TURNING $20 INTO $100 #shorts
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  • Alex O'Reilly
    Alex O'Reilly

    Imagane being pinned by isaah photo

    • Brutality7

      @boom never happens in yt shorts

    • puft a
      puft a


    • C00Lb0y123

      This video has my favourite song lol

    • RED RUM
      RED RUM

      I wish my comment did not get pinned by Isaiah just because I don’t CLOUT chase like other people. I bet y’all pull out y’all phone just to check how dry Your media is instead of your poor Dry ass wallet with dust In it.

    • Bacn_

      Dang. I wish I got pinned by isaah. 😞

  • BrownSkinTwinz

    Why are you keep saying a lower price

  • Mike Barrett
    Mike Barrett

    Good luck selling any of those baseball cards, it took you a day at least to find those things. On top of that you have to deal with shipping and posting them on the Internet. Kids just go get a job

  • Blue_Potato

    Sell each card 4 a dollar

  • Local Dingus
    Local Dingus

    I like commerce, and find this interesting.

  • D F
    D F

    Watch me as I go into a gas station and turn $1 into 4 quarters

  • Shaka Bros
    Shaka Bros

    Do you live in San Diego?

  • Thomas-Joe Gray
    Thomas-Joe Gray

    So how did you become millionaire

  • Darion Henry
    Darion Henry

    That’s the San Diego swap meet

  • roxybarone

    and these people just want their next meal

  • Nort 7931
    Nort 7931

    Wait...was this filmed in San Diego? This looks like the swap meet over by the seaworld area 🤔

    • Nort 7931
      Nort 7931

      @Nila Flowers lol I thought I was the only one 😅

    • Nila Flowers
      Nila Flowers

      Lol that's what I was thinking

  • Nurse EarRape
    Nurse EarRape

    How about 3?

  • Daniel Ferrandiz
    Daniel Ferrandiz

    Camera: *doesn't works* Yeah, nice profit lol.

  • Ack Ur bad
    Ack Ur bad

    Why you at gulls stadium

  • Katt savage
    Katt savage

    Anyone else notice his shirt is inside out

  • シT00_NED

    Mans mad-

  • Sasuke Claps
    Sasuke Claps

    cheap skate

  • Jassim Z
    Jassim Z

    "Three take it or leave it"

  • Claire Redfield
    Claire Redfield

    The links this man will go through just to not get a real job

  • 16 V
    16 V

    I actually thought this was Josh

  • Ganesh Karhale
    Ganesh Karhale

    It's hard to bargain in India.

  • Belen Guzman
    Belen Guzman

    I know you live in LA but on Oakland there’s a flea market you can find it by searching Oakland flee market or in Modesto there’s one too

  • No Gorrilas plz
    No Gorrilas plz

    Not hating or anything, but the man be over using,” mr blue sky”

  • Josiah Daniel
    Josiah Daniel

    Those sales are idiot

  • TTV_B0X3D

    “That will be $8.3b” My man: how abt $3?

  • Jacen Cavanaugh
    Jacen Cavanaugh

    Alternative title: how to make big bank as a teenager

  • Mr. ADAM
    Mr. ADAM

    this man: “three, take it or leave it”

  • Jc_cer

    When i think of a polaroid i just sometimes thing thats its the horror movie on

  • Tyrone

    Police officer: *ARE YOU THE MANIAC WHO KILLED 420 PEOPLE* Isaih: h o w a b o u t t h r e e

  • The Terminator
    The Terminator

    dam whos plymouth gold duster i believe is that?

  • noname for privacy
    noname for privacy

    Its not a profit if you didnt sell it

  • Andrew Rosen
    Andrew Rosen

    So... you’re scamming people...

  • Stephen Will
    Stephen Will

    I won the first

  • Bad Beard
    Bad Beard

    Is this the new garyvee ?

  • The Brotato
    The Brotato

    Yo is that California swap meet? i think ive been there

  • pineapple gaming
    pineapple gaming


  • Amanda Villasenor
    Amanda Villasenor

    The famous San Diego swamp meet woot woot

  • Prince Singh
    Prince Singh

    What kind of market is that called

  • Elijahhero7

    Bazaar flipping irl

  • dipset22554

    Thought that was dan bilzarien

  • Sand ._M4N
    Sand ._M4N

    I thought Polaroid cameras were worth more?

  • DD Ay
    DD Ay

    Yea it does look like good profit but it’s gotta sell to make it. My uncle started doing storage stuff and now has a fuck ton of crap he hasn’t sold just sitting there.

  • Withered Freddy
    Withered Freddy

    When the videos turn to shit you gotta make profit some how

  • Minecraft plays
    Minecraft plays

    Are you in Florida

  • grisu

    Hypixel skyblock players

  • Autobot Vu
    Autobot Vu

    Than u got ebay fees and shipping fees and u realize i didnt make squat

  • Omar Chavez
    Omar Chavez

    Kobeys in SoCal. Open on Friday and weekends at 7 - 3. There is an entrance fee of like $2 I think. Also check out Devine Pastabilities, they stuff pasta in bread! Its so good and its a local restaurant so support it please! :)

  • David kershakov
    David kershakov

    One thing is saying the resell price is profitable. Another is actually being able to sell it. 😐

  • Andrew Groeger
    Andrew Groeger

    "what are the odds a few of these cards are worth at least $10+" Anybody who knows baseball cards: "zero"

  • ransom

    1989 Topps Baseball Card Set is a classic, but definitely nothing ungraded worth close to $10

  • Jørleif Helgason Egholm
    Jørleif Helgason Egholm

    How about 3?

