Little Nightmares 2: The Story & All Endings Explained (Horror Game Theories)
Little Nightmares 2 - what exactly is this game all about? How does it tie into the original Little Nightmares? What about that strange and morbid ending? In this theory and analysis video I explain the entire story behind Little Nightmares II. We take a look at the games monsters, the relationship between Mono and Six and the origins of the mysterious Thin Man. This story explained video is both a walkthrough of notable story moments and also speculation as to how the world and it's characters function. So sit back, relax and enjoy the story of Little Nightmares 2 explained.
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  • daavieboy

    The creative director of this franchise needs to be recognized. To have us tie back to the first game was brilliant, most especially with the ‘glitched 6’ lore. It’s almost like they wrote the entire story and chose to release the games in reverse order.. which would mean LN2 was ready since day 1. I can see them releasing plenty of expansions/new games, having us guess whether it’s a stealth prequel or continuation for quite some time.. and I’m here for it all!

  • Jinnzo LN
    Jinnzo LN

    oh that makes sense why Mono's younger self is stronger than his older self because six stole his power to escape.

  • mino :0
    mino :0

    Mono: I can't believe six betrayed me. Run away kid: First time?

  • JayNastyMods -
    JayNastyMods -

    Where my fellow samurai at?

  • Austin Dryden
    Austin Dryden

    woah then six is viallain?

  • Mono

    You are good keep the good work and this is coming from the real mono

  • Bradly Dominguez
    Bradly Dominguez

    behind the door that monno almost made it to behind the door is monno and monno is the thin guy apparently

  • Thunder Wolf
    Thunder Wolf

    Then dose that mean that 6 becomes the lady in the first game. and her cycle is repeated.

  • Torian Allen
    Torian Allen

    Let me send this to Cory real quick-

  • Retr0. Xx
    Retr0. Xx

    "Mono e mono"

  • Roman Perez Garza
    Roman Perez Garza

    Anyone remember the “thin man” that hanged himself in the 1st game?

  • tamas waseskuk
    tamas waseskuk


  • Small_weeb

    It could also be that young mono isn't exactly stronger than older mono but the reason older mono lost the fight was because he didn't actually wanna fight,he just wanted to help his younger self

  • Zara Afrin
    Zara Afrin


  • Shawn Clifford Murillo
    Shawn Clifford Murillo

    So if LN2 is a prequel and Six in LN1 succeeded on being so powerful after eating the power of the lady, I believe that LN3 is very possible where mono and six are the rivals. It could be in Six's perspective where she is gonna get attacked by the deformed people, however, we all know that six can just eat up the souls and she's OP. This leads me to a theory that there'll be a new mechanics in the game where the sole purpose of the deformed humanoids are source of food to Six while Mono somehow finds a way to torment Six or sumn. Seriously, this game needs a sequel. Knowing that Six is the real antagonist and they did Mono dirty.

  • SHONEN !
    SHONEN !

    So in conclusion based off of these theories the reason the world of little nightmares is the way it is, is literally all because of six...... Hm just goes to show how one choice can change so much.

  • Jesse Martinez
    Jesse Martinez

    This game is deeper than just a horror game. shows horror pain betrayal twist hoping for LN3🤞

  • Tong Roy
    Tong Roy

    Maybe be before the bridge falls down she didn’t want to die so she let go of mono

  • Zuriel Alicea
    Zuriel Alicea

    Imagine Little Nightmares as a movie or a series

  • Comment God?
    Comment God?

    Somebody who has the game should try this:The scene where mono hides under the bed and Sasha under the table try to grab sashas hand and go with her under the bed.

  • Vimier Ram
    Vimier Ram

    Wait at the end when 6 was a giant she was playing that tune even in the beginning was she bad at the beginning or was she hungry?

