Can You Beat Minecraft in a World that's ONLY CAVES?
Can You Beat Minecraft in a CAVES ONLY World? Today I played Minecraft World Type: Caves, which is a custom world generation type in Minecraft where EVERYTHING is caves! Will I be able to beat Minecraft in a world that's Only Caves?
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All music by Kevin Macleod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence.

  • WadZee

    not gonna lie, your comments are very cringe...

    • Jason B
      Jason B

      no u

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      Wazza 350


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      Casual Gamer


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  • Moony Animates
    Moony Animates

    So is yours WadZee :)

  • Pasabrø GaminG
    Pasabrø GaminG

    Alternative title: flying in the caves

  • Miles Stoneburner
    Miles Stoneburner

    Wadze: cringe cringe cringe

  • Fortzzz bee vlogging and gaming
    Fortzzz bee vlogging and gaming

    10:13 whats the music?

  • Anime Gamerz2020
    Anime Gamerz2020

    Was this inspired by niftysmith? He did this challenge too

  • Rash One
    Rash One

    why u didnt just fishing for food ?

  • Darren Keefe
    Darren Keefe

    *Sets gamma to 100.0*

  • Tyler Kollmeyer
    Tyler Kollmeyer

    So cool!

  • Madeline Weiss
    Madeline Weiss

    Huh. So it is the nether with life.

  • Emerick Bouet
    Emerick Bouet

    "I just THIS IS SPARTA'd the skeleton" *Wadzee*

  • Natalie Davis
    Natalie Davis

    wow a cave in a cave

  • Urnansd0g


  • Fighting Phoenix
    Fighting Phoenix

    I feel like the title could 9f been wadzee saying cringe compilation

  • Astro.

    I’m getting Minecraft and I don’t know if I should get bedrock or Java can u guys help me

  • Sword Unit
    Sword Unit

    Funny checkpoint 16:45

  • Sword Unit
    Sword Unit

    Funny checkpoint 2:36

  • PrezBez

    This overworld generation reminds me of the old nether generation, exept it has grass and water.

  • Sharie Martiny
    Sharie Martiny

    wait u only got 40 i get like to stacks because i dont pay atention lol


    I want to ask you a question . Practically I am asking to every damn person that what happens if we throw an eye of ender Im the end.?

  • vasu agrawal
    vasu agrawal

    Theoretically, if you cure a witch and earn emeralds from the villager then sell them to a trader for sapling, you can farm trees in the caves. Hovewer, this is too hard to get

  • Mega Greninja X
    Mega Greninja X


  • Freddie TUTORIALS
    Freddie TUTORIALS

    “You don’t know till you know” Wadzee

  • AndreDenker

    For the eating part you guys could just kill a Skelleton. Make Bone mehl and use it on gras blocks to gain seeds.

  • Mayen Mayen
    Mayen Mayen

    Its cringe, how many times he says cringe

  • Kossu 4
    Kossu 4

    Ok so they were complaining about not having food so... hear me out... break grass get seed make a farm get bread boom, food

  • SpyPepper's Son
    SpyPepper's Son

    You could've used the seeds in the mineshaft chests, stone hoe, water, and some skeletons for bone meal to get some good food.

  • Courier 6
    Courier 6

    This is like the overworld with nether generation

  • Erika Manning
    Erika Manning

    The elderly professor macropharmacologically sin because dimple byerly worry along a quack regret. careful, brief bibliography

  • McKenna Gray
    McKenna Gray

    tip-smelt the fences in the mineshaft

  • sad reee
    sad reee

    Switchy is bad

  • no name ideas
    no name ideas


  • VesperFeather

    Did anyone count how many times WadZee said cringe in the video? 😂

  • JK - L3on
    JK - L3on


  • fadhila hadhi
    fadhila hadhi

    i've transformed the end towers into an awesome fortress

  • Travis

    Nobody Wadzee: this cave looks good while in an entire cave itself

  • Coby Bentley
    Coby Bentley

    Congrats on 3 mill!!!!!!!

  • Xxgg_bruhxX ggsgrtdg
    Xxgg_bruhxX ggsgrtdg

    Me seing this gold heist : *gets flashback off gta 5 bank heist*

  • CaveMango200

    Minecraft manhunt in caves only next?

  • LimonluMentos

    does anyone know this music 19:05


    cong. For 3 million subs

  • Jiren Ma
    Jiren Ma

    Actually, u can use creepers to blow up cobBle and stuff for resources

  • Damien Paul
    Damien Paul

    Make more videos like this pls

  • Marion Gutzmer
    Marion Gutzmer

    The magnificent rowboat cumulatively wash because ox willy unlock save a wild north korea. nimble, zonked meal

  • AtRandom

    These guys say cringe too much

  • Yusuf Ulker
    Yusuf Ulker

    title of this video : "can u cringe minecraft in a world thats only cringe?!"

