Every other monitor is DEAD to me - LG CX OLED 48"
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LG's smallest OLED yet, the 48" CX has been hotly anticipated as being both small enough to be used as a big monitor, and, at $1,500, inexpensive enough to consider as a TV upgrade to compliment the new Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 gaming consoles (due to HDMI 2.1 support for 4K 120 gaming).
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link: uzload.info/fun/hX6cq56st2ygvIk/video
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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
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  • Subhan Zaheer
    Subhan Zaheer

    9:28 chillin'

  • Alex Mora
    Alex Mora

    Can this do 1440p at 140hz +


    3:20 Lol Linus didnt notice it, but the TV jumped into "instant game response" mode and kicked it back to 4k60. My same LG nano TV does this same shit and it took me a while to find out that you need to disable the instant game response mode before it will keep the 4k120 mode and not switch back instantly. You can see when it switches to 4k120, then the message appears and it kicks back to 4k60. What a frustrating thing to figure out.

  • Comedy112

    RIP I can't figure out when this releases in Australia.

    • Matt Dredge
      Matt Dredge

      checking out some monitors on PC case gear atm

  • cmr_shaven aka N69B
    cmr_shaven aka N69B

    Every other monitor is DEAD to me - LG CX OLED 48" - Same here! Yes!

  • Chupapi Muñañyo
    Chupapi Muñañyo

    i got a linus ad

  • Ell Pino
    Ell Pino

    I prefer TV as display over monitor... because I need the size...

    • Gogeta Blue
      Gogeta Blue

      Yeah that's fine

  • Keshav Gokul
    Keshav Gokul

    0:52-the happiest man in the world

  • Ricky Logan
    Ricky Logan

    No way in hell your eyes are gonna be ok with that setup.

  • Daquarius

    i LOVE my 48" LG OLED for my 5900x + 3090 Strix Oc !

  • Yoni Algazi
    Yoni Algazi

    Get ur dirty f** shoes off that oled linus

  • Alec Gupton
    Alec Gupton

    I'm watching this on my LG CX 48" now. It's glorious.


      how far away do you sit from it? do you use it for office applications too or just entertainment? would wait for a 42 inch version?

  • Michael Mauro
    Michael Mauro

    Ordered mine Friday. Can’t wait to see this thing with my own eyes

    • HellaLegitFoo

      I just ordered the LG C1 48" upgrading from a ~6yr old lg ultrawide, can't wait

  • matthew ozga
    matthew ozga

    needs a curve!

  • Sam Powers
    Sam Powers

    I love the idea of using this for productivity, but I am curious, does this monitor offer snap screen or side by side screen or even a 4 way screen set up? I currently do alot of work with having excel open on one half of my ultrawide, and a browser open on the other half. Can something like this be done with this type of set up?


    la cagaste con el precio cagada

  • Galm 1
    Galm 1

    What is the HDR brightness of this though?

  • S Bodybuilder
    S Bodybuilder

    What are INCHES????????????

  • Truong Hanh Vi
    Truong Hanh Vi

    The burly mechanic prudently buzz because norwegian jointly sip except a premium camp. striped, round carrot

  • JH Entertainment
    JH Entertainment

    This video is 30fps most of these comparisons are useless.

  • Tim Longson
    Tim Longson

    Are you going to do a review of the new LG C1 version of this TV please? Is it just me, or has the energy efficiency of this next gen, as a consequence of potentially getting brighter, taken a nose dive?

