Call of Duty Warzone: The Full Story So Far (Season 1- Season 6)
We are right around the corner of Season 6 of Call of Duty Modern Warfare. In this video we go over The Full Story So Far of Call of Duty Warzone Season 1-Season 6. Hope you enjoy!

Modern Warfare x Black Ops Crossover:


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  • GamingBoyPH

    In modern warfare 2 gaz will be yellowed skin

    • John

      @GamingBoyPH holy fucking shit. Why is gaz black? Wtf. I didn't realize that was suppose to be the same gaz. What the hell

    • GamingBoyPH

      @John on modern warfare reboot hes black why this joke has to be boring

    • John

      @GamingBoyPH ??? What are you talking about? Gaz is white bruh

    • GamingBoyPH

      @John....his skin will be yellow not black anynore haha

    • John

      Yellow skin?

  • Swayvon Wheeler
    Swayvon Wheeler

    That map in season one is called crash and its playable on COD Mobile

  • Calm Bacchus
    Calm Bacchus

    How is Alex alive??

  • ThinBlueLine NPD
    ThinBlueLine NPD

    I kinda stoped playn because i like realistic gameplay but there are none on Xbox sadly.

  • Chase Gross
    Chase Gross

    This is all great but I’m a good old fashioned campaign lover..... let us play this damn story! I hope the new “MW2” will be a great campaign

  • :0land

    What about makarov’s airport attack?

  • Darrius Garcia 02
    Darrius Garcia 02

    Every time I look at price I just see a badass version of Mario

  • Guardian 3468
    Guardian 3468

    Never played this but love the plot

  • Seth Leoric
    Seth Leoric

    Ngl this whole time i thought everyone went insane because of the gas and decided to go "every man for himself" and everything went Spec Ops: The Line and everyone gets savage and shite and kills each other. Which would explain why you can see Allegiance and Coalition Mil Sims working together against someone like Wyatt or Price.

  • Joel Zubia
    Joel Zubia

    What if all of the cod games lined up in one game

  • YTG Charlie
    YTG Charlie

    It takes so long to download😬 it’s worth it tho

  • Gabriel Isichei
    Gabriel Isichei

    What’s the background music 6:04

  • yoyo_ XD
    yoyo_ XD

    So i have a theroe in the beginning of season 1 or the end of season 6 the nuke will go off leading every body to get into helicopters while we are in the helicopter it goes black and warzone will ho black and cold war will realese s 1 we see woods cpt. Price and mostly every main character in cold war and mw and land into a new warzone and be that will be our introduction for the new season

  • Abdul Ahad
    Abdul Ahad

    The maintenance place in the easteregg os probably the olace where farah came from where nikolai fixed the train as it should be in the maintenance

  • Abdul Ahad
    Abdul Ahad

    I beleive the newap will be a broken verdansk with a expansion i the restricted area towards urzkiatan . With a 200 player battle royale

  • Abdul Ahad
    Abdul Ahad

    The bunkers are ofcourse anti nuke so when it gpes off we are protected

  • leeminjem

    Zhakaev is in cold war

  • Rooster

    Man they did real world tactical kinda dirty. 😅

  • Evan Roldan
    Evan Roldan

    Mara is from the Siren Head Short Film

  • n00b

    the "but" in the beginning broke my earphones xD

  • Kristoph Sayavedra
    Kristoph Sayavedra

    How the fuck is woods arm 3-1 with broken kneecaps? Isn’t it more likely mason?

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    I want a coke

  • Nikolas Antonitsis
    Nikolas Antonitsis

    The thing that i dont understand that nicto responds to sgt kamarov. Kamarov is supposed to be good not bad

  • ItzMeStarlight

    Although I never play Modern Warfare, I like the story plot

  • sopzali

    I found a red key card near the airport what does it do?

    • TheBerserker

      @sopzali go to prison just outside the front gate jump off the bridge go left of the prison in the mountain there is another bunker

  • Allegiance

    Perseus sends their regards

  • John Wick
    John Wick

    Mr.Z is zakhaev

  • Kaiser 36
    Kaiser 36

    I have the opinion Zakhaev is 100% Mr.Z

  • Andy Sanchez Rodriguez
    Andy Sanchez Rodriguez

    In cod cold war during a part where ur in a elevator ur in it with zeikiav (idk how to spell his fuck name) how ever he still has his arm in that part i think

  • Sam Mitch
    Sam Mitch

    MW2 is the best


    @ink have you ever checked call of duty mobile comic story because some of the comics is related with warzone because there are some hints with the story. Check also the mobile version because on season 10 and now releasing season 12 on mobile price and ghost are going dark because mr z and kaled al asad have another member that the both game are combined. I forgot to metion adler from cod black ops cold war is saying something about the gas but true behind of the attack

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment

    I freaking miss season 1 and 2

  • Gavin Rogers
    Gavin Rogers

    Listen closely in the beginning of highway of death listen after Alex tells the joke and what Farrah said is,"my father called hadir little lion

  • Brian Piscitelli
    Brian Piscitelli

    How do I go back and play season 1 all the way through to season 6

  • Old Man Damez
    Old Man Damez

    This is the best way for MW and BO to move the franchises forward together, by tying the two together in the same storyline but still maintaining their independent game styles and even across the different time eras. I think we're in for a long and enjoyable adventure over the many years to come!

