5 Theories From Godzilla Vs Kong Trailer To Blow Your Mind
Godzilla Vs Kong - Official Trailer Theories To Blow Your Mind. Godzilla vs Kong trailer breakdown I explained all the Easter eggs Mechagodzilla appearance & even more things you missed. Now I take the top 5 Godzilla vs kong 2021 trailer theories like a fake Godzilla king Kongs battle axe origin the ending for Godzilla vs kong & who will win. Godzilla vs kong trailer.
Godzilla Vs Kong Trailer Breakdown: uzload.info/fun/l4qYnp7WsoF21GQ/video
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    3C Films

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    • DallasyoursTruly WM
      DallasyoursTruly WM

      Your theory failed mechagodzilla was in it but he did not disguise.

    • Jerrell Wylie
      Jerrell Wylie

      It’s peace of Godzilla back

    • Victoire Gibson
      Victoire Gibson

      It’s not it’s is the normal Godzilla and you think Godzilla scared of something and you should’ve watched a movie and look on the eyeball when he scared and there’s red eyes that is mega Godzilla

    • Tintin Alpha
      Tintin Alpha


    • DF4 InSaNe
      DF4 InSaNe

      @job diaz yeah

  • Carla Gumabao
    Carla Gumabao

    7:27 !!!SPOILER ALERT!!! That is the real godzilla I watched the whole movie

  • Ash and pikachu 1234
    Ash and pikachu 1234

    I watched thr movie and the godzilla was not fake he was real

  • Sans The skeleton
    Sans The skeleton

    Now we know that this theory is wrong

  • Dude Gupta
    Dude Gupta

    when the harry potter's "one cant live while the other survives" comes into action

  • Crossshot_97.

    What is going for the mutant alligator

  • Joma Jape
    Joma Jape

    Feeling stupid now?

  • Deisy Ruano
    Deisy Ruano

    The Hairy cheeks are GONE 😢😢

  • shikhar barnawal
    shikhar barnawal

    i thing their are so many Godzilla and that is Godzilla baby

  • Latifah Hussain
    Latifah Hussain

    Kong is freand godzilla

  • Adventures of Dirk & G Man
    Adventures of Dirk & G Man


  • Kong zilla with roblox
    Kong zilla with roblox

    The people who said this is mechagodzilla your rong

  • Daniel Zilla ダニエル • ジラ
    Daniel Zilla ダニエル • ジラ

    Wrong mechagodzilla always in the movie he is just a robot

  • Mat Dro
    Mat Dro

    This is the First Video in the Channel that had Gotten 1 Million Views, Congrats Dude!


    I already know the kid that conteol nkong said he is not the enemy he is the enemy

  • marren serdenia
    marren serdenia

    you are rong godzilla are in the movie mechagodzilla is in the movie too

  • Don Scott
    Don Scott

    guys just imagine mecha godzilla vs mecha gidora

  • Uh Kelleher
    Uh Kelleher

    Nope that's definitely godzilla...

  • Tyler

    It is godzilla

  • Rachell Zenarosa
    Rachell Zenarosa

    Is godzilla I watch the movie the mechagodzilla is the enemy

  • Flippin Fun
    Flippin Fun

    Wait if that godzilla is mechagodzilla And if king kong is 104 feet still That means the real godzilla is way way way bigger than kong

  • Jr Kyuuu
    Jr Kyuuu

    Still not godzilla ?

  • Rock3tbo0m

    Haha fake



  • Matthew Delgado
    Matthew Delgado

    I never watched just try ur click false bait

    • 3C Films
      3C Films

      Lol do you understand what a theory is?? Lol don’t see how a theory video is clickbait 🤣 no one is saying this is facts

  • Matthew Delgado
    Matthew Delgado

    Dnt u feel stupid that was Godzilla ur a GodKong Idiot hahahahah

  • Jeff Cushing
    Jeff Cushing

    Did you guys actually think that the battle axe was a bone of godzilla because he said they found bones of godzilla

