How "Cold-Blooded" Animals Survive the Cold
We humans can rely on our internal body heat to help keep us warm. But what can cold-blooded animals do when faced with the threat of freezing? Here are three creatures that have come up with some...“cool” solutions.
Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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Painted Turtles
Wood Frogs
Antarctic Nematodes
Thank you to Prof. Jon Costanzo for the footage of the thawing wood frog, and Prof. D.A. Wharton for the footage of the freezing & thawing Antarctic nematode!
Image Sources:
Prof. D.A. Wharton, Department of Zoology, University of Otago.
Jon Costanzo, Professor Emeritus, Miami University (

  • adHD Gamer
    adHD Gamer

    makes me happy knowing the Terrapin's at my local lake are doing well :)

  • chen howard
    chen howard

    I don’t wanna know how they tested how long these animals can freeze without dying

  • bahubali the leon
    bahubali the leon

    69 dislikes, no one dislike this video.

  • Leland Shennett
    Leland Shennett

    I’ve found these frogs back home in Alaska as a kid. Always weirded me out because I Knew they were going to come back to life one. I didn’t even know we had frogs in Alaska until I found one frozen 😂

  • tank's dad
    tank's dad

    I’ve always been fascinated how turtles and frogs can survive the harsh winters up here in Minnesota.

  • Purple Xans
    Purple Xans

    Seems like being suspended in animation maybe harder to come back from rather than cryogenic...

  • Dylan Van
    Dylan Van

    Gators stick their snouts out of the water and hibernate if it gets could enough to freeze the swamp.

  • Sebastian Kaup
    Sebastian Kaup

    So glad you decided to let us see both your eyes again.

  • Dude

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  • phoenixash Delfuego
    phoenixash Delfuego

    Did he say ex-turtle heat sources?

  • Da'n Dabmouth
    Da'n Dabmouth

    Apparently there's also a moth that lives in one of the arctics that freezes until like the two weeks of spring and feeds during the short spring and then freezes over again until it has enough energy to become a moth and then it dies off but it can live about 40 years 20 to 40 years depending I think

  • Sean Bowman
    Sean Bowman

    Dude called ice a crystal structure. Sir hank green has confirmed ice is a rock on tiktok

  • Phantom Gamer
    Phantom Gamer

    please please please also show Fahrenheit, inches, feet, mph etc.... for us folks over 40. thank you....

  • Rupert Bruce
    Rupert Bruce

    Useful for Mars, too.

  • Tumelo Pefole
    Tumelo Pefole

    I just realized that those wood frogs that freeze are the ones in Avatar the last airbender when Sokka and Katara were sick. I wonder if they really due cure flu when you suck on them while frozen lol

  • dark fist
    dark fist

    O Micheal.. How i miss ur colorful hair😛😊😊

  • Phoenix

    dude michael's hair looks amazing lol

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    Samantha Elizabeth

    sad that Michael was not wearing his jacket/vest

  • A Agiza
    A Agiza

    " evolution really thought of every thing" I'm sorry but that's a very stupid statement , not only evolution theories isn't a fact but also non of it as far as I know suggest evolution having a mind of its own

  • Simon Jäkle
    Simon Jäkle

    So mind some "winterhard" vegetables like some salads or birch trees that could had prepared some natural form of chemical stuff humans use to prevent freezing

  • Aizen Reeve
    Aizen Reeve

    Turtles be like: But wait, there’s more...

  • Lord Borus
    Lord Borus

    I never thought about what turtles do for winter. I figured they hibernated until it got warmer.

  • Sasha Denae
    Sasha Denae

    Why isn't there a single comment about the frozen wood frogs in the episode of Avatar the Last Airbender? Come on guys!

  • Gabriel Martins
    Gabriel Martins

    3:05 frogs make blood ice cream.

  • Michael Rauch
    Michael Rauch

    Snake discovery just did the video on the painted turtles and the frozen pond

  • Jay Frank
    Jay Frank did the turtles "figure out how to breathe water through their skin" ?? Seeing that science could safely say they did, how did they actually? Evolution..the end?

