Sony A90J vs LG G1 OLED - Best TV of 2021
The Sony A90J Master Series OLED and the LG G1 Gallery Design EVO OLED TVs are two of the most excting TVs of 2021. With the New EVO panel from LG and the new Bravia Cognitive Processor XR, both OLED TVs are brighter than their previous year models the Sony A9G and LG CX. Both TVs will boast the HDMI 2.1 features including 4K@120fps, VRR, ALLM, and eARC. Both TV brands will have new 83" OLED as well.
I'll review both and compare the two OLED TVs to determine which of the will be the best TV of 2021. Will it be the LG G1 with the EVO pannel or the Sony A90J with the Bravia XR ? #A90J #LGG1
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  • Babykangaroo 117
    Babykangaroo 117

    Should I get a warranty on an oled for in case of burn in?

    • B The Installer
      B The Installer

      Up to you. More than just burn in to worry about. Many things can go wrong in 5years

  • dimitrios007

    The best oled tv in 2021 will be the Panasonic jz2000 in general. In the US can be sony aj90

  • Eman

    Naw, U was wrong The best tv will be the C1 bang for the buck. This of course is after watching your C1 video Sir😁

    • Eman

      @B The Installer Copy

    • B The Installer
      B The Installer

      i don't think i said the best bang for buck in this video. i picked the best TV match up 3 months ago and was right.. not that it was that hard

  • Robert Little
    Robert Little

    One question with that Sony processor and all that computing going on. My question is will it affect gaming or bottle neck it in anyway.

  • Forthe Carson
    Forthe Carson

    Go Caps!

  • Michael Carraghan
    Michael Carraghan

    Is LG 10 alot better than LG 9? Picture etc

  • Miners cat
    Miners cat

    horible editing, audio dubbing and such. Incompetent, biased review. Half of runtime author gloryfies wall flush mount, which nobody really cares about. Shame.

    • B The Installer
      B The Installer

      Tell us how you really feel... what's the point of leaving thus comment ?

  • beach3um

    Can someone help me,to bust to watch every review, best TV for 2000. No gaming will be done. Just movies ,tv,.65 to 75 inch

  • Manuel Guillen
    Manuel Guillen

    Hey B, can do me a solid and post the model number for the updated remote for the A90J because I want to order it for my New Sony A8H, obviously the are fully compatible and I want the backlit remote as you have already mentioned in your review here no backlit is a big issue for you and myself as well. I hope you can provide that so I can order it like today or as soon (If) you can provide it. Thanks B-Man your videos saved the day and tons of cash on my Sony A8H from BB.

  • Leroy Smith Jr
    Leroy Smith Jr

    price is a major factor --- LG G1 77" it is 4500 compared to 8000 for the Sony A90J

    • B The Installer
      B The Installer

      It's not...not a factor.

  • Steve D
    Steve D

    Man. Having a tough time. In market for a 65” oled. I do have an Xbox series x but don’t play it too much. I’m looking for Better movie experience. Sony a80j/90j or lg c1/g1 or even last years cx?!

    • B The Installer
      B The Installer

      These are questions pondered all year. The LG CX or C1 are easy picks, great tvs. The Sony a90j is amazing.. expensive. The others are great too. I'll have C1 review and vs cx next week. Be patient, or if you can't, then you get the cx for less or pony up the dough

  • DjN0nam3

    Man this is a struggle! I was about to buy the A90j but the fact it only has two 2.1 hdmi and gaming on it, isn’t elite, doesn’t seem to be a good idea. Would you say I’m better off with the Lg G1 if primary function is gaming and movies?

  • Uchenna Egwim
    Uchenna Egwim

    Please review LG G1 evo oled

  • Poorya Zarei amir abady
    Poorya Zarei amir abady

    which one was better?

    • Poorya Zarei amir abady
      Poorya Zarei amir abady

      @B The Installer waiting for that one❤😊

    • B The Installer
      B The Installer

      Absolutely. But it's very expensive too. I'm excited to get the G1 and do a video and comparison.

    • Poorya Zarei amir abady
      Poorya Zarei amir abady

      @B The Installer oh ok. is a90j best oled you've ever seen?

    • B The Installer
      B The Installer

      I haven't seen the G1 yet. Soon

  • Bogdan B
    Bogdan B

    Bro, what about Panasonic JZ2000?

