Ryan Upchurch On How He Became An Independent Country Rap Star
Adam sits down with Ryan Upchurch for his first official interview, to talk about how he started his music career from zero to 1M followers, being independent, yanking a couple label's chains, fans showing up to his private home, walking around with security, how he parties hard in his area, focusing on his music, all the whilst, chewing tobacco.
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  • No Jumper
    No Jumper

    1:05 Ryan's early days, high school, workin in construction and falling in love with rap 2:21 Remove tobacco from his mouth 4:00 Ryan says he was terrible when he started making music 6:16 What's a chicken fight 8:11 This is Ryan's first interview, talks about different cultures and the meaning of the confederate flag 13:01 How Ryan started rappin and recording and using Facebook as a tool 14:28 Meeting Young Buck's people who gave him support 15:33 Ryan didn't care if people liked his music or not, he continued for those who did appreciate it 16:21 Describing country rappers 20:12 Ryan says his social media antics are separated from his music 21:42 Creative process and how he created in the studio 23:21 How labels sell big dreams to artists in Nashville 26:11 Ryan talks about his meeting with Big Machine records "I knew I wouldn't sign, I wanted to show people what a contract look like" 27:27 Ryan explains why he wouldn't sign and how they ask you to give them your back catalogue 28:04 Ryan explains that as an indie artists even if you don't make a lot you can still be good coz you get 100% of all your work 29:39 How labels always try to change you when you sign 30:11 Ryan praises Hopsin "He's unpredictable, I love that about him" 30:45 Ryan says he doesn't pay attention to what's going but still trying to keep an ear out 32:07 Mild beef with Scruface Jean "He came at me, called me rac*st, it backfired on him" 34:25 Ryan describes how his fans start riots at shows sometimes 37:29 Ryan talks about his fans called SKINS and the meaning behind it 39:52 Ryan on being open and transparent online so nobody can twist his words, just like this girl he was beefing with recently 42:00 Ryan thought he could actually get his way with a lesbian 43:00 Focus on his music and away from any type of relationship 44:45 Ryan is super excited about not knowing what his career going to bring him "I've already accomplished things I thought I couldn't" 45:20 Ryan talks about older artists in Nashville, hangin on to their stardom "I don't wanna be like that" 46:23 Ryan talks about his booking company, wanting to act and racing cars 47:00 Thoughts on working with mainstream rappers and hangin out with Meek Mill riding dirt bikes 48:27 Partying hard 49:10 Fans showing up to his house not respecting boundaries 51:38 First show ever in California on the back of a 18 wheeler in front of 18 people 54:57 Ryan wants to keep reaching new goals and show the world independent artists can win as well 55:41 Elton John talked about Ryan on the radio "That was insane" 56:47 Ryan doesn't care for Lil Nas X "His song is a joke and a fake representation of country rap" 1:01:41 Ryan is financially comfortable and invests his money wisely 1:03:08 Ryan got horses in the back 1:06:40 Ryan loves Paul Wall, Gorilla Zoe, Mike Jones, Slim Thug, Chamillionaire

    • Max Touchet
      Max Touchet

      the dude is still terrible at making music

    • Carolyn Summerville
      Carolyn Summerville

      @jhl jhl happens with dental work.

    • Kim Avery
      Kim Avery

      @Chase think he thought u meant he was corny, but I think u meant Tom Mcd.right?

    • Thomas Villasenor
      Thomas Villasenor


    • Erapsoner1

      Me û

  • No Nope
    No Nope

    @32:40. ...Slip up and say some shit...Yes , like Joe Biden. Truth.


    Upchurch is the man. My whole family loves him.

  • Bobby Barley
    Bobby Barley

    Church i love how you respect the gamefowler. Please never throw use under the bus. You are a rare breed yourself. He have few supporters anymore. Long live the gamecock !!

  • FirstTake Gaskins
    FirstTake Gaskins

    No Media Experience...

  • Linda Theobald Theobald
    Linda Theobald Theobald

    You already are a super star! And I don’t listen to you much but I’m starting to listen to you more because your real.l. Stay true to yourself ❤️

  • J Morris
    J Morris

    I'm not really big into the country rap but this dude is definitely fun to watch. Some of them country rap dudes seem pretty cool

  • SMR_ 1983
    SMR_ 1983

    Best interview yet!! Probably the most intelligent well spoken guest so far. His demeanor and outlook on life is refreshing. Gets old hearing rappers talk about their drugs, guns, jewelry, and most of all money.

