Swainoh - No Sweat (Official Video)

  • Eleven Bravo
    Eleven Bravo

    Swainoh, bro, I don't know if you will ever read this, but if you do, DONT EVER STOP MAKING MUSIC. You are really top 3 in Michigan and easily one of my favorite artist. Your creativity is straight fire and unique, unlike a lot of these Michigan rappers. You speak from the heart, have a lot of substance, but yet still manage to keep it saucy and hood. Shit real mf can vibe to! Your name will be a household name in America, and that's facts. Keep it up my guy.

  • IAmGravie


  • Dr. TalkSick
    Dr. TalkSick

    Someone make a lyric video for this 🔥 🔥 track

  • Collin Hall
    Collin Hall

    This guy swainohs a clown, hella people bought your merch and got nothing. Scamming your main support system for a few dollars? Thats fucked up

  • Justin Overholt
    Justin Overholt

    Swainoh best outta the D OMM

  • Purpps Wife
    Purpps Wife

    this mans gonna blow up this year

  • Nick Trujillo
    Nick Trujillo

    Jammin that Detroit sound way down in Florida 🔥💯 keep grindin

  • Harrison Higgins
    Harrison Higgins

    Swainoh gives me polo g vibes 🔥

  • Johnal Correa
    Johnal Correa

    Follow you since vine swain 🤟🏾💯💯

  • Breeana Scott
    Breeana Scott

    bro went in 🗣🗣

  • flamenco sketch
    flamenco sketch

    bro this craaaaazy

  • G C
    G C


  • Alan

    ride wit me, vibe wit me , come get high wit me..

  • Riley Mcgrath
    Riley Mcgrath

    U my favorite rapper ever like u inspire me

  • Kaden

    I like his harder shit no autotune but when he uses autotune its so good

  • Riley Mcgrath
    Riley Mcgrath

    Keep it up G u will blow up soon

  • Freshkolor

    I listen to the track on a daily. This dude speaks from the heart and really gets you into his flow.

  • Mason Veselik
    Mason Veselik

    Watched you on vine, stopped listening when you blocked me for a 1 sentance honest criticism on one of your songs. What happened to your dress style? You get some money and lost it

  • Tezylmao


  • Trevor Pope
    Trevor Pope

    legend! 🔥🔥🔥💯🚫🧢

  • 1295DMAC

    You ain’t got no choice but to vibe to it ✅🔥

  • Curtis Flint
    Curtis Flint


  • john grassel
    john grassel

    That Empire shit about to have this up and stuxk. Ghazi a good man.

  • vogk


  • Hellmann Rosecrown
    Hellmann Rosecrown

    Best Rapper- change my mind

  • Paul Nicholas
    Paul Nicholas

    Got yourself a new fan from British Columbia, Canada

  • Dominic Borgert
    Dominic Borgert

    His music hits different when you’re goin thru it

  • dazed9885

    Damn. That last line .. you got it mane please keep moving forward

  • Rich Militia
    Rich Militia

    Lemme get cop that jacket off you

  • bedtimeboy

    this is fire

  • CGcreations

    Tik tok guy trey little vs swainoh music compared??? ... I kno this guy from being a gmebe bands fan... rip

  • Justice Letain
    Justice Letain

    Song slaps Swainoh next up frrrr

  • MikeWill RL
    MikeWill RL

    this is it bro

  • Breaking Hearts
    Breaking Hearts

    This beat though. Not one part of this song that doesn't hit. Why are people still sleeping on Swainoh? Its a dam shame.

  • Craig NoDaeDae
    Craig NoDaeDae

    This shit fucking 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Brian Jackson
    Brian Jackson

    My brother spazzed and rode the beat nasty

  • ts okc
    ts okc

    Been a fan since his funny vines lol

  • Krydderbolle

    That jacket hard as fuck

  • Aaron Rodriguez
    Aaron Rodriguez

    Shiii go hard come to Nevada

  • mario gutierrez
    mario gutierrez

    Bro put all your song on Apple Music

  • Angel Delatorre
    Angel Delatorre

    When is that Reggaetón song coming I know you pertorican

  • Holly Ritchie
    Holly Ritchie

    He’s underrated

  • Gutta Scrap
    Gutta Scrap

    absolutely one of the best song ive ever heard

  • Bran508 Don
    Bran508 Don

    Shits hard bro wooooop

  • Deans Revenge
    Deans Revenge

    Been a fan for awhile, my man swainoh inspired me to get to writing what's on my mind, I dont know if the world ready for you big dawg.

  • E7 Cherry. 失敗
    E7 Cherry. 失敗

    literally stole a juice bar LMAO

  • Kristopher Long
    Kristopher Long

    how has this guy not blown up yet?????