  • Kenneth Scott
    Kenneth Scott

    I just had one delivered yesterday. :D

  • Will Marcouiller
    Will Marcouiller

    My new laptop is equipped with the following: - Display: 17.3" UHD (3840x2160) IPS anti-glare with Dolby Vision HDR 500nits - Graphic Card: nVidia Quadro RTX 3000 6GB Laptop is: Lenovo ThinkPad P17 Gen 1 /w Xeon 2.8GHz, 64GB ECC, Windows 10 Pro Workstation I wish to use it mostly for software programming productivity. My idea was to separate a UDH TV into 4 or 6 FullHD-sized tiled windows. Windows 1 to 6 would for example be: 1- Visual Studio Code, 2- Database Mgmt Software, 3- RDP session, 4- Some image editing tool like Gimp, 5- Web browser for my searches, 6- Web browser that displays my web development work from my VS instances. Some times I play some little games, but I mostly use my PS5 in the living, and this monitor/tv would be used as my office second screen for my laptop. So, questions are: 1. Would this screen do it all? 2. Will my GPU be able to offer pixel flow high enough? 3. Would the LG 34WK95U-W do it even better?4. Why are most UHD ultrawide screens only have 1440p instead of a 2160p resolution?

  • Make Everything Free
    Make Everything Free

    US$1,500 for you in the US, in Australia it is currently au$3,700. A good gaming desktop is about half that price.

  • Amir Amran
    Amir Amran

    Sorry, oled as pc monitor... Hell no. Burn in is assured. Thats life.

  • Erik Gückel
    Erik Gückel

    Ur eyes are dead to

  • jc50gt

    I just cannot get around to buying an OLED bc of burn-in. I don’t want to risk it and be out thousands. I really want one tho ha Edit: especially if you use it as a monitor bc of all of the static items/docs on the home screen

  • M A K KHAN
    M A K KHAN

    pretty much says this every 6 months

  • Tybok C
    Tybok C

    err what about burn in?

  • Tom Kirk
    Tom Kirk

    and here's me wondering if the 48'' will be too big sitting at 3 metres distance from the tv, while this fella is burning out his retinas

  • Talha Munir
    Talha Munir

    If only they had a 32" model

  • Shakeel Remtulla
    Shakeel Remtulla

    We need a 32” oled monitor from LG

  • Jakub Keller
    Jakub Keller

    That's cheap.

  • Robin Mood
    Robin Mood

    @7:49 I thought you were riding on some sort of a kart. I need this kind of immersion :D

  • Jimmity Cricket
    Jimmity Cricket

    Most annoying guy on UZload

  • isocuda

    If you live in a small space, you could wall mount this behind your desk for a gaming/workspace/home theater. Probably only useful for people in Tokyo lol

  • Final Theory Games
    Final Theory Games

    CRT is still king.

  • mike listeral
    mike listeral

    needs a big speaker on each side.

  • Mtl Trader
    Mtl Trader

    Can you get the screen splitting software for this TV so that you can have virtual monitors within the screen. I know that it exists for LG monitors but I can't seem to find it on their website.

  • vampov

    All you have to do is go on newegg and look at gaming monitors and you see how expensive a big gaming high def monitor is and it makes the OLED tv look like a bargin. I wish they had a 42" version. LG said they are making the panels this year but no one has confirmed they are making a 42inch tv. I fear it won't be announced until 2022

  • Zuon94

    Picked this up used on e-bay for just under $920 USD including shipping. Only listed defect is a dent/scratch on the base. Not substantial. Looking forward to its arrival. Edit: Read the description again... The dent is on the bottom of the TV, including the screen. Now I'm worried my experience will be compromised because e-bay's refund policy is rarely on the user's side. They don't even let you request one within 24 hours except for very specific reasons.

  • Kris Rogers
    Kris Rogers

    I love my 27" LG 4K monitor... I've been using it for about 5 years now... This might be the worthy successor I've been waiting for...

  • partytie5

    "RTS players are able to take advantage" Shows turn-based game

  • KursedPirate

    What's the desk you are using in this video?

  • Hficheugj Ihfjfuehdj
    Hficheugj Ihfjfuehdj

    Black bars, are you kidding me? Does this guy have any idea how emissive display tech works? You don't put black bars on an Oled for the same reason you don't leave static images on the screen. Uneven wear will be visible and will destroy resale value.

  • Hficheugj Ihfjfuehdj
    Hficheugj Ihfjfuehdj

    Yes your eyes do have motion blur, but that isn't at all relevant to that test. The idea is you are supposed to track the spaceship with your eyes as it moves from left to right. This exposes the displays motion blur while ensuring human deficiencies are irrelevant.