  • ChiefRocka

    Who doesn’t know about Roy Jones Jr. rapping?

  • Hail WV
    Hail WV

    His cover of nutshell is the best I've heard.

  • Sam Nestor
    Sam Nestor

    These comments make me really happy, I grew up in middle Tennessee and me and my buddies have been listening to Upchurch for years and it makes me happy to see him blow up and gain all these new fans.

  • Andy Perkins
    Andy Perkins

    I'm from FLINT and missed work to catch a concert .. lol

  • Jason Perry
    Jason Perry

    I wonder where Adam grew up in New Hampshire ... I feel like I use to see him at shows back in the late 90s early 2000s ... I was big into the hardcore scene back then goin Boston and all around New England to see bands like bane and American Nightmare... hope conspiracy... converge ... .. I swear I’ve met Adam way back in the day ... or maybe not lol

    • Justin Zerbinopoulos
      Justin Zerbinopoulos

      Nashua Nh , he is from the same town where I live

  • Charlotte

    You are a little slow on the uptake.


    No jumper should reach out to jelly roll

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Ryan up church is the best country singer today

  • Cliff Hubbard
    Cliff Hubbard

    With all of the bs going on, and groups hating on the government, just remember one thing. South did it 1st. Newly formed republican party won the White House, and southern demoncraps lost their f-king minds. That's right, demoncraps birthed the Virginia battle flag, demoncraps fought for preservation of their land, and demoncraps lost.

  • Justmebro

    Ryan Churchill is a Racist. He has confederate flags in his videos. Wtf is this Adam? If I had a nazi flag in my videos and I said “naw it’s a rebel German flag with a new meaning” ur gunna say naw he’s a nazi gtfoh. Same thing with that racist confederate flag. Do better Adam, u don’t need the racist hillbilly crowd

    • x A1
      x A1

      Dude it’s been 2 months are your still crying about the exact same thing😂 get a fucking life Jesus

    • Kaleb McDonald
      Kaleb McDonald

      you are just a idiot who is jealous of his fame and dont know anything about the confedarate flag

  • Justmebro

    Still can’t believe Adam (who has mainly black staff) let someone who carries a Confederate flag on his platform , the disrespect. He did it for money , the things u do when u need cash smh foh . Lamest unnecessary, racist hillbilly content .

    • Justmebro

      @Saint Michael’s Arch Angel so he wasn’t a racist because it was his home? Naw can I be a nazi and then years later people say naw my grandpa was a nazi cuz it was his home. Naw I’d still be a racist nazi. Keep ur racist views to urself. White people love acting like they’re still not racist today lol. Defend ur Confederate flag all u want, history shows, they were racist, treasonous, terrorists but hey make up watever story u want the internet is real lmao

    • Saint Michael’s Arch Angel
      Saint Michael’s Arch Angel

      @Justmebro it stood for Virginia’s independence, Lee fought for the South because it was his home, not because of slavery, if you knew anything about history you would know that, I’m Pennsylvania native who had relatives fight on both sides of the war, one was a Lieutenant in the Army of the Potomac and one who was a sergeant who died at Gettysburg, one of my relatives on the Confederate side died at Little Big Horn, another died at Shiloh Hill, I have relatives who live in the south who are black who acknowledge the fact that the meaning of the flag has changed but people like you who drank the kool aid in junior high refuse to acknowledge that fact, as for the whole “BlM iS aBoUt NoT gEtTiNg ShOt By CoPs” thing, no it isn’t, at first maybe, even then it was based on a lie, but now it is an anti police hate group who commits acts of terror while holding up criminals and scumbags, no one in these comments denies what the flag USED to mean, what it USED to represent we all will tell you that yes the flag used to represent secessionist troops fighting against the Union to preserve slavery, but unlike you who throw around “RaCiSm” and “NaZi” to refer to people like me who realize what the modern meaning is, no one who knows history says state rights retard, they aren’t the people we identify with, we are the people who know the change of the culture around the flag but people who are dumb as fuck, like you, who cause problems because you 1: can’t accept the fact that meanings change 2: don’t mind their own fucking business 3: are just plain old racist your selves, because people like you, all you see is race, that’s all that matters to you, that flag doesn’t represent white people or black people or asian people, it represents a way of life unique to the modern south

    • Justmebro

      @Saint Michael’s Arch Angel actually Ryan told me Adam did this interview for money and he couldn’t defend his racist nazi flag either so I do know about him. He’s like u ignorant on history and flies racist flags to fit in. Rebel flag?wat r u rebelling against genius. Rebel flag only came up during times of desegregation to encourage racists like u to join them. We’re not racist we just carry this flag that was flown during the civil war . So why not fly a nazi flag and change the meaning?

