College Sorority Invaded By Mice. My Tips and Trick For Catching Mice On Location. Mousetrap Monday
In this video I go on location to stop a mouse invasion in a college sorority. Learn tips and trick on to to catch mice in your home. This new series called House Trap Monday.
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For behind the scenes footage check out Weston's UZload Channel:

  • Shawn Woods
    Shawn Woods

    For behind the scenes footage check out Weston's UZload Channel:

    • fungungamer 987
      fungungamer 987


    • RegularPit

      We learned that rats won't touch something new right away for a couple days

    • DRESKI 415
      DRESKI 415

      Shawn , have you tried bananas as bait ? It's very effective . Give it shot see if you catch any mice or rats with it I know I caught a few rats with bananas . Love your videos !

    • Edward Casey
      Edward Casey

      Try peanut butter, vanilla extract bread crumbs for bait it deadly

    • Anonymous Person
      Anonymous Person

      Would like to see a followup video of this.

  • Raffael900me

    yt censorship beats the whole fkin purpose of the video we cant see the trail camera vid we cant see the mice after real sad

  • Jacob Herford
    Jacob Herford

    As a veterinarian, I'm begging people to not use poison if at all possible. Can't tell you how sad it is to watch family pets die because they got ahold of some rat poison

  • Fred


  • Roshill

    This is a great way to take your channel to the next level and helping the community too. And teaching them as well on how to deal with these rodents. Really am enjoying watching these irl application of these traps


    What about the bucket traps? Shawn, come on. Make those mice fall into a bucket.

  • Arthur Ling
    Arthur Ling

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching you work through your trapping knowledge base as you setup the traps. The mice are amazingly clever critters. I would like to see another follow up video and see where this story goes Thanks Shawn

  • D W
    D W

    Better shelving that had solid backs and bottoms. Heck get see through plastic storage bins and put the food in that.

  • Rachel

    Those Tom Cat mousetraps really do work like a charm. We had mice infest our basement during these cold winter months and ended up catching 8 mice overall.

  • Heather Weir
    Heather Weir

    I wonder how well wet cat food would work as bait

  • Isacco Tanghetti
    Isacco Tanghetti

    You will trap a lot of Nutella lovers folks 😂

  • turntimetable

    204 mice disliked this video

  • Harmon Daniels
    Harmon Daniels

    6:10 The sign in the pillowroom saying "prayer room" yeah okay sure..

  • Bjørn Madsen
    Bjørn Madsen

    Girls will probably steal your bait if it's Nutella!

  • Tommy Holbert
    Tommy Holbert

    1000 mice and rats

  • Michael Hendsbee
    Michael Hendsbee

    I'm guessing 30+

  • Ondřej Šmíd
    Ondřej Šmíd


  • doraatje1

    Shawn, I see that this is not yet in your comfort zone but man, I want to wish you all the best with your new setup for this kind of videos. I am following you from the beginning and you’ve made big steps! Keep up the amazing work Shawn! You doing great 😊

  • Jens Mann
    Jens Mann

    Very untidy rooms. Easy to hide for mice.

  • J17PedroBarca


  • Anders Ramerius
    Anders Ramerius

    Hi How did it go in the College Sorority House. Waiting for a follow up.

  • thomas johnson
    thomas johnson

    Great change of pace but twice as long as it needs to be (at least for me). I did a lot of fast forwarding. I mean, us subscribers have seen you bait and set up A LOT of theses traps. I was hoping for more catching.

  • Patrick Ho
    Patrick Ho

    看完之后明白什么叫做“火力全开” 🤣

  • Ortiz Ortiz

    I have issues with rats in my engines for both my cars. I have setup several traps and have caught nearly 30 rats and I still find doo doo under the hood! Any suggestions? I don't want my warranty voided on my brand new car. I also filled all the holes in the walls with wire than foam and that eliminated most of their homing locations

  • Eselfar

    100 traps!? It's not gonna be a basement anymore, it's a minefield for mice. 😆

  • Daniel Jansson
    Daniel Jansson


  • melochesteve

    I love watching this guy. So enthusiastic about his job, and equally as good at it.

