The Ultimate "Wii Sports" Recap Cartoon
In this ultimate recap cartoon we retell the epic storyline from Nintendo's "Wii Sports". Remember that?
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A Cartoon by
Cas van de Pol
Junaid Chundrigar -
Animation by
Erwin Langstraat -
Junaid Chundrigar -
Cas van de Pol
Backgrounds by
Cas van de Pol
Sound design by
Robert Jung -
Voice work by
Jeffrey Wirtz -
3D assets & animation by
Owen Buckley -

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    Cas van de Pol if you wanna support the channel :)

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    Bowling caught me VERY off guard

  • PotatoSaladFace

    1:40 i was hoping this would be at least semi-family-friendly

  • PotatoSaladFace

    1:12 dude what

  • PotatoSaladFace

    0:15 oml calm down there

  • PlushVideoChaos

    I thought boxing would be last, and in the boxing one, it was Matt snapping the player Mii’s neck and the family goes into complete insanity.

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    Bruno Betsy

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    Allan de ROGEZ

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  • Misty Kitchen
    Misty Kitchen

    Hold up, in the scene where the baby calls 911. Why didn’t the baby realize that’s his real dad?

  • Adam

    I have never seen anything this accurate in my life...

  • yayimdoingosu

    Man in the shaving commercial be like: 2:40

  • It's Incoming
    It's Incoming

    That wiimote startled me so bad, oh my god...

  • It's Incoming
    It's Incoming

    0:48 I've had the ball hovering over the cup before, and it said 0.4 feet to go . The measuring scale is ridiculous...

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    Code Master Of Disaster

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    The Liam Channel

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    Igor Czerwiński

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    Endangered Cow

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    kevinthe noob

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    AAAlol Aldana

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    Tony Stephens

    Me at the end of the whole sad timeline:whaaaat because it was happy then downfall then happy all of a sudden

  • Skylorious

    The kid looks almost exactly like my Mii did, just add freckles and make the eyes blue

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    Skid Gaming PRO

    lol wait matt in tennis make u win

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    PJ Crupe

    The bowling part is messed up and I love it

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    I tried to make your character as a mii seen on the start of the video

    • DuoIsCrispJr

      It looks good :)

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  • Latha1337

    1:44 sad mii ending but 2:37 good mii ending

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    stickman team vs Piggy

    Unexpected end: the tnt explodes

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    bacon hair-tuop1203

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    peeepee poopoo man

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    Wildhan Syed

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    Bradon Byrd

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    Ashley Hutchison

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    Maxwell Manning

    I like how as his life goes poorly after the bowling, the wii sports theme is sad and depressed but still playing.

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    Slippy nuggets

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