    • Justmebro

      @Saint Michael’s Arch Angel u tell me what Robert e Lee “a confederate soldier” flag stood for . Rebelling against not having slaves btw. U forgot that part lol. Look at the comments u don’t know history of that pro slavery flag. Ur “rebels” we treasonous racist LOSERS. Now explain to me wat ur rebellion against slavery flag meant....I’ll wait

    • Saint Michael’s Arch Angel
      Saint Michael’s Arch Angel

      Dude shut the fuck up, you don’t know the first thing about Ryan or what that Rebel Flag represents,

  • I dont Have a name
    I dont Have a name

    I got kicked out of high school and went to construction as well! Teacher said "you won't be anything if you don't graduate" I own a body shop which was my dream job and built my own house 😎 FUGGGGG EM

    • LauraBeeDannon

      👏👏👏that's awesome

  • Cindy Cruz
    Cindy Cruz


  • Cindy Cruz
    Cindy Cruz

    Ryan is really making a name for himself. He is real as they come. Im 64 and really love his music and respect what he stands for.

  • Cindy Cruz
    Cindy Cruz

    Love ya Ryan. Lived in Centerville. Coble. You had the best life and what you do is amazing.

  • Charles Forney
    Charles Forney

    Most authentic guy in Nashville

  • I am Stanley
    I am Stanley

    Fuck these pussy ass haters CREEKSQUAD

  • Travis Rawlins
    Travis Rawlins

    13:28 I remember buying Cheatham County on iTunes on an old iphone 3gs in my highschool parking lot. Been fucking with Upchurch since.

  • Jonathan Brown
    Jonathan Brown

    Rollin' with church since the beginning... Great interview🔥🔥🔥 You gotta have Tom Macdonald on!


    M a fellow New England’er right here. Love the sayin “hot in the wood pile”! Can absolutely relate to growing up in 90’s loving rap and hip hop. Heard it all from “thug” to “wangster” to “wigger”. Always hearing “yo bro u r white” blah blah blah. Dad played in country / country rock band right till he passed away. I listen and love all genres. Totally respect Upchurch for singing / rapping what he loves withoutcare what others think ab it.

  • Sierra Angel
    Sierra Angel

    He fixed his gap tooth?

  • Colby Fogleman
    Colby Fogleman

    Bring upchurch back!

  • brandon brooks
    brandon brooks

    Honestly upchurch is the shit man

  • Henry

    No media experiece!!!!!!

  • David D
    David D

    I like this podcast but goddamn Adam, do some research first. LA is not the center of the universe.

  • Mr Casper to you
    Mr Casper to you

    Adams from NH nice maine 207 kid here

  • Pennsylvania Hunting
    Pennsylvania Hunting

    Too many dumbass democrats who supported Adam are getting pissy now 😂

  • thesunflowerpirate

    Adam I like that you branch out, I was surprised to see this cross my feed. You’re the next Stern man, keep it up. PS wife-up your BM.

  • Aaron Velding
    Aaron Velding

    Church man killed it! Rock on fuggin! Also imagine if someone wanted to make fun of church for dipping pouches. The man put like 4 or 5 in at a time! Also it's smart to dip pouches inside because of how much more clean they are.

  • Robyn Marable
    Robyn Marable

    Topping the Billboard Charts WITH NO MEDIA EXPERIENCE 😁☺😉

  • Stephen Black
    Stephen Black

    1967 Jimi Hendrix- Are You Experienced 2021 Upchurch- Are You Media Experienced?

  • randall eubank jr.
    randall eubank jr.

    upchurch is a super star

  • Kelly Daugherty
    Kelly Daugherty

    All of this with no media experience

  • The Good Old Boyz
    The Good Old Boyz

    Ill say it again How is this guy a rapper but no black people listen to him

    • Saint Michael’s Arch Angel
      Saint Michael’s Arch Angel

      @1992redfrogmiata don’t bother you can’t fix stupid

    • Saint Michael’s Arch Angel
      Saint Michael’s Arch Angel

      Dumb as fuck dude

    • 1992redfrogmiata

      What tons of black people listen to his music.

