Son, im gonna slap tha goofy out of you
We almost threw up from the smell of ranch

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    Breadboys's upload schedule is the most unholy thing on their channel

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    • space jam was overrated
      space jam was overrated


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      Tirth Ram

      LOL XD


      @Bread Boys the was all of us on Godzilla vs Kong

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      evilhero jorge25

      @Bread Boys NICE

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    That boi doesn’t like ranch

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    Lax Lax

    Oh what a supportive son.

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    King Brian Music

    My friends, just so you know, the garments which they utilize represent the Knights Templar Order. The red cross is the Order of Malta Cross. Now, do you know why they wear these garments? Because they are Knights Templar. This is an order of the Catholic Church, the church which dominates the world from the shadows, as it always did. Do you think any UZload channel can have this amount of viewers and subscribers? UZload is a Masonic website, which is an Ecclesiastic organization. Most governments in the world and successful artists, empresarios, sports figures, politicians and religious leaders belong to Masonry. It is these secret societies, which all revere the Pope. In fact, it is almost unclear where these societies start and where the Catholic Church starts. They blend and complement each other. So, why are you being told this in a UZload comment? 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Let us explain this: the free western world which we used to enjoy is collapsing by the actions of a Pope which wants to construct an "ideal" universal village. The manner in which this is being done at a rapid pace is through the actions of a false pandemic. The falsehood of this pandemic is not the main topic of this comment but let us summarize briefly: -disease with an average of 99% survival rate -disease which needs to be tested as it presents asymptomatic people. AKA healthy people. -test utilized for diagnosis (PCR) is actually, in the words of its inventor, Kary Mullis, not useful for finding sickness. The Constitutional rights which protect the individual's freedom of cult, freedom of speech, liberty of conscience are being violated with a scientific (actually pseudo-scientific) excuse. Is the same excuse that was utilized in Hitler's Germany. Of course, Hitler was a puppet of the Catholic Church, obeying and revering the German Cardinals of the time. The Catholic Church is starting to debilitate the Western Constitutional system with a Pandemic. The Vaccine which is being promoted with the excuse of "herd immunity" (another pseudo scientific theory) is actually, in their own explanation, is an experimental inocculation in humanity. The most important aspect which you are about to learn is the following: THE VACCINE IS A VIOLATION OF GOD'S LAW PRESENT IN THE BOOK OF LEVITICUS. Its process of manufacture is done through aborted fetus. It has unclean animals and blood. In addition, it is an idol imposed at an universal scale for a disease with extremely high survival rates and ethical inconsistencies. Basically declares Jesus Blood as non-healing. It is strange that churches which used to yell: "the blood of the lamb cleanses us" and healed serious diseases, now have fallen in silence to this aberration. It is because the churches are also fallen and infiltrated by Jesuits, Knights Templar, Masons... they have a goal. So, after violating basic rights of our body (God's TEMPLE) with lockdowns, facemasks, invasive PCR test and now an unclean vaccine, they are setting an inhuman precedent which can mutate into the revival of a horrible monster: a false christian THEOCRACY. The excuse which they will utilize are the same excuse that brough Nazi Germany THEOCRACY: the moral decline, financial crisis, pandemic, "climate change". Ironically many of these problems were also caused by Masons and Catholics. For example: many artists, TV series and movies which promote immorality are MASONIC. n other words, my friends, these Knights Templar which look so fun Today, want to force the world to follow Catholic religious rites. They want people to eventually (forcefully) go on Sunday and worship the Trinity. By the way, both concepts WHICH ARE NOT BIBLICAL. The 7th Day is Biblical (Saturday) and the Trinity does not exist. What exists is: Jehova, the Father and Jesus, the Son. They are both One in Doctrine BUT THEY ARE SEPARATE "He sits to the right of His Father". The Holy Spirit is God's Spirit and it is Jesus. So, please wake up, because these guys that dress like this are representing MURDERERS which killed the true Christians and which would want to impose their Theocracy again, at a worldwide scale. If you take the vaccine, you have the 666, which is spiritual. If you already had it and you DID NOT KNOW about this... well, you may want to humble yourself and pray for forgiveness to the Lord, stating the mistake you made. It is a "sanitary" preparation to violate the moral... or rather HOLY Laws of God. Later on, when religious rites start to being imposed by the Church in a filthy union with the state (the most Christian thing is actually that they would go separate), then those who follow these rites, betraying the Biblical Truth and the Holy Spirit, will also receive the mark of the beast, which is also spiritual. Of course, many people, most people... supposed "Christians", in reality what they want is to go back to a society in which they can continue their sins and their life normally, even secretly. They would be willing to rely on a false theocratic government (even atheists, which by the way atheism was fabricated by the Catholic Church) just to continue their life. However what awaits for those is the 7 plagues and a Lake of Fire. The solution is to rely only on Jesus Christ, the Son of God. How? Loving Him. How? OBEYING HIS COMMANDMENTS and OBEYING THE FATHER'S COMMANDMENTS, ALL OF THEM. INCLUDING THE 4TH WHICH STATES TO REST AND SANCTIFY THE HOLY DAY, SATURDAY. Please share. Thank you for reading. Blessings.

