Godzilla vs. Kong MOVIE REVIEW + Group Reaction (Non Spoiler): uzload.info/fun/pIKtoWWa14yNuKM/video
OH SNAP!! So many easter eggs & theories that seem very likely to come true as these two titans duel it out! Here's our REACTION to 3c Films' 5 Theories From Godzilla Vs Kong Trailer To Blow Your Mind!
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Godzilla Vs Kong | WHO WILL WIN & WHY! (Prediction): uzload.info/fun/i2mbjGW1o26K2Gg/video
GODZILLA VS KONG - TRAILER REACTION: uzload.info/fun/e6OVoquak6umtoU/video
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0:00 Intro & Theory 1 MechaGodzilla Origin / Appearance (King Ghidorah)
5:45 Theory 2 Battle Axe Origin
9:14 Theory 3 Hollow Earth Theory
10:42 Theory 4 FAKE GODZILLA
16:40 Theory 5 Film’s Ending & Final Thoughts
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  • The Reel Rejects
    The Reel Rejects

    Godzilla vs. Kong MOVIE REVIEW + Group Reaction (Non Spoiler): uzload.info/fun/pIKtoWWa14yNuKM/video What theories do ya'll have?! - Smash that *LIKE* Button If You're Excited For This Flick! - More Vids From 3C Films, Click Here: uzload.infovideos

    • Gerson Linares
      Gerson Linares

      I think Mechagodzilla is from outer space and aliens are inside it controlling it

    • Regin The Honey Badger
      Regin The Honey Badger

      @Gerson Linares exactly

    • Gerson Linares
      Gerson Linares

      @Regin The Honey Badger that's a good one,what if kong is mechagodzilla?

    • arfan

      Yo it could be mecha Godzilla Vs Kong and Godzilla

    • Gerson Linares
      Gerson Linares

      I think I know what's gonna happen,throughout the whole fight it's mechagodzilla in disguise and when Kong goes for the death blow with the axe that's when the skin comes off and that's the big reveal,and what's sad is that I think Kong is going to die

  • Warren Egerton
    Warren Egerton

    What I don’t get is how gadzilla has a different hand cus in Godzilla king of the monsters he had normal hands but now he go spikes on it

  • Savvas V
    Savvas V

    Who's been messing up everything its been mechagodzilla all along

  • Mr Mysterious
    Mr Mysterious

    I have a theorie- 1. Godzilla's ansesters and Kong's ansesters have battled before which Kong's ansesters grabbed a spinal plate off Godzilla's ansesters which made the battle axe :D

  • Liamk4167

    In the 2002 film, Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla, The mecha goji in the movie is made using the original Godzilla’s bones.

  • Austin HorrorGore
    Austin HorrorGore

    I feel like I'm one of the only people that's team Godzilla

  • Blake TFG
    Blake TFG

    I don't think it's mecha godzilla in disguise. I think it's godzilla's son who he also fights in the old movies

  • Chewtton

    The vehicle that is essentially “leading” Kong is called H.E.A.V or the *H*ollow *E*arth *A*nti-gravity *V*ehicle, meaning that they’re not on Skull but instead in the hollow earth, which you can actually tell by how the sky actually just so happens to be just land.

  • Triplej Shop
    Triplej Shop

    Hairy ceeks

  • Carlin Woodyard
    Carlin Woodyard

    They wanted to go with mechaGodzilla to have a real brain because as you know all the time when mechaGodzilla has the face Godzilla he always loses because he’s made of like all this technology

  • Apollo yeet
    Apollo yeet

    I feel like that isn’t Godzilla because of the size. Godzilla was way bigger then he is in the trailer of GvK

  • Lightning Seed
    Lightning Seed

    Avenger level threat: I smell Destroyah

  • Aapi

    8:15 I have a theory. There said that they have fight before. So in first godzilla 2014 there was godzillas bones and if king kong and godzilla have fight before with my opinion i think king kongs and godzillas relatives was fightin before this everything . But if kong won that fight back in the time then it makes sense that there is those godzillas bones

  • Kaleb Curry
    Kaleb Curry


  • Maria Velasco
    Maria Velasco

    Hmm I know is mecha GODZILLA but the Japanese trailer when Godzilla slaps kong looks like real Godzilla but is mecha godzilla

  • ComplexAce

    It real godzilla

  • Tiago Inacio
    Tiago Inacio

    Maybe very random but if you rewatch when kong hits godzilla with the axe, and if you stop before the title come's on, it looks like the metal body from mecha does show up a little bit.

