The Only Bruen Class You NEED! 😍 (Modern Warfare Warzone)
The Only Bruen Class You NEED! 😍 (Modern Warfare Warzone)
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  • Denic Lim
    Denic Lim

    judge judy full episodes

  • Jed Mathews
    Jed Mathews

    Brown rice isn’t healthier than white, it has arsenic in it...

  • Adam Ghumrawi
    Adam Ghumrawi

    Ayo Nick make a class with the Aug, I see you frying with it early game bro. Que Pasa.

  • Fish army
    Fish army

    “Peace and love baby” will never get old

  • GreyAppMoney

    There is one thing Activision is good at and that’s not over nerfing guns

  • Kaia

    Soooooo... hear me out. You and the boys go for an Easter Egg. I know I know............ it was stupid to even say

  • Officialtonyamante

    Nick how many bruens are you goin to make?

  • Brian Velasquez
    Brian Velasquez

    Love you

  • TyPod

    I was late bro I was playing solos

  • Winter Vincent
    Winter Vincent

    Love your intros

  • Bryan Rodriguez
    Bryan Rodriguez

    Nick can you help me get my first win pls

    • Bryan Rodriguez
      Bryan Rodriguez

      My name is depredado2010 on p4s

  • E _
    E _

    "back me out bro" - Tim all 2020😂💀

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith

    Im pretty sure Nickmerc been taking the bruen on the dates talking to it slowly

  • Nate Kertscher
    Nate Kertscher

    Hey nick you guys should do a challenge like this so one person is the doctor that person only has a pistol and shields for everyone, then you have the run and gunner that only has a SMG and a pistol, then the strong guy that can have a Assault rifle or a LMG, then you have the sniper that can only have a sniper or marksman rifle and I pistol. You can run any perks and lethals that you want

  • Apathy

    Anyone: *walks in my house* My dog: 6:38

  • zachary bruster
    zachary bruster

    3:05 when your mom tells you to kill the spider crawling on the wall

  • Prince Kennedy
    Prince Kennedy

    AN94 Nicky new meta

  • F A B O ‘S M A N A G E M E N T
    F A B O ‘S M A N A G E M E N T

    His neckkkk

  • Ruben Alderette
    Ruben Alderette

    Rip to the best gun warzone has ever seen the bruen

  • Colin Gustus
    Colin Gustus

    "im a be like King Kong and he will be like the Trex" LMAO

  • Kevin Alvarado
    Kevin Alvarado

    Low key he’s shown this build multiple times on his other channel

  • Tyler Mawhinney
    Tyler Mawhinney

    Why does he always look constipated?

  • Xx Duos
    Xx Duos

    Try the vlk shotgun as a secondary

  • Cj Brown
    Cj Brown

    Is it me or he shows the same bruen class and I get 15 kills everytime I use his class

  • Antonio Enriquez
    Antonio Enriquez

    I didn't knew I was at the second channel until he said it 🤣😂

  • joemadness 0909
    joemadness 0909

    Just question but how do the ground gun you have at the start have zero recoil?

  • Pat Davis
    Pat Davis

    Wins count how many do regular people have? I have 13

  • Jose Mendoza
    Jose Mendoza

    Lmao i 100% didn't know i was on the 2nd Channel

  • Donovan Pretorius
    Donovan Pretorius

    Would you help me to unlock the bruen in warzone dont have muliplayer the challenge is hard to do it

  • Offroad Outlaws
    Offroad Outlaws

    Nickmercs u need to do the bruen easteregg plssss

  • Carlos Cisneros
    Carlos Cisneros

    Nooo not bruen

  • Tsega Amanuek
    Tsega Amanuek

    What happened to quapasa 😢

  • Christophe Kennedy
    Christophe Kennedy

    Damn Nic those shoulders got a work out today

  • Christopher Rocha
    Christopher Rocha

    I legit didn't know I was on the second channel until Nick mentioned it.

  • CH3F_Gilly

    Love the vids man. To answer the rice question brown rice doesn't go through the extensive milling processes like white rice does which removes a lot of its nutritional value. Hence brown is a lot healthier. Love watching you slay

  • Daniel Haring
    Daniel Haring

    Season 6 Update: *You can now stand on a platform and wait for a train.... How exciting *All Multiplayer maps and modes that everyone enjoyed, have now been removed and replaced with less fun maps that no one enjoys playing... Great idea *Also... 20,000 of the 10 million hackers in our game have been banned, so it's "almost" a guarantee you won't be running into any in the new season.... Problem solved Thanks, Activision

  • Lil Eiv
    Lil Eiv

    Isnt the same class as a month ago?