  • Foxyn Noah
    Foxyn Noah

    28:15 until u need to go pee pee and mono gets killed

  • Obscure

    I knew the base story and I came here hoping to get a bit more detail Now I know why everyone is always some sort of grotesque. Everything else I suspected

  • RiskyDuck 760
    RiskyDuck 760

    Mono is trying to save his younger self and his younger self killed his only chance of living 😣

  • RiskyDuck 760
    RiskyDuck 760

    It’s actually all a loop

  • I Help
    I Help

    Who watched this after washing corykenchin

  • Ozro Forest
    Ozro Forest

    now we know six is all for one

  • BlueDiamond855


  • Taeminie Leeu
    Taeminie Leeu


  • Foxyn Noah
    Foxyn Noah

    Watch out, I think Mono Mono, likes you.......

  • Space Kid
    Space Kid

    Maybe Six' name goes up a number every time the cycle starts again?

  • Taeminie Leeu
    Taeminie Leeu

    So it's a prequel and mono k*lls himself in the next game?!

  • Cookiedog Days
    Cookiedog Days

    If you look at the actual cover art you’ll notice that the signal tower looks like a paper bag on the thin man

  • Lps zoe !
    Lps zoe !


  • Taeminie Leeu
    Taeminie Leeu

    so this is a prequel?!

  • Taeminie Leeu
    Taeminie Leeu

    I like how the creators be like IT ISNT A HORROR GAME

  • Lil Ming
    Lil Ming

    when i saw mono slowly growing up at the end of the game, i didnt consider he'd become the thin man. i genuinely thought he was gona become the HANGED man that six passes by in the first game

  • Lars Craig
    Lars Craig

    What’s that paper bag Made of

  • portable zombie
    portable zombie

    I hate six...

  • Lisa Yang
    Lisa Yang

    Aghh I just finished this and this story is so sad!!! >_< poor Mono. I wonder if fate will change if Six saved Mono, since he wouldn't be trapped in the tower again. Or would he just end up finding another TV/ tower

  • mondee lolz
    mondee lolz

    Lets make a little nightmare 3 where thin man changes his mind and goes to the FUTURE (GIORIONOS THEME STARTS PLAYING)

  • Random Lee
    Random Lee

    I thought Six let Mono go because she have hunger issues and don't want to eat him ;-;

  • Caged Satsuma
    Caged Satsuma

    Hear me out, I think the games are in reverse because six gets hungry at the end of the game which was the first time in the game, mono was nowhere to be seen in the first game because he became the thin man, the reason why I say this is because in reverse the story connects better than in order.

  • Phantomb 404
    Phantomb 404

    The reason thin mono is trying to "kill mono" actually is trying to stop the cycle and prevent mono from being betrayed by six. The reason six betrays mono is because of what you mentioned but also because when she was caught by thin mono she see's his face and doesnt trust young mono and like you said six's life is more important than anything in her mind

  • Matt Cy
    Matt Cy

    Oh damn so mono is only stronger than thin man because six stole his energy before he grew up to become thin man

  • Trent Wise
    Trent Wise

    i think he may be pushing it with that "6 on the door" idea. like maybe someone has brightened the picture somewhere else and its more clear, but i've rewinded multiple times to look, and i dont see anything resembling a six. i THOUGHT i saw it, but the guys outline is left of where i thought i saw it. and when i go back and look where he is about to outline i see no six.

  • Eli Peace
    Eli Peace

    Thin Man: It’s time for revenge babyyyy. Six: *pulls out an Uno Reverse*


    So she wasn’t thinking bout dropping him she was draining him that hurts even more😭🤚🏾

  • Judith Doringo
    Judith Doringo

    Did you notice how a lot of people said little nightmares 2 is just a cycle of Time? Well its true... As the tower reverses time itself in that specific area in it's place... So we really don't know what happened to six after the maw... But remember in very little nightmares where six tries to save her friend who owned the raincoat , she failed to save her which made six lost her innocent and helpful soul, in which she made sure she doesn't get attached anymore as she does not want to experience the same trauma as before

  • Nicole M Banzuela
    Nicole M Banzuela

    Endless cycle :( this is more emotional than scary

  • Jan clays Game man
    Jan clays Game man

    So six is doing the opposite of what she’s trying to do the only thing six is doing is making a loop but she still trys to do it 🤯

  • tr1st

    something i dont understand is how this happens in the first place when thin mono would technically not exist

  • Sean K
    Sean K

    Genuine question: If mono is the thin man, wouldnt he die when he defeats the thin man?? Or am I missing something...Thanks!!!