  • Shadow Company
    Shadow Company

    Is modern warfare a reboot.

    • R Salas
      R Salas


  • Brandon Busteed
    Brandon Busteed

    Why does price call ghost “soap”

    • R Salas
      R Salas

      Check your ears. He calls Ghost "Simon"

  • Lucas Kelsey
    Lucas Kelsey

    the two best cod series, being brought together... this will be awesome.

  • Uncle Shay
    Uncle Shay

    Shadow Company is in the allegiance but are in no way aligned with their views of methods, it's just a visual choice to avoid having to create a 3rd faction. They're being sent in by a secret 3rd party, most likely the US government (best guess) and their mission is to succeed where Armistice failed

  • Howells Military topic
    Howells Military topic

    Whats the point in making a game then abandoning it 1 year later?

  • XxUnited _BOIxX
    XxUnited _BOIxX

    So no one is gonna pay attention to the dead body on the subway tracks at the end of the vid cause if I'm right that body got decapitated into 5 pieces

  • Sahil Singh
    Sahil Singh

    I hope and I believe cold war campaign will be more interesting and amazing

  • Beast Man
    Beast Man

    Why do people keep saying its gonna be the last season it makes no sense when games have a battle pass and they come out with another game they keep the battle pass going

    • John

      Not it didnt? Wtf are you talking about lol

  • Farah Ahmed Karim
    Farah Ahmed Karim

    "Power was being rerouted to bunker 10. Why? That is course: The Big. Ass. Nuke. Inside of bunker #10."

  • Farah Ahmed Karim
    Farah Ahmed Karim

    Imagine if Arm 3-1 was Soap or Farah lol

    • John

      @Farah Ahmed Karim arms 3-1 is woods, my mistake. Check the season 5 intell, the gulag one.

    • Farah Ahmed Karim
      Farah Ahmed Karim

      @John oh :/

    • John

      Its soap, Farah isn't arms

  • Zxq

    Bruh what about farah and nikal in the allegiance... doesn’t that not make any sense to any???

    • Zxq

      @John ok but fair enough is just for farah she was in the coalition in the campaign for what i remember and she was getting tortured by the Russian Allegiance her whole life in the story....

    • John

      Farah is a deserter and Nikali is Russian backed, what doesn't make sense?

  • David Cuzzi
    David Cuzzi

    Zombie mod

  • Dapopopo

    lol 7:58 bottom left yourboyissac is playing

  • Morty 215 ,30 Z9TPK RZ3
    Morty 215 ,30 Z9TPK RZ3

    Thank you

  • Garrett Wilson
    Garrett Wilson

    I've just got an idea. Ok, so we all know warzone is coming to black ops cold war, but this time, the game is taking place in 1981, while warzone in mw is taking place in 2020. The second we log into warzone for the first time in black ops cold war could start off with a cinematic that says "Verdansk, Kastovia. 40 years ago".

  • Sirick

    the gas in the first trailer is obvious dude..... thats the gas that surrounds warzone...

  • Bell • 39 Years Ago
    Bell • 39 Years Ago

    10:15 hold up ring ding ding ding ding ding ding ding Edit: 11:34 hold up ring ding ding ding ding ding ding ding

  • dead games
    dead games

    at the end of campain they said that verdansk was rebuilt after cold war ????? know your history or be doomed to repeat it ????

  • Solar WarIock
    Solar WarIock

    Wait your sayin mw2019 is most likely in the same universe as black ops....🤯

  • Stalker 537
    Stalker 537

    Where is soap? Seriously every operator he mentioned in 141 showed up in warzone except Soap

    • John

      Soap doesn't exist

  • Gabriel Pinote
    Gabriel Pinote

    No this is not end of season 6 A nuke is not ready

  • Blitzø is fun
    Blitzø is fun

    Price. This is Ghost. Something's wrong in Verdansk. They're firing on their own. We need to find out why. Send me fighters I can trust. Ghost out.

  • fullsendphoenix

    They arent fonna shut the game down but after season 6 do you think they’ll have the same pass in Cold War and modern warfare since it’s cross progression so you could level up your pass in either mw or cw?

  • Dugan Webster
    Dugan Webster

    Hey you missed at the ending of the trailer for season 6 when it shows the verdansk map listen closely and you can hear price giving orders to Farah and Lerch

  • Aaron Kowalski
    Aaron Kowalski

    I just realized that the date for Imran says 1982 and cod: Cold war takes palce in 1983 coincidence?

  • JustCucumberGaming

    Anyone know the outro song ?