  • Euro The Jii
    Euro The Jii

    Sony a90j king of of the year.

  • Jerome Powell
    Jerome Powell

    Does the LG G1 support DSC?

  • mablenay

    $4K for the Sony! Ugh. Will the LG be as expensive?

    • B The Installer
      B The Installer

      Less expensive per inch as in past

  • marcus pip
    marcus pip

    Just scared of screen burn with the brighter=hotter panels

  • John M
    John M

    Lg g1 is way better for gaming, good vrr, gsync, 6ms input lag compared to 10ms on the sony

  • Heidi Burri
    Heidi Burri

    Hoping the 48" LG oled isn't out of my budget. Still trying to get my hands on the xbox series x. My current LG is 10 years old and the screen is slowly dying. As long as it makes it to April. Thanks for the video.

  • Harrison Kay
    Harrison Kay

    every time I have owned a flagship Sony (3), they have had to be returned or replaced due to playing up, swapped them out for LG, never had a single issue.

  • Cabriofahrer2

    Wich one is better for sports like soccer (motion etc)?

  • raziel raziel
    raziel raziel

    i have x900h :(, was rly bad to buy the tv at the end of 2020, but it was cheaper than 1k so it was cheaper for a while in black friday, but i still regret buying the tv and should have waited for x90j, x90j will be much better than x900h,

  • Ivan Olvera
    Ivan Olvera

    I got the A9G for my birthday last year. So I think next year for my birthday will be the A90J 🙈

  • Rick P
    Rick P

    You won't have to worry about burn-in as much now with the all new OLED Panels on the LG G1's !....the panels now have two blue layers so the panels last alot longer and an all new green layer for alot less burn-in now!!

    • Oscar Lachapel
      Oscar Lachapel

      @Rick P Thanks man!! Just saw it and that guy is incredible 🙌🏻

    • Rick P
      Rick P

      @Oscar Lachapel

    • Oscar Lachapel
      Oscar Lachapel

      Where did you read that?

  • abc news
    abc news

    Lg is better price,,, they all last for 3-4 years only nowadays

  • ReasonablleDoubt

    trance music from 1996 in the background.

  • Nelson Delgado
    Nelson Delgado

    Will the A80J and C1 have the burn in cooling tech or this is only for the premium models?

  • Carlito Brigante
    Carlito Brigante

    Do you think Sony will respond for the update?

  • Douglas

    what about the motion cowboy? they all suck at motion unless you like SOE. oled was the worst investment I ever made. trying to help others as you will not be able to see this flaw at best buy because they play content that doe snot have issues. trying to help others from a bad investment and headaches.

  • Luckslay


  • Ajith Kumar
    Ajith Kumar

    Sony a90j is the king. 😍

  • raffeal247

    Can't afford either of these but I am interested in x95, x90 and x85j Sony's.

  • Michael Allain
    Michael Allain

    great vids brother!! LG all the way for gaming. I own 2 A9f's though that are still amazing for non gaming content. The arc port on the A90j takes up an HDMI 2.1 which is the stupidest decision and is preventing me from buying one. Leaving you with only 1 2.1 port. Sometimes I wonder about Sony. Who is making these decisions?

  • golfing22002

    Hi there, would like to get some advice. We just moved to california. Because I was afraid our TV's would be damaged, I sold to of my 7 month hold TCL Series 8 seventy five inch tv's to the person who bought our house. I really love the Series 8, as I'm someone who loved Plasma TV's with the deep blacks and great contrast. My question is, would you reccomend I look to get a couple more of the Series 8 TCL TV's, as best buy still has them for around $1800 each, or is there a TV out there that has the same level of blacks and contrast, for a similar price. Thanks in advance for your advice.

  • Allec Azzam
    Allec Azzam

    Anyone know when either one of these two will come out?

    • B The Installer
      B The Installer

      I hear you. I don't think it's a big issue because most of the high end tvs have good choices for people who either prefer motion interpolation or not. I prefer some, other people like none.

    • Allec Azzam
      Allec Azzam

      Also, this might not be something many people like or care about but can you mention how great or bad the soap opera effect is on the A90J please? Even if it’s just mentioned in the description. Thanks man

    • Allec Azzam
      Allec Azzam

      @B The Installer thank you for replying! Was definitely not expecting a quick response:)

    • B The Installer
      B The Installer

      The 55 and some 65 A90J are at bestbuy magnolia and other places now. Review up Saturday am. The 83 in may, the G1 won't be til april or later.

