Repaint! Easter Bunny BJD (My first ball jointed doll from scratch!!) Custom OOAK Doll
Could it be?? Dollightful’s first ever ball jointed doll is here! Simple and cute, this little bunny BJD was designed by yours truly and brought to life with the help of my wonderful husband!
Here are the free STL files!
Mentioned in video:
Dive.hara “Bisque Dolls” Maker:
Instagram: dive.h
Doll clothing patterns here:
Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest: @dollightfully
Home-made Bunny ball jointed doll! See above link for STL files.
Sculpting kit from
Elastic - 1mm
Fabric - cotton
Ribbon - 3/8 inch/9.5 mm
Paints - Acrylic (Liquitex)
Paints - Gouache (Caran D’ache)
Water Color Pencils (Faber Castell)
Varnish (DuraClear)
Resin - 2-Part Jewel Resin (
Gram Scale
Resin Eye Molds (Padico) I used the 10mm size hemisphere.
Paint for eye whites - Game Air “Dead White” (Vallejo)
Glue (205 OKONG 오공본드)
Musical tracks from:
Dylan the Druid:
Musical tracks from:
Squeaky Clean by Josh Leake
Grind and Skip by Bamtone
Cheerful by Bamtone
Brand New Toy by Ty Simon
Baby Smile by Lux Inspira
Logo and other graphics designed by:
#OOAK #BJD #doll

  • Ellery Seadust
    Ellery Seadust


  • IroSquared Boku
    IroSquared Boku

    It's half a month later, but I am currently working on my own print of your bjd and I have to ask, is the head floppy and heavy on yours? How tight is the elastic for the joints? Did you put a fabric buffer in the neck hole too?

  • Eclipse Moon
    Eclipse Moon

    this is what i have always imagined the easter bunny to look like. Mini pastel bunny who carries around mini egges hides them then uses magic to make them grow. Its so small it cant be caught or seen!! Its so sad the easter bunny isnt real

  • Hunny Bunny
    Hunny Bunny

    Time to make a puppy big brother to finally fill that onesie, onesie and for all!! Lmao

  • Izabelle Murphy
    Izabelle Murphy

    Big brother bunny

  • Rena Winde
    Rena Winde

    I don't know if this comment will be noticed by anyone but I actually at times forgot I was eating watching this episode

  • Okami Draws
    Okami Draws

    *Bun bun* ❤️

  • Gxthic Sxuls
    Gxthic Sxuls

    I think you should try making a doll with curtain bangs, I don't think I've ever seen that on your channel, but again, just a suggestion 🤷‍♀️

  • Andrea Fussaro
    Andrea Fussaro

    I have a friend who owns a 3D printer and he’s gonna print my own bunny doll. I’m beyond excited.

  • Michael Price
    Michael Price

    you could use the old onesie on as dog doll?

  • Bunny Lord
    Bunny Lord

    I have a grandma and aunt, that used to make dolls. They say you did a good job!

  • Mimnim Petite
    Mimnim Petite

    I love this! It's so cute!! I want to model and 3d print my own doll now 😅

  • Ariella Butler
    Ariella Butler

    Congrats on your Ball Joint DOLL!!! SOOO CUTE!

  • Gina R
    Gina R

    Have you ever tried a cottagecore/fairycore doll? I think you would do a good job with it!

  • Kana-chii

    i find dolls horrifying-

  • Eevee Pikachu Cat
    Eevee Pikachu Cat

    Your doll customs are so cool and very good!! Like if u agree

  • Gaming tEa Repeat
    Gaming tEa Repeat

    im officially a furry ;--;

  • J _k1d
    J _k1d

    When her husband gave her the doll pieces I was like: *THAT DUDE GOT SOME B I G H A N D S .*

  • TinyPandaRed

    As someone who is making a resin print doll in ZBrush, that quick preview of making the doll was AMAZING. I’ve been hollowing my girl out right now using booleans and dynamesh, but I’m always scared I’ve made her too thin or too heavy. I have an ANYCUBIC printer :)

  • Aster Grei
    Aster Grei

    I would change REPAINT! To OOAK! But the bunny turned out amazing!! Markiplier actually saw the thumbnail for this video XD

  • JellyCake103

    Lol am I being stupid here? What does BJD mean?

    • Dulce Boi
      Dulce Boi

      BJD means Ball Jointed Doll!

  • Floof Clouds
    Floof Clouds

    From scratch? Damn you're talented

  • mark charnock
    mark charnock

    I basically screamed when I saw the colours you chose( out of joy of course)

  • Antonia Fuhrer
    Antonia Fuhrer

    This is amazing out of this world🌍

  • Luna Moonie
    Luna Moonie

    Omg this is my favorite thing you've done!!! Please create more dolls from scratch ;-; it's so cuteee!

