Minecraft, But Hacks Are Enchantments
Inspired By TapL's and Wisp's Minecraft But Hacks Are Enchantments
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    Can you do resources pack for mcpe please

  • Noam _Argov
    Noam _Argov

    Thats mor data pack? And what the name of this

  • Louai_ Dz
    Louai_ Dz

    pls can you give me the name of the data pack pls I love you

  • Resul Taha Tekirdağ
    Resul Taha Tekirdağ

    ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

  • Bachaspatimayum sharma
    Bachaspatimayum sharma

    You are a small Dream☆》

  • Miles Owen
    Miles Owen

    i dont have redstone goes caving diamond next to redstone

  • Marco 17
    Marco 17

    Where i can download this plugin??

  • Narwins Kitchen by Kanisetty SrAvani
    Narwins Kitchen by Kanisetty SrAvani


    • Narwins Kitchen by Kanisetty SrAvani
      Narwins Kitchen by Kanisetty SrAvani


  • Helen Wood
    Helen Wood

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  • Andgri002 Plays
    Andgri002 Plays

    copycat tapl did it first

  • Ethan Marcus C. Garcia
    Ethan Marcus C. Garcia

    Copy right from TapL

  • Bornali Saha
    Bornali Saha

    OP 😎😎😎😎

  • Sheik S
    Sheik S

    I think this is an hack

  • Letaa Eiava
    Letaa Eiava

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  • Jerelyn Serrano
    Jerelyn Serrano

    Thats my favorite

  • Jerelyn Serrano
    Jerelyn Serrano

    And lava walker oppp

  • Anne Laachthan
    Anne Laachthan

    Instead of fast how it should be called spam bow

  • Jerelyn Serrano
    Jerelyn Serrano

    Frost walker op air walker opp

  • ali craft
    ali craft

    We are love you 💜💜

  • ali craft
    ali craft

    Every minute you say oh my god

  • Mengheang GAMING
    Mengheang GAMING

    mod plz

  • adsdasdasd asdasdasdas
    adsdasdasd asdasdasdas

    I like it I need to dowlind this mod :

  • Angominster

    Yo where did u get the mod from

  • Gizmo Pig
    Gizmo Pig

    What’s the link to the mod?

  • Samantha López
    Samantha López


  • Nancy Cain
    Nancy Cain

    if this is a mod what mod is it?

  • Psalmhusin Luy
    Psalmhusin Luy

    Lol the stronghold was under him hahah

  • [ zang ]
    [ zang ]

    Idk why but i feel kinda uncomfortable when i look at his inventory

  • Robert Caldwell
    Robert Caldwell

    Mineplex users be like.

  • jef

    Bee hop? It’s BUNNY hop

  • gipai picuo
    gipai picuo

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  • Jordan Dufrasne
    Jordan Dufrasne

    I love your video you are my 2 favorite UZloadr

  • Jordan Dufrasne
    Jordan Dufrasne

    Sorry for my last comment I just got mad don't tack seriously

  • Evan Delucia
    Evan Delucia

    McBirken forgot clock enchantment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • N/ A
    N/ A

    I want this

  • santiago novais
    santiago novais


  • My Name Doesn’t Matter
    My Name Doesn’t Matter

    How do download this I wanna use it.

  • awami sar
    awami sar

    Data pack Link pls

  • Mysteristic

    This bro is literally one of my favorite mcyt brb gonna binge watch all of his videos

  • jojolyn3957

    11:41 why did you not get the redstone

  • Jillian Larocco
    Jillian Larocco

    This is so cooooool

  • Jenny Pita
    Jenny Pita


    • Jenny Pita
      Jenny Pita


  • GMS Gaming Music And Sport
    GMS Gaming Music And Sport

    It looks a bit fake

  • Parker Mason
    Parker Mason

    I like how this guy is trying to copy wisp

  • Travis Mak
    Travis Mak

    What if this comment just got pinned for no reason?

  • Med!um R3mag
    Med!um R3mag

    Oh my GOSH shhhhhig.

  • Stella Sanders
    Stella Sanders

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  • T5E CLR
    T5E CLR

    24:24 it sounds like Autotune

  • Nathan Thach
    Nathan Thach

    it put you in a book becasue it is not a hack it is a glich when you go in a boat and fall you will ont take fall damage.