  • Tucker T
    Tucker T


  • Edwin FeDick
    Edwin FeDick

    i find that flour Tortilla work the best for bait

  • Shannon Sargent
    Shannon Sargent

    17 is my guess. I'll reply to this with the actual number once I finish watching to see if I have gotten it right or even close for that matter.

    • Shannon Sargent
      Shannon Sargent

      Damn I was off by 8.

  • Guo Yuhao
    Guo Yuhao

    6:33 dafuq

  • King Kunikida
    King Kunikida


  • FrankDad

    Shawn, those markings are probably not mouse urine.

  • Wendy Jensen
    Wendy Jensen

    My building has had mice problems for years but they don't tell people before they moved in. It's so bad this year now that it's so cold. We have the bait traps but the mice don't go near them. Your channel is giving me a lot of ideas to consider. Wish you were in Alberta! At least the tech today discovered where they are coming in from. I'd burn all my furniture if I found poop on it lol. I also store all my food on the counter in cannisters so that helps.

  • James L
    James L

    He's like the lockpickinglawyer for mice

  • Rip N Tear
    Rip N Tear

    30 mice ?

  • razordu30

    This is really cool, Shawn! Great job!

  • aomanchutube

    Watching.... guessing 47.

  • Pynaegan

    This place (especially the basement) is *FILTHY* !!! Needs light, paint and ventilation. These young "ladies" are *SLOBS* !

  • Sine Curis
    Sine Curis

    For the front of house mumma she seemed real nice

  • GR28

    Tootsie Rolls are great mousebait.

  • expvideo1

    This video is a bit different. It feels like something you’d watch on TLC. You could totally do a show.

  • Vixtion

    you gotta admit that the house is fricken awsome edit: I was watching the video and I thought we was going to catch at least 10 and he got 9 thats my luck

  • Brandon Meenan
    Brandon Meenan

    Please continue doing this series!

  • The Oddfellow
    The Oddfellow

    Dude got that youtube money

  • Steve Whalen
    Steve Whalen

    Would citronella oil or plants keep away mice/rats?

  • John Wade
    John Wade

    well what happened?

  • Christian Garcia
    Christian Garcia


  • Raycefan

    I’m betting you cat 9 million mice. Or 2. Or somewhere between 2 and 9 million

  • Xz36

    Bullshit that it wasn't reported to them numerous times. Sorority girls are trained to be ignored... too expensive.

  • jmber27

    Awesome video👍🍁

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    I think he'll catch about 36# mice?

  • Blue True606
    Blue True606

    I used Nutella and not a single mouse or rat! Figured they love it. Kentucky mice and rats...go figure. Gonna try pecans by hot gluing it in trigger bar.

  • grumpy Dog
    grumpy Dog

    🤔 26

  • Jerome Cloutier
    Jerome Cloutier

    Let us know when your IPO is happening. I'll buy

  • SoGx Delta
    SoGx Delta

    LMAO dude you should definitely get your own TV show, even if it's only 1 season like those cooking shows. This was amazing work

  • King Smitty
    King Smitty

    Is she holding something in her hand?

  • Anne O'Reilly
    Anne O'Reilly

    Housetrap Monday! Love it. And thanks for introducing the camera man. He did a fab job.

  • PetHub

    I kind of find it disgusting that he would eat those nutella sticks

  • PrinceOfCats

    Shawn Woods is THE mousetrap meister

  • bey bread
    bey bread

    2 to 3

  • MrClubfoot90

    It could be a 'wives tale' but I heard bounce dryer sheets work good as a repellent.

  • Salty Dog
    Salty Dog


  • potuyit

    aw man i have watched your channel grow since i was a sophomore/senior in high school in 2016/2017 and you have gone from home vids to professional-grade TV-like videos. i feel like a proud father.

  • Demef

    If only Google's campus with its fabled kitchen full of free food had some sort of mouse issue. Imagine them trying to eradicate the mice using non-violent means.

