Unraveling the Madness of Kanye West
Join me as we take a deep dive into perhaps the most perplexing artist of the last two decades, Kanye West.
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True Geordie uzload.info
Middle 8 uzload.info/wiki/feppgcy70ERp4gQrsYijsg
The Most Unruly uzload.info/wiki/VHeqpJWysWdIevel7_znyQ
Polyphonic uzload.info/wiki/XkNod_JcH7PleOjwK_8rYQ
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  • j aubrey
    j aubrey

    If you’re wondering why I said what I said at around 38:20 it’s because the ad was originally going to be placed at the beginning. I only moved it to the middle when I realized how long this was going to be, and then forgot to change the line afterwards. I wasn’t about to re-render the entire video for one line lmao

    • Seema

      Ah. The one one con of UZload premium.

    • lilmamaStephanizzle

      J Aubrey actually, kanye is not talking about killing an alter ego, its about how he almost aborted his child north

    • Lady Green sleeves
      Lady Green sleeves

      I’m so glad I found it

    • Muhammad Zammaan
      Muhammad Zammaan


    • Doctor Anarchy
      Doctor Anarchy

      What ad? Use adlockers.

  • Daphne Nicole11
    Daphne Nicole11

    SO good! Pray for Kanye

  • Angie Jo
    Angie Jo

    I just realized. Why the hell am I watching this crap.

  • Angie Jo
    Angie Jo

    He is cra cra ,but I do feel sorry for him. He is missed up due to the Kardashian . I personally don't like his art but some do and I don't knock them.

  • Zachary Plimpton
    Zachary Plimpton

    Fuck Kanye. That man has all the resources in the world and refuses to get help. I know people who need and want help for their struggles and have to work multiple jobs all while dealing with mental illness while this man tweets crazy shit. You can barely call him a rapper with how little music he actually releases nowadays.

  • Chris Green
    Chris Green

    If that accident was a message from God as he says, then having his mouth wired shut speaks loud and clear.

  • Carol Wilson
    Carol Wilson

    As a business man and artist no question he is the greatest.

  • Malene Gravdahl
    Malene Gravdahl

    Interesting! :) Well made. And I dont personally think Kanye is so out there. I think we need Kanye's in the world. Cause the stat quo is maddening

  • Pyro-Moloch

    Obama calling Kanye a jackass is so infuriating. You know what, Obama? It's pretty fucking rich for a guy who killed a bunch of innocent people in the Middle East with drones and threw a lot of innocent people into prisons that violate human rights, you piece of shit.

  • Atherton X
    Atherton X

    You know, I never heard of this man, until recently.

  • Tab McMay
    Tab McMay

    Wish I could hear that intro through sub woofers. My phone didn't do it justice. Nice job!

  • Ipeleng Madia
    Ipeleng Madia

    He was a great until he put jay z above himself. Guy went crazy somehow lol he was good doing his own thing.

  • Janyce Brown
    Janyce Brown

    I hope that his children are doing ok 🙏 him and Kim are not doing well 😢

  • Janyce Brown
    Janyce Brown

    I love the sound of auto tune 💕

  • Aloo Pakora
    Aloo Pakora

    Does anyone know the tracks he used in this video? The pastebin link isn't opening for me :(

  • Rebel Heart
    Rebel Heart

    A man with an EGO that massive was only leading this man down one road !!

  • Ange Lova
    Ange Lova

    bless bipolar

  • Poff Poff 3
    Poff Poff 3

    Good luck with that!

  • C D
    C D

    Would a planet of love reward a man like this? Where are we?

  • Metz Waldron
    Metz Waldron

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  • Deena A.
    Deena A.

    I will always forgive Kanye, you know? I feel like the media is always preaching about mental health advocacy and when someone actually showcases their “bad” sides we are so unforgiving.

  • senor ramen
    senor ramen

    ok but i really like that intro is not enough people talkin about it

  • Kami_SVN

    45:22 for inspiration

  • Adri O
    Adri O

    Great video I enjoyed it. It helped me understand Kanye’s out of wack behaviors. He is something else. I hope he never changes 🤷🏽‍♀️ ❤️he deserves mad respect for the talent he possesses indeed.

  • grabman

    1hr 25mins shrugs about right

  • Honeybunch

    Poor guy, don't do drugs and those with mental health issues should really not do drugs so in general JUST DON'T DO DRUGS!

  • C. W.
    C. W.

