I Officially Sold My New House. (not a joke)
This is not a prank
I hope you guys understand where I'm coming from. I'm very grateful to even be able to purchase that house, but it was affecting my happiness. Let's see what happens next!
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      muhammad iftikhar


    • yVAn Official47
      yVAn Official47

      so should i write a hate comment so that you notice me. well then" faze rug is so fun, people have to watch him to have a better day"

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      Joshua Vaughn

      I an sud

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      Oxyy FN

      I can not help agin because I am already subscribed

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      Fàzè Rûg Fáñ

      Big fan bro👍

  • Carly Kendall
    Carly Kendall

    i will never not love his vlogs

  • Frank's backup friend
    Frank's backup friend

    Yay noah got a girl!!! ❤️❤️

  • Leonardo Beltran
    Leonardo Beltran

    Build a house and move your parents in

  • Tydenite


  • snf nate
    snf nate

    only ogs know thr og thumbnail and og title

  • Lorenzo Macarius G. LUGUE
    Lorenzo Macarius G. LUGUE

    YO rug why is youre youtube name faze rug sorry im just asking??????????

  • James Hayed
    James Hayed

    Rug I feel you with the house I’m sorry and I hope you find a new home close to family

  • Me1Me FOur
    Me1Me FOur

    nice u got me Its April fools day!

  • Ivandro Ramalho
    Ivandro Ramalho

    faze rug I advise you to leave your girlfriend mine look right at her face, I don’t know how you can look at her face all this time

  • gamer maxx
    gamer maxx

    Why do you need $20 dollars to say I love you to your mom.

  • Zeyan Shaikh
    Zeyan Shaikh

    I too have a big nose don't worry everyone is special

  • adil khaleq
    adil khaleq

    There just haters man your good

  • Shane Addison
    Shane Addison

    Omg what about the Faze basketball court


    1:17 it's not big hhhhhh

  • iiStrawberryMelo

    3:30 I respect your decision! The house was really beautiful!! But What about your roommates?

  • Fortune Coochie
    Fortune Coochie

    Nobody... Olivia- It's Psychology, but it's useless... Me- That's my major, and I graduate in May... 😨

  • Jessica Ceasar
    Jessica Ceasar

    I'm sorry Rug about the hate comments. I hate it when people do that. I'm really sorry. I'm here for you Rug.

  • yeet skeet
    yeet skeet

    1:48 Kaelyn has known Brian and Brandon for YEARS even before they were famous lol.

  • Bianca Vasquez
    Bianca Vasquez

    Yes mental help is very important especially if you're far from the people you love.

  • Nadalie Six
    Nadalie Six

    Oh no

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    Misty Madson


  • Ranjit Bal
    Ranjit Bal

    Well said rug

  • Fidel Ayala
    Fidel Ayala

    Faze Rug I fell dad for you owl mi nam si Jennifer Mi bride nam so justin

  • Heidi Williams
    Heidi Williams

    I am gonna miss FaZe Rugs house, but as long as he keeps making videos and he’s happy that’s all that matters…

  • Madsteel Z12
    Madsteel Z12

    Done 🤓✅

  • DGregster

    I'm gonna try that Good Time Poke place in Pb hell yeah

  • Meed Need
    Meed Need

    The Code for camara is secret

  • DBL Master
    DBL Master

    I love ur vid u make me happy

  • Ksenija Miskulin
    Ksenija Miskulin

    You haters are b# Cuz HE DOSE EVREYTHING FOR US

  • Tijan Kusačić
    Tijan Kusačić

    Thumbnail: *cries* The very first second: YOOO whats up guys FaZe Rug here

  • Tijan Kusačić
    Tijan Kusačić

    Boo hoo I’ll just buy another one

  • Carter Watson
    Carter Watson

    He’s done so many of these type of videos

  • chonger

    i love to see how rug interacts with fans, hes a real one

  • Zuju Li
    Zuju Li

    Let’s head out Me: reading the sign on the door not an exit

  • Abisai Martinez
    Abisai Martinez

    Every time FaZe rug buy new house he lived there for like two three months then he goes back with his parents for a month or so then he buys another house this happened four times already when he buys that new house he's going to do the same thing

  • Angel Oliden
    Angel Oliden

    Ay man rug family comes first all the time 💪🏻 love the content but you gotta be happy first man 👍🏻

  • EricisTheMann

    I understand where Brian is coming from. If he was not comfortable with where he was. Most of you guys need to understand where he is coming from. Love u Brian keep up the grind😎🤟

  • RefreshYT1

    Hope you have a new house and you feel better in it hope you have a great day

  • Pablo J
    Pablo J

    In conclusion... Rug is a bitch and it doesn’t make sense.

  • Obey_Om

    i really wish someone gave the $20 to their mom

  • Calisthenic Monk
    Calisthenic Monk

    Wait the real question is how many numbers has Noah gotten in the past year😳😳😳

  • B . Thanmay
    B . Thanmay


  • Michael Erdmier
    Michael Erdmier

    Rug, you bought a house, you didn't like it, so you're looking for more options. This is your life, not anyone else's, so you make your own decisions. Your true supporters will stick with you the whole way.