  • Wiggo

    i think six has always been the shadow lady from little nightmare 1 because little nightmare 2 Is probably a prequal

  • BadCreations

    I wouldn’t mind if they did a third Little Nightmares where there’s an anomaly. I think it’s possible since each next “Lady” has a different ability, since The Lady’s power is tow steal the youth to make her beautiful I guess, and then Six’s original power is to steal others’ powers (I’m guessing). Maybe someone from the next line of sixes or whatever you want to call them will have a power to see what’ll happen and change history?

  • carly

    part of me thought that six betrayed mono because it was her first time seeing mono without any mask or hat, and she realized he looked just like the thin man.

  • ivan cunj
    ivan cunj

    Does this take place before the first game? Cuz six didnt have her raincout, but when the player gets to the docters place, this could be the first time she ever got her raincout At the secret ending glitch six looks at a poster of the maw, a lot of people say thst the 3rd game might take place at the maw, but this could take place before the first game, and glitch six was showing six the poster of the maw for thr first time And in the 2nd game, six was never hungry or ever used her powers she got from the 1st game, but in the secret ending six only then gets hungry (Idk if anyone has talked sbout this, and yes i know that in the video, even others dont know, but they did question the timeline, i just wanted to give some more reasons for why this could be true)

  • Jordan Cooper
    Jordan Cooper

    Anyone else notice the amount of times you must smash the music box to destroy it is indeed 6

  • MobAssassinJ

    I had an idea after thinking about this ending... If you see the signal tower itself as the villian that it could be guessed that there is a strong similarity between the Signal Tower and The Tower tarot card. If the cycle theory is true then this little idea can be put into the most extreme sense possible.

  • Jaiden Thompson
    Jaiden Thompson

    The story is like a loop six betrayed mono so he just waited for some time to transform in a new version of himself to get back his revenge thats why he took her instead and then it starts over again but with six story

  • mortal mikey
    mortal mikey

    The ending wasn't satisfying I feel worse thank you little nightmares it broke my heart like a mirror again

  • Abrek Deniz Genc
    Abrek Deniz Genc

    So i will wait for little nightmares 3 there are so many questions and only therorys

  • Floofie kun
    Floofie kun

    Never trust Six.

  • PaipC

    The music six plays is also the music that plays when she needs to eat

  • Judith Doringo
    Judith Doringo

    Six could've let go because of her hunger

  • Don'tn't Sub
    Don'tn't Sub

    So...can I assume there won't be a Little Nightmares 3?

  • Devyn N
    Devyn N

    Great work

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson

    So you were talking about how mono and six are stuck in a time loop so what if six is the giesha and after she leaves the city that’s what she turns into and then her younger self kills her

  • Donquile Wilson
    Donquile Wilson

    But my thing is why he just do go to the future when six is all alone before she gets her power from the lady I can’t remember her name but it would be better if he do that

  • King Luffy
    King Luffy

    They should make a dlc where you play as six as she gets captures by future mono, to show why she let go and if they make a new game maybe it could be about six going back to mono to reverse him back to kid some way

  • ᴀsᴛʀᴀʟ ʀᴇsᴛᴀʀᴛ
    ᴀsᴛʀᴀʟ ʀᴇsᴛᴀʀᴛ

    Just a reminder that Mono's fear of being alone is called monophobia.

  • artofcottonmouth

    Can’t wait for LN 3...

  • JC Lazaro
    JC Lazaro

    story of mono, being expert of being mono. Sad... can't take it no mo'

  • xxkoumori

    Man, what the hell are these developers on and where can I get some, this story is amazing.