  • Max Touchet
    Max Touchet

    the secret is hes a fake lying ass that knows how to manipulate dumb ass ppl into like his garbage ass music they must just make anyone famous these days lol wow

    • Max Touchet
      Max Touchet

      @Jaxus 18 and also I cant believe you think hes even worth mentioning his name with dre snoop or any other real talent rapper and he damn sure sucks at singing I can sing better than this dude lol I'm really not trying to be an ass sorry i guess ppl are different and has different taste just really dont get why ppl like this guy i literally have never hated an artist more except maybe boy band girl bands and Taylor swift and justin bieber lol but hey if y'all wanna like this dude it's your life listen if ya like I just dont see how you could enjoy it

    • Max Touchet
      Max Touchet

      @Jaxus 18 I dont even know who Katie noel is lol

    • Max Touchet
      Max Touchet

      @Jaxus 18 no I hate it cuz its garbage he sucks its annoying him as a person is annoying he thinks hes better than everyone his cockyness and arrogance is ridiculous and it blows my mind why anyone would wanna listen to that crap or support a piece of crap like that he has no respect for anyone that paved the way before him and he has no place in music so dont assume you know me or anything when you support trash

    • Jaxus 18
      Jaxus 18

      So I’m going to guess that you hate his rap music mostly because it portrays what he knows, he raps about what he has experienced in life such as the rappers in NWA, ice cube, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg etc. Many people enjoy his music because he is straight with what he says and feels, you know with upchurch that what you see in his videos you see when you’re actually at one of his concerts. You’re also one of those people who probably support Katie Noel and believe everything she says. It’s also amazing how an independent artist is damn near topping the charts all the time.

  • Keanu R.H.E.C Lane
    Keanu R.H.E.C Lane

    Where's everyone from? ⬇Drop you area code below⬇

    • Jayden Baxley
      Jayden Baxley


    • Keanu R.H.E.C Lane
      Keanu R.H.E.C Lane

      615-Ashland City

  • Asaiya

    dude you would be surprised, Elton talks to alot of rappers, i heard Young Thug talking about working with him on tip's podcast

  • R J
    R J

    i love this guy

  • Smokey420Greenleaf

    country rap star? is that like the scotch-korean dude from the starburst commercials?

  • Under Bear
    Under Bear


  • jennyBfoxxy

    Loved this... As an Upchurch fan I think I speak for most of us when I say we've been WAITING for legitimate interviews with Ryan. He talks about his life with us but to see someone showing interest in his content and asking him questions he might not think to answer for us... priceless. P.S. New Hampshire resident here... Now I have 2 reasons to sub lol

  • Byrd Rigsby
    Byrd Rigsby

    Up church funkn right

  • Paul Messamore
    Paul Messamore

    I wanna see upchurch and merkules soooooo bad

  • Josh Galvin
    Josh Galvin

    Awe man that's awesome I had no idea you were from new hampshire Adam I'm born and raised southern new hampshire between keene and lebenon and for sure up until the mid 2000s rap music was like a taboo....love your music church....and unfortunately adam the heroin addicts....they are still there

  • gods Messanger
    gods Messanger

    How many songs you want got Bars no comas .. broke like stick trying come up for sure cause I'm for sure for sure realer than all the rest cause dont need vest never ever snitched still walking around with my birth name my moma gave me never ever walk around looking over my shoulder not because I'm bold jus because I kept it real walking streets 37 felonies no snitching I'ma beast

  • White &Proud
    White &Proud

    Most Artist live for what they want instead of what they need.

  • Ashley Cooper
    Ashley Cooper


  • Derek Beaudry
    Derek Beaudry

    The Man The Myth The Legend Ryan Upchurch

  • Austin Conboy
    Austin Conboy


  • robert mccarter
    robert mccarter

    5th time here. Better bring him back adam.

  • Marv R
    Marv R

    Great interview Adam. Upchurch is a real dude and original af. No faking shit there!


    CD that got me hooked on rap was Tupac All Eyez on Me disc 2. Don't even know where I got it. Get Rich or Die Tryin was probably the first rap CD I listen to religiously for months.

  • Alex86


  • george burns
    george burns

    Chicken dance is polka song played at weddings down here in Texas in German communities, it’s like tradition

  • Shawn Randall
    Shawn Randall

    Church you are already a legend to

  • Shawn Randall
    Shawn Randall

    I like all if church's music he is 🔥. No matter what he writes its going to be dope.

