Ken Block's 14y/o Daughter Gets Drift Lessons from Formula Drift Champ -Vaughn Gittin Jr.
When we set out to build the Vanilla Ice inspired, drop top 5.0 Fox body Mustang, we had one major goal in mind - Teach my daughter Lia to drift with it. For her instructor, I enlisted the help of my friend and Formula Drift Champion, Vaughn Gittin Jr. As it turned out, Lia would get the FULL drift experience. Breaking parts, track side modifications, running out of fuel, and persevering through it all to finally nail the final trick. The Borla Exhaust completely changed the tune of this Fox and not surprisingly, the Toyo Tires we ran held up through the entire day!
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  • VibeZ6400

    I wanna do this

  • Corbin Manseill
    Corbin Manseill

    Man i would be listening to Tokyo drift while doing this lol

  • Bromie1990

    15:28 mic drope and walk away... 😎

  • The kinder egg
    The kinder egg

    what kind of car is this

  • droxz

    next video: my daughter drives in an f1 car

  • Zed Knows
    Zed Knows

    DMV Clerk: "Yes, ma'am, are you here to get your License?" Lia: "No, I'm here to teach everyone how to Drift".

  • Frank Betzner
    Frank Betzner

    She’s did amazing! Being in the spot light holding it together like that. Nice work. Kids that age get emotional and frustrated easily.

  • Koketso Maswikaneng
    Koketso Maswikaneng

    to us who can't afford but feel like pros on car drift racing 2

  • Prod. SlapHappy
    Prod. SlapHappy

    The first 5 seconds of this video would make for a dope sample

  • Kiko ice
    Kiko ice

    When she turns 16 she finna pull up in the RAV 4 and be drifting around

  • Lenny Hastick
    Lenny Hastick

    Ken, I've been watching you for years, love your content and vids. Thanks for being a cool dad. Tell Lia she is luck and I would have given my left N@* to have a dad opportunity like that. Awesome!

  • Twister Rides
    Twister Rides

    Get her a 240 pops. Lol

  • Ta Manh Dung
    Ta Manh Dung

    The faithful raven climatologically wonder because bat technically disarm midst a quack oboe. juvenile, idiotic caravan

  • Terrelle Gibbson
    Terrelle Gibbson

    Dope as f*** man I wish I had parents like this even friends like the hoonigan family would be dope as f*** love all the content Ken Nd his hoonigan guys put out absolutely love it

  • Not_Real

    Block down the block

  • Steve Revel
    Steve Revel


  • Levi parrow
    Levi parrow

    i wish i could do this

    • Levi parrow
      Levi parrow

      although im sitting here waiting till april to get my permit i want to drive so bad

  • Willubhave Five
    Willubhave Five

    When I was 14, I was smoking weed in the alley with my friend and planting the seeds-it became a bush but died in summer...

  • Paul Flores
    Paul Flores

    Freaken Awesome!!! I started jumping up cheering "yeeeeaaaa go Leeeeaaahh" 😁👍

  • Leon Hargrove
    Leon Hargrove

    She did an Awesome Job!!!!!

  • Patrick Youngs
    Patrick Youngs

    She’s 14 getting professionally taught with a car built for it who else grew up doing it by yourself on a shitty old car or pickup

  • Parakeet gaming
    Parakeet gaming

    I’ve been wanting to just drive a car around a parking lot. Nope, wanting to go to a formula drift competition

  • Astro markus
    Astro markus

    Ken never got to where he is without passion, and his daughter has the same! Nice work Lia!

  • itpu ?
    itpu ?

    my brother: 17 still afraid to press the gas pedal

  • Tom The Xbox series X
    Tom The Xbox series X

    I’m 12 and that’s ez to do

    • Eli Scalapeaches
      Eli Scalapeaches


  • Eric Bean
    Eric Bean

    Drifting is about feeling it in the seat of your pants. With all that open space, close your eyes and trust the equipment and training. Then the lightbulb moment happens!

  • Charanjeet Kaur
    Charanjeet Kaur

    I am better then but no give me chance

  • Dan Yabsley
    Dan Yabsley


  • Nii Parson
    Nii Parson

    Friends: Hey Lea, wanna hangout at the doughnut place? Lea: Mannnn wish I could. I got drifting lessons all day.