  • David Follower of Jesus Christ
    David Follower of Jesus Christ

    everybody is forgetting about the 50s and 60s monster films


    Plot twist this is actually mecha Kong

  • The Mitch Zone
    The Mitch Zone

    _"King Kong's Ancestors"_ Well, that's a scary thought. With Kong being as big as he is, can you imagine his ANCESTORS?!?? 😱🤯

  • The Mitch Zone
    The Mitch Zone

    I heard that it's canon that Mech Godzilla is controlled by the ORIGINAL (First Ever) Godzilla (aka his SPIRIT) because Mech Godzilla contains his remains. Not sure if it's true tho, especially in the case of this movie. 🤔

  • Thomas Hopper
    Thomas Hopper

    When Kong hit Godzilla, it seems like Hitting Godzilla created some sort of a blast, cuz it seems kong is getting thrown back at the very end... im for Kong tho, cuz he has human futures, he can grab and apes in general are strong af, this man right here, is the size of a skyscraper

  • Dragonite lover 1817 Pokemon Lover
    Dragonite lover 1817 Pokemon Lover

    Godzilla literally evaporated all 3 Gidorah heads how’d they find another head

  • Steven Gutierrez
    Steven Gutierrez

    In Godzilla king of the monsters at the end did you hear the guy say good thing he’s on our side the lady said for now

  • James Desharnais
    James Desharnais

    Godzilla technically wins, but doesn't kill kong bc he stops to fight mechagodzilla, and then needs kong to help team up in order to win

  • liam1630 liam1630
    liam1630 liam1630

    It’s bat man vs super man but way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way better

    • liam1630 liam1630
      liam1630 liam1630

      No more like Way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way Way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way Way Way way way Way way way way way Way Way way way way way way way way better

  • Br8kz

    Quick theory: in the end it shows godzilla face to face with king kong and my theory is that godzilla might think king kong is causing destruction and would want to kill him to save humanity and thats where the real battle begins

  • Logan Chase
    Logan Chase

    That scene in Civil War Bucky and cap vs iron man Godzilla thinks it is another of his kind/for and Bucky, fighting among/ iron man But THEN!!! Godzilla finds out about mecha G and Kong and Godzilla fight together for rest of battle

    • Logan Chase
      Logan Chase

      *Cap and Bucky

  • Socratic Method-Man
    Socratic Method-Man

    The great apes can't swim, so Godzilla can just drown him, it is why Kong never left Skull Island. He could also just stay in the water poping off shots from range. Kong has just too many disadvantages that he would need to overcome to win, it why they gave him a weapon.

    • love memes
      love memes

      If you have seen old Godzilla vs Kong, Kong swam back to skull island

  • Nathen Chisolm
    Nathen Chisolm

    King kooper vs donkey kong

  • Khay Clay
    Khay Clay


  • boba

    Mecha Godzilla: *has giant claws for hands* Godzilla: *has gecko like hands*

  • The Native brand Gaming
    The Native brand Gaming

    I have a theory that Mecha Godzilla is telling the real Godzilla to do this and is manipulating Godzilla into fighting Kong because the person in the room by the screen of mecha Godzilla could be taking orders from someone that does not want Godzilla around like Alan Jonah from king of the monsters.

  • johnny le
    johnny le

    I dont if ya'll notice but the ghidorah brain theyre using in mecha G belongs Kevin.

  • Nor Quian
    Nor Quian

    Maybe he is being controlled my aliens because in one of the godzilla movies he was under control but then got out and turned on them but that's just my theory

  • awsomegamer baconboi
    awsomegamer baconboi


  • ISeriouslyGot

    he doesn't save humanity he just fights to show dominance.

  • Mario M
    Mario M

    The next big team up might be Godzilla team vs Destoroyah

  • Mr. LoneWolf
    Mr. LoneWolf

    For sure, MechGodzilla vs Kong, and at the end real GODZILLA will appear...

  • Smoking monkey
    Smoking monkey

    I think when Kong hits Godzilla with the battle axe and the explosion happened after that then I think mecha Godzilla gonna show up

  • Andreas Febrianto Siahaan
    Andreas Febrianto Siahaan


  • John kight
    John kight

    Maybe Godzilla attacked the ships because Godzilla sensed a titan that hadn’t bowed to him. Or maybe Kong species lost the war with Godzilla’s species and were banished to Skull Island. And as long as Kong stays there, Godzilla leaves him alone.

