If You Build a House, I'll Pay For It!
If you build the best house, I'll buy you a house! This is definitely the biggest prize we've given away yet and the builds players created in this challenge were insane!
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  • Shannon Avila
    Shannon Avila

    I like how mr beast gives a house to him

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    Rocco Carrino

    I challenge Mr. beast in a 1V1 in halo three If I lose you can tell me whatever you want me to do if I win you pick the price

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    hey, i subbed and i haven’t been in a competition, i don’t have java yet though, is that a problem?

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    7:30 roasteddddddd

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    Next vid: Today I have bought the Soviet union and we are nuking China

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    10:01 killed me lol

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    "I have nothing on" -SaveMrSquishys Mom

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    I love you MrBeast!!

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    These titles are misleading

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    I want a tiny house

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    Next video: Who ever builds space keeps it

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    ok but why dosnt savemrsqwishys mom got no close on? sus

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    Eunice biggest is evil Ogcang

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    Kevin McCalister

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    0:47 amogus

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    so sick

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    can i also join your server pls

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    i love ol the House 🏠


    Amm I wanna join the server cause I wanna build a house too hehe😅

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    Paper Crafts

    Imagine a 9 year old won the house

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    • NᴏᴛCʀʏsᴛᴀʟ •

    Mr beast is my favourite youtuber, here's why : He's rich but he doesn't let it change him He uses he's money to make ppl happy He's videos are entertaining He's videos are not clickbait like others He cares for his friends He's kind He might lose money by donating so much but he risks it His videos barely have ads Doesn't beg for likes, subs or comments Doesn't talk too much and gets to the point EPIC videos Please tell me if I missed some, lol

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    Are you rich mr. beast?

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    no offence but mrbeast is a bit mean sometimes

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    Stop with the talking audios when the discord is muted

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    Come to Australia and do this, the bill will be 5x as expensive

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    6:53 Oh yeeeeees, Mr. Bacon is the best 🤘🤘🤘

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    2:13 dude literally took that from a build tutorial copy paste i legit built that same skyscraper in complete survival so I would know.

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    ManjunathaReddy P V

    Amazoing Shirt

  • Mr. Orange Minecraft
    Mr. Orange Minecraft

    I built a McDonald's. Can you buy me and my brother a MCDONALDS?

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    Mr. Spot Gaming

    Plz see my house in my channel

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    Grant and his Dad Fix Stuff

    Mr. Baconshouse is the best

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    I already watched this vid but I love it

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    Matthew Jones

    "Go to a children’s hospital, and pay random people’s medical bills.” Copy to make it happen

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    I build my own real little room in de back yard. How can i add a pict of it in the comments?

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    if anyone wants to leave the mrbeast server do it

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    The chicken legged house is from a book from the kingdom of fantasy the three hairballs

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    where is Dream

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    We just gonna over look the fact he called his mom and she said “good no video, I have nothing on”🤨

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    "Go to a children’s hospital, and pay random people’s medical bills.” Copy to make it happen


    Please can I join your videos because I want to do something very very very tall I am very affectionate he wants a mongers house for my beautiful wife I have I don’t

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    For a next challenge stay under water for 60 hours