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    Dr anm Chucrutes

    This is a Man fight

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    Jaden Coffey


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    i swear to god the last 2 seconds hit me like a yeeted baby

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    Anyone realize this channel is excellent shot on iPhone meme material

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    Nobody: Comment section: “the only unholy thing about this channel is!”

  • Neco is done with your bull.
    Neco is done with your bull.

    Gordon would be proud of you.

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    When you love this but the dislikes are 999 : I have to commit the ultimate sin

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    Looked like an awful close-handed slap boss.

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    Christopher Colon

    I LIKE YOUR CUT G 0:42

  • idc soo
    idc soo

    me: talks back to my mom my mom: 0:41

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    Delvin Bailey

    knight: I like cut g Other knight: taco bell bong

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    Sam Edenburn

    the ranch on father looks so wrong...

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    Аниме мальчик

    wow, lil peep hudi, cool

  • Unified Horizons
    Unified Horizons

    walks in with Persian crusaders armor o shit I’ve walk in on wrong house

  • Zero Tolerance 369
    Zero Tolerance 369

    True men of God don't indulge in anime.


    Holy Jesus

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    Caleb Reddy

    Where is the guns

  • michaelflash123's stuff
    michaelflash123's stuff


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    TheSticky Studio

    please stop wasting ingredients its painful to watch

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    Nivek K.

    this is abnormally growing towards Filthy Frank

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    Black Chaos

    I'm gonna slap tha goofy out of you "taco bell sound". Make me laugh everytime

  • Dominic Mitchell
    Dominic Mitchell

    0:36 What did he say?

  • Pacifist Minigun
    Pacifist Minigun

    throwing stuff to prepared food is a regular and ordinary swedish way to prepare meal (hint: it's a reference)

  • CarMaster

    It should be “imma slap the taco bell out of you.”


    Father didn't account for the fact that his son simply WAS the goofy, and in turn when the father went to rid his son of the goofy, the son was simply erased from our plane of existence. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

  • Kevin Nguyen
    Kevin Nguyen

    Waste of food but it was funny at least

  • TheAdvertisement

    The ending implies that all of the son is goofy, which is why the son disappeared.

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    Star Riley

    Taco Bell at the end 😂😂😂

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    Abdalrahman EL Brishy


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    Discord Mod

    Nobody likes ranch 😳

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    Choco Late

    That was a punch and it sounded like taco Bell imagine a rock it might sound like the church bells

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    I don't understand what they're talking about without headphones


    His father used his fist to wipe out his son from existence not snap his fingers and did it without the stones

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    Commander Slaknak

    Howtobasic v2

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    Unnamed Gamer

    I swear to fucking God if Netflix doesn't put these as a show in going to rip out their throats

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    I bet living with guys is hell

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    Now time


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    Andy Bilyak

    I agree with The Father that ranch is disgusting and heresy

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    Random Person

    Gordan Ramsey would never call this an idiot sandwich

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    reyna delgado

    Bread boys

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    Just a casual Friday

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    cute hoodie

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    sawarasenai🥰kimi😸wa⛓shojo👻na💅no ✨bökù🌸wâ🧚ÿariçhiñ🤴bįcchī😾ńo😩osû🚣dà🎉yo💦

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    Why do you have a crusader mask

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    Adolf Hitler

    I think a perfect game for the father would be for honor

  • Channel


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    Aero Thanatos

    That Taco Bell bell at the end got me 😂

  • Xavier Walker II
    Xavier Walker II

    This channel has more character development than most Netflix originals

  • Paper Satisfying
    Paper Satisfying

    he was full of goof so there was nothing left of him...