  • John kight
    John kight

    It would be a good way to introduce the Jaegars from Pacific Rim into the monsterverse. Or at least the concept of Jaegars.

  • Sammy C
    Sammy C

    3c is a beast

  • Aleksandar Radovanovic
    Aleksandar Radovanovic

    I hope there's not gonna be more trailers. This one is perfect and quite enough. Besides, due to covid ruining profits, they need to cut on marketing costs.

  • Bluepacman13

    Godzilla is a walking nuclear plant. If Kong were to go through with that axe and force Godzilla's radioactive blast back into him.. then it would cause a nuclear explosion which would in turn kill Kong himself. Not a smart idea if that's the case.

  • Angel Otero
    Angel Otero

    there's gotta be a plot twist to trick you

  • Lukas Verduzco
    Lukas Verduzco

    I have a theory: In the first movie with Mechagodzilla, he had a disguise that made him look like the real Godzilla. But that disguise was destroyed and revealed the mechanical menace underneath. Could this Mechagodzilla be using the same disguise as the original man made monster?

  • Michael Ramirez
    Michael Ramirez

    And he's known as King Kong,

  • Michael Ramirez
    Michael Ramirez

    There not calling him King Kong, Just King,

  • Michael Ramirez
    Michael Ramirez

    Godzilla killed kongs hole family,

  • Michael Ramirez
    Michael Ramirez

    I want to see king Kong break it off of Godzilla's back,

    • henry gamer tv
      henry gamer tv

      Me too

  • Vampirerockstar

    Big possible spoiler alert So a channel I watch saying that mecha G is created around the Skeleton of a dead godzilla and has the memories of ghidorah please that with a grain of salt

  • Mazin The King
    Mazin The King

    Guys Did you See The Mecha Godzilla In The Starting Because When Kong And Godzilla Are Gonna Fight Their Gonna Have a Draw and Them The Mecha Godzilla Will Come And Attack The City So Mecha Godzilla Is Gonna Be Very Strong For One Of Them To Take On So Their Gonna Team Up And Destroy Mecha Godzilla After That Both Of Them Will Become Friends And Live Peacefully.

  • Link Aron
    Link Aron

    *****You need to talk about this theory. I believe this is the right one.******* You guys are missing the obvious plot and details that the previous movies and this trailer have laid out for us. It is really, Godzilla vs. Kong. in the trailer, they state that something is provoking Godzilla to attack humanity. The real Godzilla is pissed and attacking because the people that he his protecting to keep balance on earth are throwing things out of balance bu taking the dead skeleton of one of his ancestors, the brain and the regeneration factor of ghidorah, and creating a bio weapon. We humanity are screwing up the balance and now the god is pissed. Monarch try to get Kong to stop him and the terrorists from KoM are using their new bio weapon. Once the bio weapon gets out of control like Godzilla knows it will and the reason hes pissed off in the first place. The King and the God have to team up to fight this bio weapon that humans have unleaded. ****Please get this out there*****

  • Necrotic Rose
    Necrotic Rose

    Guarantee that they’ll team up on mecha and once their done they’ll both be so damaged they’ll look at each other and go “another day” and then turn away

  • Crainer Biggest Fan
    Crainer Biggest Fan

    If there’s super man vs bat man and there’s Godzilla vs Kong they should make Avengers vs justice league who agrees

  • Justin Maddox
    Justin Maddox

    I just notice in the trailer some one said Godzilla destroying buildings and they dont know why . They said something like that

  • Bob ert
    Bob ert

    I like the trailer but idk how i feel about the axe. That feels like a copout to me. I don't remember Kong having a magic axe in any of the movies in the past but without it there is no way he can win. In the trailer we see Godzilla slice through an armored battleship with his fins like it was nothing but Kong was able to be held by chains. Are we to believe he just ripped it off when the ship did no damage to them and he didn't break his chains? Plus it doesn't make sense why the atomic blast is pulled to the axe. He has it above his head in the shot so why would godzilla even aim at the axe and not the rest of his body.

  • Analiza Malabanan
    Analiza Malabanan

    Kong:goes for head Godzilla:you shouldn’t have done that activates burning mode! Kong :heck


    The battle axe blade looks like kongs ancestors killed one of Godzilla's ancestors and crafted a axe out of Its back fins.tgen passed it down.

  • 4lpha !
    4lpha !