  • Hyerrr Vawesome
    Hyerrr Vawesome

    Good one

  • Bendie Sticks
    Bendie Sticks

    They was a woman that died and froze for like a week that came back somehow

  • raydunakin

    I'd like to know how cold-blooded animals can remain active in cold conditions. For instance, here in San Diego we have lizards, which are only active when the weather is warm. But we also have salamanders, which seem to be most active in cold weather only come out at night and are most active in cold weather. How do the salamanders thrive in conditions that would put lizards into torpor?

    • Ron Wesilen
      Ron Wesilen

      @Simon Jäkle well it depends on what you think of "on its own". It is selected through millions of years of evolution, so you can have stuff living in almost any part of the planet, even in boiling water.

    • Simon Jäkle
      Simon Jäkle

      @Ron Wesilen does that kinda happen on it own?

    • Ron Wesilen
      Ron Wesilen

      Different enzymes (the proteins that make the chemical reactions inside your body) work better at different temperatures, so just use the ones adapted to your temperatures

    • Simon Jäkle
      Simon Jäkle

      The Axolotl as well as coast stars (sea star) can regrow recent parts of their body, like some crab animals get a new "scissor" when that part gets lost. some scorpions survive "almost everything", some bugs can stay in rooms through the entire cold season seemingly eating nothing, snails can sleep for three years and that list of tough life'd go on i guess. It's "us the humans" that are the weakest link.

    • Damyen Hockman
      Damyen Hockman

      The salamanders would be nocturnal because of the lizards, to avoid competition. As for how they're nocturnal, they've probably adapted to not need as high of a body temp to be active. Having a body even a few degrees cooler can make a lot of difference.

  • totalfreedom45

    What a powerful scientific theory is evolution! Charles Darwin was a genius. Natural selection, mutation, genetic shift, antigenic drift, and gene flow (migration)-these mechanisms of evolution are used even by viruses. Look at the coronavirus (COVID-19)! Scientists worldwide are successfully developing vaccines but this virus is constantly mutating. Evolution before our very eyes! 💕 ☮ 🌎 🌌

  • Gibran Bedra
    Gibran Bedra

    So is this what happened to Han Solo when Vader and the Emperor carbon froze him in Empire Strikes Back (episode 5 to all you millennials)? Hmm, interesting

  • UGNAvalon

    Weather: “Winter is here, baby!” Invertebrates: “Guess I’ll-“ Weather: “die?” Invertebrates: “No, freeze. Wake me when it’s spring. 🥱”

  • Yevhenii Diomidov
    Yevhenii Diomidov

    Real Science made a video about this 4 days ago. Coincidence? Probably.

  • Earthling432


  • Aнтония Стойнова
    Aнтония Стойнова

    I have a red-eared slider. It lives in a small pond during the warm seasons and during winter it actually burrows underground. I didn't know they could do that.

  • Robert Karpay
    Robert Karpay

    Oh, turtles put themselves in slowmo? Shocker.

  • Alessandro C.B.
    Alessandro C.B.

    0:11 that is definitely a missed chance to make a pun with turtlenecks

  • Mojo OhNo
    Mojo OhNo

    Im suprised this video didn't mention Alligators who stick their noses out of ponds when winter freezes over.

  • omar defnany
    omar defnany

    I never cease to be amazed by these creatures, truly spectacular!!!

  • Marselino Estrada
    Marselino Estrada

    Glad you guys are doing other videos again i stopped watching cause for a while it was just Hank and Covid. That was wack

  • Eru Iluvatar
    Eru Iluvatar

    As I learned from RPGs the more of an element a critter has the more elemental damage and resistance it will have to that element. So I would expect cold blooded animals to be frost resistant and to deal frost damage.

  • Igneo. S
    Igneo. S

    who else thought avatar when he was talking about frozen frogs?

  • Timothy Bedell
    Timothy Bedell

  • Plug and Socket
    Plug and Socket

    Good to see you getting back in shape

  • Eric Ulric
    Eric Ulric

    I used to dislike anytime it wasn't Hank teaching a SciShow but now I like just about all of the hosts.

