I Went UNDERCOVER in a JONESY ONLY Tournament! (Fortnite)
I stream sniped my girlfriend's Jonesy skins only tournament in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6 gameplay with Typical Gamer!
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  • Jamarkius xman908
    Jamarkius xman908

    1:29 why he get up like that 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    cool video


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    My is black

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    5:29 i didnt know michale Jackson had a bet chicken the chicken just said hehe

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    The edits for his videos along time ago were ok but now all of his vids are fire

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    Tg does not edit he has a editer

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    He don't actually post every day tho

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    Jacob lol

    Typical gamer

  • *meow*

    Sooooo the thumbnail says jonsey only but it’s a jonsey sneaking into the jonsey only tournament??? I’m confused

  • Dean Martinez
    Dean Martinez

    Nice fam!!!

  • Nathan Bowen
    Nathan Bowen

    thats a weird voice

  • Nathan Bowen
    Nathan Bowen

    0:00 what the heckk

  • Baback Fernard
    Baback Fernard

    It looks more like Thebig Lebowfski's relaxed outfit than thor in pants!

  • David Bologna
    David Bologna

    I literally died when he didn’t make a purple pump Edit: he made the pump I posted the comment as soon as he made it

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    Levi Gzz

    Fm the yday is the link between my phone in your car I can go in the car for the morning I’ll see if you can

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    I Like your cut g 👋

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    it turns white

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    can you see if your girlfriend will steam costumes at around 4:00

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    6:35 kinda cracked

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    Is no one finna talk about this?? 4:19

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  • El congo Santiago nyc
    El congo Santiago nyc


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    We all like the “charsard” in the background man

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    Cuz it’s a water pot

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    He wrote jonesy the wrong way in the thumbnail

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    My name is jaleel

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    y( ufUF.t time I am available to

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    Scott Hines

    Yeuey was the first to 7th 6

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    Holy jesus what is that WHAT THO F IS THAT

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    My was blue

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    UH UH BuLlEt To ThE lEfT bUlLeT tO tHe RiGht 4:16 XD

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    Jesus have you another life


    It turned white

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    Aryan Aryanibossyo

    it turn red

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    Mikel Whitehead

    Is that a real character i meane fr

  • Solomonster Gaming
    Solomonster Gaming

    WAT THE HELL BRO BRiNG POOPER in fortnite and my goodness this time u were smoking the whole lobby of honestly ur a blue fruit salad with black beans and my figure in it god

    • Solomonster Gaming
      Solomonster Gaming

      Yaaaaaaaaamaaaaaaabaaaaa itsssssss aàaalaalay mememememememememememem3eeeeeeeeeee3333333 bto

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  • the burton gamer
    the burton gamer

    You forget peely do you not remember the peely trailer

  • the burton gamer
    the burton gamer

    Why are you sneaking into your girl friends torment and WHY DOES SHE DO SO MANY

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    it tarned gray

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    Try to kil 99 players with the Raz bow

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    How fake

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  • Fortnite Epicz
    Fortnite Epicz

    game or can you play with me I like your videos

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    Parker Hoban

    You should tell samara how many kills you have

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    The chicken just said he he

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    Btw I hope Samara is feeling ok

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    I got Jonjy The first for free

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    10:21 typicals clean teeth

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    its stuff like this that still makes me play fortnite

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    The “ oh my gawwwwwwd”

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    Bro evere time when andra wins he screamed

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    4:00 DABABY 2.0