• Helen-PRIMOMC Key
    Helen-PRIMOMC Key

    I’m from the UK and rock Bandz music on the daily - serious potential, hella talented dude...heartbreaking he had to go the way he did man 😔 RIP EBE Bandz, you live on through your music and your legacy will burn brightly forever - 💯💞🙏💞💯

    • Aaron Bennett
      Aaron Bennett

      Where you at in England ..i bump Bandz alot...Im in Brighton but from Brum salute

  • Sullivan Locke
    Sullivan Locke

    Damn RIP Bandz..... I'm forever bumping your music, every track is 🔥🔥🚒🚒

  • traie joyce
    traie joyce

    One of the hardest white Chicago rappers 4 sure we are here and respect that shit !!!!! Long live !

  • ArrowMan

    always pumping bandz,. RIP

  • dave w
    dave w

    We still rockin wit u bandz

  • Johnpaul Swim
    Johnpaul Swim

    Rip I really miss you bro love you billy rest in bandz bro

  • Drako Carlos
    Drako Carlos

    White boy go hard

  • Devin Williams
    Devin Williams

    Man I miss dis nigga dawg he brought a whole different vibe to dat chicago music shit RIP Billy

  • doug briggs
    doug briggs



    still got bandz added on snap! crazy to think I'd reply to his stories and he'd always respond back on some love

  • Nick Kappel
    Nick Kappel

    still listening in 2021 RIP man

  • Joseph


  • Noah Hassan
    Noah Hassan

    Yo the writing over his eyes says “son of god” in Arabic. Rest In Peace my brotha

  • 090NJ


  • The BoogieDown Podcast
    The BoogieDown Podcast

    Im felon, can’t even go to Mexico.. But I’m still posted up by the Texaco! 🔥EVEN OVERSEAS WE FWU🇬🇧 🔥💯 R.i.P EBE BANDZ ! 👑

  • Braydon Burke
    Braydon Burke


  • High Roller
    High Roller

    Pat benator

  • Jade Hall
    Jade Hall

    Why am I jus now finding this

  • TheSolePurpose

    2021 still listing to this as it just came out!!! Rest In Peace Bro I done been in the field, I got battle scars Got your bitch on my dick for a couple bars I was rapping and packing on boulevards Now I'm getting this check off of metaphors Got some trophies, that's what the gold medal's for Got my foot on they neck like a pedal boy And my hand gripping that Mac-11 boy You a crook, you get booked, what you telling for? I'm a felon, can't even go to Mexico But I'm still posted up by the Texaco I got day ones, you cross me, they let you know You could ask em I stay down and never told Every song my real life like an episode Mama tell me she worried, I tell her don't I be talking that shit and still getting dough We in traffic, got choppers with telescopes You could come to my block we got hella dope We got FN's with beams and move better coke But I'm tryna stay clean had to let it go I was stuck in them streets, I was hella broke Got my mama so sick over me 'cause she know we don't play for the beef I don't need no protection, my weapon I keep I can see a whole mil' in the trap off the D I could do this myself got my own mind In the county they killing for phone time You ain't seen no real hell 'til you on 9 Shooting piss out yo' eyes 'til you go blind And this shit so fucked up man, gave shorty my brand new J's They gon' be on his feet 'til he die of old age. Damn, shit so crazy I'm back on the bullshit like Benny Bitch, your pockets look thinner than Jenny Every whip that I ride gotta be tinted Cause baby I'm hated by many, feeling like 50 Go get that strap and get busy It ain't one bitch I love more than my glizzy Watch how you wearing yo' hat in my city Cause you will get whacked for a penny, you and your granny I want some cash, count it up fast Just to go throw it all over some ass Hop in that rover and do the whole dash Pull up on close with a key in the stash Glock on my lap, never needed to stash It ain't no hiding when we on his ass Put a G on yo' ass never needed no bag My shooters'll do that for free to yo' ass Choppers by the bricks and D at my pad Fingerprint, ain't no key at my pad 'member when I used to sleep on a pad Hoes ain't want me they was leaving me sad Me and Onion we was beating that slab Ain't too many really think I would spazz You don't like me you gon' keep getting mad I think your bitch took a like to my swag She a cougar so we fuck in the jag Feeling super I just popped me a tag Mike Amiri jeans over the mag I seen my homie switch over some bags Come from the jungle there's snakes in my grass I got a feeling they plotting to smash Hide in the bushes all night 'til he pass Jump out and spray every shot 'til he crash, teach you a class I could show you how to play with them pots Cook it and double your cake with them rocks Mama said that she gon' pray for my opps Cause she know what we gon' do with them mops Too many snitches this shit getting hot Too many bitches there's too many thots Play with her titties her panties gon' drop My shorty 11 ain't never had pops He look up to me so I teach him a lot He a respectful lil' boy with a Glock He ain't got no problem bussin' yo' top Cause he done witnessed some shit you wouldn't watch He done been in situations you not He done watched his uncle trap out the spot I done had to get this shit out the mud I done packaged shit and sent in a box Yeah, aye, I need some guap, aye, yeah You know the rules, to the game, if you play and get popped Ducking the SWAT, running from task Stay on my ass, I still gotta get me a bag

