FaZe Rug & Brawadis VS The Dobre Twins! ($50,000 Basketball 2v2)
We got called out by Lucas & Marcus to an intense basketball 2v2 for $50,000...
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Brawadis: @Brawadis
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug

    Honestly no excuses, but I love to shoot high arcing 3’s. But the ceiling was so low so I had to adjust. Still no excuses, rematch on my court soon though 😤

    • Brandon Bolanos
      Brandon Bolanos

      Like how he said no excuses but he said the roof was too small

    • David Barry
      David Barry

      Bro if you shooting to where you’re almost hitting the ceiling, you have way too much arc on your shot🤣🤣

    • Theyhxtjosh 13
      Theyhxtjosh 13

      Even tho you didn’t win just watching you guys play gave me excitement

    • Leszek Jedruszak
      Leszek Jedruszak

      ur a good sport thats y ur 1 of my fav youtubers

    • Allyson Alferez
      Allyson Alferez

      150k likes and u could do another 2 v 2?? mabey? sry i just love the basketball 2v2s

  • Brandon H
    Brandon H


  • aa lodge
    aa lodge

    1:51 FaZe Rug gonna win

  • Cal Lennie
    Cal Lennie

    Good luck

  • Make some Noise
    Make some Noise

    Go Dobre army

  • Kaz Hampton
    Kaz Hampton

    Lucas and Marcus

  • xNzghtMzreIsAfk

    10:18 b o d y. e x e. e r r o r.

  • Billy boy Billybo
    Billy boy Billybo

    Faze rug should have kept fouling

  • Luc Man
    Luc Man

    Lucas and Marcus

  • Zyir Watson
    Zyir Watson

    Y’all good

  • Zyir Watson
    Zyir Watson

    Y’all ight work on it then you the goat

  • Devroy Williamson
    Devroy Williamson

    Lol rug can't play

  • Li Zhao
    Li Zhao

    I’m in ur team even when u lost

  • Memphis

    I love watching Lucus and Marcus play

  • Randomz _
    Randomz _

    No affence but rugs 🗑😂 that’s the reason they lost 🥴

  • Ann F'do
    Ann F'do

    Lucas and Marcas

  • Abdulahi Jama
    Abdulahi Jama

    faze rug you guys

  • Diego Koeshkerian
    Diego Koeshkerian

    I now basketball faze rug and his brother are noobs

  • Dondylbob Barry
    Dondylbob Barry

    Faze rug and brortis

  • FNCS Xef
    FNCS Xef

    Rug was not good at all he missed like every shot and when he does make one he jumps 😂