  • Heathen That Heretic
    Heathen That Heretic

    Question, what exactly makes an animal cold blooded or warm blooded. What mechanism is at play to distinguish the twin from one another

  • Nurse Lucy
    Nurse Lucy

    Turtles breath through the skin in their butts! Info a la snake discovery

  • Lathe Of Heaven
    Lathe Of Heaven

    QUESTION. Related to this video's subject. How do 'cold-blooded' fish remain constantly very active in temperatures that reptiles can't function at all in?

  • 3eezie

    oh thank god! the mullet is gone

  • Kaylus

    Ok, it's clear that we are going to be invaded by alien super frogs that could survive the long space travel.

  • Hudson Crhonos
    Hudson Crhonos

    I wonder if that frog tastes sweet

  • Lush Push
    Lush Push

    So frogs strategy for surviving freeze is to get diabetes 🤔

  • Hunter Gaenicke
    Hunter Gaenicke

    I'm clearly lacking in the cold survival front

  • Loki Andere
    Loki Andere

    One of the best hosts.

  • BigOrangeSnowman88

    Utterly fascinating.

  • Jeff Rikard
    Jeff Rikard

    Dang nematodes....

  • ahmed saleh
    ahmed saleh

    2:07 the most stupid statement in your whole life.


    2:08 Not EVOLUTION but GOD

  • Hi im Ryan
    Hi im Ryan

    Us humans can unlock cold blooded by being a sociopath. *T H A N K S F O R T H E A D V I C E*

  • Diana Gibbs
    Diana Gibbs

    Wow super cool episode guys


    If we knew how we are born on earth then why religion comes? Any answer to scishow?

  • mayoite160

    i wish you would've mentioned the frozen crocs

  • Perkele Itse
    Perkele Itse

    That is insane

  • Jay Seger
    Jay Seger

    Cells get destroyed by. freezing??? Sounds like a great way to target and kill cancer cells 🤔

  • 0UNHNy

    0:42 Staffelung

  • Drogoclaw Gaming
    Drogoclaw Gaming

    I thought painted and snapping could defuse in oxygen and co2 out through their cloaca in winter months it’s called cloacal respiration

  • Michael Pytel
    Michael Pytel

    This is how we get to Buck Rogers & Captain America , Dylan Hunt, Ripley, Khan , Frankenstein's Monster, and Woody Allen.

  • Sibula

    Real Science released a video on the topic 2 days ago. Coincidence? I think not.

  • Uber Wulf
    Uber Wulf

    I love that you mention wood frogs. I love these little guys. They come out every springtime thaw and ribbit up a storm, you can hear them for miles. They eat all the mosquito larvae. And then the cranes come and eat all the frogs.

  • DH Shawon
    DH Shawon

    0:26 Bernie Mittens

  • Robert Poole
    Robert Poole

    Isn't that cryonic, not cryogenic?

  • Devlin20102011

    My tortoise didn’t come up with any brilliant ways to survive in the cold when it got out in the winter

  • Mort Strudel
    Mort Strudel

    Some turtles, when under frozen ice in low oxygen environments, use a special method of breathing to extract extra oxygen. It's called cloacal breathing. It's as gross as it sounds.

  • Sebbe Forsberg
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    You need a haircut

  • Tundra1232

    Crab Check: No. There were no crabs in this video.

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  • RequiemPoete

    Joking aside, wouldn't a sweater on a turtle still work? Part of what makes us warm blooded is our insulating fat which traps the heat our body makes. So doesn't a turtle also generate heat just by moving around? So wouldn't a sweater still capture this?

  • therugburnz

    wow, I mean WOW!

  • therugburnz

    they need no ice and a temperature difference that is higher than the colder part, kinda sorta a little bit.

  • Bobby Benfield
    Bobby Benfield

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  • HansLemurson

    How do the Wood Frogs avoid diabetes?

  • AtarahDerek

    Does sucking on frozen frogs cure a cold you got from helping a stubborn fisherman in a hurricane?

  • A Youtube Channel
    A Youtube Channel

    If your cold-blooded and the weather is cold, then you cannot be cold.


    But can you suck on the frozen wood frogs?

  • Little Forest
    Little Forest

    The actual question about the freezing frogs is less how they manage to not get their cells damaged by freezing, but what makes their hearts start again out of nothing after having defrosted.

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