  • Len Pak
    Len Pak

    On the AVSforum, pro calibrator Dnice says the A90J uses the same EVO panel in the G1. So with the heat sink plus Sony picture processing, I suspect Sony will best the G1 in PQ, but LG is more feature rich and better for gaming.

  • Dany Poirier
    Dany Poirier

    Was thinking of the Sony a80j 77 inch....don't care of gaming and a90j is too much for me...coming from the 900f would be a great upgrade.

    • Dany Poirier
      Dany Poirier

      @B The Installer I'll keep that in mind bud...thanks 👍

    • B The Installer
      B The Installer

      Future is relative. The CX will be better than 90% of this year's tvs.

    • Dany Poirier
      Dany Poirier

      @B The Installer I like to futur proof my self👍Besides....always a risk of buyer remors. Lol Guess we'll have to see Sony vs LG this year...

    • B The Installer
      B The Installer

      Even the c1 would be huge. The cx is really good too for price 77" at like $3k right now. Keep that in mind.

  • Christopher Erz
    Christopher Erz

    Hey my 81 year old father loves your reviews and he is a master mechanical & eletrical engineer. Takes a ton to impress him. But your reviews wowed him . Thanks for content

    • B The Installer
      B The Installer

      Respect. I'm sure he's a smarter man than I.

  • Tom Cooper
    Tom Cooper

    Gonna have to be the G1 77 for me I think. I was looking at the Sony but no gsync and only 2 hdmi 2.1.. Unfortunate

  • Sean Hoyt
    Sean Hoyt

    Isn’t the Sony A90J the same panel as the EVO G1 but with a more robust heat sink for even brighter output over the G1?

  • Francisco Martinez
    Francisco Martinez

    I just saw the Sony A90j on display at Best Buy and boy , after seeing how beautiful the quality of picture it had im down to pay whatever price , take my kidney

    • B The Installer
      B The Installer

      I'm sure it looked better. Mine is on way. Review this weekend.

    • Valerie Baker
      Valerie Baker

      Did it look better than the lg cx?

  • 34skyline

    Is the G1 support HDR10+ ?

  • Steve Coates
    Steve Coates

    Just saw your review of the sammy neo mini led and was horrified to hear you hated it. Please advise here because eveey single review of the 65 inch version has been totally awesome! Do you feel the 55 could be weaker...or should it be the same as its bigger brother? And please review the new lg oled C1 or Evo already...For me its the off whites and dimness that put me off oled.

  • BigBwoyTing

    Good content I just bought the Vizio 75in V-serise and love it. Paired with ma vizio 5.1 soround soundbar, Men I'm in heaven. And I did not have to break the bank lol

    • dimitrios007

      Panasonic jz2000 will be superior to both these tv's lol

  • Alpzepta Anime
    Alpzepta Anime

    Sony Trinitron XBR was the best TV in the 80s/90s Sony WEGA XBR was the best TV in the 2000s Sony A90J is the best TV now!

    • Patrick Murphy
      Patrick Murphy

      Yes, you are 100% correct. All other nations tried all these years were just to catch up with Sony's very high standard and many of them did accomplished, such as Samsung. But I just believe in Sony's quality with long reputation of excellency.

  • Ian Holden
    Ian Holden

    Hopefully I'm going to get a80j the a90j is out of my league

  • Jacob Buehne
    Jacob Buehne

    Im thinking the samsung Qn90a 65 will be extremely popular for gaming bc of free sync premium pro and personally my living room is super bright so im just leaning toward qled. cant wait for u to review these 2021 tvs

    • Jacob Buehne
      Jacob Buehne

      @B The Installer Awesome

    • B The Installer
      B The Installer

      I will have the Samsung qn90a on Friday.

  • lee miah
    lee miah

    Sony all day long

  • Konstruct //\\
    Konstruct //\\

    What is the music used in the video?

    • Konstruct //\\
      Konstruct //\\

      @B The Installer okay mainly the first one that plays.

    • B The Installer
      B The Installer

      Various. Artlist...