  • Shanequa Johnson
    Shanequa Johnson

    Peanut butter is the best way to catch mouse in the mouse trap cause that's I use peanut butter

  • Maxim Teleguz
    Maxim Teleguz

    *You are watching this video because of **11:00*

  • Cam Lendrim
    Cam Lendrim

    I’m sure it’s me but those Victor “cheese” traps too frequently spring prematurely to be practical. Was not aware of the alternate setting option. Great PBS quality production !

  • JeniJustJeni

    Soooo... who was praying for mice?

  • D Trout
    D Trout

    Absolutely love it! You've really stepped up your game on this one! I can't wait to see more "Housetrap Monday"!

  • Randy Watson
    Randy Watson

    Must have been alot of EEK!'s at the college sorority. But it might help by taking cats as pets.

  • Jayden Bunbury
    Jayden Bunbury

    Maybe 5 or 10

  • Stormboxer

    That place looks so depressing

  • Moth's Mummy
    Moth's Mummy

    Very disappointed it is only 9

  • Moth's Mummy
    Moth's Mummy

    As a Brit, your accent always makes me smile. I wonder where you are from? Or where you live? 🇬🇧. PS. I watch all your videos. My cat brings live mice into my house and lets them go. Then I have to put down traps in the house to catch the mice he has brought in. This is very, very, annoying. I put the dead mice from the traps outside for our wild red foxes and our herring-gulls to eat. There are no skunks in England, LOL, except in the zoo. Thank you for all your videos. So interesting.

  • robert patterson
    robert patterson

    100% amateur

  • RockMonster1000

    I wonder how much a, "papasan death trap corner gauntlet," goes for on ebay.

  • c mfied
    c mfied

    we got no mice but love a channel. kind of relaxing haha keep it up dude!

  • Joseph Kan
    Joseph Kan

    wait but do they have a mouse problem??

  • Anthony Green
    Anthony Green

    I like this format better than the usual videos

  • XR mighty
    XR mighty

    Shawn, I know you will never read this. But I have a huge problem with crickets in my walls and can't find hardly anything on UZload. Please make a video about catching crickets. They're trapped in my walls and I'm going insane 🥺

  • DaCheapChimp


  • coinman1972

    I believe every set trap will get a kill.

  • Obsidian Jay
    Obsidian Jay

    peanut butter is not good! always use stinky cheese

  • CHANGJAJ Changjaj
    CHANGJAJ Changjaj


  • A Google user
    A Google user

    Don't wear that dam..n are better than that...

  • Average_azn

    Come to Colorado and stay with us, do a vid on my chicken coop. So many mice. They eat right out of the chicken feeder

  • Judith Kleen
    Judith Kleen

    13 mice

  • Judith Kleen
    Judith Kleen

    Very nice and clever and he knows that he's doing I love the videos I've learned so much from Shawn thank you for your videos I need to watch more videos to deal with rodent issues! Thanks 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁!!!!!!!

  • waffleman95

    Careful there shawny boy. I come here for rough around the edges youtube content. It's starting to smell like selling out here.

  • Theophilus Jedediah
    Theophilus Jedediah

    87 adult mice 13 adolescent mice and 6 cockroaches....63 sugar ants. If I guess right you help me with my vole problem!

  • Theophilus Jedediah
    Theophilus Jedediah

    Our farm uses cats effectively but have a desperate war against voles...1000’s and 1000’s of voles! HELP!

  • Fart boys Gaming
    Fart boys Gaming

    I saw sooo many mice walking around at random parts of the video

  • Jurgen Wulf
    Jurgen Wulf

    This looks like a TV show and that's great! I'll be waiting for new episodes of House Trap Monday!

  • Alex James
    Alex James

    We love Weston. A fantastic addition to the channel. It makes the videos flow more naturally. As though we were actually following you around.

  • BaltimoreActual

    Damn, these videos are getting loaded up with ads.

  • Marcos Bravo
    Marcos Bravo

    Hope we see a crossover episode, where you bring regular mouse traps, the antiques, those patented you made, the ones the fans sent...

  • Huh what
    Huh what

    I guessed 16,

  • ThinMints

    18:40 ghost orb

  • muppet skin
    muppet skin

    Dude im im so happy for you, this looks great and your passion keeps it moving forward