I Ate ONLY Kylie Jenner Food Recipes for 24 Hours! (DELICIOUS)
I decided to eat what Kylie Jenner eats in a day, and it was the best decision ever.
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    Laura Sohlstrom

    How dare you put Kaelyn thru this childish crush. I am disappointed.

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    Noah man I love you but God damn stop zooming in and out every 4 secs , rug I think a still cut shots will make it less headache

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    Mohammad Yasser

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    oki cools

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    Stupid idiot nobody Likes

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    Gogogo Cod 55

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  • Gogogo Cod 55
    Gogogo Cod 55

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    Dieg012 Carvajal

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  • King Neri
    King Neri

    I legit did the french toast vegan with just egg and it actualy still works. Best french toast ever especialy with a glass of almond milk.

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    I Kl1pZz

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    Elenairys Plaza

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    the first recipe already exists is called the pain perdu is French

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    Prank your girlfriend that you cheated on her

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    Ahammed Samir

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  • Ahammed Samir
    Ahammed Samir

    dude my mouth is watering except for the avocado toast cause it had honey with some spice and salt. I don't like it when sweet and spice mix together.

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    Ayden Avelar

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    Free Edits :/

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    Minecraft Mighty Gamer

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    enmanuel perez

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    Tunaboi56 TTV

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      Tunaboi56 TTV

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