    I have sympathy for Kim, when a loved one developes serious mental health problems they can become unrecognizable to you. Maybe the divorce was necessary to save herself and the kids. I've experienced something like this and no matter how great an artist Kanye is and how much his illness isn't his fault, it's incredibly hard seeing the person you love disappear, so much you might develop mental health issues yourself.

  • Leigh Macy
    Leigh Macy

    I💚Jesus Walks as well as several other Kanye songs..Kanye is not easy to understand..its very obvious he has the largest battle with himself..I am a Christian & I'm sure it's not easy for Kanye being a Christian living in " Hollywood" ..I know he spends most of his time @ the Ranch in Wyoming..I'm sure he has so many more temptations than the everyday Christian💚

  • Brenda Sears
    Brenda Sears

    Kanye is racist. He is just what he accuses white people of being

  • shay

    i just hope he is better now

  • Willy Henshaw
    Willy Henshaw

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  • stanky dummy
    stanky dummy

    poor dude has so much trauma

  • Hansi

    Why yo mad bro?

  • Sheldon Holloway
    Sheldon Holloway

    anyone noticed the audio cut out at 18:25

  • Rc8 Rone
    Rc8 Rone

    A douchebag that fame got into his head and cant handle fame and money!

  • Charlie Williams
    Charlie Williams

    The plausible look collectively offer because lion intrahepatically pop unto a teeny-tiny humidity. cloistered, nine tabletop

  • Jibicus Maximus
    Jibicus Maximus

    Innovative genius lol

  • Preciosa Bongat
    Preciosa Bongat

    God Bless You Kanye

  • Adam Simfukwe
    Adam Simfukwe

    People are gonna come back and watch this video years after and regret neglecting a Genius...We are all kanyes at some point

  • Hannah

    This documentary was insanely detailed and perfectly presented Kanye west. Thank you!

  • Mabawa Vocal
    Mabawa Vocal


  • Kåre Nielsen
    Kåre Nielsen

    People dismissing an artist as KW or even hesitate calling him a real artist are just plain ignorant and stupid to listen to. A persona like KW is the easiest thing to hate and mock. It is far more "brave" and rewarding to actually trying to understand the persona and the art. Listen, and don't give a F what people with "better taste" says...

  • lolerno_oofanna

    amazing video man

  • C Turner
    C Turner

    Amazing documentary! Thanks j!

  • avace917

    Is this video sped up? You make this big to do about C minor and it's C sharp minor playing as your saying it. I had to go play a C minor myself to realize that I wasn't losing it

  • M Leo
    M Leo

    You made me empathize with a troll; at least see Kanye as gray more than good or evil. My humble pie, really.

  • MsLalaUsagi

    That's a lot right there. To be THAT close to your mother, to the point you admire and idolize her; only to have her die because you had the means to give her what she wanted(what you want, isn't always what you need). I feel really bad for Kanye. It's not his fault, but no one will ever be able to convince him otherwise and I don't blame him. I too would blame myself for the rest of my life

  • Katerina Salsano
    Katerina Salsano

    i STILL get chills when i listen to Jesus walks. damn. I dont care what anyone says. I still love and respect the fuq out of Kanye.

  • Edi

    Something terrible and amazing at the same time is that this mindblowing documentary will be extremely outdated in just some months

  • Acha Vicgal
    Acha Vicgal

    Stop thinking Kanye is like Da Vinci they are gods .You keep looking at the surface

  • BLxCK VOiD
    BLxCK VOiD

    I can respect someone as a musician but not respect them as a person, an example being MJ, his music was legendary but outside of music he was not respectable. Kanye is different, his music and story to success is inspirational but outside of music he walks the fine line of respect and disrespect. sometimes he falls to one side, so you cant really say one or the other

  • Nelson Sanchez
    Nelson Sanchez

    Loved it ♥️♥️♥️

  • Carmelo pearman
    Carmelo pearman

    Just gonna say that has to be the hardest damn intro to a video that I have ever witnessed

  • Brian McCauley
    Brian McCauley

    So disappointed that people morph into cult like mentality without even knowing it. Boggles the mind.

  • Brian McCauley
    Brian McCauley

    He's telling you the truth while living in a big ass bubble of fame, money and ego. I'm not the smartest person in the world. But even I can see right through the bullshit.

  • Brian McCauley
    Brian McCauley

    Totally misleading subject from the get go. If I wanted a Kanye West booster button, I'd ask for it. Ass kissing is not my style. I actually don't know what a style is, but I can guarantee you it's not in our best interest.