  • Tom Idk
    Tom Idk

    Can we pls get a class u don't need to unlock as I don't have multiplayer and it makes it harder to unlock the bruen


    You’ve come a long way on your Chanel

  • Peter Sagnella
    Peter Sagnella

    Upload a multiplayer session. Im tellin you brotha itll do well

  • IckyVariable

    I actually didn't know I was on the second channel! How did he know??

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez

    Brown rice has half the amount of salt and lime juice than white rice. A little less oil as wel

  • Mike Eva
    Mike Eva

    The numbers don't lie, the Bruen is still the best gun in the game... IF you can equip the 60 round mag...

  • Oof Master
    Oof Master

    Make a class for the MK2

  • Walter Hestand
    Walter Hestand

    Crossbow only challenge.

  • Cary DEMON Moore PROPHET
    Cary DEMON Moore PROPHET


  • Walid Rahoui
    Walid Rahoui

    Damn bro yo juste woke up or what lol

  • forsythe k
    forsythe k

    6:38 for Tim’s best dog impression

  • David YT
    David YT

    NICKMERCS with his own loadout: Pops off clapping people Me with his loadout:can hit anyone and doesn’t pop off

  • z_NSANE_z

    Stop recycling content


    This is super unrealistic gameplay for 95% of cod players. Your still entertaining but it gets a little old watching these types of videos where you shoot a person and they drop in 3 seconds because your running such a high tech pc compared to probably 85% console players with shitty FOV hating bro me you can do this on a console and I'll mos def donate to the channel

    • FLOSSARINO Gaming
      FLOSSARINO Gaming

      @More NICKMERCS sure .. I'm cool with that. We all have our place here and I dont pretend to be extra dope. If you actually read the comment I said its unrealistic for most players the way that you play. I never dissed your cod play not once. The fact you can drop so many kills is not normal but I did not say you suck nor did I say you were not entertaining to watch. The only "light" joke I said was do it on console. Are you playing cod on console right now? did I say something incorrect? You have this joking personality on video yet you cant take one. Anyway...keep doing your thing I'm not in the business of acting tough in a youtube chat..more power to you

    • More NICKMERCS
      More NICKMERCS

      You realize I’ve won hundreds of thousands of dollars in video game tournaments on console right? You just suck, that isn’t my FKN problem 😂

  • Whizzperz

    If Tim says rep one more time...dude has changed. He always wants to back the fuck out. 8 kills is decent for him he needs to stop acting like he pulls of 20's

  • Mathew Corrales
    Mathew Corrales

    This intro was perfect for me. I didn’t know

  • Ccubed92

    How many times he gonna change the bruen lol

  • Justin Pruitt-Kennett
    Justin Pruitt-Kennett

    I hope u know that the bruen was nearfed to the groud, its trash now

  • BlackCrow _
    BlackCrow _

    Imagine still using the bruen

  • Da Shii
    Da Shii

    Anyone wanna run warzone I'm bored ash

  • Foreign Baby
    Foreign Baby

    “Clocky I’m going in an I’m going under” .. Timytanglement

  • Just_AGamer

    were not gonna talk bout that intro😂😭

  • Monica Stratton
    Monica Stratton

    Would you ever play plunder??

  • Xunknown fishy
    Xunknown fishy

    Just me or Nick fast today?

  • Sir oliver Jone
    Sir oliver Jone

    why is the quality not smooth at all

  • Emmanuel Parra
    Emmanuel Parra

    Nick You dont undersatnd The bruen sucks now no one gives 1 single Fuk abt it

  • Domingzz

    Challenge: whole squad can only use riot shield and melee. No guns whatsoever.

