RIP EBE Bandz - His First Ever Full Interview
VladTV sat down with EBE Bandz for what is his first ever full interview. This comes after news of the rapper's death, where two suspects were arrested. Watch the interview in its entirety above. Rest in peace and condolences to the family of EBE Bandz.

  • Aaron Bennett
    Aaron Bennett

    He dont use the N word because he finds it wrong ...learn dickheads.

  • nolove notrust
    nolove notrust

    Vlad a low key snitch

  • nolove notrust
    nolove notrust

    Vlad the feds

  • Henry Mula
    Henry Mula

    I thought dude in the middle was sleeping 😂

  • WitA DollaSign
    WitA DollaSign

    Nobody: Third from the left: IT GO WAY BACK VLAD!

  • NPC 33331
    NPC 33331

    Vlad is a lame

  • limacharlieromeo

    if you're drunk this can really look like you're seeing 5 of the black guy just hanging out with his white pal

  • William Edwards
    William Edwards

    vlad is tha feds no cap he think he slick

  • dire12343

    My boy tommy is white Mexican who’s a stone

  • dire12343

    Crazy how these stones are throwing down the crown but from what I know the kings and stones are cousins..

  • dmagebf

    Look how short vlad interviews are when ppl not snitching 😭😭

  • Ethan William
    Ethan William

    This kid was a knuckle headed fool his ending was predictable

  • Alias Jaymes
    Alias Jaymes

    please explain the story sir

  • Emmett Webster
    Emmett Webster

    I wonder did Vllad shed a tear when he found out EBE Bandz was murdered?

  • Emmett Webster
    Emmett Webster

    Eve bandz don't like white people

  • Devon Flynn
    Devon Flynn

    I wonder how many times the word "bro" was used in this interview..

  • D J
    D J

    Damn Vlad is good. Halfway through the interview he finally finds a way to get Bandz to mention his gang affiliation. You can see it in Bandz face that he realized Vlad pulled a slick one on him.

  • D J
    D J

    You see rappers that get interviewed by Vlad, all you have to do is respond like EBE Bandz did when Vlad started trying to investigate. Shut him down right away, Don't bite the bait.

  • INDIGO Moe
    INDIGO Moe

    These dudes r fried as fuck!

  • Eseosa Erhunse
    Eseosa Erhunse

    This dude is blackest white boy

  • joann defauw
    joann defauw

    At what point in his life did he stop talking like himself and start talking like a black person would have been a good question

    • YouTube deleted My account
      YouTube deleted My account

      @joann defauw exactly because you learned from your peers just like bandz

    • joann defauw
      joann defauw

      @UZload deleted My account I was raised by a east Indian mother and a russian father and I talk like a white person

    • YouTube deleted My account
      YouTube deleted My account

      He was raised in the trenches in Chicago so ofc hes gonna pick up the lingo and hes dead now

  • Charlie Swepston
    Charlie Swepston

    I'm glad we let everyone talk. Now we know theres alot to the story

  • Safet Cucaj
    Safet Cucaj

    How many times Sally gotta tell you...a body won't disappear from gasolined up fire. You need a pit with very high temperature to disappear a body

  • Safet Cucaj
    Safet Cucaj

    #1...I'm 46 white Albanian from NYC queens Brooklyn border Ridgewood/Bushwick. And I can tell you this guy is not from Chicago where he's claiming he's from Texas where his daddy is

  • jhwin30

    This is confusing

  • Oliver Paramo
    Oliver Paramo

    Check the snakes on the left, hating motherfuckers always hate the one with talent but cover there hate with a smile. Rats rats rats, RIP G

  • Miracle Flowers
    Miracle Flowers

    A real nigga💯

  • King Lav
    King Lav

    He put vlad in his place in no time

  • King Lav
    King Lav

    Real smart white boy compare to these niggas who answer everything I like him

  • Matthew Clark
    Matthew Clark

    Few of em off that dog food, that's y bandz got smoked he ran off wit the heroin

  • AceNoBoogie

    It looks to me he had nothing but leashes around him

  • Dickrider Police
    Dickrider Police

    You can tell that’s how he really speaks Ain’t some fake poser that’s really him

  • mali 623
    mali 623

    He was more real than vlads other guest

  • David Matos
    David Matos

    Vlad such a clown jus hearn his nutt ass voice man culture vulture 4teal

  • Thewayinisout


  • Floridaboy 561
    Floridaboy 561

    Lol the dude wit his arms on both them dudes shoulders during the whole video like got damn

  • jose garcia
    jose garcia

    He ain’t wanna speak on where he grew up bc he not from the hood 😭

  • Conner Ross
    Conner Ross

    Vlad: you don't see white stones very often Bandz:"I look in the mirror every morning" 😂

  • Duff Man187
    Duff Man187

    RIP but y'all need to take notes,u dnt hear him telling Vlad he answering nun,can't really complain that this platform is getting people in trouble when u determine what is said and what aint

  • The Rap Sheet AKA My Hood Book
    The Rap Sheet AKA My Hood Book

    He said nobody need to know where I was born if you know you know, I was born in Texas

  • Mo Dro
    Mo Dro

    Rip ebe bandz he was keepin it real with vlad unlike the rest of his guests period.!!!!!

