Simply’s Safiya & Tyler's Wedding Vlog | LA 2019
We went to a wedding! And it wasn't ours 😇 Happy marriage to our good friends Safiya & Tyler!
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Safiya & Tyler’s wedding video:
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  • Reynaldo Dos Rios
    Reynaldo Dos Rios

    I miss Jenna Marbles so much! I almost cried when I saw her on this video.

  • Reyna Kondaveeti
    Reyna Kondaveeti

    16:21 “when two Aries combine” Literally me and another Aries 😂

  • marsbars

    Ben and julien were an absolute delight to see omg aww

  • Ada Wood
    Ada Wood

    2021 anyone?

  • Gabriel Sellers
    Gabriel Sellers

    L EY

  • POP as we know it
    POP as we know it

    Christine, what was your foundation you used when you went to your podcast? You looked flawless!

  • Sarah Johnstone
    Sarah Johnstone

    This is still such a calming video ❤

  • Rafa Ribeiro
    Rafa Ribeiro

    That's my comfort vlog. I watch it anytime I need to feel happy.

  • Atiny Blink
    Atiny Blink

    7:50 Yosh to the Posh?

  • Lizbeth Servin
    Lizbeth Servin

    Watching this again in May 2021!

  • Thilani Peiris
    Thilani Peiris

    1 year later and I'm still wondering if they were charged for moving the bottles in the mini fridge

  • Akua Darku
    Akua Darku

    7:04 *Why did I laugh at that part😂?* (Just me????)

  • Chizki

    “You get charged if you remove bottles from this mini fridge” Then whats the point of having a mini fridge in the hotel-

  • Mandarine Sky
    Mandarine Sky

    you can use hand cream to stick does baby hairs, it will work like hair gel

  • Danae Pap
    Danae Pap

    the gift giving scene melted my heart

  • Isha Mathew
    Isha Mathew

    I ship Julian and ben.......... such an amazing

  • Justine B
    Justine B

    somehow watching Cristine encourages me to have a healthy lifestyle, exercising and drinking tea ✨🍵🌿☀️

  • Jen

    I love how she just embraces how old she is :)

  • Manya Gaver
    Manya Gaver

    That is one fancy hotel

  • Hilal Sena TÜRK
    Hilal Sena TÜRK

    5.55 can we just thank the bartender she/he got her name right yayy!!!

  • Isabella Tova28
    Isabella Tova28

    Me when I saw that Ben typed in the chat on saf’a newest livestream, I was like beyyyyyyyyyn!

  • Louise M
    Louise M

    Julian and Ben the dream team

  • Sassy Apple Studio
    Sassy Apple Studio

    Nom nom nom nom

  • Sadie T
    Sadie T

    “mood that’s me!” 😂✋🏼

  • Jonah Brown
    Jonah Brown

    Ben just flexing his nails on the plane was a vibe ngll

  • Strawberry cow
    Strawberry cow

    Awwww Ben still wore the nails that she painted for him!

  • Erin McArthur
    Erin McArthur

    Watching this was so nice... takes me back to simpler times when things like flying, seeing friends and meeting big groups of people were still a thing. Sigh those were the days lol

  • Mel F.
    Mel F.

    Guys seeing Jenna and Julien made me CRY

  • Ash Weekes
    Ash Weekes

    just 2021 me coming back here to feel something again.........

  • Clever Username
    Clever Username

    Safiya’s reaction to the Viking key gift is honestly adorable. Cristine is so sweet

  • Idon'tevenknow

    Watching this now is kinda surreal. Just a few months later the pandemic happens, Safiya took a pause on her channel (it looks like her and Tyler are undergoing a fresh start so good for them) and Jenna Marbles decides to stop making videos (from what I saw or has that changed? Still wish her the best), and a bunch of other youtubers took pauses or took a break.

  • lucy rose
    lucy rose

    whos phone is on the door handle at safiyas place

  • Ananymouse

    13:37 i mean..she isnt wrong...

  • mariethesizzler 9492
    mariethesizzler 9492

    Ummmm so ben, cristine, jenna, Julien and shane in the same room?!?!?! I fucking need that video ASAP (yes I know they didn't film) just add rob and corrine and it'll be the best fucking video

  • mariethesizzler 9492
    mariethesizzler 9492

    She looks gorgeous 🤩😍

  • Izzy Thompson
    Izzy Thompson

    My fav moment 16:14

  • E Sverker
    E Sverker

    13:26 Wait she's BUFF

    • Maggot St. Pierre
      Maggot St. Pierre

      She's dead lifts check out her vid

  • Emily Borbidge
    Emily Borbidge

    am I the only one who thought about Grey's Anatomy when they showed the people recording a scene or something or Station 19 also congrats Safiya and Tyler!!!!!!

  • tazlol

    this looks pretty good

  • Touhid Dewan
    Touhid Dewan

    #this is not tea 😌

  • Katy Rubeck
    Katy Rubeck

    Holo Taco should make a burgundy polish called “Safiya”

  • Kammie

    Back when Cristine could actually wear makeup

    • Kammie

      @Maggot St. Pierre honestly same, but I think even THEY still aren’t sure what she’s allergic to

    • Maggot St. Pierre
      Maggot St. Pierre

      Her poor eyes =[ I still wanna know what she's allergic to

  • Angel Owens
    Angel Owens

    I would die for those HOOOOLOOOO shoes Cristine

  • Zainab Binte Islam
    Zainab Binte Islam

    Came here after watching the video Safiya filmed ✌

  • Anakin fire bender
    Anakin fire bender


  • Kathleen K
    Kathleen K

    Gotta love the millionaire youtuber talking about being a white collar couple / family that destroys something...the lack of self awareness of limousine liberals is hilarious. Millennial limousine liberals makes it even worse / funny.