  • Blue Thunder
    Blue Thunder

    nobody: vilagers when you turn them into zombies and heal them:

  • Mąddįę

    There isn't any JoJo fans in here :c

  • Mąddįę

    "A Polaroid camera" Me: hey...wait a minute....NIGURANDAYOOOOOOO SMOKEEEYYYYYYYY

  • Young Jesus
    Young Jesus

    The problem now is selling it on eBay most of the things u see on there have been on there for weeks months or even years💀

  • Time Traveler
    Time Traveler

    A mAns tRasH iS aNothEr mAns TreAsUre

  • Lauren Gosse
    Lauren Gosse

    low key want that first polaroid camera ngl


    Songs called mr blue sky btw

  • Chad Price
    Chad Price

    San diego nice

  • DP


  • J.D. Clayborne
    J.D. Clayborne

    I wish to learn your ways

  • Sam Rey
    Sam Rey

    I have That 1989 topps full set!!

  • Δημήτριος Ακριβόπουλος
    Δημήτριος Ακριβόπουλος


  • CorFujii

    Have you never watched Polaroid why would-you buy that

  • Picklechin_5

    Broooo I know that swap meet I go there all the time!!!!

  • Round One
    Round One

    Was that the rose bowl parking lot?

  • Az-1

    This is how the Louisiana purchase happened.

  • Tunabreath

    I bargain like this on eBay, I got a very clean, official Nintendo Switch charger for $2.50 and it works perfect

  • coderr

    Hypixel skyblock players be like

  • Zeus Richard
    Zeus Richard


  • Lane Livingstonn
    Lane Livingstonn

    Gary vee would be proud

  • Joe Manco
    Joe Manco

    I bought a $50 handmade wool blanket for $10 and I use it as a blanket. I bought a $100 vintage metal corona cooler for $40. I also just use it as a cooler. I own a ww2 Japanese issued machete that I restored and recently used it to strip small pieces of kindling. I just use them like they were meant to but I guess I can make money if I wanted to. Shit

  • Vivid Xxhype
    Vivid Xxhype

    Isaiah is that the Colby's swap meet in CA ???

  • Grxci e
    Grxci e

    Hey how much for the polaroid

  • Echo

    Bazaar flipping irl

  • Peter Alderson
    Peter Alderson

    Your a Cute..

  • Alberto Romo- Rosas
    Alberto Romo- Rosas

    He at sports arena swap meet in San Diego ca.

  • LeoDoetGames

    Now hope that there is no murderer in those camera’s just like in “polaroid” 😳


    RP: Alright, that will be $250,000 for this house This dude: eh, how about 3 bucks?

  • Sonia Teresa González Nieda
    Sonia Teresa González Nieda

    Flea market in my town is literal garbage...

  • Sonia Teresa González Nieda
    Sonia Teresa González Nieda

    Flea market in my town is literal garbage...

  • sidney ball
    sidney ball

    Officer: the tickets 500 dollars. This guy: I said I'd give you 3. I'll swing back around.

  • Lowbvll

    After sellers fees and shipping... why don’t u reveal how much u actually made

  • King Waffles
    King Waffles

    Because were waffles

  • santa

    An average human adult has 100 billion braincells Isaac: how bout 3?

  • Steven Granados
    Steven Granados

    San Diego kobey swapmeet

  • C.K Breaks
    C.K Breaks

    Ken Griffey jr is in 1989 and the base card sells for 475

  • Nate Ferguson
    Nate Ferguson

    Was this in sports arena

  • Andrew Fowler
    Andrew Fowler

    I have those same cards

  • KyleLarsonFan

    My name is Isaiah and welcome to pawn starts

  • 24moneybd

    nice video

  • J&J Baseball Channel
    J&J Baseball Channel

    Those cards are worth like 10 cents each

  • WindterrorBW

    *How 'bout 3?*

  • avanty

    In know that place it looks like san diego

  • Andy Bernard
    Andy Bernard

    Thats how they do it in Afghanistan Seller: thats 5 dollars Buyer: ill give you 3 Seller: Aight have a great day

  • Julian WhoLee
    Julian WhoLee

    Imagine buying a Polaroid camera with your smartphone

  • BimKayD

    Auction flipping irl

  • CBouttabag

    Hey Isaiah you’re from LA right? Because I’m from San Diego and I know that’s kobeys swapmeet💪🏽

  • Cult Boy
    Cult Boy

    “Omg, capitalism’s is soooo evil! I am so oppressed” -Leftist dumdums Meanwhile there is literal trash that can be turned into cash. If you’re poor, your hustle/work-ethic is wrong! Step it up! Get a 2nd job!

  • IM 2MERS
    IM 2MERS

    So he made 80 bucks in a week?!?! Excuse me got to go quit my minimum wage job.