  • Justin Fidler
    Justin Fidler

    Rip moe love you bro 🌟⚓️

  • Leonard Gerro
    Leonard Gerro

    Sheeeeeeeeeeeeesh 🙏 Rest In Peace King 👑


    Legend... 💔

  • Its Freddie
    Its Freddie

    Kinda peak how he talks about his mum being worried and him reassuring her, just to be beat to death with a baseball bat and set on fire......Bet shes hurting....

  • Shawna

    Rip one of the only white boys that got respect in the game real trapper just got ran in the mfn funnies


    R.I.P Bands Chi Town legend, rest up king, flow was crazy on his way for sure 💯💯🙏🏾

  • HeadShot Yayo
    HeadShot Yayo

    Play this at my fucking funeral. One of my top most favorite songs of all time. Long Live Bandz.

  • Nuk Capone
    Nuk Capone

    No cap I'm from Jackson Mississippi he was on his way

  • J F
    J F

    This guy loved his Mama...every song he shouted out his mom

  • StraingerThingz

    RiP EMEBE Bandz 💔🖤

  • wise 79
    wise 79

    2021 he still the coldest... if you know you know

  • blususpect


  • Ed Bellanger
    Ed Bellanger

    RIP BILLY you were gonna run the city!!💯💪

  • tactical highland
    tactical highland


  • DeathTrap

    He actually was pretty nice with word. Super lyrical compared to 90% of the garbage out there lately. Its too bad he was playing a losing game.

    • hades

      Dont fuck with them cartels boa jalisco dont play

  • ABN Nuzzi Nicholas Clay
    ABN Nuzzi Nicholas Clay

    Fuc with that strap and get busy 🔫


    2020 rip will

  • skrap fetti
    skrap fetti

    Smh I hate to see the views go up after their passing!!! #LLBANDZ

  • Based Ten Dime
    Based Ten Dime

    Damn bra white boy could rap onnat gang shit rip had some talent

  • Bada Kafcare
    Bada Kafcare

    All felons can go to Mexico...

  • Leafke FN
    Leafke FN

    NGL brody could rap... rip Bandz Gmebe Bandz

  • Tee Roy
    Tee Roy

    He got hard Eve on a remix

  • Scott Bond
    Scott Bond

    Eve was the hottest rapper out of the windy city. Rip bandz

  • John Jones
    John Jones

    Teach u a class..I can show u how play wit Dem pots.. cook it n double ya cake wit Dem rox..mama say dat she guna pray fo my opps..CAZ SHE KNO WAT WE GUNA DO WIT DEM MOPS.. smh can't say bro ain't have Dem bars

  • P0!Z3N EnvY
    P0!Z3N EnvY

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 RIP BRO BRO....

  • P0!Z3N EnvY
    P0!Z3N EnvY

    It hurts my find out how they took u out G...RIP

  • Conner Davis
    Conner Davis

    Rip brody

  • Sean OConnor
    Sean OConnor

    Wow man. R.I.P. First song I’ve heard and it’s fire man.

  • Jamie Mac
    Jamie Mac

    “Im back on my bullshit like benny “ that one went over my head

  • fixmyscrews

    every time i play this shit i just shake my head... you were too nice smh

  • Trevor George
    Trevor George

    Rip bandz man

  • Jack Rodriguez
    Jack Rodriguez


  • 21gun salute
    21gun salute

    Rip boss

  • Dank Dank
    Dank Dank

    I always have low top white airforce sneakers those are my favorite sneakers all time!