  • Vaughn McGregor
    Vaughn McGregor

    Sony and LG need to step up their HDR formats and catch up to Vizio when it comes to the implementation of HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and HLG. They might've missed the ball in that aspect 🤦🏾‍♂️.

  • kenny master
    kenny master

    Hey, are OLED TVs the best on Earth to watch movies in 4/8k actually ? I mean colors/images/dar fidelity/reality ? I'm lost with OLED, LED, mini leds, Qdots etc .. Thanks !

  • BlackWinds

    I'm a hardcore gamer that uses a 4k tv as a secondary monitor for my pc. The goal was to be able to lay on my bed and play my pc games on the big screen like I could when consoles were my primary gaming devices. That way I don't have to sit in my chair for hours upon end which gives me lots of back issues. My current tv doesn't have VRR and I have a lot of issues with inconsistent framerate and screen tearing in games. However, I use my pc for just about everything and keep it on 24/7. When I'm not gaming, I'm usually either watching something, or at work. Sometimes the screen auto turn off works when I'm at work or sleeping, sometimes it doesn't. Haven't been able to pinpoint what program(s) is keeping it from auto turning off. A lot of times this keeps my tv on too, if I forget to manually turn it off beforehand. Because of this, I'm super scared of burn in and would not consider myself a "normal user." I was going to go with samsung's new 4k qled but the fact that it only has 1 hdmi 2.1 and they aren't selling their model with the one connect box with 4 hdmi 2.1 in the US really put me off. Should I bother getting one of these oleds or should I wait for a more competent mini-led variant?

  • jprocopi

    "Once you go OLED, you never go back." Ha - so true! We have the 2020 LG GX 55" OLED for our gaming TV. It really is a looker. But, for our big room (no gaming), size matters a ton, and with that, the Sony 83" is going to be really hard to beat with that brighter screen. Not sure my checkbook agrees.

  • Sadhu Ram Teji
    Sadhu Ram Teji


  • TylerNessss

    Im so psyched for that Sony A90J, but the problem is Im actually looking at larger than 65" and... there the debate changes a bit. Because I do think the 77" LG G1 will be substantially cheaper than the A90J. Around a 1500,- difference?

  • Nick Wanko
    Nick Wanko

    Thank you for specifically talking about black crush on last years models on how it’s actually a huge issue for some! Especially gamers that play dark horror games like resident evil and games like that. Many you tubers just say how yeah the cx is sick best thing out just go buy it if you want the king of tv’s, I hated that. Once I realized how bad it was for dark games I returned it. Wish I knew before hand. Will be looking out for your video on these new oleds!

  • Port of Widsom
    Port of Widsom

    No hard numbers? Sony is 1300 nits peak. Dunno about LG. Also why tf is no one talking about Gsync and Freesync support in the comments by LG? Sony doesn't have that. At least you covered the size options in the vid. Not only that but Sony fucked people with not delivering on certain techs on a recent TV, which thankfully you did cover that in the video too. Makes me wonder when the Ps5 is getting the VRR update. Wish LG would put a light on the remote too, but it's not a big deal. The G1 probably gonna cost 2k. Wish they'd drop it some. Doesn't cost a ton to manufacture anymore. Lol 83 vs 77? It's 6 inches. Who gives a damn. It's a huge size, with the added benefit of better pixel per inch at a lower size.

  • Heaven Sea
    Heaven Sea

    No first hand experience with OLED SCREENS, but don't they had burn in issues?

    • B The Installer
      B The Installer

      not really a concern... can happen with extreme use and heat... but normal use it's more likely to get a dead pixel or internal issue like all tvs

  • hovsepdov

    So if I want to get the LG I have to wall mount it? That's a problem if I have a window right behind the TV....

  • Carlos2400

    Sony A90j can't wait first oled tv im interested in

    • B The Installer
      B The Installer

      It's exciting.

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith

    G1 77 inch i want i think your wrong of course it will come with a stand and not that terrible high stand you show in vid it has to be a low stand

    • Tom Smith
      Tom Smith

      @B The Installer how would you know untill they are released for sale there not even out yet and the stand for the bench is it low

    • B The Installer
      B The Installer

      It doesn't come with a stand, I has an included wall mount.