  • Brian McCauley
    Brian McCauley

    Kanye West. An icon? You serious? Maybe to himself.

  • Brian McCauley
    Brian McCauley


  • elizabeth collins
    elizabeth collins

    Okay but Single Ladies IS one of the best music videos of all time. Kanye did nothing wrong

  • Ducky

    amazing job dude i watched this video before going to bed and now i can sleep happy i watched it

  • Tristan Leach
    Tristan Leach

    dude this was fire


    DREAM GIRL ? she dont want you for your money ...she already took it

  • Samani Vatikani
    Samani Vatikani

    What’s the song at the very end.. most of Kanye’s songs mixed in with use this gospel

  • Charles Hinman
    Charles Hinman

    Wow best documentary I've ever watched!!! You are a genius. I was interested from the second it automatically started playing lol. And I never even liked Kanye or his music but you helped me understand him. I thank you and appreciate what you do. 100%

  • Julez Valencia
    Julez Valencia

    Kanye is just like me bruh if my fam died it would tear my world apart and I'd probably do the same shit

  • Julez Valencia
    Julez Valencia

    18:02-18:11 did anyone else have no audio?

  • Desiree Cruz
    Desiree Cruz

    I had no idea how insane this guy was. I’m not hating at all. I truly feel for this man. He says what’s on his mind and that’s what a lot of us are soooo fkng scared to do. No one has ever been as raw as this man.

  • Junko Enoshima
    Junko Enoshima

    The day his mom dies I was born 😀👍 ,anyways

  • David Schmidt
    David Schmidt

    Hey man, obviously you aren't going to see this down in the depths of your comments but I just wanted to say that it's pretty amazing how objective you were when doing this. I could be wrong but it sounds like you aren't a trump supporter or a Christian but you gave Kanye unbiased coverage either way. Pretty admirable these days. Pretty captivating documentary btw, loved it.

  • Annmarie 123
    Annmarie 123

    God use all type of people. Eg like Paul. Kenya Is now using his gift in the right way and help to labour for many souls for God. May his journey continue in the Lords and his battles will be won Amen.

  • saltee

    The worst part about not having Yandhi is honestly that it seems like the logical next step in Kanyes career. So many songs have a religious theme, it feels like a precursor to what jik would be. "Hurricane" feels like a 9 minute religious transcendence piece, that could sit among a classic like Runaway. And "Law of Attraction" being a decent portion of the meat of Use This Gospel, its got a mix of the autotune experimenting and riffing to be expected of from Kanye so far with gospel, creating an angelic sound that would probably be as big an influence as something like 808s. Many tracks have this sound too. Had Yandhi have released and been finished, I really feel like it could've been one of Kanye"s most beloved works as well as a game changer. But you gotta respect his decision, its not easy to let go of your ego like he did with the rollout of Jesus Is King.

  • Yeontansleftpaw

    I don’t agree with A LOT of things Kanye has said and done (esp. in 2020) but this man is a fucking musical and lyrical genius. I might not sympathize with him as a person since he did a lot of fucked up things (which ofc could be blamed on his mental condition) but the respect I have for him as an artist? I feel like we overuse and devalue the meaning of being actual artist. Kanye is and was on a whole other level than the rest of the HipHop industry. Just the title of the album „I hate being Bi-Polar, it‘s awesome“ or just him being able to break boundaries is something i deeply respect. All his songs hit HARD. To this day. And I will continue to listen to his music. I really hope that he just....gets a grip on himself after the crappy year of 2020. His talent would be wasted and this would honestly be a huge loss for today’s music world.

  • mary agèe
    mary agèe

    This younger man are brave and higher intelligence and don't mine up his mind in his opinions , you all younger generation need to keeping your answers. It all out there for knowledge of learning more about on this planet. Be Kanye West and families and well-being blessed friends. ML Agee

  • Cheryl Lindsay
    Cheryl Lindsay


  • Isaiah Contreras
    Isaiah Contreras

    We need a part 2 about Kanye’s life !!

  • Dainelle Speaks Tv
    Dainelle Speaks Tv

    Aubrey was like "damn the video cut out at 18mins and im not about to edit and export again, no way". 😂 one of my assessment of the video production is that the editing style has too many black screen cut out. Otherwise it was a great documentary

  • Will

    Yo this video was amazing and perfectly presented. I wanted to suggest if one day you could do one on a rapper named Capital STEEZ who committed suicide in late 2012 who was a friend of Joey Bada$$. He deffinetly had a unique mind and was certainly a unique soul in the short time he was in the rap game and I think youd do him justice.

