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Originally on Lockdown 23&1
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  • ChicoMike Ramirez
    ChicoMike Ramirez

    Jake ! Who makes a way ! Love loyalty respect 🔥💯💪🏼

    • Nassa 6rown
      Nassa 6rown

      R.I.P chicomike ☝🏽💆🏽‍♂️

    • Crystal's Chaos
      Crystal's Chaos

      Rest Easy🙏 another man gone to the streets and gone way to soon

    • Recon from the shadows
      Recon from the shadows

      Boom.... there's Mike😎

    • Jalen Farley
      Jalen Farley

      Don't take it personal it's buisness..

    • Marcos T
      Marcos T

      Rip long hair mike

  • Shane Acker
    Shane Acker

    Listening is real. Planet Pluto Supporter! - Shane P. Acker - 😎

  • Samuraibenz

    That black verse Chicano shit was so fucked man we were really going at it with each other like I’m so glad me and my Hispanic brothers get along man fr

  • Nah Nah
    Nah Nah

    Was gudd

  • Ya' mon
    Ya' mon

    Reminds me of Jorge Masvidal

  • Geronimo Andeezi
    Geronimo Andeezi

    Whoever calls for the TOH should be the first one you pop off on. On the spot fuck a bathroom

  • wattscee1

    real ass mo fo... 100%

  • Speedy 420
    Speedy 420

    Haha bro said "lemme tell you bout fuck ass cruze" lmaoooo

  • Always Apply Pressure247
    Always Apply Pressure247


  • Always Apply Pressure247
    Always Apply Pressure247


  • Lisa Ritchie
    Lisa Ritchie

    R I.P Mike

  • The Viking
    The Viking

    Never been to prison and my heart goes out to y’all! You didn’t deserve any of this shit brothers . Much love “stay free”

  • The Viking
    The Viking

    No man deserves this shit unless they child offenders

  • The Viking
    The Viking

    Damb a solid brother ! R.I.P. 🙏🏻

  • Greg Murray
    Greg Murray

    Interview skills on point "Run Dat" Jake knows what people wanna hear fr!

  • The Viking
    The Viking

    Damb feb 28! Bad date! Will go down as the day America died (no politics though)

  • V U
    V U

    We not perfect 👌 I wish every convicted man or woman more then the best out of life

  • Uno Cuatro
    Uno Cuatro

    R.I.P mike homie 💯💯🕊️

  • Suck your Mum you wasteman
    Suck your Mum you wasteman

    Rip man

  • 2pap Jay
    2pap Jay

    Go crazy Jake, checkin in from Dade County, FL

  • 2pap Jay
    2pap Jay

    Hialeah really dat mannnnnn

  • Erich Poke Porsch
    Erich Poke Porsch

    Yo not for nothing Jake don't bring somebody on your channel like this again, Dude talking like he don't know what hes saying and Making himself look like a clown

  • Michael Matthews
    Michael Matthews

    Drinking game when Chico says "so boom".

  • Michael Matthews
    Michael Matthews

    Seemed like a real one...but the streets are thirsty for blood, and that thirst never seems to be quenched. RIP G 🙏

  • spazzz onem
    spazzz onem

    RIP chico mike!

  • Julia Newsom
    Julia Newsom

    "okay so boom" !

  • 11Bravo-Dad

    RIP to bro, talked to him on Instagram a few times, definitely about positivity and empowering. I hope they figure this shit out, the who and the why's.

  • Tony Carvalho
    Tony Carvalho

    Fear is respects ugly cousin

  • Mike D
    Mike D

    He'll have to beat the odds to stay out. He looks like the career criminal. He'll be back.


    His Instagram isn't active anymore hope Chico is okay mane

  • Eugene Hill
    Eugene Hill

    This guys victim mentality is sad. It’s no one’s fault but his own.

  • A to Z Entertainment
    A to Z Entertainment

    Jake is growing as an interviewer. Best way to conduct an interview. Shut up and let them speak if it flows. Only step in if needed. Props. 5

  • Zach Bene
    Zach Bene

    Prison or any institution is nothing but a business and million to billion dollar business at that It’s all about the money

  • messiah shine
    messiah shine


  • TacDaddy12

    Chico Mike > I can't stand the bully. Jake > 😰

  • Vilson Bekaj
    Vilson Bekaj

    How much time did ya do? The first time? All together! About 15 month

  • Eric Riley
    Eric Riley

    Boom boom boom 💥boom 💥boom 💥 boom 💥boom 💥 boom 💥 boom 💥 boom 💥boom 💥lol dude tells a good story

  • Robert Price
    Robert Price

    Im done with him.i can tell

  • Ratxhet'Ahh Saint
    Ratxhet'Ahh Saint

    I qent too spectrum when I was 13

  • duane flink
    duane flink

    Pretend defender

  • Tameca Hamilton
    Tameca Hamilton

    RIP Rico Mike. Rest easy. Be at peace. So sorry.

  • King James
    King James

    Why dont yall make audiobooks of these stories that maybe inmates can order and listen to?? Good stuff.