  • Nada Lexova
    Nada Lexova

    Iam gonna ne So much happy

  • Nada Lexova
    Nada Lexova

    I know you Are not gonna see this but if you can you make deer pleseeee♥️♥️❗

  • Hanna Thompson
    Hanna Thompson

    I want her to make more characters until that onsie manages to fit a doll

  • nearly899

    i think it would look great with 1 more puff ball on the back of the onesie to mimic the bunny's tail

    • Dollightful

      Aw I should have put one there! I don't know why I didn't. :O

  • HoneyDew 228
    HoneyDew 228

    If someone asked me the best tool created it would be tweezers LOL

  • Delilah Belle
    Delilah Belle


  • Dianna Tagaban
    Dianna Tagaban

    Awwwwww too bad the original onesie was too big! xD But your first ever made from scratch doll turned out SO good! I hope to see more in the future! If your husband has time to work on it. :3 I think you should keep "Repaint" for the usual repaint of old/new dolls you buy or have on hand. But if you plan to make more custom dolls like this from scratch, name these video something different.

  • arsheen zahid
    arsheen zahid

    i can't believe it you made a doll out of scracth thats so cool if you can,t read my name call me iiu

  • Calvin Strider
    Calvin Strider

    i like to think the bunny and the cat have a school yard crush on eachother,,,

  • lost bunnie
    lost bunnie

    I am disappointed that ther is no puff ball tail but still one of my favourite dolls yet! :D

  • Eleanor Biggs
    Eleanor Biggs

    im kinda sad because i wanted to use zbrush then i learned it costs $300+ AUD (australian dollar)


    Can you guys imagine what it would be like if she made commissions?

  • Charlie May Films
    Charlie May Films

    Would you ever have interest in hand sculpting a doll?

  • Sophie Krenn
    Sophie Krenn

    I love the doll but besides being cute and pastel I think it has something vaguely spooky about it, like I cant put my finger on it but the eyes and overall expresion give it this kind of mystic, pircing look, like in some animation series or something this bunny would be a seer or wizard or prophet or something maybe its just because its eyes more resemble a wild hare than a domestic bunny and hares always had these same vibes to me

  • Boxen

    9:20 I saw a technique by moonlight jewel, intead of using cloth try using a small bit of hot glue and scread it on the joints. It looks cleaner and is easier than using fabric. It might not work as well on such a small scale but i guess this is for the bjd you will make in the future

  • Bryan Grange
    Bryan Grange

    Can I bye it from you?

  • scribbler scrapbooker
    scribbler scrapbooker

    Wait what's the bunny's name though

  • Danika Brenneman
    Danika Brenneman

    Gaaa so cute how do you do it 😄😍😊

  • Rhiannaers

    Very cool!!

  • Kiko Tachibana
    Kiko Tachibana

    The video is great, although I'm a little sad that you let your husband design it in 3D just to print it out. I know it's easier, but I still had my hopes up to see Katherine in a 40 min video sculpting an entire and beautiful BJD doll while rambling about anatomy🤣

  • Maryam Satare
    Maryam Satare

    I gotta say the cat looks better

  • T Jahaan
    T Jahaan

    Bunny butt!!

  • Random Account on discord
    Random Account on discord

    Is it just me that thinks it's satisfying to hear her?

  • Alyssa Phipps
    Alyssa Phipps

    You couldve used longer lace on the bottom of the pant legs to fix the length:)

  • Kiran

    Would you ever consider repainting a nendoroid? I think that would be amazing!!

  • Haven

    Omg the end made me have a craving for jelly beans most intense 😭 this is sooo cute tho how wonderful to make something entirely from scratch!!

  • Mexican Fruit Mama
    Mexican Fruit Mama

    To think dollightful has been doing this for a 5 or more years! She’s come so far!

  • Bloody Wolf
    Bloody Wolf

    You may have forgotten or just did it on purpose but why did you not add a tail on the rabbit doll. The dolls you made are cool though!

  • Aja Bradshaw
    Aja Bradshaw

    Bubble gum blue

  • Tazzie1312

    IT'S THE OOOZE I love resin 3D printers, they're so satisfying.

  • DoctorCrimsn

    The doll looks beautiful and cute but you should have added some pastel rainbow polkadots on the onsie.

  • sarah m
    sarah m


  • Teddy. Noir
    Teddy. Noir

    Hi Dolllightful! I love your work and i have a suggestion. You should make Cat Noir from Miraculous ladybug! That would be epic. Even if you don’t make it i suggest you watch Mircalous! Thanks! Have a great day! 😊

  • Ruby Lifton-Taylor
    Ruby Lifton-Taylor

    I love that this video showed up in Markiplier's where does youtube send new viewers Canada

  • Kate Awoskon
    Kate Awoskon

    The bunny looks so professional! 💙🤍🐇

  • SerendipitousStudiosYT

    They're so W I T T L E my H E A R T

  • Mitzi Bartlett
    Mitzi Bartlett

    Printing it at about 125% would probably have it fitting the onesie just right...