  • Dennis de Jong
    Dennis de Jong

    Team A90J✌🏻 gonna buy the 65 inch for my birthday

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam

    I think LG the best🤩🤩🤩

  • Cambodian tire slave
    Cambodian tire slave

    Selling my 55” Samsung q90t and gonna buy the a90j when they come out

    • B The Installer
      B The Installer

      A90j is almost here. Review to come

  • Lui Cobs
    Lui Cobs

    Sony sucks because they don’t sale panels or screens after the tv is broken

  • Rubanga Kene Samuel
    Rubanga Kene Samuel

    Hi,can u me where to buy original Sony smart 4K tv not in lesser cheaper prices in local stores in USA,UK not in popular site like Amazon,Best Buy coz thy are to expensive there,am in Uganda i would like to pick one diz year

  • Steve Coates
    Steve Coates

    Just found this after you mentioned it on another video. Am I right in saying the G1 is brighter but has no stand?? And do you think sammys mini led will compete with oled?

    • Steve Coates
      Steve Coates

      @Devilmaycry- Joker Same...I think its gonna be oled for me. But theres always something missing...I hear no vrr on Sony??

    • Devilmaycry- Joker
      Devilmaycry- Joker

      @Steve Coates Let’s be real, if you use your screen from 6-8 hours a day and you vary your content there is nothing to be scared off. I’m gonna buy my first OLED this years but still haven’t decided on which of these two should I go for.

    • Steve Coates
      Steve Coates

      @B The Installer mmm I thought you might say that. Im actually leaning toward oled again now. I was really hoping mini led would be the saviour because im so scared of svreenburn.

    • B The Installer
      B The Installer

      I'm not sure the G1 will be brighter than the A90j no. The Samsung is still LED so not sure it will be better. Brighter, yes.

  • Virtua Sega
    Virtua Sega

    Tell me why will I subscribe to your channel and like your video before you even give me what I clicked on the video for, how about you make an a great video that's not clickbait and then at the end I'll decide if I like it or not and if I want to subscribe

    • B The Installer
      B The Installer

      Ok, hold on. I'm making a special one for you. ✍😔

  • rich beebe
    rich beebe

    i just wanna know if the C1 will be brighter than the CX

  • Nelson JR
    Nelson JR

    why we dont have images of Sony OLEDS A90J playing? Just a stactic cover...

  • jrmop 09
    jrmop 09

    I think mini led is the way for gaming imo

  • javA90J

    For movies is Sony as always for gaming is LG at the moment

  • zeeshan zaidi
    zeeshan zaidi

    G1 always

  • Mike Bakers
    Mike Bakers

    I would never buy a Sony TV or any other Sony product _ my Sony bravo died- I only had it 2 1/2 years-and there’s thousands of other customers that are complaining about it, and you can read it on “Sony community discussions” -Sony sucks! And Sony don’t give a damn they won’t help nobody. Anyone pushing a Sony product you don’t even know what you’re talking about unless your getting new TV for free.

  • David Meleedy
    David Meleedy

    B, what would you recommend for a TV stand for the Gallery G1? I just don't think wall mounting will be an option for me.

  • Rowane Jackson
    Rowane Jackson

    Sony A90J!! We gona Beat them Sony.. I need that TV for ma PS5.....

  • JMac

    What is the W X L X D of the 83" A90J?

    • JMac

      @B The Installer Thank you!

    • B The Installer
      B The Installer

      Should be like 72x40x1.6

  • 72beaker

    77inch g1 all the way

  • Austin Blanchard
    Austin Blanchard

    Can you answer something for me - with all this talk about "brighter OLEDs", is that just referring to peak brightness, or overall brightness? I recently picked up an LG GX and am happy with the peak brightness, it's blinding at times in my dark room. Usually dark scenes look pretty good too, but about 10% of the time dark scenes appear too dark... even in a dark room the screen appears soo dim. I am using Rtings recommended settings and have adjusted them further myself. So my question is, will these brighter OLEDs appear brighter overall, or just when it comes to HDR and peak brightness? Thanks.