  • Maya Abdullah yt
    Maya Abdullah yt

    Who’s watching this in 2021👇🏻

  • Marlete Costa
    Marlete Costa

    Guys what time you support faze rug and others

  • Mahlet Debela
    Mahlet Debela

    Done😁😊hiba yimer

  • Michelle Marsi
    Michelle Marsi

    Lucus and Marcus

  • Soccerkid680 Weinress
    Soccerkid680 Weinress


  • eric yeboah
    eric yeboah

    U guys did well

  • Soldier Animations
    Soldier Animations

    Imagine Noah and Steve 1v1 in basketball lol that would be a good match lol

  • Huejrjdji Bffbjifgmfgfg
    Huejrjdji Bffbjifgmfgfg

    Faze rug you got this

  • Huejrjdji Bffbjifgmfgfg
    Huejrjdji Bffbjifgmfgfg

    Faze rug is going to win

  • Tuyet Huynh
    Tuyet Huynh

    Good luck


    hope u good luck i still didnt see tell end i ope u won it guys

  • AZAAN1

    Faze rug stokes twins challenged u

  • Arham Vlogs
    Arham Vlogs


  • Fawaz El Masri
    Fawaz El Masri

    Yeah because they got the ball too much

  • Laila Zabian
    Laila Zabian

    I think faze and Brandon will win

  • JPT

    Skip leg day every day

  • Malcolm Gillanders
    Malcolm Gillanders


  • Aleena Khatune
    Aleena Khatune

    For rug

  • Sheldon Panton
    Sheldon Panton

    Can somebody please tell how is this fair the twin are taller

  • Sulo

    FaZe right win

  • Arjun Dosanjh
    Arjun Dosanjh


  • Andiswa Mithi
    Andiswa Mithi

    Rug you defend early

  • Jack Guerrero
    Jack Guerrero

    If rug and Brandon would have been on their court they would’ve won gg tho

  • Dagan Tanner
    Dagan Tanner

    Worst faze content I ever seen

  • Brycen Bush
    Brycen Bush

    I’m going for Lucas and Marcus

  • Anas Yousuf
    Anas Yousuf

    he was just missing on purpose

  • Moira Merani
    Moira Merani


  • Geroge Garcia
    Geroge Garcia


  • griffin van gampler
    griffin van gampler

    nobody gonna mention the amount of airballs by rug

  • winnie Mirembe
    winnie Mirembe


  • Xerxez M. Andrade
    Xerxez M. Andrade

    Faze rug

  • Nico Nazareno
    Nico Nazareno

    lol get rekt you guys got destroyed

  • Michael Fabbro
    Michael Fabbro

    Dobre twins

  • Jill Bednarski
    Jill Bednarski

    Good luck

  • Jill Bednarski
    Jill Bednarski

    I’m on my mom’s UZload but I’m a boy my name is Nicholas

  • Jill Bednarski
    Jill Bednarski

    I meant faze

  • Jill Bednarski
    Jill Bednarski

    Hey faze rug I’m your biggest fan I love you gaze rug

  • Saba Akhtar
    Saba Akhtar

    At one point faze rug grabbed Lucas or marcus

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    No offense, but u guys did bad. You’re usually good

  • Shawn Ramsay
    Shawn Ramsay

    Wtf 50 k and y’all played liked that

  • Volodya Klimovich
    Volodya Klimovich

    there name is dobra b but guess what there name a dooe

    • Volodya Klimovich
      Volodya Klimovich


  • Xavier Campbell
    Xavier Campbell

    they were eceating

  • Anmol 4m
    Anmol 4m

    I hope I win 1000$ this year when he gets 20 million subscribers. I am a fan from Amritsar, India.

  • Aaron Thomas
    Aaron Thomas


  • Sabina Yesmin
    Sabina Yesmin

    Faze rug

  • dianne tawhai
    dianne tawhai

    give luck to rug

  • Tiffany Williams
    Tiffany Williams

    Haha u lose ruge

  • SINUHE Lara
    SINUHE Lara

    Good luck

  • Houstton Webster
    Houstton Webster

    Y’all were supposed to win 😢

  • Litty .hudson
    Litty .hudson

    Never mess with faze rug and his big brother there gods at basket ball

  • Ahammed Samir
    Ahammed Samir

    I knew it was a victory for the Dobre Twins cause the ceiling was too low for Rug's 3s.

  • Kavish Das
    Kavish Das

    Faze Rug

  • Ali RL
    Ali RL


  • Maya


  • Berky Dude
    Berky Dude

    Brandon wasn’t wearing a mask

  • bRoKeN-_-JeRm YT
    bRoKeN-_-JeRm YT

    0:02 i said the same thing when i saw the thumbnail 😭. Did not expect this collab!

  • Jeremíaz

    But your wearing Kobe’s, 🤦🏽‍♂️.

  • Jax Drums
    Jax Drums

    Dobre ✌️

  • Emilia Howells
    Emilia Howells


  • Gabrielle Fun time
    Gabrielle Fun time

    And I thought faze was good

  • Doral Business Consultants Inc
    Doral Business Consultants Inc

    Face rug you are my most favorite UZload or I watch you every day

  • Sumaiya Meah
    Sumaiya Meah


  • George Alfares
    George Alfares

    Faze rug play with ali from the royalty family

  • Justin Putnam
    Justin Putnam

    Faze rug 😍 I love you

  • Milt Govereau
    Milt Govereau

    So whens game two???👻👻👻

  • John Miller
    John Miller

    Mad low roof

  • Bryant Neal
    Bryant Neal

    Lucas and Marcus is actually pretty good

  • Bryant Neal
    Bryant Neal

    FaZe Rug why are you losing to Lucas and Marcus

  • G2boost Boost
    G2boost Boost

    rug hella brick he keeps missing his shots

  • Joe Sienerth
    Joe Sienerth

    God y’all are some cheeks bruh lol

  • Jawad Ibrahim
    Jawad Ibrahim


  • g4mer

    i dont know who gonna win and i cant pick anyone both of u are my fav youtubers

  • Kaiak Mskwkw
    Kaiak Mskwkw


  • Mystic Gaming
    Mystic Gaming


  • Suhail Nayyer
    Suhail Nayyer


  • Satvinder Sihra
    Satvinder Sihra


  • juned khan
    juned khan

    Imma coment for lucas and marcus I did it for u also!!! Love you all :D

  • Faysal Omar
    Faysal Omar

    for luck

  • Tvalle01

    Faze rug

  • Gedi .s.
    Gedi .s.

    Did anyone notice that Lucas and Marcus were taller than rug this is bs.