  • arbab mustafa
    arbab mustafa

    Rug ignore the haters keep up the good entertaining work and I respect your decision

  • Tahira Mahmood
    Tahira Mahmood


  • Lina Chakrof
    Lina Chakrof

    your videos touch my heart

  • Lina Chakrof
    Lina Chakrof

    i think all those bad coments shouldn't be true

  • JaYzKiller4

    Hell nah bosely is the goat dont mess wit my boy or he gone bite ya

  • Angela Summer
    Angela Summer

    because ghost

  • N Gggg
    N Gggg

    I like every one of you mainly Noah and faze I like Noah mainly because my name is the same

  • Kevin Macharia
    Kevin Macharia

    we love you Rug

  • Sadeev Singh Music
    Sadeev Singh Music

    Yo no one realised the camera quality after Noah put it in the fire 😂 Dude's gotta change the lens 😂

  • Terol David
    Terol David

    i felt sorry for kaylen and rug guys stop saying mean things to them wellif u guys are making fun off them well stop watching his vidoes bc thats mean

  • AC Family
    AC Family

    Was it because of the painting

  • Roxanna Chladek
    Roxanna Chladek

    Brandon is happy and let him be!!

  • julie kelly
    julie kelly

    I feel sorry for you guys those hate comments are just bad and annoying and rude and I respect your decision for leaving your house I hope you find a place that you love and that is good for your mental health.

  • Nur Ellyana
    Nur Ellyana

    I like faze I wish I could see him love u man

  • angela

    kaylyn looks better then his ex

  • Mike Hebert
    Mike Hebert

    its ok rug we all still love you

  • seamus mcginty
    seamus mcginty

    Hey rug it is your decision your mental health matters more


    my respect for Brian rn: 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈 lemme like the vid real quick

  • Claudia's World
    Claudia's World

    What the restaurant name again

  • Lucille Lambert
    Lucille Lambert

    My bestie bought the house! She moved in on Tuesday ^.^.(With her parents and siblings)

  • Paulo Carrillo Jr
    Paulo Carrillo Jr

    This proof that money cnt Buy happiness nor peace

  • Brianna Garcia
    Brianna Garcia

    Noah you are the best

  • Gamer Griefer
    Gamer Griefer

    Done plz bro can I get a ps5 instagram - adamali.15

  • puffy_oceanic

    there is a homeless man at 8:05 i fell sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad 😢😢😢

  • Samuel Rickman
    Samuel Rickman

    christian is sht at dancing

  • Connor gaming
    Connor gaming

    Faze up

  • Adam Reynolds
    Adam Reynolds

    You could make videos out of a cardboard box and I will still watch you

  • Versed

    Nobody: “ *Those* ” people: can’t stop looking and Kaelyn’s top half

  • Gavin Fryer
    Gavin Fryer

    What a bout you basketball court

  • Karen Roberts
    Karen Roberts

    Me Mr wolt

  • FaZe5 yeet_urgone
    FaZe5 yeet_urgone

    13:40 *not an exit*

  • Aki 2k10
    Aki 2k10

    no basketball:(

  • Bobbie Collier
    Bobbie Collier

    Didn’t you say blaze was going to move in with you

  • Aki 2k10
    Aki 2k10

    im sad :(

  • Brody Basco
    Brody Basco

    yall are god idk dont know why they poot those hate comments on there beacuse yall couldant be a bettr youtuber

  • outatime

    bro the way Noah asked for her number was so funny Lmao.

  • J xox
    J xox

    My mom passed away rug!!! What about me 😅

  • Yellow Paco
    Yellow Paco

    the tiger doing jumping jacks was sooooo outta pocket 😂

  • Jjmf Gaming
    Jjmf Gaming

    Who ever writes a hate comment is pure trash

  • D V
    D V

    You should’ve done the dice roll

  • Ruby Jeronimo
    Ruby Jeronimo

    Lmao I love Brawadis

  • シVloneifyed

    Ik u love your family but why would u move u HAVE A CUSTOM QUART

  • Tiffanie Huntley
    Tiffanie Huntley

    Bro Rug is left hand!!

  • Mariam girgis
    Mariam girgis

    You're videos make my day

  • Muhamadali Sakar
    Muhamadali Sakar

    First of all if Noah talks like a bitch then don’t listen to him hater

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    Alayna Stander


  • BlaZe Gaming
    BlaZe Gaming

    Another house tour innit

  • Kunal Tewatia
    Kunal Tewatia

    Some girl said for 20 bucks come on! God may forgive you but I won't.

  • Caitlin Ariana
    Caitlin Ariana

    Noahs a real one😂😂 jkk the other guy was cool.. btw videos like this are the best

  • Flix Flame
    Flix Flame

    home is where the heart is, respect.

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    Fahad Predicts

    Go subscribe to fahad predicts and faze rug



  • Ry Floxks
    Ry Floxks

    him and his brother but houses for no reason

  • xovams

    3:52 that’s so *ncie*

  • Katherine Chong
    Katherine Chong

    Faze, you are so lucky to have the parents that you do. How I wish I have the money to move out of my parents’ place so I don’t have to hear the yelling and the constant put downs my mom gives me. One day I will have the money to move out, I can feel it🙏 Thank you for sharing your life with us and us Ruggers (😉) will support you no matter what. Please take care and stay safe😊

  • chris kinghorn
    chris kinghorn

    yo im getting bullied on fortnite and im realy shy can you plz ad me my acount is ckckpanton i love being on youtube but no one watches me when i now tfu buga and mongral and im a big fan