  • Stickman Extravaganza
    Stickman Extravaganza

    If you looK at the way the thin man stands you can see his left are is lifted and bent different than the right, when mono got betrayed was being held by the left arm before being dropped to become the thin man. That is a very neat detail I just realized

  • NubianQueen

    Here after Dashie’s video💀😂 I heard he got to ending before it was revealed other than the others . No shade thrown💀just Yk if Yk.

  • Bmbzs

    Here from CxK play through

  • Gloria Torres
    Gloria Torres

    What I don't get is that mono turned into the thin man after six let them fall so does that mean that if six wouldn't have dropped him would mono not have turned into thin man and so the world would be saved ?

  • Aim

    Wow so if six wouldve saved him, it wouldve ended the cycle and little night mares 2 take place before the 1st one🤯

  • Eila Sortonis
    Eila Sortonis


  • [B]Parth Singh Jhala
    [B]Parth Singh Jhala

    This game reminds me of DARK and I think Six will gonna return in 3rd part and after realising her mistake she will stop her younger self from betrayal and hence stoping the loop

  • Tony Harding
    Tony Harding

    This can’t possibly be a loop. If Thin Man is Mono, then he would know exactly where Mono is hiding (under the bed) when he enters the room to search. Is he THAT deprived of senses to not know that?

  • Ezekiel Medina
    Ezekiel Medina


  • Wiggity Wop
    Wiggity Wop

    I think the thin man was trying to warn mono and raincoat girl - whatever her name was - was only using mono to get what she wanted, which was probably to escape

  • sari

    There's a theory that the characters show one of the seven deadly sins. Six is gluttony (as we can see in Little Nightmare she ends up eating rats and the gnome) and Mono is arrogance. When we see the scene where Mono and Six meet for the first time, we can understand that Six didn't even have any desire to leave. But, Mono, because of his arrogance, believes that he can save her and drags her with him to this journey. When you control Mono to hold hands with Six, it can be seen that Mono's almost dragging her sometimes since Six loses balance. The music box that Six plays, was something that was meant to calm her hunger but towards the end of the game, Mono breaks it, because he believes it can save her (again, shows arrogance) which leads her to release her hunger, which explains how this game is a prequel to the first one!

  • Keith Thrasher
    Keith Thrasher

    This game is amazing just got it 2 days ago.

  • AnsterV

    The music that the music box makes is awfully simular to the background noise when six leaves the maw

  • Icyslicer

    Who came from KoryxKenshi Endung the game

  • Cacho Nacional
    Cacho Nacional


  • Cacho Nacional
    Cacho Nacional

    I understand it n

  • Cacho Nacional
    Cacho Nacional


  • smoky joe
    smoky joe

    My theory on Mono and Thin Man is - Thin Man doesn't exist in the way we first meet them. The Signal Tower is it's own entity, able to brainwash whoever is close to it's power, so when Six betrays Mono, Mono survives with almost no powers. Mono is heartbroken, feels many negative emotions and the Signal Tower makes use of that, keeping him on that chair, replaying all those memories starting from when he met and saved Six for the first time, up to when Six betrayed him, with small changes here and there (aka: adding Thin Man) and making sure Mono won't ever forget and forgive Six, so that he won't become a threat to the Tower ever again.

  • Thatguy247 Commenter
    Thatguy247 Commenter

    Also 6 could have recognized monos face as being the same as thin mans but that’s a stretch

  • Will Space
    Will Space

    how does mono save six again if she is already save

  • Internet Garbage
    Internet Garbage

    Omfg this all makes so much sense

  • Ashley Alvarado
    Ashley Alvarado

    But if Six saves niño he’s going to become a friendly thin man

  • cowchow 308
    cowchow 308

    six is the bad one

  • - April -
    - April -

    8:34 The glubglubgabalab on crack.

  • Super Allstar
    Super Allstar

    Bruh this is gonna leave me depressed for a while

  • Aiyhana Keith
    Aiyhana Keith

    That’s a seriously tragic cycle