  • Andrew Power
    Andrew Power

    Great stuff Lia, Good Vibes Video!

  • Armando Vazquez
    Armando Vazquez

    Can't wait for them father daughter GYMKHANA TANDEMS.

  • julifer9211

    This is why the Camaro is better at least one of the many reasons. I had an 87 iroc had it for 15 years no issues and I didn't almost everything to it I just needed to catch it on fire 🔥 but everything else is did. Sold it because it was parked out front but I didn't really use it. All my friends had 5.0 mustangs they all died from one thing or another. 😂🤣😂🤣

  • NikoTheHawaiian

    Her first car will definitely be a FWD..

  • Cliff Moore
    Cliff Moore

    Good job she did great👍

  • Elmo de beer
    Elmo de beer

    Isnt it any mans dream to have a daughter who knows how to drift

  • Different Vibe'z
    Different Vibe'z

    Now i know what to do with my 67 cougar. I was going to do street racing but once i see this, wow it opens a whole new door


    *tokyo drift music intensifies*

  • 「SaKusa Kiyoomi」
    「SaKusa Kiyoomi」

    Damn I’m 14 and here I am just watching other people do what I wanna do already

  • Flux

    put her in the hoonicorn

    • Eli Scalapeaches
      Eli Scalapeaches

      Lmao yes

  • Chrissyflickz

    what angle kit is that foxbody running anyone know?

  • Jasmine

    I’m 15 and I would die to be her right now

  • Fun Haver_117
    Fun Haver_117

    Ken laughs, when he feels pain.

  • DauntlessFPV

    Frantically taking notes

  • Andrew Schafer
    Andrew Schafer

    Not only did she get the figure 8 she celebrated with the donuts like a pro!

  • Neno27

    Imagine her future bf tries to show her how he drifts and she is like "Lemme try it" and just shows him how its actually done

  • Joshua Roopnarine
    Joshua Roopnarine

    When she goes to take her driving test she gonna be like drifting around those cones

  • Michael Vondrasek
    Michael Vondrasek

    Why does Zac saying "Y'all have fun now" sound like a dad talking to his daughter and her date as she gets picked up?

  • Riley Carpenter
    Riley Carpenter

    large drifting donuts lmao

  • Anonymous 257
    Anonymous 257

    This motor: Engine you mean there are 2 motors in a car, The Starting And the accessary

  • Thijs vdN
    Thijs vdN

    I'm so jealous !!! :-D

  • shiftyjm

    the hit markers lol

  • nalla garcia
    nalla garcia

    she was goin dumb in the end 😂😂😂💯


    ahhh the benefits of growing up with successful parents, may the spoon treat you well.

  • Psiberzerker

    The fox body (Hatchback) 5L Windsor block was one of the lightest pony cars of it's era. The Windsor block was the lightest of Ford's V8s at the time (Compared with the M, and Cleveland blocks) and the Mustang wasn't a heavy car, either. Pretty perfect for quarter mile, especially with a stroker kit to up the torque, a C6 transmission with a floor shifter... Honestly, I don't know much about drifting, I'm old, but back in my day, that was pretty much the car to beat in drag racing. Not counting more expensive heavier cars like the 'vette. Those brute forced to get the Power/Weight ration, but the pony cars were actually relatively svelte. Not the best handling, though. So, they must have done a lot on the back end to make it controlable.

  • jeff Forker
    jeff Forker

    Awesome to watch her drift learning! Thanks for sharing.

  • Paddy Speed
    Paddy Speed

    That is a fucking proud father

  • esmokebaby

    Makes me want to play asseto coursa sence I can't afford to do this

  • Donavan Smith
    Donavan Smith

    What a great video,so much joy at the end !!!!!!! Thanks Donavansmithsurf

  • William

    Get her a drifting wheel

  • Caleb York
    Caleb York

    Her driver’s license test is going to be filmed and called Gymkhana 15. Her instructor will need therapy afterwards

  • C A R T O P
    C A R T O P

  • president anp
    president anp

    its crazy how all of us are proud of this kid we've never even met haha

  • k re
    k re

    This is awesome!!!

