Today I'm going to be Completing every achievement in minecraft hardcore! By completing all adventure advancements in minecraft I have finished my journey to complete every achievement in minecraft... or have I?....
Well today I have complete all advancements in minecraft that aren't secret advancements, if you want to see me complete all secret advancements in a future video make sure to subscribe!
★ The achievements I completed today include: finding every biome in minecraft, killing every hostile mob in minecraft, striking a villager with lightning and killing two phantoms with one arrow
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  • Cool_S_33

    Me: He's missing the Mushroom Island Biome Me after he gets the achievement: Wait, Wait, Wait he's already been to a Mushroom Island?

  • william moyer
    william moyer

    How did he find a modified jungle edge before he did this video

  • Pj Bobilin
    Pj Bobilin

    I love this

  • King Nicholas
    King Nicholas

    You could’ve trapped the phantoms in a boat

  • forgivemeiamnoob

    I think he wouldve reached the farlands if he kept going 🤣

  • atomic thunder gaming
    atomic thunder gaming

    Lukethenotable had the same problem with the same solution

  • LV LavaPro
    LV LavaPro

    I thought the biome was the mix between a jungle and a swamp.

  • Inferno Python
    Inferno Python

    imagine how many water checkpoints we would have had if he had showed us every single second of him planting melons without editing

  • Panda vloger
    Panda vloger

    WadZee when we was doing two birds one arrow: this should have been easier Me: why don’t you just use a boat

  • Miguelito Samuel Santiago
    Miguelito Samuel Santiago

    #wah wah army

  • FireRuby1

    "You stupid birch biome. Get out of here." XD

  • Archie Dela Cruz
    Archie Dela Cruz

    Hey wadzee i have suggestion just dont teraform the land just plant seeds just do it

  • Archie Dela Cruz
    Archie Dela Cruz

    Bruh the intro its so nice best mcyt ever

  • pr0 fridge
    pr0 fridge

    I don't know y but the intro song is noice

  • Ian Glodeanu
    Ian Glodeanu

    Most hard achievement:die în Minecraft Hardcore

  • YeetGamingXT

    you missed the one for 5 diffrent mobs killed witha a crossbow at once

  • Bhelinda Nicomedez
    Bhelinda Nicomedez

    0:19 Bruh why is his intro allways that

    • Bhelinda Nicomedez
      Bhelinda Nicomedez

      🤣🤣 0:20

  • Bear Wimberly
    Bear Wimberly

    I was playing Minecraft while watching this and at 10:00 when he said lightning lightning struck in my game it was weird

  • El chungo
    El chungo

    I thought that the biome was modified jungle edge

  • gamer tomaat
    gamer tomaat

    melon biome

  • Anand Nafde
    Anand Nafde

    You missed Arbalistic

  • Olivia Gynnerstedt
    Olivia Gynnerstedt

    How did you not hut creepers with a lightning to make them charged !!!!!

  • Drawing_Dragon 11
    Drawing_Dragon 11


  • EmperorofDarkness

    My hardcore I survived 600 days have over 20 stacks of gaples and netherite

  • Juan Diego Fernandez -29
    Juan Diego Fernandez -29

    You could have gotten them in a boat just build up and place a boat and tag them abit then shoot the phantoms

  • Zika Frans
    Zika Frans

    Brub 2025 be like let’s plant 99999999999999fith melon

  • Aryan

    Fun fact : In just 10 episodes he gained 1 million subs Amazing bro keep it up 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • RandomPlushGamer MysteryBoi
    RandomPlushGamer MysteryBoi

    10:26 I feel u man, I feel u

  • Awesome Geek
    Awesome Geek

    When you realize that WadZee was looking for the same biome that Luke the Notable was. Both of them in there hardcore worlds are going for all the achievements and the last biome they were looking for was the badlands plateau

  • Sean Robert Sagadraca
    Sean Robert Sagadraca

    Dont say that to your self

  • quarantine club
    quarantine club

    I made it my goal to watch all the hardcore videos before the 40th video and it looks like I will succeed

  • Rayyy_789

    Don’t nether biomes count

  • Dead Li
    Dead Li

    Wadzee sounds Australian

  • Ax_47XLX


  • Steve Stonecutter
    Steve Stonecutter

    I did them first

  • Sarita Shastry
    Sarita Shastry

    There should be a advancement to for completeng all the advancements 😂😂😂

  • Conor&Kanohi

    Wait, when did he find the mushroom biome?

  • Crazy Alex 7667
    Crazy Alex 7667

    3:00 how u make that launches

  • I Am Mara U
    I Am Mara U

    He didnt even know that it was the dead lands that was missing!