  • Al.Anood Sattam
    Al.Anood Sattam

    Me big fan Godzilla my best bud

  • All Star Report
    All Star Report

    That is a lying

  • All Star Report
    All Star Report

    First of all how do u know it's M Godzilla and u do not see the movie

  • caving

    Your wrong godzilla is godzilla

  • Nick klaus
    Nick klaus

    it's Godzilla right true

  • forasterof2

    Do you notice the main title? Godzilla the “ illa”those letter are different that any Godzilla movie title

  • Jim N_i_n_J_a_526
    Jim N_i_n_J_a_526

    I think that godzilla is destroying the city cuz hes looking for mechagodzilla is not hurting people unpurpose And when he finds it kong and godzilla r gonna team

  • Godzilla and dino content welcome to my channel
    Godzilla and dino content welcome to my channel

    Thumbnaile correction this is godzilla:)

  • Wrestling and Fighting channel
    Wrestling and Fighting channel

    That makes sense but that also means that Godzilla was not in the trailer at all.Where is godzilla!!!

  • Kaiden Epps
    Kaiden Epps

    Mabe Godzilla is mind controlled.

  • ImNotWorriedBro

    Came over from Reel Rejects! Like the videos fam!

  • James Rodriguez
    James Rodriguez

    And then mechagodzilla comes to attack so Godzilla lives and King Kong lives to so we learned from me and believe me cause Im telling the truth

  • James Rodriguez
    James Rodriguez

    First I Was gonna say your stupid but I will probably need to regret it

  • James Rodriguez
    James Rodriguez

    Godzilla was framed. That is Godzilla


    i feel like they are creating a false titian.... which is mechagodzilla

  • Victoire Gibson
    Victoire Gibson

    No that’s the normal Godzilla because I heard about it and a mega Godzilla can’t turn into anything just think about that soon enough because I watch something and they said Godzilla Was Scared to see a mega Godzilla

  • Skate Warrior
    Skate Warrior

    Real Godzilla comes in smashes everyone

  • Vin Johan Balase
    Vin Johan Balase

    Thats godzilla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡

  • J Man Adventures
    J Man Adventures

    Its not true you thought LOL Take the big fat L

  • atlsquad1

    godzilla eat the ghidorah head

  • Cloud Noriega
    Cloud Noriega

    Umm guys why is GZ fighting kong kong is not bad guy

  • Chace The Crafter
    Chace The Crafter

    That is not godzilla

  • Popi Liakounakou
    Popi Liakounakou

    it's OBVIOUS that mecha Godzilla will fight King Kong Godzilla will NEVER hurt a human according to KOTM

  • Z E R O
    Z E R O

    Thats the impostor godzilla its mecha godzilla using giant godzilla costume

  • Z E R O
    Z E R O

    I think people make mega godzilla and make a giant costume of godzilla

  • Team Godzilla
    Team Godzilla

    If Godzilla loses I will still love him

  • Team Godzilla
    Team Godzilla

    You guys must’ve wanted king ghidorah to kill the earth

  • Team Godzilla
    Team Godzilla

    I feel bad for Godzilla

  • Team Godzilla
    Team Godzilla

    Everybody wanted Godzilla to be killed

  • Team Godzilla
    Team Godzilla

    Godzilla saved the earth two times

  • Team Godzilla
    Team Godzilla


  • Thomas Plaatsman
    Thomas Plaatsman

    its the Same mechagodzilla from ready player one

  • Steven Maya
    Steven Maya

    Have you seen the beginning there is a mecahgodzilla the other Godzilla is real Godzilla wants to beat mecahgodzilla Godzilla is not. The bad guy

  • snake & eagle69
    snake & eagle69

    Maybe its mechanic kong vs mecha godzilla... But kong doesnt know hes a robot...

  • cindy smith
    cindy smith

    The needless quicksand mathematically look because ground acceptably claim following a tense floor. left, foamy screen

  • Leslie Garcia
    Leslie Garcia

    He's right

  • Imposter crewmate
    Imposter crewmate

    What happened King Kong smash the fake Sky in Skull Island

  • Left Spin
    Left Spin

    So this movie is dramatic!