  • Tortillero 313
    Tortillero 313

    He should do a freestyle over the Fergalicious beat

  • kkellymarieeexo

    When is this song going to be on Spotify? ❤️

  • Teri Roe
    Teri Roe

    This dude is ruff

  • Eric Engler
    Eric Engler


  • Jake Short
    Jake Short

    RIP BillyDaKid

  • Nick Shaw
    Nick Shaw

    This shit speaks to me

  • brody weller
    brody weller

    What glasses he wearing?

  • Austin Hennessy
    Austin Hennessy

    Keep going you a motivation💯💯 #swainoh you really doing yo thang and it’s definitely a mood man you really out here good shit keep the family tight you and 049 need to drop another vid together soon!

  • good ole Mikk
    good ole Mikk

    This shit should be blazin the radio boss

  • UnKn Potato_head
    UnKn Potato_head

    There's something about this song that needs to be on the top keep it up bro luv the song

  • James J
    James J

    Yooo Damm g heard u on another song but wasn't this type of singing vibe and all honestly disliked it alot. But g this type of singing vibe bro amazing 👏

  • m6rcy


  • Crakus SmokeWax
    Crakus SmokeWax

    gotta me one of my favorites man

  • Tom Froehle
    Tom Froehle

    Bro this dude is nuts every vid should hit a mil. u tellin me trippy red better than this?

  • James Aston
    James Aston

    This shit needs 20 million in god

  • B Gib
    B Gib

    Where the new music @👀

  • Jacob Bottoms
    Jacob Bottoms

    This man gonna be big, keep going bro🖤

  • C Little
    C Little


  • Devon Cooper
    Devon Cooper

    Bro so slept on this a easy 2 mil hit

  • Stefan Lister
    Stefan Lister

    How is this guy not on top top. Thanks ebe bandz for introducing me to this future legend.

  • L S
    L S


  • Darien Williams
    Darien Williams

    This the one I promise you ,your gunna blow after this one #MarkMyWords

  • Yohboyish


  • BrinkConsultants

    Told you he just did a tactical retreat. #Swainoh


    Dope as hell

  • Nels

    When u dropping all these tracks on Apple Music bruh?

  • No Damn Good ent. music promotion.
    No Damn Good ent. music promotion.

    He has so many different flows and cadence so unique. He needs to blow up instead of people like lil pump or lil xan

  • josh l
    josh l

    "& honestly im looking up to people who look down on me" i felt that,this was dope❤

  • DesRosiers

    Detroit what !

  • brody weller
    brody weller

    Gassy ⛽🇨🇦

  • Slam


  • Hollywood Haze
    Hollywood Haze

    I swear this my song for this year 🔥🔥🔥🔥 legendary

  • Hollywood Haze
    Hollywood Haze

    Nigga this sounds like Nipsey 🔥🔥🔥 legend in the making

  • Julien Robinson
    Julien Robinson


  • faze rug
    faze rug

    Damn dis shit 🔥 i listen to this song everyday

  • Jdogg Da Rula
    Jdogg Da Rula

    My favorite rapper. Relate to damn near everything bro say. Shit too raw mfn fye 🎯🔥

  • Christian Estrada
    Christian Estrada

    This dude is underrated. He should definitely be famous by now

  • Terrence Stredder
    Terrence Stredder

    Still don't get why this dude at 50k views with shit this like this??? so underrated..

  • Gabriel Finn
    Gabriel Finn

    10k more views in two days 👀

  • seth shaw
    seth shaw

    show him that you would not tell him.. talk is cheap.

  • Jerodkills2many

    Good ass song

  • Ryan Asher
    Ryan Asher

    Needs more recognition.

  • Raquel86645

    You never disappoint fr. Every song been fire 🔥💯


    Your new music is the shit, needs to be on itunes foolio

  • Mikel Dripson
    Mikel Dripson

    Brodie got the Drip when he wants to 👌🏽

  • The KhanQuerour
    The KhanQuerour

    If swainoh wasn't white he would've been blown the fk up already.

  • Chanz Wysner
    Chanz Wysner

    I be telling everyone to bump his shit , shit goes hard and hits you in that way

  • Gabriel Finn
    Gabriel Finn

    Thank you UZload for putting this ARTIST in my videos to watch

  • Neeque

    Swainoh boutta blow tf up. Major respect from 🇨🇦

  • kalico1184

    100% organic!!!

  • catgamer20xbox


  • JaeGualla

    Holy shit im boutta promote this so fucking much your killing shit g! Hottest rapper 2020🔥

  • Nikki Baby
    Nikki Baby