  • Tee Roy
    Tee Roy

    Dude 16 thuggin tryna get away it's alt to this shit

  • Tee Roy
    Tee Roy

    I remember this dude he solid and white but he coo

  • Tee Roy
    Tee Roy

    He texas rep. Alot rapper say dallas he tryna get somewhere at least without clout

  • Johnny Blakes
    Johnny Blakes

    Im not going to tell yall where im from.. Moments later... You know im from

    • Charles Johnson
      Charles Johnson

      Dude didn't know how to be himself🤦🏾‍♂️

  • StraingerThingz

    At the end them all rappin n reppin.. show real hunger, vlad seen the realist people over the years

  • StraingerThingz

    "I'm not gon be the only one answering questions you gotta ask them too, im not the only one here" Long Live Bandz man.. Real recognize the Realist

  • Ghost6ix

    Damn i seen SNTV's video on him. i didn't know he was killed. When i seen dudes picture in SNTVs video i was like "hmm this dude looks hella familiar" & this is why. i heard about him after he did this interview. RIP Bandz P.S its kinda eerie how similar he looks to one of my homies lol. & also im dumb af. i never knew Vlad said it in the description about him.

  • Kandice Kennedy
    Kandice Kennedy

    A bunch of retards saying a bunch of nothin. Foh

  • J W
    J W

    All that gangster shit dont get you fuckin nowhere but in the ground or in a cell. This aint it kids watch and learn. Where was these niggas at when he got murked

  • Bulaboii

    He started that period shit

  • Mezzo Fresh
    Mezzo Fresh

    Bunch of junkies. Rip bandz

  • ShotzaDemon

    You know they were all in the same class 🥴

  • ShotzaDemon

    Vlad got the fuck up outta there 😭 rest of interview was over the phone

  • Adonna Rowe
    Adonna Rowe

    Vlad couldn’t wait to hang up omg the end how will he be able to follow y’all he just waited for them to stop talking but other then the white boy who else died?

    • VloneFilmzzz

      The dude right next to him got caught also

  • Adonna Rowe
    Adonna Rowe

    They keep saying “there’s a whole story” I been waiting to hear it & vlad prolly confused as me

    • GoodVibes Only
      GoodVibes Only

      You won’t understand unless you been where they been at love💯🙏🏽

  • travelingmoreno84

    Man they way he murdered was heinous. Rest in peace young man.

    • Versace Minati
      Versace Minati

      For reeal

  • Brande Nicole
    Brande Nicole

    The worst interview ever vlad ass dont understand shit they talkn bout so b4 he interviews these ppl especially from Chicago he needs to understand our culture and gang culture. Basically they from different sets but under the same gang. The white boy from 79th which is 1 set the other guys from 89th. That's 10 or more blocks away. Shit mfs can be 1 block away and dont fuck w the next block. Simple shit they jus wasnt doin a good job at explaining that

  • KinggTomTom HMFOE
    KinggTomTom HMFOE

    He clearly said I ain’t bout to say shit over this phone or in no interview

  • _The_Kekambas _
    _The_Kekambas _

    I ain't gonna speak on where or how i grew up.. 1 minute later.. i was born in Dallas Texas

  • Khyle Dimino
    Khyle Dimino

    The dudes on the left don't look like soldiers lol they look like junkies



  • Baltimore BigMan
    Baltimore BigMan

    Rip too Shorty 🙏🏾

  • Stubbla

    He’s dead. R.I.P Bandz.

  • 327BLØØDHØUND #fckyoteam
    327BLØØDHØUND #fckyoteam

    14:40 look at bandzzz dawgg im dead vlad ass was annoying him wit those stupid ass questions

  • Keith Murphy
    Keith Murphy

    Well this was... interesting

  • TheycallmeVinny 123
    TheycallmeVinny 123

    He was always solid people were so late on him the only reason why people started to know who he was was because Adam 22 posted that song with Swainoh. “ so when I die invite my opps to my funeral and when they get in lock the door and let my shooter know”

  • Isreal Tha Tank
    Isreal Tha Tank

    He said i look in the mirror everyday only time i see a white nigga lol ... Vlad dont wanna hear no one else talk

  • Reggie Butler
    Reggie Butler

    I like how he handled Vlads bitch ass questions

  • The Real C-No
    The Real C-No

    Why post it after his death??? This interview was hellllaaaa old!? 🤔

  • Who Sperfect?
    Who Sperfect?