  • MadiMcMeow UwU
    MadiMcMeow UwU

    I didn’t know there was so many uses for a paint brush


    Very smart stringing plan it’s amazing that you can make a doll from scratch when my doll I was going to reroot is still headless

  • Sydney

    the doll at the beginning built like big Ed

  • Pink_Lxmons

    Reminds me of hard from beastars

  • Cat Meow
    Cat Meow

    I could totally see this being sold at stores in different colors and patterns and outfits

  • Amanda Purello
    Amanda Purello

    this doll is so cute! and i love how its like a Collab with your husband

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu

    “A new doll to fit the outfit” :ends up needing a new outfit:

  • finpin

    Sometimes I wish I could get into digital sculpting/3D printing to make stuff, but now I see light. What I truly have to do is find a boyfriend who does that. Thank you for your wisdom 😌

  • Dhfdvjyfvjjfg

    U make these videos like tutorials even though almost no one else would be talented enough to do this

  • Christen Hogan
    Christen Hogan

    Hi I am a green from Sultan crafter best friend

  • Repellent

    This is too damn cute. Give yourself some credit for the eyes! There is ppl like me who cant even do what you do! you're awesome, keep up the great work :D

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu

      The fact that she didn’t add a puffball for the tail makes me sad😢

  • Ev Odden
    Ev Odden

    Everyone except me: that is minty green me:is that pastel blue...oh

  • Ryann Bode
    Ryann Bode

    The cat looks like a wise guide for the bunny, and the bunny looks like a child.

  • Kazu Cinza
    Kazu Cinza

    I would like to see how you would tackle making the doll completely yourself

  • Xzandra Radcliff
    Xzandra Radcliff

    U forgot to give the bunny a tail

  • 321Ylla_allY123

    You should make another one that actually fits the other pj

  • Oobaton ooba
    Oobaton ooba

    Hey does anyone know if this pattern would still work on a filament printer, as it is all i have access to

  • H.N. Rose
    H.N. Rose

    repaint could be replaced with reimagine!!!

  • Crawford Jones
    Crawford Jones

    I love these dolls!!!!!!!!!!🤪

  • Eddie YourCrazyBakedPotato
    Eddie YourCrazyBakedPotato

    Yo. Try making a tiny chick for the no use onsie

  • じゅん


  • mika-mok

    have you ever considered making a doll in the autumn color pallete? warm deep and rich tones

  • Grae Star
    Grae Star

    I love ZBrush, i got to use it in some of my college courses. Id love to use it but its soooooo expensive 😣

  • Rainoryx

    New viewer here, I love your video and you are now one of my new favorites!

    • Rainoryx

      @Bethina Cirrus I HAVE A FAMILY NOW :DDD

    • Bethina Cirrus
      Bethina Cirrus

      welcome to the family

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu

    The fact that she didn’t add a puffball for the tail makes me sad😢

  • ——

    U did it !! U made a doll from scratch

  • Peppy the Clown
    Peppy the Clown

    I watch dollightful to reach serenity.

  • Ronja Missnebäck
    Ronja Missnebäck

    Lieblos is a youtuber that reuploaded The wendigo video and says that she Will only take it down If you personally comments to take it down. Lieblos knows you didnt want anyone to reupload The video. Have a good day

  • Mia berra
    Mia berra

    Oml the kitty has a lil sibling now. I love this. I love both of them so much

    • Mia berra
      Mia berra

      @oiuet souiu uh I think you replied to the wrong person lol

    • oiuet souiu
      oiuet souiu

      Can you make a deth note doll

  • Alice Merrill
    Alice Merrill

    I love that you added your Dollightful tag to the back of your bunny!

  • vanilla chan
    vanilla chan

    this is entirely random but would u ever consider making sanrio character themed/based dolls? just thought abt this and think itd be so cute in ur doll style

  • H Hendricks
    H Hendricks

    i am in awe

  • AudreyInTheUniverse

    I love how you and your husband both have such creative hobbies- they’re not the same but you can still help each other.

  • Sleepy boi -w-
    Sleepy boi -w-

    Can you make meh oc? :3

  • PinkyTinky 22
    PinkyTinky 22

    Could you do some dolls based on characters from animes like Fairy Tail or My Hero Academia I would love to see a Lucy or Natsu doll or even a Uravity doll =D

  • The Hierophant
    The Hierophant

    Have you ever thought about customizing a nendoroid? They have jointed "nendoroid doll" bodies for sale on goodsmile and sell heads separately, they're a bit pricey but I've seen a lot of cool stuff done with them!

  • Hizashi Yamada
    Hizashi Yamada

    This is dope.

  • Art3mis

    "I gave my sketch to my husband to 3D print" = boring! Yeah it's easier and saves time, but I was hoping to see you actually sculpt this from scratch, in a more tactile way... That's why I watch your videos! I don't really like dolls, but I come here to see how you creatively solve problems during creation. This video isn't all that satisfying, since I don't have any interest in buying a 3D printer. 😔 Edit: it's still a very cute doll, I just would have liked to see you sculpt this yourself.

    • Shyshui

      That's super rude lmao