuttil

    Did he just call minecraft low end??? Minecraft could break that computer with the right mods hahaha

    • Ade Omara
      Ade Omara

      For the standard version, yeah it's true

  • Aditya Misra
    Aditya Misra

    I wish cod mobile allows m1 users to cod mobile

  • Aditya Misra
    Aditya Misra

    M1 TO THIS DUDE : MAN TICKLING ME WITH THIS CHILDISH THING ,,,,,,give me some heeeeaaaavvvvvvyyyyy thinnnngyyyyy to do

  • אריאל קוצ'ינסקי
    אריאל קוצ'ינסקי

    upload a video that shows how the m1 runs Games you actually play with a gaming laptop

  • אריאל קוצ'ינסקי
    אריאל קוצ'ינסקי

    Can you upload a video trying to play *series* games?! Like cod cold war or gta v

  • Tas Mania
    Tas Mania

    Thank you for share.

  • Ashbeel Wilson
    Ashbeel Wilson

    have you guys done gaming test on M1 Mac Air? especially fps games like COD. thanks

  • BAPE Cartz
    BAPE Cartz

    4:20 why is he pressing the button so hard and with his whole thumb over it like that 😂

  • Jennifer Clare Ajero
    Jennifer Clare Ajero

    Can you play valorant?

  • Özen Akkoyun
    Özen Akkoyun

    Maybe we may get more performance if we plug it to a wall

  • Dinesh Reddy
    Dinesh Reddy

    Witcher 3 is a 2015 game not modern

  • t3hdude

    Liked for FFX; my favourite game of all time.

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M

    What's the app for monitoring temperature and usage together?


    Performance is impressive, I've gotta give Apple credit there but the temps on CSGO have me concerned. 91 degrees is absurdly high, though it is in line with previous Macbook models. My biggest hope for the M1 is efficiency and cooling, I'm hoping CSGO is just a one off.

  • Alex Gervais
    Alex Gervais

    So what games can I play on it

  • Dylyn Walter
    Dylyn Walter

    Was rather impressed with its performance, I have for a long time been a windows and linux user but am looking into getting an m1 mac to add to my collection. I was happy to see it not only capable of playing games but surpassing my expectations of what an arm based processor could do. Thank you for your review, I'll be ordering my M1 16gb.

  • 有

    I can say only one thing Apple is good BUT WINDOWS IS THE KING OF ALL GAMES APPLE YOU JUST SH**TT

  • Jonathan Moreno
    Jonathan Moreno

    I was surprised isheeps are way behind in mobile gaming technology.... You guys are so pitiful, paying way more money just to even barely play CS GO .. YOU GUYS ARE MISSING THE LIFE!! Terrible The Witcher 3 gameplay, I guessed Isheeps have a different definitions of gaming revolution and decent.

  • Declan Maltman
    Declan Maltman

    Playing games my phone can run on a 1.5k laptop lol

  • ShotbyRon

    Debating between getting the MacBook Probook 13.3" or the MSI GL65 Leopard. I never really got into gaming on the PC. I have a PS5 and Series X. But some games (especially with mods) just seem better on PC. So thought about getting into it. But from what I read, it's not the best laptop for professional video/photoshop editing. Which I do a ton of.

  • max van de weijgaert
    max van de weijgaert

    is the power cable plugged in? this can make a difference to!

  • Don. Timeless
    Don. Timeless

    We need to support all games made for M chips guys! this chips is insane! please no more games through Rosseta it'll not force devs to support Apple M chips ASAP! thanks you for this video I'm really looking for videos about gaming on this great chip. This chip will save us from intel/Nvidia greed swamp with bad performance, heat, power consumption & unreasonable prices!

  • Jeremy Juneau
    Jeremy Juneau

    Just bought one for gaming. Thanks for the review!

    • Evacody124


  • j

    does anyone know a good mac laptop than i could use that run emulations without much battery being used? ik its probably a dumb question but idk if my macbook pro 2015 can run it without it losing a lot of battery

  • Rashaad Mohiuddin
    Rashaad Mohiuddin

    For rs1,5000 you basically can play at low settings 😂

  • Mr. AwesomePants
    Mr. AwesomePants

    its a benchmark but no preformance metrics and barely 1 AAA game?

  • Muhittin Can Korkut
    Muhittin Can Korkut

    You did not get fps in cs go? You did not even search it how to do it. Dislike for your irresponsibility :/

  • Antimaus 2000
    Antimaus 2000

    So technically you can play Minecraft windows10 edition?

  • Stefan Anderson
    Stefan Anderson

    Can you play Rainbow six Siege on Air M1?

  • Richard Keriafe
    Richard Keriafe

    Dude the games are on low graphics even 2013 pc will run it on low graphics better than the Mac M1 stop overhyping the Mac most of those games even 200 dollar android phone will run it without lag

  • ParthivDesai

    Can I use ps controller for gaming on mbk m1?