  • The High Ground
    The High Ground

    Wait was it Holy Slap? You mastered this? How?

  • Heppoify

    2,11 Million subscribers watching this shit..... 100% of them voted for Trump and HIS shit

  • Czhenxis Roblox Rp and gameplay
    Czhenxis Roblox Rp and gameplay

    Finally thier name was bread boys but it hasn’t bean the same until now

  • jack kruser
    jack kruser

    behind the mask is kkk trump and shillary

  • Karan Dabade
    Karan Dabade

    This is better than most stuff on Netflix.

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    Rayhant Aji Chatulistiwa

    that ending is triggering me..

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    كارلوس أوتش

    I was literally thinking "does that big boe likes lil peep hUh?¿"

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    oh oh no

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    insta peito

    Alguém Br?

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    Cheap & Yummy

    Whos the fucking watching it...

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    Randy of Tangents

    Son got sent to the nth dimension, smh my head

  • chungie delux
    chungie delux

    Says lettuce grabs spinach

  • Cosmic Silence
    Cosmic Silence

    Im curious as to what the neighbours think when they hear “FATHER IM SORRY” in a childs voice followed by “IM GONNA SLAP THE GOOFY OUT OF YOU” in a fathers voice

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    Your vids are so good, that in less than an hour I already subbed.

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    Ryan Jäger

    Taco Bell wants to know your location

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    Jo Jo

    Is it just me or is Father's helmet getting rusty?

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    Sweden Countryball Mapper

    Roku :sunglass:

  • Shrimp Animations
    Shrimp Animations

    *"T a k e t h e w h o l e t h i n g"*

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    A Person

    Are we not gonna talk about the bell noise though?

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    What’s with the knights of Templar outfit?

  • Connor Lancaster
    Connor Lancaster

    Hey who wants to turn to Christ and live and obey him this life is temporary compared to all eternity Jesus loved you to die for you and this isn’t a religion it’s a relationship. You should read the Bible it’s very important it has all the answers you need. Now you may say but I’m a good person or God loves me and if you believe in God then your good but I bet you didn’t that not forgiven others is enough to send you to hell

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    It's funny how son said and fuck lettuce 😂😂😂

  • Kawã Henry
    Kawã Henry

    better character development

  • Loretta Rentas
    Loretta Rentas

    Uno reverse card !!

  • Loretta Rentas
    Loretta Rentas

    The person is the mat and the person running away from the mat is the ingredients

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    uh oh this video has 666k views

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  • Enes Bey
    Enes Bey

    Selçuklian Game Joinded Crused: OMG OO OMG 🥵 No No Nooooo Pls Stoop Selçuklian:Hah i beat you cry Crused:Fuck Selcuklian:Nigbolu is mine 😃

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    Daniel Solbakken Daasvatn

    Take your mask ofg

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  • KING

    The people who dislikes this are karens

  • YouTube Police
    YouTube Police

    This is illegel u learn ppl to kill and murder and use guns, btw if u didn’t know Iam an yt police if I find murders or inappropriate kind of stuff u will be arrested if u do it 3 more times so pls stop this crappy shiypt and enjoy life with a better content and u are wasting bread!

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    Mr. Babygoat

    I’m going to slap the goofy out of you. Son: disappeares Father: well then, off to shoot the new 10 gauge

  • Nostromo

    Father : *YOUR GOING TO BRAZIL* son : no just wai.. "A strong Punch that sends son to Brazil" Hope you like it

  • Dark Hero
    Dark Hero

    I just spent £40 to get a helmet... I love this channel

  • Donald Productions
    Donald Productions

    *imma slap the goofy out of you* turns into nothing me: he was pretty fu***** goofy ngl

  • H

    sandvich make me memes

  • jeri

    I am so invested in the lore of the Bread Boys Cinematic Universe

  • Glitch Coding
    Glitch Coding

    I watched this just now and right as son got the goofy slapped outta him, my cup fell over

  • •_• R. •_•
    •_• R. •_•

    Bleu Cheese > Ranch

  • The Unholy Crusader
    The Unholy Crusader

    Ah yes, the taco bell punch of unexistence

  • ksavx

    When I was a kid I made a sandwich out of every food from the house. I got one bite. That was enough

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    Idea:Son, play Call of Duty Zombies with me