  • GamerrrBoyy GAMER
    GamerrrBoyy GAMER

    Cuz he had diamonds but he didn't even get the achievement until he mined the diamond blocks

  • GamerrrBoyy GAMER
    GamerrrBoyy GAMER

    Bro I like how you playing it in survival but I know you cheating on creative

  • TheSimpleJusticeMinecraftBro


  • D1sh

    9 year old me using a hack client to find diamonds and herobrines secret base


    So dis is wat skeleton uses for their bows:AIMBOT

  • Shaniaris Castro
    Shaniaris Castro

    The seed

  • Whatdidshesayy


  • visblepupet RFY
    visblepupet RFY

    24:23 outo tune at its max

  • cheryl V
    cheryl V

    Can i get your link hacker enchant

  • Binod Adhikari
    Binod Adhikari

    U forgot to bring redstone

  • exotic butters
    exotic butters

    Mcbirken: got all the special books time to defet the ender dragon Me: bitch what about the clock Mcbirken: shut the fuck up *still ignores redstone* Me: BITCHHHHHHHHH REEEEEEEEEE

  • exotic butters
    exotic butters


  • exotic butters
    exotic butters

    Mcbrain: *mines diamonds* *sees redstone but ignores it* Me: BITCH YE STUIPED

  • exotic butters
    exotic butters

    He forgot about the clock one XDD

  • Paxton Schorsch
    Paxton Schorsch

    the secondery name for this video is... minecraft but there are custom enchants

  • TobiRevBlackFire




  • Fr0sty Maxify
    Fr0sty Maxify


  • Edmund Moeng
    Edmund Moeng

    Why do i want x ray on a sword


      its not on the sword dumb ass

  • Sarah Evers
    Sarah Evers

    I really want to do that…


      seed is for the world mr.smooth brain

  • Sarah Evers
    Sarah Evers

    Can you tell me what the seed is

  • Стэнли Коэн
    Стэнли Коэн

    Dream Fans Be Like Gets Auto Mlg And Does Dreams Boat Clutch

  • Martin Modin
    Martin Modin

    7:30 If you put halo before it it will be Halo Reach

  • thepros6432 Pro
    thepros6432 Pro

    I saw diamonds when u just used X-ray for the 1st second

  • Chrille

    Like man stfu u saying “LETSSS GOOO” when u defeated the enderdragon like it was hard. U YOU HAVE HACKS

  • Dustin Smith
    Dustin Smith

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  • Mark Sansanwal
    Mark Sansanwal

    It’s not pog he had 8 gold and the second he was making the gold block he used 9 blockes 😒

  • Keziah Desierto
    Keziah Desierto

    POG Mcbirken: i need feathers lets kill chickens Me: dont kill yourself Mcbirken😂 Also congrats on 3M views! :D

  • Mike Ramos
    Mike Ramos

    Imagine getting a auto crafter

  • David Thornley
    David Thornley

    You didn’t get the red stone for the clock 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Thomas Daniels
    Thomas Daniels

    Mcbirken:we just need to find some leather Rabbit hides:am i a joke to u?


      i was thinking about that

  • Rocky08

    Do you can make a challange with only a half heart

  • Roger

    Umm u said u r under a cave but u r in land

  • jAms

    He said he was litterally dream. He's a genius, because they are both cheating! (Except you are openly cheating and its for the sake of the video)

  • ツNakz

    Imagine using aimbot in minecraft

  • Imaginereadingthis

    22:14 like mongral said, “ITS A CONTROLLA PLAYA!”

  • Epic Gaming 5373
    Epic Gaming 5373

    I wonder what is the link to do this

    • Epic Gaming 5373
      Epic Gaming 5373

      me when my friend sees me hack using this lol

    • Epic Gaming 5373
      Epic Gaming 5373

      jk I don’t use hacks lol

  • Braden Stephen
    Braden Stephen

    Dude the sick base you can make

  • star bg
    star bg

    Hbdxjban bodjbd?


      i think so i dont know

  • A B
    A B

    What was the seed?

  • Ameel Ameel
    Ameel Ameel

    Pls give me the mod/ command:*(

  • Holly Satterfield
    Holly Satterfield

    Hackers see this as an excuse to use hacks

  • Holly Satterfield
    Holly Satterfield

    Ummm if u go threw walls then how can u climb them lol


      you dont

  • Connor Boarman
    Connor Boarman

    The whole village looked like my first world all diamond and gold

  • Raeed Aljohani
    Raeed Aljohani

    A guy i have never seen pretty best friends 18:30 am i a joke to you

  • Asher Eichenberger
    Asher Eichenberger

    i love you

  • Dmitry Klimkin
    Dmitry Klimkin

    mcbirken is cannibal

  • 张家骅


  • Gav & Buzz
    Gav & Buzz

    He sounds like a mix between preston and milad mirg

  • stephano vdbeek
    stephano vdbeek

    How is this mod named

  • yaboi kris
    yaboi kris

    How do i get this for pocket edition?