  • World Peace
    World Peace

    Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr Brrrrrrrrrrrrrtt

  • L

    Just wall mount it

  • Chris Chiang
    Chris Chiang

    Is this confirm that LG CX can do 4k 120hz 10 bit 444?

  • Ed Hrafnskald Conway
    Ed Hrafnskald Conway

    1:24 that moment when Linus calls out your monitor by screen resolution :D

  • Mr. Path
    Mr. Path

    "What does your rig cost?" "3000 bugs" "That could pay for half my monitor"

  • jaeguerra909

    Oled tvs>any gaming monitor on the planet

  • Jesse L
    Jesse L


  • Hobo Misanthropus
    Hobo Misanthropus

    What about burn in though? I've wanted OLED for gaming, for literally years, but things like HUD elements tend to "Burn in", meaning you really only have an awesome picture for a year or two. (It's getting better of course) I would easily drop the $1500 on this literally right now, if I knew it would last the next 5+ years. I have been shopping for mointors for so long, and only OLEDs tic all my boxes (The true blacks with exceptional color reproduction being the big two, I really don't care THAT much about high refresh or adaptive sync)

  • raszelast

    Don't know about price and check-in with OLEDs, but I'm looking real hard at Samsung's new 32 inch QLED.

  • The Smudg
    The Smudg

    pulled the trigger and got the 65' model with a gcomp from castlemania games for retro gaming. now if i can get my hands on a 3080 for 4k 120hz =D

  • Zor Huaj
    Zor Huaj

    So that's what lil dicky has been up to

  • Lucas Rodriguez
    Lucas Rodriguez

    Why does it cost the same as the 55 inch?

  • Paul DeVos
    Paul DeVos

    The uneven mimosa wailly cough because apparatus ideally tap following a hulking wall. jumbled, abounding zebra

    • Choppie Cortez
      Choppie Cortez

      your crypto wallet passcode phrase?

  • Le Furret
    Le Furret

    But.. but. The samsung g7

  • fabian williams
    fabian williams

    For my Xbox series X in my PlayStation five I’m going to buy a gaming monitor because there’s no way I’m spending 1600 On my Social Security money

  • Shred Kuntz
    Shred Kuntz

    I bought the 55" one couple days ago and now gaming at 4k 120fps at all time never below on my 3080 and oh boi what an experience

    • Shred Kuntz
      Shred Kuntz

      @Seorful my left nut 🤣

    • Seorful

      What organ did you sell?

  • mauricio chacon
    mauricio chacon

    Good luck with burning with static status bar.. start menu. Icons. Etc

    • Mike L.
      Mike L.

      Auto-hide the taskbar, hide icons, black desktop. Saves power and burn in.

  • mauricio chacon
    mauricio chacon

    My ati rage fury had svideo to rca output and i played like god 1024*768 in the 99-2002

  • SQMT /صخمت
    SQMT /صخمت

    it is more expencive then my ps5 brah

  • SQMT /صخمت
    SQMT /صخمت

    this what it cost in amzon$1,232.14

  • SQMT /صخمت
    SQMT /صخمت

    so cheap wow

  • Scott Schultz
    Scott Schultz

    Who's got the link to Linus's "4K Gaming is Dumb" Video from 2019??

  • JC Soabas
    JC Soabas

    I just came by looking for a desk for this TV. Anyone know what he's using here, or have recommendations? I'm not looking for a tv stand. I prefer a desk. I'm gonna get the TV after the desk. Thanks in advance!

    • JC Soabas
      JC Soabas

      @raszelast wouldn't that be great? Unfortunately, that's not possible. I'm stuck with having to find a table that can hold this TV, my consoles, TV box, and still have enough room to do school work in.

    • raszelast

      Wall mount it behind your desk if possible, that way you don't need to fit a giant TV on your desk.

    • Choppie Cortez
      Choppie Cortez

      Dinner table. For real 40" deep 70"-90" wide dinner table. Cheaper than any desk that size, just need to be smart about the selection on the base setup for leg clearance and table stability. Fit any size workstation, any tools, and peripherals you like as well.

