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    My grandma is friends with chupacabra off-road and my dad is to!

  • Robert Matzen
    Robert Matzen


  • Knz B
    Knz B

    Brendan i would love to meet your mum

  • LaFondaProductions

    Brandon, I work at a dealership in Texas. Just so you know, I beat all prices. And think it would be cool so hook you up with any accessories you need. We can drop ship

  • Bree Porter
    Bree Porter

    Hello my nephew is a huge fan . His name is Austin and he is only 10 years old . 2 days ago he got I to a horrible atv accident and broke his neck and every bone in his mouth. Could you contact him to left his spirits?

  • Ty M
    Ty M

    At least blow out the cluch with a air compressor!!!!!

  • Tallon Castillo
    Tallon Castillo

    Keep doing the best vids

  • Njoki Njuguna
    Njoki Njuguna

    What is the name of the song at the end of the video?

  • Jaxon Seals
    Jaxon Seals

    Gave. Me. The. Key

  • Racerstar7

    Did anyone else get a polaris ad after he said he doesn't want it to rattle like one

  • Rovers 3030
    Rovers 3030

    Braydon: “I am in love with these handles” Me: MARRY THEM!

  • Blake The onehanded gamer
    Blake The onehanded gamer


  • Mindy Tiesmeyer
    Mindy Tiesmeyer

    I love your videos my brother has jet for wheelers

  • Odell Tolson
    Odell Tolson


  • Odell Tolson
    Odell Tolson


  • Ethan Mullis
    Ethan Mullis

    My 17th birthday is coming up on the 28 and I want to do mud videos but I don’t have the money for it or even a four wheeler

  • Mike A
    Mike A

    Your mom is a hottie

  • Tristan Smith
    Tristan Smith

    Must need a windshield

  • Landon Norred
    Landon Norred

    What is that song at the beginning, if you know reply to me

  • Double trouble Vlogs
    Double trouble Vlogs

    U got to get a jet ski u said u would

  • that mustang guy
    that mustang guy

    The defender builds my fav

  • Heather Hurlburt
    Heather Hurlburt

    I go to squirrel hunting😛😛😛😛

  • Heather Hurlburt
    Heather Hurlburt

    I love hunting like you do

  • Colton Gilbert
    Colton Gilbert

    I do

  • that mustang guy
    that mustang guy

    U could have put them lower on the bars

  • Jared Rotundo
    Jared Rotundo

    They just act like children

  • Kelsey Miller
    Kelsey Miller


    • Kelsey Miller
      Kelsey Miller


  • Hudsen Stasny
    Hudsen Stasny

    Lol next video (guys I locked myself out of the x3)

  • Taylon Calloway
    Taylon Calloway

    Do not under estimate the rangers!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gannon Jackson
    Gannon Jackson

    Who else thought the roof was the door

  • Jordan Denney
    Jordan Denney

    Bro u gotta lift it and put some monster tires on it that’d be crazyyyy!!!

  • Kylee McHenry
    Kylee McHenry

    I love I wanna how’ve one like that

  • Marcus Kleinhans
    Marcus Kleinhans

    well boys we’re still going to send er

  • Bbvv Chicci
    Bbvv Chicci

    Hey man congrats on 1 million subscribers

  • Julie Lokahi
    Julie Lokahi

    iwont the hadls

  • Ya boi Maverick
    Ya boi Maverick

    You should get the race car seat belts

  • Ya boi Maverick
    Ya boi Maverick

    It said Maverick on the driver side and my name is Maverick

  • Chad Seay
    Chad Seay


  • Chad Seay
    Chad Seay

    hey i’m a big fan will you plz snap me on snapchat

  • Talan_ 3133
    Talan_ 3133

    How fast were you going with your mom

  • Robdawg Warner
    Robdawg Warner

    Braydennn. We need pit bike content bro.

  • Sarah Clements
    Sarah Clements

    You gotta get some pro armor A114220 4 point harnesses

  • XxSniperEite20 Civ-99
    XxSniperEite20 Civ-99

    Next you need a windshield and then remove the governor

  • Michael Newkirk
    Michael Newkirk

    That comment made me sad since we have two badass Polaris Utvs

  • Brayden Morrison
    Brayden Morrison

    Belt 🔥🔥 up

  • Reese Dean
    Reese Dean

    Blow them clutches off with air

  • Ayy Zoner
    Ayy Zoner

    Who else wants brayden to get a mulllet😂

  • Thomas Tatum
    Thomas Tatum

    If it was a Honda it would not need tools 🤣🤣

  • Annalise Clayton
    Annalise Clayton

    brayden ur an idiot canam is for city people like you

  • L

    U should do show me you pity's merch

  • Maria de jesus Zuñiga
    Maria de jesus Zuñiga


  • G1u71n19 Caton
    G1u71n19 Caton

    The X.3 is savage

  • Blued 123
    Blued 123

    Honda talon over can am

  • Deegan Tyler
    Deegan Tyler

    You need to start filming videos with Julie ass again.