  • spicy ted 2
    spicy ted 2

    This shit snappin omm

  • ChitownBanging

    See you can fuk over the hood cats but can’t fuk over cats that are plugged there’s levels in this game....

  • Oliverthenobody

    I’m also from Rockford like him rip bro first time listening to him tho

  • Luis


  • MPCLive56


  • Data Icey
    Data Icey

    dis was my dog for real i miss you the who block miss you i remember us talking bout these situations u always told me not to worry i knew u had it in u miss you dog

  • Kareem Johnson
    Kareem Johnson

    think of all the fire songs he woulda dropped this year damn man RIP Bandz

  • Joe Salgado
    Joe Salgado

    Can't Bealive My Favorite White Gone! R.I.P I Never Forget! The Activitie's! I Did, Bumping This! An I Start Listing, To All He's First Track Year's Ago!🔥



  • GDGartists

    Slept on music video with me and Bandz on my page “Pray To God”

  • J. Zeakeo
    J. Zeakeo

    Real shit for ur enjoyment 🕊

  • 21gun salute
    21gun salute


  • 21gun salute
    21gun salute

    Bruv was a beast

  • Dank Dank
    Dank Dank

    Him and Mac miller were both sacrificed by some lizards! 🖖👁🖖

  • Jo's Life
    Jo's Life

    Wait his gang killed him?

  • weare808

    Pure Talent 💯🙏🏼

  • marblestatue

    He coulda been so big

  • nick mooney
    nick mooney

    Let’s hit that 2mil 🙏🏻

  • Juan Guzman
    Juan Guzman

    Rip bands & rip la Capone

  • pushing limits
    pushing limits

    Rest easy smh


    Rip 💔

  • Stubbla

    Just found out about what happened to bro, damn..

  • Rhonda K
    Rhonda K

    That boy is flowin !!

    • Iceman Cold
      Iceman Cold


  • KillazzFromDaNorth

    Gone too soon its real sad fr been listening to him since like 2012

  • How I'm Livin Records
    How I'm Livin Records

    R.I.P Bandz

  • fiesta_boi88 M.O.E
    fiesta_boi88 M.O.E

    Bro I swea I listen to this whenever I’m down💯 RIP Bandz

  • LeRoy SummersIII
    LeRoy SummersIII

    This shit been the flames 🔥 That G spits too high of bars to reach 💯🔥🙏

  • Jesse Cheney
    Jesse Cheney

    R.I.P. BANDZ

  • Derek

    R.I.P Legend!!!

  • Hitweebs

    he started gaining weight from eating good damn rest up big guy

  • A_a_ron B
    A_a_ron B

    So you dont need any protection cuh you carry a strap ??? Damn cuh i wish you woulda packed the strap back when they done got ur azz Dont make sense but when you burn some1 on a pack 🤫crazy af fuck😑🙏

  • Andres Restrepo
    Andres Restrepo


  • Charles Shults
    Charles Shults

    Yo🔥🔥🔥homie holding it down for da tru certified whiteboys💯.... RIP ebe BANDZ aka BDK real ones always live on #facts RIP POP SMOKE

  • Big Pock
    Big Pock

    RIP bands homage 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Mikey K
    Mikey K

    “Got my momma so sick over me, cause she know we don’t play for the beef”


    Rip bro😔

  • Mercy

    still bumpin your music, rest up bandz

  • Tyler Chase
    Tyler Chase

    rip to one of the grets

  • Soto Vido
    Soto Vido

    What make it scary about a white boy wit respect.. Is how he got it.

  • turnage turnage

    Rip bandz

  • Brendan Capistran
    Brendan Capistran


  • Tyler Twinem
    Tyler Twinem

    I want some cash count it up fast Just to go throw it all over some ass!!!! To true

  • aexiy

    keep coming back, miss you bro.

  • devin

    Get this shit to 2 mill 💯

  • Michael Jay
    Michael Jay


  • Dennis van Arooij
    Dennis van Arooij

    Almost 2 Mill! You deserved it bro! 💫 Rip

  • Scott Bond
    Scott Bond

    The dude lived to fast. Rip