  • KonradGM

    man give me a 27" monitor like this and i spend any money they want form me

  • Ahsan Uddin
    Ahsan Uddin

    Just purchased through the affiliate link provided. Thank you Linus for the recommendation and all the awesome content!

  • Anon ymous
    Anon ymous

    Sorry but we need USB-C (with power), passthrough USB and VESA mount support before we can even consider a TV as a daily driver - come on Linus are you being serious??

  • OugaBoogaShockwave

    No need to think about.............Just BUY IT !

  • Dhime

    Is this a better choice than the Alienware 55” or the ASUS pg43uq?

  • Daimo

    Been using a 40" 4k monitor for years, I don't see what this does differently

  • Zach Wilson
    Zach Wilson

    How would you think this would pair up with the new series x xbox? Wish they had the same tv but a 38-42"

  • Alonso Avalos
    Alonso Avalos

    this is one of the best reviews ive seen. thank you sir

  • Jan Larsen
    Jan Larsen

    Nah, get the CX 55" like me, not the small one in 48" 😛

  • My Channel
    My Channel

    If they made this in ultra wide I'd be all over it. Once you go ultra you can never go back

  • bluedonkeyman

    who uses inches still?

  • Ahov29

    for desktop size, the best for me is the Samsung G7 27" by far

  • nirav sharma
    nirav sharma

    What must be the life span of this (lg CX) model?

  • Jordan Leopold
    Jordan Leopold

    Make it curved and I'm ditching my 49 inch ultrawide.


    Ok cool and all but why do you assume i have 50'000$ laying around?

  • Suika Suika
    Suika Suika

    looks cool but having to move your head to read seams really annoying

  • Suika Suika
    Suika Suika

    look reallly small for a 48"

  • A Pog Squirrel
    A Pog Squirrel

    Description says $1500 followed by inexpensive enough. My ass

  • Song Johnny
    Song Johnny

    When the 42' 4k oled tv arrives in market, all other monitors will be DEAD to me.

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman

    what keyboard is linus using on this video? thanks

  • Alex

    I think I will get the 55” and mount it on the wall where my monitor would be, then pull my desk out about 3-4 feet away and use it as my primary monitor....thoughts?

  • New Moon
    New Moon

    6:03 OLED is that much faster than the even best TN/IPS panels. It doesn't have to wait for crystals to move.

  • Wild Leghorn
    Wild Leghorn

    Plz somebody send me 55inch QLED TV 😭😭😭

  • Jussimir Pasold
    Jussimir Pasold

    They should release a smaller version of this monitor, with 32” or maybe 35”

  • Patrick Musson
    Patrick Musson

    I use a 42" LG TV as a monitor, but it is positioned the same distance from me as if I was gaming on my PS5 in a living room setup. My PC is connected to the TV via a longish HDMI cable about 70" or 178cm away from where I sit. When using my keyboard, I have a small craft table in front of my recliner chair. Most of my games are played using a steering wheel or and Xbox controller.

  • Gordon Goodman
    Gordon Goodman

    Linus has become a salesman.

  • Jason Fawcett
    Jason Fawcett

    Ok don’t care about gaming. Is this a good stock monitor that is equivalent to the expensive 49 inch monitors that cost $1k? It looks like I would need two 49 inch monitors that would give me the screen space of one of these TV?

  • Yoad Shem tov
    Yoad Shem tov

    nice marketing saying that small is last gen..

  • Erik J
    Erik J

    Good thing tv's drop a lot faster in pricing, about to buy this "monitor" for "just" 1100 euro

  • Frank Coffey
    Frank Coffey

    I wear contacts for far vision but that makes things harder to see up close. I like to sit way back from my monitor so it’s in the sweet spot of my vision but then things can be too small. This looks like a good solution, I can sit back away from the monitor but still have objects seem fairly large.

  • ian greenacre
    ian greenacre

    Would you recommend the Alienware 55 inch Monitor too??