    So another point at the skin suit: mechagodzilla charges atomic breath from top to bottom. Godzilla charges atomic breath from bottom to top. In the one frame in the city, the charge of that Godzilla comes from top to bottom. In the trailer we're seeing a lot of "tip of the hats" to the originals, right? Like, when Godzilla fought Kong the first time, Godzilla wasn't a protagonist yet so Kong was there to save everyone. The whole trailer kinda nods in that direction and plays off what we expect. It doesn't fit with the current narrative since they're both saviors, but that's where the "history of fighting" comes in. When we see mechagodzilla and Godzilla fight originally, its Godzilla that wears him down and the godzilla suit he's wearing. I think, given the history of the movies and how they tend to change directions or carve new paths relative to the old versions, Kong will fight Mecha and wear him and the Godzilla suit down. At that point, cat's out of the bag and Mecha is seen in that one scene as himself. I don't think we saw the final fight battleground at all in this trailer - I think thats somewhere else with Kong and Godzilla teaming up against Mecha (humans being responsible for bad things waking up or happening or being the bad guys is also a dominant element in all of the monsterverse movies) Alternatively, the trailer makes us believe that Kong is the one they're bringing because its our last chance...and given they're Monarch people (an organization that tends to be at odds with their own governments views) Kong is Monarch's answer, but Mecha is the governments answer but that leads to a different plot where Godzilla is likely being controlled (the toys do have some sort of device attached to his body) so that Mecha can get the greenlight to be built in the first place/Kong come over to save people. And again, an alternate, lol, it being shown that Kong and Godzilla are ancient enemies might be the motivating factor for Mecha having a Godzilla suit (to spur the conflict) but I haven't explored that plot idea too much, doesn't feel as strong.

  • Zsolt Horváth
    Zsolt Horváth

    Kong's axe maybe from M.U.T.O bones cuz its blowing red

  • Anthony Flores
    Anthony Flores


  • Marshall Morris
    Marshall Morris

    One thing I haven't seen discussed is how they've made the Kaiju intelligent, possibly even sentient, creatures. Kong was never a tool-maker in the originals, not was there ever any discussion of his and Godzilla's ancestors. I am so on board with this. It takes what we know and makes it so much deeper than just giant monsters fighting. They really are creating some MCU-level lore here, and I am loving this. Cannot wait to see this movie! Thanks for reading, and keep up the great reactions! \m/

  • gaming with gab babasanta
    gaming with gab babasanta

    godzilla is soo strong he is a robot

  • Edward Alexander
    Edward Alexander

    If King Kong grabs Godzilla's tail from a sideswipe and yells "Noooo" we have officially hit Planet of the Apes territory.

  • Umer Gul Muhammad
    Umer Gul Muhammad


  • Mr Google
    Mr Google

    Kong is fighting Mechagodzilla thats not Godzilla

  • some Nederlands and en engels
    some Nederlands and en engels

    I think godzilla is being mind controlled 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Creeper

    I feel like when kong hits godzilla with the battle axe it well reveal nigga godzilla

    • Creeper

      Mecha godzilla

  • Alan Ramsay
    Alan Ramsay

    Mecha Godzilla has been confirmed by Funko so he's probably the real bad guy of the film.

  • Omega Gaming YT
    Omega Gaming YT

    What if mecha Godzilla is actually going to be a suit of armor Like maybe Kong severely wounds Godzilla and he almost dies again and they try to save him

  • HybridMemorieZ

    what if ghidorah head is used in mecha godzilla and then later in the film turns in to mecha ghidorah and the real godzilla turns up and helps kong fight it

  • Tyler W
    Tyler W

    I feel like Kong is fighting the mechagodzilla while on the carrier hence the size comparison being equal

  • Bono Rutin
    Bono Rutin

    The axe is the other godzilla bones that is why the axe glow when get the atomic breath

  • scarrillo2005

    And they cut off the wings of ghidorah and turned into robotic hands from inside of outside of mecha godzilla body

  • scarrillo2005

    I think mecha godzilla inside of him I think it’s controlled by the body of ghidorah and head but the humans cut the body to the perfect fit of mechagodzilla’s body

  • Sumone._. else
    Sumone._. else

    Watch both Godzilla's jump kong💀💀

  • Valentina Simmons
    Valentina Simmons

    I thought that scene where he's wacking those winged creatures was a scene from the past. When the child's protector was talking about an old war...👀 I'm down with the pocket world theory though. Chris is on point 👌 I'm even more excited for this now!