  • Crystal's Chaos
    Crystal's Chaos


  • Brooklyn Udin
    Brooklyn Udin

    Mike the CEO of 💥Okay so boom💥

  • Luis Vargas
    Luis Vargas

    Damn lil Bro bout to be the next joe rogan

  • plumboss

    Love dude's point of view, no glory just honest. Like looking are the yard and all you see is loosers. Life is wasted on a cell.

  • Keishaun Bailey
    Keishaun Bailey


    • Julian Faulkner
      Julian Faulkner

      @vato locos forever yes

    • vato locos forever
      vato locos forever

      Spanish dude is dead?

  • Dickerson Azard
    Dickerson Azard

    I like how he said all together, how much time he did, now that's something to think about, ey my homegurl just got killed too in dec 2020 but the public pretender phrase got me smiling n wtf is toh

    • Fred Hampton
      Fred Hampton

      (T)est (O)f (H)eart


    No disrespect bro reminds me of jimmy off of gta😭🙅🏿‍♂️🧢🧢

  • YangYang

    Damn this video played after ur newest one it’s crazy how much better quality ur videos gotten u moving up big dawg

  • 303 Garage
    303 Garage

    This guy is tekashi 69 like a character like Mickey mouse

    • vato locos forever
      vato locos forever

      Yeah except this guy here is dead

  • Mecole Williams
    Mecole Williams

    he puts his sentences together... so smoothly... he is so humble....

  • Johnny Dangerous
    Johnny Dangerous

    Homeboy is smart when he laid the game down for what it's really about that confirmed he a smart solid cat. Prison is not there to rehabilitate anyone the recidivism rate is crazy high and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is being done to try to change it. Just like Chico Mike said imagine if you cut the the amount of inmates in half now imagine how many jobs are lost from po's to co's to judges all the way down to maintenance men, now think if all the federal funding that gets cut for programs for counselors schooling etc. They're trying to lock up as many people as possible

  • Old Man Hendo
    Old Man Hendo

    Man, Chico Mike seemed like a cool ass dude. RIP man

  • LRG 72
    LRG 72

    I trip on how much non blacks use that N-WORD SO LOOSELY! LIKE ITS A NORMAL THING LIKE DUDE I GUESS??????

  • Jeff Williams
    Jeff Williams

    Love how you don’t interrupt your guests. Great interview

  • Guillermo Alfaro
    Guillermo Alfaro

    He's highly intelligent

  • Guillermo Alfaro
    Guillermo Alfaro

    Wooow he said Pembroke pines. I live in Pembroke pjcts in Bethlehem PA

  • Dominic

    This a real ass nigga I would have approached on sum koo shit ina cell juss cuzz i can see a real nigga through hard times it really be ina eyes and demeanor 🦾🦾✊🏾

  • Jordan Marturano
    Jordan Marturano

    Jake I’m not to sure if you are a felon only watched some of the channel but I watch a lot of UZload so it all blurs together but if you are do you have any weapons to defend you home beside a fire if so what is it would love to see a video on this

  • Jim Mapp
    Jim Mapp

    Life is tough, TOUGH people act right. Punks act like these guys

  • Damaciiio Greenleaf
    Damaciiio Greenleaf

    Hope the man is resting easy. Wishing peace for his loved ones.

  • Only The Gang 4 Life
    Only The Gang 4 Life

    Rest Up Chico Mike 🕊

    • Tha Sauce God
      Tha Sauce God

      What happened

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee

    Go ahead, bro. Run dat! Family.

  • travis hicks
    travis hicks

    East pakistan 500

  • The Elect Of The Living God
    The Elect Of The Living God

    RIP Mike. I'm sorry your life got cut short brother. I hope you're in heaven with the Lord, feeling no more pain, worry or crying no more. We love you bra bra. You were a real solid cat bro. God bless his family.🙌🏾🙏🏿❤️

  • Tybaebe Tybaebe
    Tybaebe Tybaebe

    Chico fine... RIH didn’t know he passed 🙏🏿

  • J Thumpa
    J Thumpa

    Man that’s a damn shame. This the first time watching this video. This was a coo individual, it sucks to see there’s a RIP video that’s going to play after this..

  • Justin

    Lmao playboy can’t even admit what he did but he knows everything that’s wrong what the court and correction system

  • Paul Castellano
    Paul Castellano

    Rip to ya man but he was definitely a racist, and used the word "nigga" a gazillion times. Smh, rip to him though.

    • Damaciiio Greenleaf
      Damaciiio Greenleaf

      Racist? I didn't get that from him.. and you know well that he didn't mean that in the way slaveowners and such meant it. There's a difference and it's known.

  • Da BLKspiderman
    Da BLKspiderman

    18:54 chicomike is speaking some real shit I’m black and I feel exactly what he is saying there are certain “ignorant blacks” that are the Embodiment of every stereo type that make blacks as a whole look bad by there actions and what they say. You got my RESPECT brother and I hope you stay on the path of freedom you on Que dios te acompaña🙏🏿✊🏿

    • Moe G
      Moe G

      I was feelin the same way. As a black man I agree wit what errything he was sayin 💯

  • Stain GanG
    Stain GanG

    Rest easy mike !!!

