Black Ops Cold War zombies ultimate guide and tutorial for Bocw zombies Die Maschine and all features explained. How to pack a punch on Cold War zombies and perk system explained and so much more. Black Ops Cold war zombies full updgrade tutorial and all best guns.
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    Hope this helps! Enjoy the video:D

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      Andre Garcia

      @Ellie Cirrito This is the way

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      Ellie Cirrito

      not hating but you don’t need to reload your gun that much :)!

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      Yo I'm on ps4

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    I play on xbox 1

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    Idrees Khalid

    What was the gun you was using at the beginning

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    I want to Cold War on laptop 🥺that’s all I ever wanted

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    Genesidal CDE Studio

    😃 Thanks video here like come check you on Twitch

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    back my day all i needed to do to play zombies is to just press play

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    Great video

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    Bro thanks so so so much I acc get zombies now hahaha

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    That's a lot to take in lol and you make it look so easy

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    Could I get cold war for ps5??

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    I love COD zombies

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    I went in the ather tunnel and it took me to the normal map

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    :) sweet tutorial man! I like it! Dtraight to the point and lots of info and pretty easy to understand.

    • Christopher Kolden
      Christopher Kolden

      *Straight* lol

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  • mcaleese529

    I really miss the old days of zombies. It is way more complicated now. I miss being able to just pick it up and play. Simple!

    • Lorenzo Rivas
      Lorenzo Rivas

      Man I really do to but now it’s just way too much in my opinion and even tho it’s still really fun, it’ll never beat those Kin der toten days😔

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    best zombies are in bo3 who agree?

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    Great video, a lot of helpful details and thoughts. And even tho it’s a 20 minute video I was never bored and never got distracted! Again great video dawg, keep it up🤘🏽

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    Courtney B

    where is the pap part

  • Tenzin Gray
    Tenzin Gray

    "As the rounds progress, you get higher tier weapons in the mystery box" Jokes on you I got the ray gun on my first box

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    I want to play on ps4

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    Bro just get to the fucking point no one cares

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    No hate at you but I’ve been playing zombies since the beginning and I honestly hate this it doesn’t even look like zombies anymore it honestly looks like a rip off from infinity ward again if it’s good for new plays to get into but honestly lost me and I’m pretty sure a lot of other people who loved this series honestly won’t ever buy zombies again if this is the way there going rip to my favorite series

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  • Shookie Monster
    Shookie Monster

    Great video for a veteran gamer that hasn't played zombies in a while. I hope I'm not too late for the contest to win a copy of Cold War. I'd love a PS5 code if I win!

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    J Farmer

    Great videos! Glad I subscribed! I’d love to play Cold War on XSX. 😃

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    The size of this game is huuuge

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    I still play bo3 zombies lol



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    Really nice guide man, thanks

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    Ive never been a fan of zombies until this one.... i was so very lost 😂😂😂 "whats this blue and green stuff" "wtf is a carpenter" 😂😂😂 ahhh noob moments

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    :) this was needed

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    I watched a player shoot all the tiny purplish lights in bunker and after last one the zombies dance around for about a full min

  • Cletis Evans
    Cletis Evans

    Yeaaaaa!!! This was vid i was lookin for...helps alot thnx bruh(even if ur dead,u get cred for last lvl revives if co-op finishes game

  • Cletis Evans
    Cletis Evans

    It was laggy and glitchy during free week,now its running smooth on ps4. Through each lvl u progress farther into bunker,open all doors,get the most points and upgrade then portal opens fast travel to bunker

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  • Esteban Ramirez
    Esteban Ramirez

    I got to 17 by myself only using the hauer 77 and getting the ray gun on the random box

  • Porfirio Mendoza Wolf
    Porfirio Mendoza Wolf

    How do you upgrade weapon rarity?


    Every time I play zombies my game crashes

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    Thanks bro 🦈

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    I am playing the free trial right now, its pretty fun. I cant afford it tho I'm on X Box

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    There's no way I just watched a 20m beginners guide when it's clearly labeled ULTIMATE GUIDE. I'm tryna figure out how to make the aether scope and get all the upgraded DIEs. I'm pissed, disliked lmao

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    Artemis XVI

    Thx man this was alot of help

  • W3rner

    random question why ditch your starting weapon yu can legit just upgrade it 🤣like i do and it goes very fast as soon as yu packa on lv 7 i upgrade weapon too

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    Beat gun to use and level up is the gallo

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    How do you get a secondary weapon

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    646,567,999 “ essentially “s : I counted ↗️

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    this game also feels like fifa cause of all the points you need and all the purchases, it’s like 4000-6000 points to get to power :/

  • ll-Lucid-ll

    it takes half a mag to kill 1 zombie at like round 9 :l there pretty much nerf bullets

  • art_man2019

    I agree that it’s so much more satisfying to kill the zombies in this than say, BO2 zombies! The hit markers, health bar and kill feed I think really add to that

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    Ps4 thanks

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