  • Jon Colbird
    Jon Colbird

    Great interview fuggin!!! RHEC

  • J8ke Design
    J8ke Design

    No media experience lol Hee's a country boy he ain't supposed to have that lol

  • James Graves
    James Graves

    Lol!! Get da real boss o da sticks on da sho. Lol 😆 that video was so fucking funny.

  • T G
    T G

    Good interview, loved it. Humble dude. Would be cool to have a beer n smoke with

  • the fishing cuz
    the fishing cuz

    When you found out he is from New Hampshire

  • aalexzaandriaa

    I’m from Michigan !! The more country type of people are more in the central part of Michigan & the U.P !! But love that you came to Michigan !!

  • MegaSkilla

    Remember people don't always live where their family is from. My entire family is from the south and I'm a first born generation Californian...

  • Kota Bret
    Kota Bret

    We out here off New Hope Road riding on 22s baby !!!!!

  • Daniel Carter
    Daniel Carter

    Gained a subscription due to upchurch

  • george burns
    george burns

    Can’t believe this hasn’t hit a million views yet, hell 1000 of them are probably from me lol

  • UAbitch

    2nd most viewed video this platform has had in AWHILE.

  • Kyle Randell
    Kyle Randell


  • SJD_

    Love how Ryan has the mustang chain on coming from an owner of a 11 mustang

  • Brad Lee
    Brad Lee

    Big Smo take your media trained bitch ass outta the sticks.

  • Ryan Hargis
    Ryan Hargis

    Upchurch is a cool ass dude and he makes me glad to be a Tennessean he works his ass off. I will always buy everything he puts out

  • Ryan Hargis
    Ryan Hargis

    Upchurch is the a boss all you haters are jealous how successful he is.

  • Like_mike 2020
    Like_mike 2020


  • John Lombardo
    John Lombardo

    11:55. And that is what makes this man a G .. I feel like I'm the same way, and every now and then I meet someone like this, but the majority of people I meet arent like this anymore... too many people are trying to appropriate this negative stereotype of someone else's culture and instead we should be embracing each others culture and learning about why your views are they way they are.. well said my man

  • RibbitJim

    Idgaf this man is NOT street

    • 1992redfrogmiata

      @RibbitJim Ok define street for me

    • RibbitJim

      @1992redfrogmiata exactly wtf I just said.

    • 1992redfrogmiata

      Wtf is that supposed to mean

  • Taylor Erwin
    Taylor Erwin

    Tennessee strong rocky top

  • onebluguy

    church comes through Indiana, he has a place to stay. priciate you for steppin out your comfort zone.

  • Buster Huneycutt
    Buster Huneycutt

    Ryan, Justin says hey

  • Jeffrey Callahan
    Jeffrey Callahan

    Ryan your a Star ⭐✨ ✨ now I'm happy for you buddy.

  • Jenn Adcock
    Jenn Adcock

    We all got a Heritage. No matter what color or what u do as living. We all need to unite as a nation. Music does wonders!!!

  • buddy Staggs
    buddy Staggs

    The man upchurch best there ever will be

  • Felix Villanueva
    Felix Villanueva

    Who barely heard of upchurch kuz of no jumper or who barely heard of no jumper kuz of upchurch lmk

    • Saint Michael’s Arch Angel
      Saint Michael’s Arch Angel

      Heard of Jumper cause of Church

  • Hussain's Collection
    Hussain's Collection

    1:05 4:21 6:16 51:38

  • Michael T
    Michael T

    Checking that dip level lol

  • 247muddin

    Rhec in the 215 philly represent

  • robert mccarter
    robert mccarter

    Wanna know if church hunts

  • Heather Hunt
    Heather Hunt

    I appreciate how real you are in comparison to other artists. They play a part real well but you are you with no additives and that's why you have the following you have. People are tired of people that are full of shit. Thanks for being you and sharing your talent with all of us.

  • Phat Boii
    Phat Boii

    Glad you did this interview bro. I enjoyed

  • James Carlin
    James Carlin

    Never knew what he looked like...I always pictured a pretty boy

  • Danielle Hall
    Danielle Hall

    hell most of the cops you know or went to school smoked a blunt in the parking lot with this cop at school hell I raced a cop in his patrol car cause it was 3 in the morning and we were bored

  • Bill Smith
    Bill Smith

    Just another Upchurch fan here, and now a no jumper fan too

  • krazie 209
    krazie 209

    Everyone need too check out Ryan's track Ghost..if you have all ready do it again..lol..