  • Nathan Cordell
    Nathan Cordell

    I think we’re getting straight up good trailer manipulation. Like infinity war did with showing hulk in the trailer, then seeing hulk buster leading most to obviously think Tony is in hulk buster, yet Tony was actually on another planet, no hulk at all and banner in hulk buster. I think some of the shots we see of Godzilla will actually be Mecha in the movie. Who knows 🤷‍♂️ you know it’s a good trailer when there’s dozens of very detailed theories lol

  • Alfredo Cervante
    Alfredo Cervante

    Hmm yeah I could see that mechagodzilla is in disguise they did it when he was first introduced in 1974. Favorite film

  • MRbug

    so kong is thor and godzilla is thanos but kong is gonna go for the head first

  • Black Racer
    Black Racer

    14:47 my theory is Kong will fight Godzilla and Godzilla is not attacking people but he is attacking the facilities of APEX (the foundation that made Mecha G-man), and then Kong and Godzilla fights and Kong win (they were fighting in Hong Kong) and you can see in the first scene of the trailer the people running down stairs look like they Chinese, so kong will fight mecha G-man and he will be nearly loosing so MONRACH wilm know that Godzilla was stopping the creation of Mecha G-man, Kong will team up with Godzilla and defeat MechaGodzilla


    I think it is a skin suit and when he hits him the face it’s sheds off and they reveal the chrome side of his face he then almost beats Kong and that’s when the real Godzilla emerges from the water drawn there from all the fighting and vibration

  • CursedHatter

    another interesting note the aircrafter fight makes no sense cause past movie godzilla is way bigger than them now so thats super odd

  • Dino Aidan 26
    Dino Aidan 26

    If they have mechagodzilla... mechani-kong?

  • Naru Otsutsuki
    Naru Otsutsuki

    I think Godzilla is agressive because he can sense something is off, something is very very wrong as if his "enemy" is still alive but he can't find him. He is searching "Him" and is absolutely reckless doing it because this "enemy" is dangerous and can take his "throne" or something. For the tiny mens however they decide to fight a God with a King. Godzilla and Kong are fighting because of past rivalry but here is the thing, Godzilla became agressive because of "something else", not Kong and That something is "MechaGidora".