  • John Travolta
    John Travolta

    1090 fake knowing dam well he was a crash dummy getting extorted in a friendly way

  • agkistrodon piscivorus
    agkistrodon piscivorus

    theres a difference between anger and hate. I was filled with hate too. sometimes I think I still am. As I've gotten older I've learned my hate is a dead end. Im the only one who gets destroyed by it. But anger is a productive skill. It can cause movement where there was once a stagnant bog. Appreciate the lessons ogs

  • A&C Towing
    A&C Towing

    Yo this shit buggin me the fuck out i been watching this channel for 3 days straight im a old head but I still fuck with my little homies in the trenches. This shit just makes me reminisce of my days in rikers island 4building for adolescence. Im 42 homie im from ny and i witnessed the creation of the 1st generation 93 bloods and i witnessed the break up and creation of all these other first sub sets of ubn. Im Puerto Rican but as a teenager i clicked more with the brothers and because of that i constantly had problems with the latin kings but after a while that shit calmed down n i got real cool with allot of official kings bloods n crips. In ny jails its basically the same because i was locked up with a white dude that was a big homie not THE Big homie but he ran a set of SMM. There was white latin kings that when they came in didn't know a lick of spanish but by the time they getting released they spoke better Spanish then my grandma 😂. And yes many of them would say they were half Cuban or Mexican or Puerto Rican. Irregardless I believe if your heart is in it n you bout that life it dont matter what your ancestry is you can hop in the whip n if you know how to move and can prove it you can take the wheel skrap ju heard. Im all the way out the loop so far that i cant even speak on certain subjects no more im a father of 5 a homeowner in long island ny and a business owner. Not trying to show off just letting all y'all young bulls know that no matter what you go through in life there comes a time when you inner voice tells you when its time to change n that dont mean folding up dropping flags if your brothers are real brothers they support your actions. Its not like you violated or ratted. Im in position now to help my brothers get legit jobs and keep they po's off they ass. One more thing White boys really didnt have to join any of our gangs for protection because they dont run no jails but they still hold it down on some real shit and there are white power gangs up top but not on Rikers island

  • Mattie N.D.E
    Mattie N.D.E

    Chicos pretty much took me in. Unaffiliated white boy from up North, but stayed humble, observant and solid. I aint a skin head, so i mainly rocked with the hispanics. R.I.P Chico Mike.

  • Luis Gonzalez
    Luis Gonzalez

    lot of this sounds like shark attack when i was first in boot camp in the army

  • HappyChappie

    I couldn't tell u today's date

  • x69Vibez69x

    I havent watched your video on how he died but i can tell you its probably because of the amount of facts he spitting . He dropped alot of gems and he was not a conformist. 🌹 💐~RIP~Chico Mike~ 💐 🌹

  • Camielle Parent
    Camielle Parent

    Jake, you HAVE to write a book, man. Seriously. You are good with your communication skills and giving details that Bring your words to life.

  • Camielle Parent
    Camielle Parent

    So boom! He must have said that ten times or more...

  • Troy Mattos
    Troy Mattos

    This interview 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Duh’Don Dadda Donaldson
    Duh’Don Dadda Donaldson

    Boom. So boom. And then boom. So listen boom

  • PG Spinner
    PG Spinner


  • Andrew Savino
    Andrew Savino

    Seargent abranawitch was fired after becoming a white shirt n pittin hands on s9mone n really hurtin them

  • Andrew Savino
    Andrew Savino

    Seargent ab took me up threwwwwwwww there in bootcampppppp lolololo

  • Mark

    This was one of the best u had brah homie was solid af ain't bend or fold on anything he believed in smart and woke as fuck and wasn't going playing into there games. Shame what happen to him.

  • LeeLoe aka KING LEONIDAS
    LeeLoe aka KING LEONIDAS


  • Erik Hall
    Erik Hall

    Omg rip

  • Erik Hall
    Erik Hall

    Got me cheesing

  • Erik Hall
    Erik Hall

    Lol this dude bad ass

  • Erik Hall
    Erik Hall

    This so 100

  • Erik Hall
    Erik Hall

    Dam I full w this cat he deep I just got released back on drug court in florida manatee county jail 4 hrs ago got out. Been there so much I'm sik over it I'm no kid I'm 32iam a kid not a git. Thanks bro

  • MuthaFukka Jones
    MuthaFukka Jones

    Rip Chico mike! This man was my favorite guest the show ever had. He held it down like very few and did it his own way.

  • Meka Doe
    Meka Doe

    R.i.p mike

  • Meka Doe
    Meka Doe

    Jake. These vids are amazing. U have talent.

  • Lucjan Baird
    Lucjan Baird

    That’s what most these other interviewers don’t do let the interviewee speak thank u dog spoke some real shit man prison is a “prison” man this is not human we’re not meant to b put in cages it turns u into an actually animal

  • Tom Wev
    Tom Wev

    Hearing these stories I realize how lucky I got as a teenager getting away with the shit I did.

    • spazz locc
      spazz locc

      Armed robberys and home invasions

    • shreament

      what u did

  • mecca777

    Don't just be entertained, be educated.

  • Mattske

    This is deep !!! Just the content we want keep dropping this 🔥