  • Justin League
    Justin League

    Wait in the season 3 trailer he call ghost soap?!?!

  • Tammy Powell
    Tammy Powell

    👁🔥🔥🔥👁🥰 BizzyBone27

  • Kagura Lion
    Kagura Lion

    I hope this isn't it i just don't care to pick up cold war and i'm just gonna watch the campaign i hope the seasons go till MWR2 this new MW series is hands down the best imo.

  • Big Ron
    Big Ron

    You might want to tell us there's a spoiler alert when you're going to show us the end of the fucking game!!!!!!!!!

  • DivyaNayak VinayKumar Samant
    DivyaNayak VinayKumar Samant

    "BIG ASS NUKE" Inkslasher-2020

  • OnyxSenpai

    Added Metro and end of the season nuke might go off... S.T.A.L.K.E.R and Metro 2033 fans breathing intensifies "Cheeki Breeki i v damki batsani"

  • Ricardo Gonzalez
    Ricardo Gonzalez

    Old wounds was the name a mission in Black Ops 2

  • Axzyte Roblox
    Axzyte Roblox

    They finally made j12 in battle pass

  • Tony Xing
    Tony Xing

    Are we finally going somewhere that is not Verdansk?

  • Lone Paladin
    Lone Paladin

    Why is Farah in Alligance.

  • Brandon Lankford97
    Brandon Lankford97

    What posses me off are some of the intel missions won’t work for me and I can’t complete them

  • TML


  • Little Timmy
    Little Timmy

    They said season 5 was the last season soo they added season 6 so I am happy

  • Ryley Harris
    Ryley Harris

    I hope they still update mw it was a good run tho but it's gonna stop

  • 1cerdaboy

    Love your videos bro!!!

  • Radiator The Raccoon
    Radiator The Raccoon

    To be clear, mw seasons aren’t ending it’s just the story that’s ending right?

  • mr.mexican bean
    mr.mexican bean

    Big daddy price 😍🥵

  • Kayden Sutedja
    Kayden Sutedja

    This is interesting.

  • Sam Tyson
    Sam Tyson

    Everytime a new season comes. Inkslasher: "It's rewind time"

  • KomradeHeinz

    That Russian soldier begging for mercy is still so sad

    • Evan Gaul
      Evan Gaul

      I hate that cutscenes I feel bad for him.



  • Ryan R
    Ryan R

    where nikolai is hanging out it looks like the room from what's in the cold war zombies easter egg

  • RED GEM 10
    RED GEM 10

    All I want is soap 😩

  • questioning everything in a broken world
    questioning everything in a broken world

    Khalid al assad... How can he be Hadir? They caught Hadir! There was a mission in the campaign they got him alive. What did he escape and change his name and for some reason Armastice, and his own sister doesn't know that's not him?

  • questioning everything in a broken world
    questioning everything in a broken world

    Alex = Ghost ...? No sorry guys. ( months ago) Kahlid Al Asaid= Haidir.... Will make a video explaining this.... Here we go again.

    • questioning everything in a broken world
      questioning everything in a broken world

      I mean seriously. They caught him he's arrested. So unless they specified in the co op missions that he escaped or was set free.

  • jaiden_ramos07

  • Dan the irrelevant man
    Dan the irrelevant man

    New trailer out for those who didn't know

  • mary medd
    mary medd

    Cant wait for the 100 gb update this season is gonna have

  • A3tronaut

    I love the outer song, what is it callrd?

  • Captain Britain
    Captain Britain

    Umm its not working is it a delay or what

  • Sam Rogers
    Sam Rogers

    What if Price is in Cold War and the All Ghilled Up Mission happen in that game rather than a flashback? I’m hoping the black ops story is woven into the MW story and happens in the same universe. Connected universes made the marvel movies better, I think it could work here too.

  • Jamel007

    Whats the Autro Song Called ?

  • Nino Clarke
    Nino Clarke

    You have a great narrator voice. You should keep making videos like this and the shepherd video 👍🏽

  • Ghost

    Isn't it out now?

    • Bon Jovi
      Bon Jovi

      But the battle pass is gone

    • Bon Jovi
      Bon Jovi

      It says on the call of duty ig that its out tomorrow

    • Bon Jovi
      Bon Jovi

      I dont know

  • Swarup Nachankar
    Swarup Nachankar

    Zombies released where are you.....!!!! We wanna see update

  • Hope Jones
    Hope Jones

    Arm 3-1 is Alex in the Campaign Mode....not Frank Woods, so my guess is Alex.

  • Robert Shaffer
    Robert Shaffer

    Y’all think Farah and Nikolai will be allegiance or coalition? Judging by the Russian military gear Nikolai is wearing he’ll probably be in the Spetsnaz.

  • john gehron
    john gehron

    On season 3 I heard price said soap I think ghost is soap

  • BT 7274
    BT 7274

    I was laughing so hard at season 0