  • ParthivDesai

    thanks for sharing the specs of your macbook m1. i literally wanted you to say that and you did. quick sub

  • Peter Young
    Peter Young

    You should definitely try out Shadow of the Tomb Raider!

    • Jessica Hyde
      Jessica Hyde

      You crazy. It will melt the laptop.

  • maatouk96

    Are we going to ignore the stutter at 20:30 ?

  • Arpan khan
    Arpan khan

    Ur mac has 8 or 16 gb memory

  • andy chan
    andy chan

    may i ask you how to show cpu gpu rpm on menu bar?

  • Isaiah L
    Isaiah L

    what controller is that?

  • Dave Smith
    Dave Smith

    What are you using to see CPU and GPU load and temps?

  • Elizabeth Bethel
    Elizabeth Bethel

    My Old MacBook was unlocked Successfully By HACKINGTOOLSONLINE on IG after sending my MacBook Specifications

  • Nidhal25

    The Witcher 3 runs at around 30 fps avg at 900p on a Ryzen 4700U (native x86 obviously). The M1 performance is actually pretty impressive.

  • Zaromagic

    Is ThAt YaSiUo

  • Blue TNT
    Blue TNT

    Was this on 8GB or 16GB Ram?

  • Kevin Alvarado
    Kevin Alvarado

    Está mamando mier

  • Memphis Furman
    Memphis Furman

    Just because he says aaa game doesn't mean its impressive because most of those games were meant to have good performance

  • T Plays
    T Plays

    I hate Apple, but these M1 macbooks have my interest.

  • Badboy86

    triple a games for mac: Witcher 3 lol

  • Kalpan Baldaniya
    Kalpan Baldaniya

    can you please share how to download photoshop and other games even on m1 mac ???

  • DoctorCarm

    20:53 "don't have any performance issues" The witcher 3 was like 25 fps

    • Ben Shapiro
      Ben Shapiro

      he was playing at max graphics and resolution for some reason but frames are better when he lowered the resolution at the 20:40 mark

  • Matthew Bussell
    Matthew Bussell

    TF2 probably wasn’t utilizing DXVK which makes it a little more impressive

  • DP C
    DP C

    It's not exactly surprising. If you need a cheap laptop for gaming, get a 7 year old gaming laptop. If you need an ultra light productivity machine at a decent price, this is a good choice. Thanks for the showcase, though, it's very much appreciated.

  • Roudine Daya
    Roudine Daya

    guys is he using 13 or 16 inch?

  • Michael G
    Michael G

    Windows Dinosaur PC's with all them CPUs an video cards are gonna be a thing of the past.

    • Evacody124


  • ashley May
    ashley May

    how are you getting the CPU and GPU usages on the menu at the top?

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee

    What the fuck did you just say to me?

  • Josue Panamenoo
    Josue Panamenoo

    Report for AFK!

  • Jonathan Aguilar alexis
    Jonathan Aguilar alexis

    For the price this things a peace of crap Ngl

  • Ben Soullivan
    Ben Soullivan

    Old AAA games

  • 0002 Lin
    0002 Lin

    Does anyone know why my M1 Macbook Pro's fps for league of legend is always stuck at around mid 80's no matter how I change the settings? Is this a manufacturer defect or I need to change some settings?

  • Austin Cameron
    Austin Cameron

    I was hoping to see a test with GTAV, anyone try it yet?

  • Burak Bingol
    Burak Bingol

    but just wonder or couldn't find it which model did you use ?


    how did u download call of duty mobile?

  • ISim4s 7
    ISim4s 7

    how is the wallpaper called?

  • Total GAMIX
    Total GAMIX

    Apple's new virtual reality headset will have a cpu even more powerful 😱😱😱

  • Shubham Bhatt
    Shubham Bhatt

    Seriously dude? Playing games without charger plugged in..

  • Noah Paye
    Noah Paye

    Thank You V.Much

  • Ebefren Revo
    Ebefren Revo

    Macs are still overpriced and not efficent for : work, gaming or watherver. And now with this M1 chip are just glorificated big iPhones. Why people still buy these things is a mistery to me. And btw, a Nintendo Switch have much more solid gaming performance. PLEASE.

  • Willy Chan
    Willy Chan

    I would like to see how well the M1 would run Flight Simulator 2020 ✈️ with Crossover

    • Evacody124

      I smell burning.

  • redregar

    Omg the games selection...runs on every oldschool pc. Whats about a cyberpunk battlefield or COD? thats AAA title that need some graphic performance

  • Azim Köse
    Azim Köse

    Which wireless controller do you reccomend for M1 Macbook Pro? Xbox or PS4?

  • Gando's Reviews
    Gando's Reviews

    ok, diablo 3 is a 9 years old game and crossover actually doesn't work yet! so, M1 macbook pro is NOT an AAA gaming pc.