  • Frank Edwards
    Frank Edwards

    I love you daddy

  • Taylor Spencer
    Taylor Spencer

    i loved the old vids with Braydon, Julius and James in monte those were fun

  • Dillon Reynolds
    Dillon Reynolds

    Helo nay

  • Sport Gamer
    Sport Gamer

    Honda talon is better

  • Isaac White
    Isaac White

    what happened to larry😢

  • Lane Atchley
    Lane Atchley

    Turbo r or rr

  • cameron dauzat
    cameron dauzat

    They so proud of that shitty ass x3

  • Bobby English
    Bobby English


  • _bradyn_

    the funny part he owned a poleres

  • Oscar Gomez
    Oscar Gomez

    youtube paychecks must be gettin better

  • rgrigsby197

    Make more videos with Julius

  • Chrxme Unknown
    Chrxme Unknown

    10:07 thats polaris lol

  • Chrxme Unknown
    Chrxme Unknown

    i dont get how he went from having 2 polaris's to none and now making fun of them..

  • Spencer Kee
    Spencer Kee

    16:29 I wanna live just a little bit longer

  • xierxu

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  • Jake Trevathan
    Jake Trevathan

    6:41 😂😂

  • preston plays
    preston plays

    How come Julius is never in any more of your videos

  • Gunner Collier
    Gunner Collier

    Yo that’s sick

  • Theresa Fuselier
    Theresa Fuselier

    Give me a grizzly Silsbee Texas

  • Jacob Walker
    Jacob Walker

    "why does can-am not do this factory?" Cause its not Polaris

  • Melody Skies
    Melody Skies

    Bro put a 200mm precision turbo with 2000 shot of nitrous and make 1000 hp or engine swap it for a boxer engine or maybe a jzx100 or say fuck it and drop a LSX in that bitch and have some bald eagles come flying out of the headers

  • Zachary Griffin
    Zachary Griffin

    Brake cleaner and compressed air to clean that belt box..... best route to go

  • Kelly Boon
    Kelly Boon

    I want one

  • jbw5485

    Did can am or the dealership ever reach out to you about the drain plug? I would assume that along with a thousand other things are on a checklist. Should’ve been verified by factory AND dealership.

  • Cason and Damien
    Cason and Damien

    Put a lift kit on the side by side bro!

  • Jeff Clay
    Jeff Clay

    Yo hmu wot your momma number. Im trtin be your "uncle" 😅😅🤣

  • Jeff Clay
    Jeff Clay

    What model oneida you got hanging up above where u opend mirrors

  • ChucknEileen Nelson
    ChucknEileen Nelson

    I wish so much I owned this side by side

  • Kaylee Humfleet
    Kaylee Humfleet


  • Jessica M
    Jessica M

    is that julias$

  • Dominic Cimini
    Dominic Cimini

    He needs a wind sheild

  • Justin Donley
    Justin Donley

    When will the hoddies be back in stock adult small

  • Justin Donley
    Justin Donley

    Get a banshee

  • Joshua White
    Joshua White

    6:34 lol keep it going braydon I just sunk my brand new Yamaha grizzly 660 with a snorkel in a pond rip

  • 4 speed Garage
    4 speed Garage

    Put some slicks on it and do some launches

  • BigCracka 65
    BigCracka 65

    You need to make one of them crazy builds. Put a lift on her and throw some southern star rims on there and get them powder coated sum cool lol

  • discocrazy 2006
    discocrazy 2006

    Yo brayden I could use some grab handles for my dirt bike

  • The_SMAN_99

    “Get Your Merch Get Your First Link In The Description”

  • Rashes Alkaabi
    Rashes Alkaabi

    put the wight key it will reach 120

  • Blaise Bice
    Blaise Bice

    Do a dirt bike video go to Carolina adventure world or somewhere and ride dirt bikes


    Never ride 4x4 on hard pavement

  • Evan Luellen
    Evan Luellen

    You should do a give away on one of your bows

  • Blackcrackervlogs _
    Blackcrackervlogs _

    Julius Accent

  • bwcox10

    Do a speed test

  • V7 Smoth
    V7 Smoth

    I want me and my friends to have the relationship you and your friends have!

  • Dark

    Bring back julius!!!!!