  • Jordan

    Not Shane at cristines table😬😬🤢

  • Noel Winni
    Noel Winni

    The cloudy philosophy emotionally fire because brace erroneously call towards a elegant makeup. four frail, aback helen

    • Maggot St. Pierre
      Maggot St. Pierre


  • Edgar

    oh my fucking god

    • Maggot St. Pierre
      Maggot St. Pierre

      God doesn't exist here.

  • Illusory

    Seeing both Shane and Jenna again is a weird feeling

  • Rose Justice
    Rose Justice

    Saf’s black dress is stunningly beautiful! Then again, so is she.

  • Miks

    We love an addams family moment

  • Sami Newman
    Sami Newman

    the foreshadowing of the podcast

  • zasuke Uchiha
    zasuke Uchiha

    I want to be cristines friend so bad she looks so fun

  • Rythm Abraham
    Rythm Abraham

    Little did she know that A PANDEMIC IS GOING TO START

  • Olin Simpson
    Olin Simpson

    The plausible distributor karyologically avoid because condition intraorally jail athwart a shaggy active. periodic, moaning sheet

  • Adél Pondělíčková
    Adél Pondělíčková

    I am sorry, did Cristine really do nail art on Safiya without a BaSE cOaT??

  • Egor Ruzhin
    Egor Ruzhin

    what is the mug safia drinks out of.

  • Aysty

    YALL my mom has the necklace that Cristine gave Safiya and it was like 3,500 Australian dollars!

  • ItzMilly_YT :D
    ItzMilly_YT :D

    Cristine do be strong tho

  • Life Is Good
    Life Is Good

    Imagine leaving your hotel room at 7 in the morning to see Cristine doing her Sims walk down the halway.

  • Ellies Vids
    Ellies Vids

    At 11:00 ben looks dead

  • trix.cereal


  • nui


  • Davide Masha
    Davide Masha

    Cristine: *could probably buy the hotel* Also cristine checking the beverages :”please don’t charge me”

  • Cookie and Ceilo
    Cookie and Ceilo

    I bet there was lots of Camaras there

  • Le Moon
    Le Moon

    Aah seeing this makes me miss traveling and hotels

  • H S
    H S

    What's the song at 2:03?

  • Ashlyn

    I got an ad for engagement rings before this vid

  • lavanya kk
    lavanya kk

    The smelly narcissus intraorally poke because baby arthroscopically hook till a numerous shovel. far-flung, decorous grandfather

  • A. Trace
    A. Trace

    I love that their dance was from The Addams Family. 🥰

  • Jessica Firlotte
    Jessica Firlotte

    up real late watching random video's and then I see Jenna staring into the camera my god I miss her face

  • Grace soot
    Grace soot

    You when you realized that they invited Shane dawson to their wedding 👁👄👁

  • Stella Mantikou
    Stella Mantikou

    simply with make up,travelling AND in a room with other creators😍...sigh...😢Oh, corona what have you done to the world?😷😩

  • watchmegirly

    So wait did Cristine go to the bachelorette party in the end? :0

  • melody martinez
    melody martinez


  • Isabela Hernandez
    Isabela Hernandez

    Let’s talk about cristenes biseps do a sec

  • Emily Lowe
    Emily Lowe

    This video makes me smile so much, so wholesome ❤️

  • Nikki spills the tea!!
    Nikki spills the tea!!

    So we aren’t gonna talk about the Adams family moment? Seriously that was epic!!

  • strawberry cow
    strawberry cow

    POV: two Aries existing at the same time

  • strawberry cow
    strawberry cow

    Am I crazy or does that look like Eugene from the try guys 14:23

  • S K
    S K

    i love the wedding lights omg

  • harchavardini Lebas
    harchavardini Lebas

    Literally Nobody Me: Why isn't she wearing her mask 😷!

  • icy hot
    icy hot

    the bras at 13:38. 😂

  • kath morgan
    kath morgan

    It's so cute how you and saf seem to have these huge awkward friend crushes on eachother, I love it

  • Swordchild001

    Remember this was when people could still have weddings

  • 茶色マイカイラ

    (super late lol) I love how jenna didn't have anything in her hair and looked like she didn't have a basketball game tom.

  • E H
    E H

    If she saw my nails, she might lose

  • The wonderful world Of Jada
    The wonderful world Of Jada

    I can say Ben like Christine it is so much fun this kid named Ben is in my art class so I just yelled his name in the voice she uses and he was so confused it was hilarious

  • A J
    A J

    That was the day before my birthday its on the 6

  • eels

    Wow she really just gave safiya a Tiffany and co necklace how generous😭

  • Wayne Deanne
    Wayne Deanne

    After watching this so many times now, only now I have realized the phone that was charging is literally placed on the doorknob lol at 7:09 gave me anxiety ahahahha

  • Cherry Dela Cruz
    Cherry Dela Cruz

    I never seen videos of you so sincere before

  • The Fandom Queen
    The Fandom Queen

    I’m so happy that I got to see Safiya and Tyler’s dance with the actual music!! It was so cute💕

  • Meghan Spencer
    Meghan Spencer

    Am I the only one who started singing "Kids in America" when she filmed the dirty window? No one: Me: "LOOKING OUT A DIRTY OLD WINDOW...

  • Alena

    Can someone tell me the name of the last track :(

  • Rachel Roberts
    Rachel Roberts

    I stayed in that hotel when I when to LA! Absolutely gorgeous

  • Zoey Landry
    Zoey Landry

    omg i love how they have rihanna playing in the back XD

  • Maria Stefania Trifa
    Maria Stefania Trifa

    Cristine! You are so pretty! You are gorgeous in anything you wear!

  • Daniela Perez Palma
    Daniela Perez Palma