  • Aus der Feder eines Irren
    Aus der Feder eines Irren

    finaly i subscribed u. caus u r a awsome guy. love ur videos and r entertainment


    Beating minecraft Without oxygen Next

  • Luke Sutton
    Luke Sutton

    How did he get the arows their are no chickens

  • Mumuljel

    Ark Survival Evolved Aberration flashbacks.

  • PAK Scorpion FF
    PAK Scorpion FF

    LovE frOm PAkiStAN

  • Jacob Kenobi
    Jacob Kenobi

    Cringe who ?

  • zinnea

    use the string to make a fishing rod to get good

  • DeadGamer 67
    DeadGamer 67

    So it basically the nether but over world

  • Prashant Regmi
    Prashant Regmi

    Sb737 has beat it and he had stayed there for 200 days

  • Sara Patrick
    Sara Patrick

    2:16 He laced the blocks so fast

  • satan

    Switchy and wadzee walking through the nether: Me: Theres a fortress! 3 mins later:HEY I FOUND A FORTRESS!

  • Lea de la Motte Nørfjand
    Lea de la Motte Nørfjand

    take a shot for every time he says "cringe"


    this is the best intro ever seen so i gave you a subscribe

  • ReAl fortnite
    ReAl fortnite

    The Feeling of that im my schools best mc player

  • Carl Cruz Aquino
    Carl Cruz Aquino

    Why didnt u take the seeds from the spawners and make a food farm -_-

  • Console clan gaming
    Console clan gaming

    Alternate title: MY FIRST 1.17 WORLD!!

  • Jacob Hasenohrl
    Jacob Hasenohrl

    How did he get Elytra and fireworks

  • Laughing YT
    Laughing YT

    Even the nether is caves! Such attention to detail Mojang!!!

  • esRodrigo XD
    esRodrigo XD

    1:26 the world in 2050

  • KingEinstien 31
    KingEinstien 31

    New 1.17 update be like

  • The Boi
    The Boi

    Can you make a 100 day series of this?

  • DLE Family Fun
    DLE Family Fun

    He said cringe so many times..

  • Hasneara Begum
    Hasneara Begum

    Get a village bruh it's like every wood In the world

  • Grip It and Stick It
    Grip It and Stick It

    Stop saying cringe it’s stupid

  • jptjp

    Hahajahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahah wadzee

  • Hello beast guys
    Hello beast guys

    02:25 ohh God I am taking heavy damage! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Hugo Mayer
    Hugo Mayer

    Me counting how many times he said cringe 😬

  • President § Dogue
    President § Dogue


  • Draco the bearded dragon
    Draco the bearded dragon

    Mellons and pumpkin seeds are not food Seeds + light + not being a idiot = FOOD

  • Black Ekim
    Black Ekim

    Doesnt piglins drop blaze rodes ?

  • Justine Llaga
    Justine Llaga

    Make it hardcore and dont give items :/:/

  • hunt4muleys

    Anyone else screaming use the / locate command!?!

  • Paton Finlay
    Paton Finlay

    Wadzee why didn’t you pick up the melon seeds!!! I’m triggered

  • Hi 89
    Hi 89

    he said cringe so much it made me cringe

  • Sioned Davies
    Sioned Davies

    18:19 Enderman go weeeeeeee

  • nerd

    STOP SAYING CRINGE!!1!!1!11!!!

  • Paleks Aleks
    Paleks Aleks

    that hes saying cringe to so ,meany wierd things is cringe

  • Paleks Aleks
    Paleks Aleks

    he has got loong in minecraft know


    That ping made me check my phone

  • Indira Tiru
    Indira Tiru

    take a shot every time he says cringe

  • Gauri Chopra
    Gauri Chopra


  • Lord Rayken
    Lord Rayken

    I don't think you know what cringe means

  • Jade Claessens
    Jade Claessens

    Short answer: yes (I have a mcpe survival world where i accidentally fell down a cave and now i live there)

  • Roopesh Malviya
    Roopesh Malviya

    Wadzee the king of eltyra

  • degekegamer

    It looks like the nether but changed with world edit but it isnt

  • Lil' Tiffany
    Lil' Tiffany

    Go up(like mine up to bedrock) from the wood and try find water up there. There are villages and the have trees

  • Mariela Oviedo
    Mariela Oviedo


  • Kidbest2010

    My youtube captions thing wadzee is rodzy


    caves and cliffs update gonna be like

  • Carla Keirns
    Carla Keirns

    Interesting idea

  • Heckboi 69
    Heckboi 69

    Alternate title: Beating Cave Game

  • Chan Shu Aun
    Chan Shu Aun

    Raid run!!!!!!!!

  • Anton Tonev
    Anton Tonev

    The villages are on the top of the world and there are smal hols in the bedrock to get there

  • FPS Astros
    FPS Astros

    Basically the nether, except its the overworld?