  • Green Report
    Green Report

    VAN city hall uzload.info/fun/dqetgXybrYx60X0/video

  • OrangJuic

    one of the only videos i’ve ever watched that i would say deserves 0 dislikes. one perfect video.



  • P. Belle
    P. Belle

    1:16:28 - just like Prince (with his vault). Coincidentally, both Gemini suns.

  • Cindy C
    Cindy C

    Kanye I get you. All you need is a holiday, a break, some sleep. U are great, but u went project after project, I'm not gonna lie I ended up woken in the psychiatric ward how many times in a row? Yes we as high I.q. needs to Express ourselves thru creativity. Congrats. Done great soak it in man. Stay at home, vanish and devote to your kids. Your kids are probably going to have your talents yup. That was why my father plus his younger brother a professor of physics knew that at 3, I could read, I listened to songs played it out on my organ, spoke 3 or 4 languages, was a wild child. U can nurture your children and their talents. Kanye, u had 2 marry the most publicized family in the world. Look I dare u, just vanish off the radar, like Chappelle, take breaks. not gonna, lie u sound tired wen did u sleep. Dont destroy your legacy, your kids are 7, 8. A decade. Stay home and plan holidays. Shut up about u r God. The messiah complex, think wat your mom would say ok. Raise your babies with grandma's wise words. Hush and take a break then Bang and wow us again ok! Cindy C genius and Saint from Hong Kong.

  • Seema

    I wonder what it feels like to only express every significant emotion you ever experience thru music. I guess this will tell us.

  • Seema

    Too bad you did this prior to 2020 this video would’ve been twice as long.

  • Maxymilian Kowalewski
    Maxymilian Kowalewski

    that was one hell of an openning

  • Jay G
    Jay G

    Brilliant doc! Really enjoyed this. More please! 🙏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  • Rowe Productions
    Rowe Productions

    18:02 Wait what happened?

  • Jahi Palmer
    Jahi Palmer

    Also, this documentary was freaking amazing.

  • Mario Douglas
    Mario Douglas

    Excellently Produced! Salute!


    I dont see kanye as MADD.>at least not from media influence < I think many people are crazy for trying to down him for being him. Yet you and others are making a dime off his life. Which means he's making your life worth while. Madd he's being him. He's been successful being KANYE. Madd,????HE has you listening. You just dont understand. May GOD SAVE US ALL.WE IGNORANTLY KNOW OURSELVES. HOW CAN WE CONCLUSIVELY KNOW SOMEONE ELSE'?????

  • Jahi Palmer
    Jahi Palmer

    I um... (and I'm mbarassed about this) love Kanye West's music. Like, I have never bought any of it, but I always feel lkike I should support his artistry. His songs are so...questionable? I don't really know how to describe it. I ike it, though. Also "George Bush doesn't care about black people" is one of the best things someone has ever said on television.

  • Bond O'Neill
    Bond O'Neill

    Brilliant so well put together 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Gail Cooper
    Gail Cooper

    Is that him singing?????? Well DAAAAAMN Kenye....U really do need help!!!!!

  • Llis Thorn
    Llis Thorn

    Very good documentary,the word madness though is so old fashioned and insensitive.There are many better ways of addressing mental health challenges....

  • Xolile Wutu
    Xolile Wutu

    I know this is about Kanye but is anyone going to talk about how good this is and how long it must have taken? UZload, GIVE THIS MAN A RAISE!!!

  • LilM0istCak3

    I was gonna send this video to my mom but the sponsor 💀 😂

  • S H
    S H

    And now they’re getting divorced. I hope Kanye is okay.

  • Cla Tayag
    Cla Tayag

    The snobbish brand prognostically moor because toy bareilly compete besides a descriptive ground. irritating, flawless nail

  • merveilles100

    This man is a man that try to find himself. He is a genius and is not creasy. Not really ok with what he is doing but God for sur have him and want to use him for his purpose. And to be honest he is the most real and honest of all.

  • Troy Lewis
    Troy Lewis

    He's a prick, I first heard of him when his best selling album came out I couldn't understand the hype. I listened again to the album, complete rubbish. Running as a republican didn't surprise me at all. Too many enablers. I don't even have to watch this post.