  • Daymon Winder
    Daymon Winder

    Just taking a stab at this. We start off with the destruction, seemingly caused by Godzilla. Since Godzilla is the alpha, there's no one to challenge him. The humans figure out that there was a titan that was able to resist the alpha call. So they figure its their best shot at taking on Godzilla. Since he has this bond with the little girl. They figure they can aid him in becoming the new alpha. Since he's a primape and probably more intelligent, it could lead to better communication. Using the girl, at least they could persuade Kong to fight, if its in the her best interests. They go to Skull Island and incompasitate Kong and load him onto the barge. While transporting Kong, Godzilla attacks the fleet. Now, this is the real Godzilla. He doesn't like that some titan has been wreaking havoc on his turf, aka the world. So he assumes that it's probably this one, and attacks the fleet. They fight briefly, Godzilla probably gets the upper hand, but realizes that it couldn't have been Kong, letting up, Kong sees it as an opening and pushes Godzilla in the water. The ship drops bombs on him, so now he's provoked and seeing Kong as a threat. He blast the carrier. Kong ends up in the water, and Godzilla attacks him. At an extreme disadvantage, not being able to swim, Godzilla just drags him down. Kong is able to fight him off but ends up in a current that brings him into the hollow earth where there's air to breathe. Kong wants to find a way out and return to his island. Kong goes on a journey, following some clues, and comes across the axe amongst remains of others of his species. Back on the surface, there is more destruction, by what appears to be Godzilla. Something is wrong though. While tracking Godzillas movements, Madison figures out that it can't be our friendly neighborhood Godzilla that we all know and love. There must be a 2nd Godzilla? So they try to figure out where this other Godzilla might show up next. Maybe try to lead the real Godzilla there. Anyways Kong figures a way out of the hollow Earth but he's like somewhere in Antarctica. Since Monarch found Godzillas lair in Antarctica, Im sure theyve increased their activity there as well. So they come across Kong, who may be unconscious, because he is warm blooded, and acclimated to a tropical climate. They get him to warmer climates as quickly as possible. Probably awakens during transit and then he goes apeshit because he's in chains but they've transported the girl there in case this happened and she's able to calm him down. Meanwhile Madison figures out where this other Godzilla is gonna show up. She gets this information to Monarch. And they deliver Kong there. Sure enough, there is a Godzilla there. There's something different though. There's no roar. Just Godzilla attacking the city. Kong really wants a rematch though, and he brought a little something to help level the playing field. He goes on the offensive. Catching Godzilla off guard, he begins his assault. Kong smashing Godzilla with his axe over and over. Godzilla fights back though and is able to knock Kong away with a swing of his tail. Godzilla charges up his atomic breath. So Kong leaps off some buildings and into the air. Godzilla fires at him. Kong blocking it with his. It absorbs the energy of the blast, charging up Kongs attack as he brings the axe down on Godzillas head. An explosion of energy comes from the point of impact and Kong is sent flying back. When the smoke clears. Godzilla is still standing, but its not Godzilla. Its motherfucking MechaGodzilla in disguise. Only thing is, that he's really fucked up from that huge hit to the dome. Can't really do much anymore. The sun is starting to come up and Kong is recovering. Seeing MechaGodzilla there. He attacks again. Being pretty much unfunctional, Kong easily turns MG to scrap metal. Just then, we hear that iconic roar. Its for real about to go down, because now it's the real Godzilla. Lured to the city by the destruction. Godzilla roars at Kong to submit to him, the Alpha. Kong ain't having that shit though. He got his axe, he just whooped that hunk of junks ass. These hands rated GL for Giant Lizard today. Godzilla sees the axe, and is all "yo that's my spike, give that shit back." Kong all like "just come and take it lizard ass bitch." Godzilla don't like that so he attacks, but Kong is too quick though. With his axe, and his ability. He's just all over Godzilla. Godzilla gotta get some licks in though. The real Godzilla just can't go out like a bitch. They fight it out a bit more and Godzilla is able to charge up a blast. The axe absorbs the attack. Godzilla stops his attack, and Kong goes to attack with his charged up axe but Godzilla is able to deflect it with his tail. Knocking it from his hand. He attacks with his fist though. Landing blow after blow on Godzilla. Godzilla lunges at him, but Kong catches him and tosses him. Godzilla crashes to the ground. Kong goes and picks up his axe. Godzilla is struggling to get up, the ape has been a formidable opponent. Kong approaches him, axe in hand. Godzilla finally getting to his feet. They stare at each other, seemingly ready for round 2. Then Godzilla falls to his knees, in submission. Bowing to his new alpha. KING KONG. King Kong let's out a hardened roar. Proclaiming his victory. Then Godzilla leaves. Goes to heal up from that ass whoopin. Kong left Skull Island, just an ordinary monstrously large ape, now he is returning a King.

    • abcdefghi jklmnop
      abcdefghi jklmnop

      Nice one man👍

  • PongKnuckle

    They'll prob end this with Kong finding a mate in that otherworld/hollow earth.

  • cole smith
    cole smith

    I predict and hope they go with this: kong wins the first fight at the beginning but Godzilla wins the second at the end but spares kongs life. Both of there arches are completed and they both survive. Kong continues his bloodline and Godzilla redeems him self. They don’t need meca Godzilla to tell this story but might be good filler. What do you guys think?

  • Geuse_Man Gaming
    Geuse_Man Gaming

    Optimus Primal Vs Megatronus looks lit as fuck

  • Louis prandas divino
    Louis prandas divino

    If King Kong is on godzilla backs it means Godzilla is bigger than Kong 😊✌️

  • drpepper1756

    The first fight might be the real godzilla. But other fights could be mecha godzilla.

  • Shine

    i think it’s the real godzilla. people say “he helped humans in the other movies” which isn’t entirely true. he was killing species he felt threatened by. he prob killed thousands by stepping on them

    • Shine

      @Marcus Stevens i’m not saying he wants to destroy humanity. my point is that he’s not actively saving the humans. he’s just killing prey

    • Marcus Stevens
      Marcus Stevens

      I guess, but... if he wanted to wipe out humanity, wouldn't he just do it at the end of King of Monsters? When he had an army of monsters RIGHT THERE?

  • Time to play Nation
    Time to play Nation

    Yay my parents rejected me I’m a failure

  • Shawn Matthew Lagumbay
    Shawn Matthew Lagumbay

    i wonder that you predict the running time.

  • Not yellow
    Not yellow

    the real villain of godzilla vs kong is the pandemic

  • Branden game plays
    Branden game plays

    Godzilla (gets nuked and is stronger) Jets (maybe a small missile will work)

  • Ethan Henrichs
    Ethan Henrichs

    The thing is, even though people want real Kong and real Godzilla, no one wants either to die.