  • TrueXgio

    It’s all fun in games when nick actually breaks his jaw

  • Thunda Phantøm
    Thunda Phantøm

    nick: whats that? you didnt know you was on the second chanel? me who actually didnt know:😮

  • Viini Power
    Viini Power

    woooooow wtf. ❗️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Fruity Pocks
    Fruity Pocks

    Bro it’s literally just the same bruen but he just re titles the title

  • Jordyn Soileau
    Jordyn Soileau

    people who actually didn’t know they were clicked on the other channel ->

  • Andrew

    this yt streamer Acepower1 said hes trying to find a way to game with you lol i mean he decent but no chance right @nickmercs

  • Dan Alexander
    Dan Alexander

    I've been subbed for a month and I JUST realized his name is 'cloakzy,' not 'clocky'

  • Juan Guerrero
    Juan Guerrero


  • Madani April
    Madani April

    Timthetatman in a complicated relationship with this game... hes both good and bad at this game lol

  • Jared Bishop
    Jared Bishop

    Season 6 is sick

  • Nicolas Fisher
    Nicolas Fisher

    Y’all gonna be mad season 6. They greatly reduced the origin damage at very close range. And put a delay on c4, made the c4 slower, and reduced damage.

  • emac 1214
    emac 1214

    Me running to catch up to the train ohh wait that was a dream. I've been on it since day one. Lol. Good stuff third leg. I'm the Choadster

  • James Wallace
    James Wallace

    Nicky nick it’s Timmy billy n Jimmy try the ranger on the bruen give that little bit of mmmm 👌 I get you might not do it or Evan read this if you do just try it 🤝

  • James Wallace
    James Wallace

    Try the ranger foregrip on the bruen it just that extra bit off mmmmmm

  • Syben Carree
    Syben Carree

    *New Challenge: The No HUD challenge* - No way of seeing your ammo - No mini-map - No insight into how many players are left - No information on team wipes or downs - No insight in the amount of cash you have Should be a tough one. Good luck.

    • fathead492

      That was a playlist, it was warzone realism, everyone hated it haha

  • Neo Morph
    Neo Morph

    How did he know I didn't know this was the second 😂😂

  • Checkmate

    What did he mean when he said you have no aim assist up there, get down now?

  • Flicz

    How do you get blueprint

  • Khalil Hasan
    Khalil Hasan

    Thanks God I took the train

  • Blacies

    Hey guys. I've been making funny moments from different games like Cs:Go Gta5 Dead by Daylight Pacify. I'd be really appreciated if you guys check and subscribe to my channel

  • Jason Garcia
    Jason Garcia

    is the bruen back or no?

  • Wyatt Barcus
    Wyatt Barcus

    That moment when your watching nickmercs and you wanna switch over to more nickmercs but your to lazy to click before the nickmercs in the search bar so you type nickmercs more and hope for the best😂💯

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    Me using a fun class in warzone: fuck how come i just get shit on every match it must be bc you have twice as much health. Me after using sweaty class: ohhhh

  • Funk de Junk
    Funk de Junk

    Idg why u talk like that every intro and think ure funny

  • Bantu Mtshali
    Bantu Mtshali

    nick you know m13

  • The Seer
    The Seer

    People complain about COD but this game, is the only game I played where you can still use the weapons that have been nerfed. Meaning: they know how to nerf.

  • Deonkamil

    I like the origin but sometimes I feel like I’m poppin off, then other times I feel like I’m shooting marshmallows at them 😅😤💯

    • Arthur GOURLAOUEN
      Arthur GOURLAOUEN

      @Fenrir it's still usable, just not as broken as before, which means I will even more shit on the users of this trash gun :)

    • Fenrir

      @Arthur GOURLAOUEN Did you not see the vid on Nick's main channel? He killed 4 people back to back with it lol just yesterday.

    • Paul navejar
      Paul navejar

      @Arthur GOURLAOUEN cause u r a bot

    • Paul navejar
      Paul navejar

      @Arthur GOURLAOUEN ur just mad

    • burbrxy

      @Arthur GOURLAOUEN yesirr

  • Javier Dimla
    Javier Dimla

    New content, pleeeeease. No cap, y’all post the same stuff deadass

  • DeCertifiedG

    So.... The bruens broken again

    • N M
      N M

      The Bruen was always good, just not as good as before the nerf.

  • DeCertifiedG

    Honestly actually didn't know that this was the second channel gang

  • jimmy dwyer
    jimmy dwyer

    Nick... where did your neck go

  • Karanveer Singh
    Karanveer Singh

    Use the finn its fire

  • mr boothby
    mr boothby

    What a crazy way to get more money a screw over any small sub person makes 30 different accounts get way more money for nothing different lmao

  • Blessak

    this looks a tad bit choppy dont It?

  • Boyd Crowder
    Boyd Crowder

    You should do a class on the mk 2 carbine

  • Isaiah Garcia
    Isaiah Garcia

    So just the same bruen class as before