  • The Art Kemist
    The Art Kemist

    great job Lia and man that was cool

  • NiiTROS

    Ken is teaching his own Daughter to drift and stuff... Expect a Worthy Enemy, Ken

  • Balázs Erdélyi
    Balázs Erdélyi

    Congrats for Lia!

  • Boldchen

    I wish I had a dad like ken... I love drifting and Incan only do it with my g29...

  • donald mittan
    donald mittan

    Great job DAD ...

  • donald mittan
    donald mittan

    Smart kid ...just let her feel it out herself for a couple days . Let her loose

  • shawn swagger
    shawn swagger

    So fucking lucky, keep at it 👍🏼

  • Tony Rial
    Tony Rial

    I hope she does this with the driving instructor from DMV in the car during her driving test.

  • Tony Rial
    Tony Rial

    Shes doing pretty damn good if u ask me

  • Larry Temen
    Larry Temen

    Favorite part was when she wiped the cones out at the end 😂😂

  • StangF150

    Anyone else get a mental image of the future? Lia, age 16, Taking her Driver's License Test!!!!

  • B K
    B K


  • Bill DeStefano
    Bill DeStefano

    This was fun. She must be the most popular girl

  • knicklicht

    She learned so quickly

  • Little Gamer
    Little Gamer

    is a 14-year-old allowed to drive??

  • Rico Borras
    Rico Borras


  • Kleiton Lehnen
    Kleiton Lehnen

    If just I could give more than just a single thumb up to this, trully amazing!!!

  • Aleksandar Radinov
    Aleksandar Radinov

    dis remaint me leik tokio trift

  • bryce carpen
    bryce carpen

    More first person perspective. That’s dope. Great vid

  • PhoenyxPistol


  • CHoot

    Lia is gonna be that one person in high school pulling out of the parking lot everyday sideways when school is out

  • Olsnes

    1 year later Driving teacher: - So toda... WRRROOOOOOAAAAAAMMMMMMMM-EEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Sean Koons
    Sean Koons

    This should be a series. I wanna see more drifting lessons. She’s doing really good for day 1 due to the circumstances

    • Sean Koons
      Sean Koons

      This legit made me happy. She’s a beast!

  • Im McRingo
    Im McRingo

    I wish my dad would let me do shit like this. This is awesome!!

  • reno Thys
    reno Thys

    ... when i was 14 i was drifting in need for speed.

  • dirteeoldmen

    I think if the hand brake was adjusted slightly to the right or lower she wouldn’t keep hitting it. Seems like a hindrance. Cheers. Thanks for posting,

  • Adham Abousalem
    Adham Abousalem

    The alleged maria adventitiously pick because weeder proportionally command into a real rubber. bawdy, steadfast buffer

  • driftmaniac

    I wish I could do this.

  • Luca Nastari-Case
    Luca Nastari-Case

    im 14 :(

  • MrCrazyking81

    I didn't think it was going to be as cool as it was. That was an extremely cool video and I loved watching it! I wish me and my daughter could do these things! First I have to build the drift car!

  • Yoessa Amundsen
    Yoessa Amundsen

    let her try the Hoonicorn V2 in the background there

  • Beverly Hayes
    Beverly Hayes

    The big soil inadvertently roll because defense synchronously enter failing a hoc beginner. sable, idiotic whistle

  • fuyi zheng
    fuyi zheng

    Ken's daughter 😱 👍

  • Glenn Grant
    Glenn Grant

    She looks totally bored the whole time (just like i was watching this) dad just made her do this she doesn't look like she even wants to be there. Kids are so grateful.......... Besides this is a total clapped out s#itbox of a car. So are you retiring Ken NO More Ford, No more Hooingan Mustang. (I'll just sit back and make money from my kid?) No more me watching Mr Block............. It's over

  • Rocco Elleto
    Rocco Elleto

    She needs wheel work. All this is much easier if her hands stay apart (Shuffle steering) and she learns to use caster effect to her benefit. Feel the car, work the drift, let the steering wheel spin through your hands and look where you want to go. A little practice and she'll be a natural.

  • Justin Thomas
    Justin Thomas

    One of Ken's greatest moments for sure, at the end. Awesome.

  • Alex B
    Alex B

    next mod should def be a different steering wheel