What I Cut From The Home Hair Cuts Video (outtakes)
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  • KezziCherri

    imma just guess from this one video that ben is an Aries LMFAO literally going off of how he was cutting Cristine's hair

  • Minh, Khanh Pham
    Minh, Khanh Pham

    please dye ben's hair with nail polish cristine, what were you thinking?

  • C Denny
    C Denny

    Didn’t realize these were outtakes until I read the title again, that’s just how chaotic they are in the regular videos 😂

  • Joyce Ak
    Joyce Ak

    “You don’t know what ur doing” “I do a watched a Brad Mondo video” *mood*

  • Riya G
    Riya G

    Simply, PLEASE collab with Brad Mondo!!!!

  • Gaspar

    This video is like a parallel universe, where Ben acts like a crackhead and Cristine is the opposite.

  • Miranda Larkin
    Miranda Larkin

    Sometimes I forget how long Christine's hair really is

  • Jaykay bts
    Jaykay bts

    I just realised cristine has an upper helix ear piercing. Look 6:34

  • Mynxiish

    Brad Mondo and Simply Hairlogical??? That would've been the best collab everrrrrr

  • Rose Barrett
    Rose Barrett


  • Eleanor Micrazia
    Eleanor Micrazia


  • Gaming With NJ
    Gaming With NJ

    We see you ben at 5:55 we knows what be happening

  • Katapila J
    Katapila J

    It must be so miserable have all that hair especially washing and drying it and brushing if she ever cut her hair her head's going up hills so light and weird until we able to donate it for wigs for cancer

  • Niamh Worrell
    Niamh Worrell

    Bens mood during this video 📈📉📈📉📈📉

  • mei redmond
    mei redmond

    Actually at my hair shop, they offer tea so...

  • Mumble

    It has been 9 months... Sometime I think what I have been doing this 9 months not watching your amazing videos..

  • Charisma Hornum-Fries
    Charisma Hornum-Fries

    Remembering the days wherein Ben was too shy for UZload. That certainly changed.

  • Katie George
    Katie George

    It bothers me how intensely Ben cuts with the scissors 💀

  • Poop NOODLE
    Poop NOODLE

    Also I just love how they’re my new wholesome goofy couple to watch. Appreciative ofJenna and Julian, thankful for Cristine and ben 🥺

  • Poop NOODLE
    Poop NOODLE

    I can’t believe we learned bens preferred music taste in this video and it was better than expected

  • Gees Momma
    Gees Momma

    Cristine you should get those holo extensions or maybe just let brad mondo style your hair

  • Gees Momma
    Gees Momma

    Lmao ben looks jewish lmao

  • MrsHellraizer

    Well it's been a couple of months. Have you guys improved your cutting-skills?🤔

  • Izabella Giroux
    Izabella Giroux

    The only person who I know that looks good with grey hair is suga and that is that

  • Evi


  • SRHamilton

    I'd love to see Cristine with short hair. Omg

  • V Martin
    V Martin

    Nice Dyson dryer! 😏

  • Kay Kay
    Kay Kay

    iJussss wanna say I love your guys relationship I have a feeling god made you guys for each other 💗

  • Yanie Ishak
    Yanie Ishak

    it's a trend now, silver hair. even 20 yo are having silver hair now

  • Tsukipie

    5:40 Me sitting here with silver hair and turning 22 in a month 👁👄👁

  • TTT

    “Why do I trust youu” honey, I don’t think you do...😉

  • deleted account
    deleted account

    She could easily cut her own hair, with That length

  • Teddy bear
    Teddy bear

    Cristine please see this can you make a video about you and Ben on podcast about your jobs cause i want to achieve my goal of having a wealthy -the lesbian named doris

  • Nusayba Chowdhury
    Nusayba Chowdhury

    I’ve decided I want another one of it :D

  • I’m.so. Lonely_11
    I’m.so. Lonely_11

    On my recommend thing said nail art and I pressed on it and I saw your face I’m like “what🤔”

  • Karen Driggers
    Karen Driggers


  • Karen Driggers
    Karen Driggers

    Hi Ben my name is valya but you can call me val I don't have a dad so your my new dad you don't have a choice love val

  • A fan of games and Anime
    A fan of games and Anime

    I still don’t know why Ben didn’t leave you yet

  • * GachaAnarchy *
    * GachaAnarchy *

    That holo brush is everything

  • Jake Hartline
    Jake Hartline

    The ragged physician molecularly serve because clam optionally trust an a neat notify. slippery, mature person

  • fleur

    you look like simplynailogical

    • fleur

      joke btw

  • Elisabeth Nylander
    Elisabeth Nylander

    Do it again!

  • ScReAmInG gOaT
    ScReAmInG gOaT

    What is Logical Yo?!

  • Fatima___sh

    I realized I was watching the outtakes after watching the whole video. I was wondering why this video seemed so unplanned, but it’s cool! 😂

  • Ella Biggin
    Ella Biggin

    She turned down BrAd MOnDo 👁👄👁

    • ScReAmInG gOaT
      ScReAmInG gOaT



    Of course I know what I’m doing I watch the Brad Mondo video 😂😂😂🥰

  • Aziz Azizo
    Aziz Azizo

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  • Beth B
    Beth B

    "wakka wakka wakka wakka" Ben XD

  • Ash JeyJeyfancy
    Ash JeyJeyfancy


  • Natalie

    You look pretty when you’re a blonde you should go back to blonde

  • Lovely Tea
    Lovely Tea

    Why havent you posted on “SiMpLy nOt LoGiCaL?”

  • Natasha - Chillaxed Products
    Natasha - Chillaxed Products

    Christine your hair isn’t straight.