  • Janeer Breyden Renojo
    Janeer Breyden Renojo

    Is not mecha godzilla

  • Bazooka Gaming
    Bazooka Gaming

    It’ll be a good fight Godzilla is more powerful in every way but kong is much much smarter

  • Calvin Javid N. Del Carmen Del Carmen
    Calvin Javid N. Del Carmen Del Carmen


  • Refilwe Letshokgohla
    Refilwe Letshokgohla

    team godzilla f you mecha godzilla

  • Imthatkid Here
    Imthatkid Here

    It’s not meca men it’s the real G my guy I’m pretty sure you thought it was meca because Godzilla’s Spines were glowing well no that’s the real G not meca

  • George Darren
    George Darren

    I wanna see Godzilla And Kong Team up against Mecha-G and Mecha-Kg

  • Daniel Austin
    Daniel Austin

    Thank Godzilla and Kong on the bad side there’s actually a bad guy called mega Godzilla can you try to test out that theory please?

    • eli Johnson
      eli Johnson

      Godzilla and Kong are not bad

    • eli Johnson
      eli Johnson


  • Daniel Austin
    Daniel Austin

    But why?

  • Daniel Austin
    Daniel Austin

    Long is actually fighting Mechagodzilla

  • Frankie Turzilla
    Frankie Turzilla

    The colorful WB was a dead giveaway of Mechagodzilla but what is the winged creatures attacking Kong

  • Logan Robin's
    Logan Robin's

    Kongs axe is made of godzilas missing parents bone and his missing scale

  • Mark daniel Silva
    Mark daniel Silva

    i now its not godzilla becouse a man faund ghidorah's skull and use

  • VenomThe Best
    VenomThe Best

    Godzilla Relaxing Becoming God Of Monster Watch Be Like:Wait I'm Not Attacking People

  • ᴊᴏᴛᴀʀᴏ ᴋᴜᴊo
    ᴊᴏᴛᴀʀᴏ ᴋᴜᴊo

    Godzilla why you buli kevin

  • Spyder S
    Spyder S


  • Esther Melyna
    Esther Melyna

    That is godzila not robot

  • Kong King of the monsters
    Kong King of the monsters

    You are rong

  • Jacen Crisp
    Jacen Crisp

    i have a theory on the ghidorah head i think that there gonna make mecha ghidorah

  • Bhavna Vimal
    Bhavna Vimal

    oo.. oo.. i just found out godzilla saves kong when he is weak and kong makes peace between the two sides and the big ape rules hollow earth while big g on the other hand rules the earth itself and the titans my guess is that there will be alot of other kaiju too theres a huge chance that we will see them team up against mecha godzilla since we can see a glimpse of him in the first trailer .

  • Susan McCook
    Susan McCook

    prob at the end of gvk Godzilla and Kong will prob fihgt ant the end of the movie

  • Jack Conroy
    Jack Conroy

    i wot to kil kin kon

  • Anand Anand
    Anand Anand

    I Think King Kong Win The Fight

  • Mateo Sanabria
    Mateo Sanabria

    Mechagodzilla was made to help them anyways, so why would that not be the regular Godzilla?

  • Angelica Colon
    Angelica Colon


  • Lyka

    When I first watch this trailer wait what was that then its mega godzilla and the other footage i saw godzilla behind

  • saydi vill
    saydi vill

    you spoiled and didnt even say spoiler alert

  • Dan Rittenhouse
    Dan Rittenhouse

    It’ll probably be like Batman Vs Superman.

  • Elias Rodrigues
    Elias Rodrigues

    team godzilla

  • Elias Rodrigues
    Elias Rodrigues

    team kong

  • Nadhya Aurelia
    Nadhya Aurelia

    omg im so canfuse

  • Mohammed Almarzooq
    Mohammed Almarzooq

    Some schemes have silver on Godzilla aka mechagodzilla

  • Frooty

    A remastered scene of mechagodzilla’s disguise starts burning away revealing the actual mechagodzilla would be dope

  • Ryan Idriss
    Ryan Idriss

    I bet this comment can't get 100 likes 100 dislikes and 100 comments

  • The Epix Doge
    The Epix Doge

    it did blow my bian

  • Paolo Suba
    Paolo Suba

    What if Godzilla died what next Godzilla movie and what if Kong died what next Kong movie in future...right..?