    I hope GOD terrifies the ones oppressing other people while Satan stands at their right hand. If they stay wicked, they will be condemned!

  • keith driver
    keith driver

    Dude on the other end been trying to cool cool, depressed, overwhelmed and trying hard just to talk anything but the crew stay interrupting.

  • Bald Gang
    Bald Gang

    It’s the ones with talent that die every time

  • ripwalsy

    He was born in texas man dont let him fool you

  • Max Payne
    Max Payne

    damn billy da kid......RIP.......we love you homie and you won;t be forgotten.....breaks my can see the pain in his one deserves a life where he wear the gun as part of his outfit............fuck im so mad........

  • T Fal87
    T Fal87

    Love what Bandz said when Vlad asked him about being the only white dude in gbe bands 👏👏👏 he said "so if it was a group of white kids and 1 black kid was down with them, do we treat him different??" 💯💯💪✊🤛

  • mogucci21

    he was treating vlad ass 😂😂😂😂

    • Pyrex



      before the interview, he thought Vlad was coming and wanted to smack him for comparing him to Slim Jesus.

  • Jeremy Ramey
    Jeremy Ramey

    Dread gang and white boy

  • Dustin Tyler
    Dustin Tyler

    He didn’t wanna talk about where he was from but then 2 mins later he said he was born in Dallas, TX ...

  • dudemus stinkmeyer
    dudemus stinkmeyer

    There's a real whole story behind this , repeated several times but they never told the story. So we didn't learn shit. But in the end bandz was a fire rapper and it's a damn shame what happened . RIP Billy da kid

  • Poppa Collar Brawler
    Poppa Collar Brawler

    When I seen him in a rap video is first thing I thought Dude gonna get smoked he stuck out like a sore thumb .

  • Monaquia Cook
    Monaquia Cook

    Glad, everyone sitting on that couch including EBE bands rest in peace to him is from over east in Chicago. None of them are fake! What they told you is facts!

    • Adonna Rowe
      Adonna Rowe

      What did they say?

  • Jonathan Perry
    Jonathan Perry

    Lol Vlad would definitely call his police this dude 🤣. Rip though

  • Tharry Salley
    Tharry Salley

    whats the deeper story?!

  • Mel S
    Mel S

    He could have told 10 stories, in the time it took for him to say its a story behind this movement 24 times.

    • ras 47
      ras 47

      Dog fried

  • smokinnplatez

    Well cant be sad about it. If you bout than you about dying too. Cant be scared of it. I am not bout it

  • 80_ vee
    80_ vee

    I heard this dude wasn't even from Chicago like that and also he was never really about what he rapped about all this according to his own homies sad he got killed like he did.

    • Tommyo B
      Tommyo B

      I think that's true. He tried doing something good to help by the music bringing in $$. The way he flashed the goods though, them 2 in Rockford couldn't resist robbing him. His music was great though and led me into some other drill music

  • Jimmie Williams
    Jimmie Williams

    Sir = Bro. in 2020

  • Cameron Floyd
    Cameron Floyd

    Damn Tommy from power

  • J. King
    J. King

    Phone interviews always suck.

  • J. King
    J. King

    He has said Nigga mad times. Fucking liar.

  • Brian Keith
    Brian Keith

    All his homies look awkward the whole video...........Period

  • BGM_713

    Damm ian kno he fucked wit my city damm rip

  • Jérôme D.
    Jérôme D.

    1 brain for 6!

  • Kenny

    They ask questions in a interview. Agent. Y’all stupid. Just another u educated wannabe

  • Lamesa Q
    Lamesa Q

    17:50 💯😂

  • Jay Womack
    Jay Womack

    How they all look at each other like they would all turn on each other.💯

  • Chino YZDUMB
    Chino YZDUMB

    Soon as he moved to Chicago he was done. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Rip lil shorty. Shit real now smh.

  • Sports Are For Women
    Sports Are For Women

    What's good vuh laud


    rip to all the men who die bout it. black, white, mexican, etc. we all just men. we all are born covered in blood, the only thing different is how we die.

  • Edward Johnson
    Edward Johnson

    He really had some funny answers to some of these questions