  • Thomas Urbanski Jr.
    Thomas Urbanski Jr.

    Someone needs to tell her about the Holo Chocolate How to Cook That made that is 100% chocolate and 100% edible.

  • Milly Oki
    Milly Oki

    You haven’t posted in 5 months are u ok ????

  • Margaret Thuy
    Margaret Thuy

    is anyone else sad that there’s no “dressing my cats for holoween 4”?

  • Martina Violic
    Martina Violic

    chaotic energy

  • Dixie D'Amelio
    Dixie D'Amelio

    Do a blooper video please!!

  • Dixie D'Amelio
    Dixie D'Amelio

    Why did you stop uploading agh

  • that one psycopath
    that one psycopath

    This is my request if "IM A SOCK" or "IM A HOLO SOCK" merch please make this pleaseeeeeeee 😂😂😂😂

  • hi hello
    hi hello

    No one: Not a soul: Cristine:lOoK aT tHe BaCk Of YoUr hEaD!

  • luv h8rs
    luv h8rs

    HOW LONG DID IT TAKE YOU TO GROW YOUR HAIR OUT?! And How Long Was It Before You Decided Grew It Out?!


    did any one notice that the sweet pants she was wearing were the one's that she said in one her video the ones she called them sexy lady pants

  • Billies ilomilo
    Billies ilomilo

    Christine should rate all her nail Polishes from favorite to least

  • Someone Who Stans Way Too Many Groups
    Someone Who Stans Way Too Many Groups

    Did y'all forget the password to this channel or sumn😂

    • Dixie D'Amelio
      Dixie D'Amelio

      I like your name


    good work greetings from the Indonesian audience

  • Corinne McKenna
    Corinne McKenna

    Much better vid than the original hahah.

  • Houda Niffer
    Houda Niffer

    Yeah she does look nice today😆

  • Dione Fernandes
    Dione Fernandes

    heyo! im 11 years old and i cant send mail to you, because my parents are strict. so ill be commenting instead. im from india but typing this oman!and btw, i get the long hair struggles. ;-; i wish i could show you some fanart i made, but i dont have social media, as i am a mere, child. (yes, im always this smart) XD i hope you see this. and also, to ben, BRING HER THE TEAAA. or just give her love. :) also, give menchie and zyler a big ol hug in my request. im in 6th grade, and its been kinda fun! also, whoever else reads this, i hope you have a nice day! (you too cristine, ben, and menchie and zyler.) pls like so cristine can see! btw, je t'aime!

  • Miss Zee xx
    Miss Zee xx

    ben is so much more Aries here than ive ever seen

  • Annabelle Lorraine
    Annabelle Lorraine

    It’s been 4 months :( we miss you

  • Thurll Liz
    Thurll Liz

    ITS BEEN 4 MONTHS I MISS YOU (yes ik about your other channel it’s not enough)

  • Ksmsms Jsmsm
    Ksmsms Jsmsm

    Where did she go

  • hermyslilsis

    Cristine has such powerful horse energy in this video that I got an ad for a wound treatment product specifically for horses. Never seen it before 😅

  • Zillah Wolff
    Zillah Wolff

    Always love seeing Ben's Aries energy come through in videos.

  • Nike Decke
    Nike Decke

    Who else thought that picture of Cristine with blonde hair looked amazing?🥰😍💖 ❤

  • Матip

    damn why is ben balding tho 🗿

  • aurorablack_

    oMgGg iS hE bAlDiNg

  • Kshiti's edits
    Kshiti's edits

    This channel is dead guys....

  • Ashe

    what happened to you🥺

  • Trap Queens
    Trap Queens

    Child what editing software do you use for videos

  • DramaTickle Error
    DramaTickle Error

    I think Ben is high 👀

  • Aubrey Santiago
    Aubrey Santiago

    I would bye a holo taco peel off base coat but there 11 dollars for it

  • Corázon Corázon
    Corázon Corázon

    my hair use to be like 24 inches but it was THICK so I cut it all off

  • Emily Addison
    Emily Addison

    Can you do a house tour or a morning/night routine

  • Belen Perez
    Belen Perez

    Make a video with Jen

  • Atarah Bowman
    Atarah Bowman

    Nobody: Me: *he touched the butt*

  • Daniela Acosta Castro
    Daniela Acosta Castro

    Jonas fan?

  • BABY YODA!!!
    BABY YODA!!!

    That’s just say waka waka waka ohhh is just fine for a barber to say

  • TV Time
    TV Time

    Ben the slave is balding

  • Thea Liefting
    Thea Liefting

    my grandad has the shirt bens wearing and he's 67

  • CalliAnn

    this video let ben's aries energy shine through

  • Look, look at my cats
    Look, look at my cats

    Ben! I didn't know you had such a nice baritone. You should sing more! :)

  • Alpha Flame Wolf
    Alpha Flame Wolf

    Can we get another overnight oats recipe??? I loved it

  • Agnieszka Howett
    Agnieszka Howett


    • xuanya

      W I T H O U T T H E ‘H’

    • Agnieszka Howett
      Agnieszka Howett

      I DARE U

  • Niko’s Blast
    Niko’s Blast

    *I totally forgot that this channel existed and I’m so glad this popped up in my recommendations, I really missed her videos and her energy.* 🥺❤️

  • Danielle

    I tucked my hair in my pants sometimes

  • Alanah hi
    Alanah hi

    Simply (Cristine) when will you drop the mint chocolate cookies and cream oats recipe?

  • Sha Juma
    Sha Juma


  • Besna Kuja
    Besna Kuja

    She should dye two of her front strands of hair rainbow

  • Helloimsorry

    Ben cuts so HARD. Like the scissors are SO LOUD when he uses them lmao