  • razzakov riyad
    razzakov riyad

    Hi, I was recently in BB. I noticed that Oled screen is warmer than LED tvs. Have you noticed Oled burning 🔥 in hot weather conditions. It gets very hot in NYC during July August mostly with 90% humidity. Should we buy LED instead. Thank you

  • nick 007 uber driver
    nick 007 uber driver

    ​@354Entertainment hey dude JZ2000 U might be the best oled but me dont give a crap anymore when they so out of reach ..not even available Australia ..i cant be bothered with Panasonic anymore! ..any way LG G1 or SONY MORE SEXY LOOKING..G1 GREAT FOR HANGING ON WALL

  • James Morrison
    James Morrison

    I’d love that OLED 83” but I can’t imagine it will be very affordable...$8k+ I bet.

    • Shane W
      Shane W

      Yea, rip off.

    • B The Installer
      B The Installer

      Yes $7,999

  • Alan Schubert
    Alan Schubert

    Hi, the estimated price of the G1 65 "model?

  • PeeGee Thirteen
    PeeGee Thirteen

    hockey fight shout out! the Web OS is what seems to be the most annoying factor with the LGs, shame because the LGs are some of the best displays

  • 354Entertainment

    lol, where is the Panasonic JZ2000 ???

  • Mattijs

    they're all LG panels....

    • Mattijs

      I'm an EE, I know what goes on behind the scenes of most electronics... But thanks for the metaphores👍😊

    • B The Installer
      B The Installer

      Right. Or even same engine but completely different exhaust, turbos, better tires, even different model car with that same engine. All of the above.

    • Jayce Knitter
      Jayce Knitter

      The best way to explain it to you is in car terminology. Just because the body of a vehicle is the same doesn't mean there can't be a better engine under the hood for more performance and luxury interior features that enhance the experience further. A panel is just a panel when it comes off the assembly line, it's not a TV yet & it doesn't magically look its best without being "told" what to do which is why the video processor & the brand's techniques is very important as well as the inputs on the chipset & how the heat is managed when it comes to brightness.

  • Lucian Spirea
    Lucian Spirea

    not using tv for gaming so much, but mainly for movies on netflix or movies from pc. sony is the better choice for movies!

  • TopSecret2028

    Which of these TV is the best for Cinema?

    • TopSecret2028

      @B The Installer Thank You! ✌🏾

    • B The Installer
      B The Installer

      They both will be great. Pricing will be a factor. You'd be extremely fortunate to have one of these tvs




      @raziel raziel VRR WITH UPDATE SOON....LOVE MY A90J XR OLED 🔥❤❤

    • raziel raziel
      raziel raziel

      but it has no vrr and allm, u should consider x90j

    • Zack DiRusso
      Zack DiRusso

      damn $8,000 tv lol i think im just gonna get a 65 inch a80j, seems like a much better value for the money

    • Alanmikael



    SONY OLED 83" >

  • herblackwings33

    The Sony will have an awesome over 1300 nits and i have more confidence in Sony delivering a better picture,as long as they get those updates out.

  • Heavenly King
    Heavenly King

    Sony all the way

  • Glitch / Lunared Teknikal Diffikulty
    Glitch / Lunared Teknikal Diffikulty

    i think both tvs will be great it will be easier to prove once sony a90j will have the h hdmi 2.1 with allm and vrr i would pic thea90j for the peak brightness they were already bright as is in the a9g series

  • Satheesha Ediga Parameshwarappa
    Satheesha Ediga Parameshwarappa

    India price A90 j

    • Satheesha Ediga Parameshwarappa
      Satheesha Ediga Parameshwarappa

      When India coming price 55 inches

  • Ryan

    B installer, which 2020 (or even prior) OLED tv do you recommend for best PQ in 4K blu ray and Netflix? I don't care for gaming. Thanks in advance.

    • Ryan

      @B The Installer Much appreciated, thanks!

    • B The Installer
      B The Installer

      A8h or CX, or C9. The A8H is a little harder to get the peak brightness out for SDR but after calibration the CX is really good

  • 7Andrzej

    In Sony's China launch of its 2021 tv line they showed a Master OLED with a peak brightness of 1300 nits. This absolutely crushes the LG EVO panel even with its meager 20% improvement in brightness. Hopefully the 1300 nit panel makes it to North America.

  • Giannis johnakos
    Giannis johnakos

    i can say that they are shame.. but sony have backlight magic remote? omg sony bravia a90j for 10000000% sure to buy this year as a choice

  • nick 007 uber driver
    nick 007 uber driver

    SPECS AND PRICING WILL BE AVAILABLE IN MARCH 2021 should be available in australia and USA in end of April 2021