  • I Am Mara U
    I Am Mara U


  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    Oi language wadzee language

  • Andi Stadtmueller
    Andi Stadtmueller

    I new it was a massa

  • Sharie Martiny
    Sharie Martiny

    did u find the mushroom biom because that a biom

  • Mariam Maghawary
    Mariam Maghawary

    I think he will stop farming melon until the melon make him lag and causing the game to crash

  • Micah Youme
    Micah Youme

    XD he has 3M subs

  • Julie N. Lindgreen
    Julie N. Lindgreen

    Fun fact a mincraft World is bigger then the earth

  • Christian Cacciotti
    Christian Cacciotti

    lets just take a moment to realize that the badlands platuea is the one that lazarbeam last found ;)

  • caroline monton
    caroline monton

    There's some secrets

  • caroline monton
    caroline monton

    Also where's sniper duel

  • Memeneverdie

    Imagine he dies

  • Prince Dharshan
    Prince Dharshan

    16:34 just a random slime jumping

  • Corben Allen
    Corben Allen

    Is it just me who noticed the achievement for killing a villager with a channeling trident is called “very very frightening” like in the song Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen “thunder bolts and lightning VERY VERY FRIGHTENING me” Both something about thunder and lightning.... coincidence or not?? Hahaha

  • Fortescue Family4
    Fortescue Family4

    there is secret ad vancments

  • Jelly James
    Jelly James

    Congratulations on 3 Million

  • Pizifuz


  • Sean Vaill
    Sean Vaill

    When was the last time he shown his bees 🐝

  • Zack Stump
    Zack Stump

    Wadzee: has Toten in Hand Also him: am I gonna die

  • Mobin Tavakoli
    Mobin Tavakoli

    You need kill 5 dif mob with 1 shot of crosbow.

  • TJ_D4v1d

    The trident was like thors hammer ⚡

  • Duckmissile

    Wadzee: I've done them all Me: No you haven't Wadzee: *shows how did we get here* Me: oh... OHH! I was talking about arbalistic.

  • Glitches

    he could use gold armor to stop the piglins from attacking him

  • Daniel Marquez
    Daniel Marquez

    I got so triggered when he said fortune 3 is a "decent " book.

  • Skp Sam
    Skp Sam

    8.05 you were in minus.

  • Skp Sam
    Skp Sam

    Um you cheated.

  • Yuri Modesto
    Yuri Modesto

    This is such a good intro I can't even put into words. At this point I'm not sure if I'm watching this for the video subject itself or because of the intro beat.

  • 3IK NET
    3IK NET

    i just realized "very very frightning" is a reference to bohemian rhapsody ("thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightning me")

  • Akash FF
    Akash FF

    you are on the way to 3 million subs|Congrates



  • Kishan dutt Sharma
    Kishan dutt Sharma

    what music you used in the intro ? at 0:28

  • Lightning Yt
    Lightning Yt

    I knew it was the Mesa

  • Gaming with Zahreen
    Gaming with Zahreen

    I got the anvancnment with no elytra

  • Potato Man
    Potato Man

    Your grind is inspirational

  • Cannon

    7:17 2020 in a nutshell

  • Zeilnodario

    How long will this series be

  • TheEbolaExpert

    there should be an achievement called POG which you need to kill every kind of hoglin: Hoglin, Zoglin, and Poglin

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith

    12:43 for that "Ahh, perfection" feeling

  • Alex Wood
    Alex Wood

    Wadzee in 2050: I made an xp beacon in hardcore Minecraft

  • Victor-Dimitrie H
    Victor-Dimitrie H

    I like how Wadzee buried the pigs but left the chicken in the water lmao

  • Dazzling Darcey
    Dazzling Darcey


  • murathan özbek
    murathan özbek

    4.20 31 firework 31 porkchop hahaha

  • Caroul haddad
    Caroul haddad

    you might get a melon biom

  • Jaxson Ebert
    Jaxson Ebert

    I thought it would be the tall birch forests

  • Zsombika239

    Its have a secret advancement is the arbasilictic!

  • Michael secret brother
    Michael secret brother

    Im need help

  • Gamerrrzz111

    *completed every achievement* The "how did we get here?" achievement: am I a joke to you?

  • Tiasha Belton
    Tiasha Belton

    Resurrecting the ender dragon with end crystals

  • Tiasha Belton
    Tiasha Belton

    There is also a advancement called The End... Again

    • iLikeDucks

      Lmao he already did it

  • SpringFiesta

    Hmm,no water checkpoint today

  • Shilpa Singh
    Shilpa Singh

    Wadzee at episode 2000 I have make whole nether in overworld

  • kaitlynrivas1

    I want to see how big his world is now that he traveled thousands of blocks lol

  • lolbit the gacha girl
    lolbit the gacha girl

    What about the biome between a swamp and jungle

  • Alejandro Ochoa
    Alejandro Ochoa

    wadzee:we finished it all me:there is another

  • Alejandro Ochoa
    Alejandro Ochoa

    this is what we meant when we said quality

  • Flynn Brain
    Flynn Brain

    day 1075

  • Dm0pt

    2:21 8.5 fireworks

  • Sonia James
    Sonia James

    The cool multi-hop socially harm because lift histomorphometrically meddle beneath a oval april. steep, unbiased eggplant

  • Vivian Cox
    Vivian Cox

    The cultured nylon longitudinally settle because dresser advisably unpack athwart a amusing bagpipe. godly, marvelous streetcar

  • EchosBento

    To everyone commenting about hidden achievements (because yeah, I'm still seeing people do that) He's completed every *visible* achievement. He'd already said previously that he didn't know if he would do the hidden ones because he wasn't sure if getting every potion effect at the same time in hardcore was even possible.

  • Margad-Erdene Batsaikhan
    Margad-Erdene Batsaikhan

    Don't die and increase your experience. I want to see 200 experience plz 😀

  • Lol Xd
    Lol Xd

    The disagreeable country inevitably succeed because macrame orally force between a prickly streetcar. immense, ignorant thumb