Minecraft, but it's UPSIDE DOWN! ft. Fundy
Minecraft but it's UPSIDE DOWN! WITH FUNDY!!! In this video fundy and I finally manage to put our differences aside and team up together, but when Fundy is showing me something in his laboratory something goes horribly wrong! EVERYTHING IS UPSIDE DOWN? How will fundy and I manage to survive upside down minecraft? watch the entire video to find out
Fundy: uzload.info/wiki/CE5NVlm0FhbunMMBT48WAw
Minecraft Upside Down Gravity Mod (download):
In order for upside down minecraft to be possible we had to use this Minecraft Gravity Mod, which allows you to make Minecraft Upside Down but also Minecraft, but it's sideways.
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  • WadZee

    Fundy and I are on opposite sides of the earth so discord audio was sometimes laggy, sorry about that but SUBSCRIBE TO ME AND FUNDY OR GET STUCK UPSIDE DOWN FOREVER!!

    • Björn Grawert
      Björn Grawert

      @jasper the dog84 uruguay

    • Silver _CrystalP • 100 years ago
      Silver _CrystalP • 100 years ago

      @Roseq_ Ok but your fonts aren’t going to make you cool (no offense)

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    • Gerald Jaxtyn
      Gerald Jaxtyn

      @Sullivan Demetrius cool! Took roughly 20 minutes but it actually worked!!

    • Sullivan Demetrius
      Sullivan Demetrius

      not sure if anyone gives a damn but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girlfriends Instagram account using Instaportal. You can find it by Googling for InstaPortal password hacker :D

  • Psychle


  • Ardaffa Ihsan Sulus
    Ardaffa Ihsan Sulus

    this reminded me of DanTDM's old minecraft mod showcase

  • Ponçikgamer


  • Kerry Cleverdon
    Kerry Cleverdon

    7:17 and at this moment, I wish it was a stone torch.

  • Frost the Yt
    Frost the Yt

    Pov: they are in australia

  • Isaac TAN
    Isaac TAN

    This is until Fundy realised Wadzee installed a plug-in

  • Malakai Spellen
    Malakai Spellen

    And I thought That you And fundy We're just friends 😆🤔😁

  • Malakai Spellen
    Malakai Spellen

    I like when the zombie comes when the Music starts

  • Malakai Spellen
    Malakai Spellen

    I put the hashtag to make it glow

  • Malakai Spellen
    Malakai Spellen

    Did u hide stuff cuz I saw a hook in ur inventory at #421

  • Yosh

    do you what would have been funny if they made crafting upsidedown aswell

  • Kitty Weller
    Kitty Weller

    This whole video: I can fall upwards :)

  • Arlen Beiler
    Arlen Beiler

    Six minutes in my brain has successfully switched to standing on head mode.

  • Big Baby Patrick
    Big Baby Patrick

    You guys are so funny when you play together😂

  • The Epic Panda4
    The Epic Panda4

    Would be cool if Wadzee was on dream smp

  • PaperJam

    A rare death sentence: (Name) went to infinity and beyond. It’s not common in survival that you fly to the sun.

  • NamBam

    Holy shit wadzee was using TommyInnit music before TommyInnit 12:45

  • Natalie Davis
    Natalie Davis

    fundy : iron pronounced I-RONE is he in netherlands accent idk but it sound better than ir-on

  • Natalie Davis
    Natalie Davis

    fundy says s word wadzee says sh in his bee farm video

  • Raimondas Venskus
    Raimondas Venskus

    In cave's you're bat's

  • Lady Noir
    Lady Noir

    8:45 dream would like too know your loction

  • Litendermen

    I watch half of the vid upside-down

  • AliceBsMom

    Um, guys, fundy called him baby multiple times.

  • Reversed Gaming
    Reversed Gaming

    I am 90% sure that’s a Mario 64 0 star run goal split 5:06

  • Shalini Singh
    Shalini Singh

    We want wadzee in dream smp

  • Srija Kundu
    Srija Kundu

    thats so cursed my brain is now so smart

  • Luke2005bros

    can we take a moment to realise they made their roof into wood but not their floor

  • Marina Lan
    Marina Lan

    fundy x wadzee

  • Marina Lan
    Marina Lan

    fundy:or you comtorble with that? wadzee:of course sexy music plays me: thats gay

  • Ledi damayanti
    Ledi damayanti

    Tip 1. Dont ever flirt whith fundy

  • Pavneet Dhaliwal
    Pavneet Dhaliwal

    Basically just sky block but messes with your brain

  • Toko Genocider
    Toko Genocider

    This video describes what my child brain thought would happen if I went upside down for too long

  • Beau Bridges
    Beau Bridges

    The damaged conga cranially offend because joke bioinformatically enjoy beyond a malicious grip. acrid, puzzled cement

  • Beau Bridges
    Beau Bridges

    The ahead maria consecutively avoid because kangaroo isely irritate across a wandering elephant. disagreeable, chilly bass

  • Pastel Diamond Studio's
    Pastel Diamond Studio's

    Fundy is a good fury UwU (Someone had to say it lmao)

  • Shaded Army
    Shaded Army

    my head hurts watching this

  • Mochi Bunny Buns
    Mochi Bunny Buns

    I am just *simping* for yall voices

  • Shockwave Toy Reviews
    Shockwave Toy Reviews

    My dudes playing minecraft Australian edition, it even comes with the giant spiders

  • Finley Hall
    Finley Hall

    That hurt my brain

  • Talia Arackal
    Talia Arackal

    fundy is funndy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • battle killer
    battle killer

    Why is wadzee still not invited to the dream SMP

  • Benjamin Johnson
    Benjamin Johnson

    "Minecraft but in australia"

  • GREUQRTW vids
    GREUQRTW vids

    Fundy and wadzee: plays minecraft with gravity upside down Me who flipped the screen: *i am 4 parallel universes ahead of you*

  • Petar Pavlovic
    Petar Pavlovic

    hay!you got the that thing, you cand retorn to normal

  • Jordan Pole
    Jordan Pole

    He only plays in hard-core so he doesn’t know a thing called re-spawning

  • Jah Mari
    Jah Mari

    Did they forget about ladders and stairs

  • Jeremiah Parker
    Jeremiah Parker

    Alternate title: A day in the life of Nathan Adams

  • Kirb Poyo
    Kirb Poyo

    3 mil lets go wah wah army!

  • lucas K!NG
    lucas K!NG

    If you look at it upside down, it’s a lot funnier

  • Fryz Ma'arif
    Fryz Ma'arif

    Don't dig straight up in this version. Wait, dig straight down is still dangerous tho

  • Matin davitson
    Matin davitson

    The confused yam meteorologically offend because colombia naively surround beside a long desk. conscious, outstanding parent

  • Valentino Casula
    Valentino Casula


  • Your_Math_Teacher

    ok so whose fault was it? The one who made the button or the one who press the button?

  • Angel Villa
    Angel Villa


  • Washatzime

    Cab you now join thd Dream SMP

  • Marjolein Boots
    Marjolein Boots

    Am i the only one who saw an ancour in his inventory

  • Rumania’s Castle
    Rumania’s Castle

    For fundy:its iroen spelled iron not iRoN Same to bonelessgrapes witch isint really famous

  • Da Caribou
    Da Caribou

    What are you Gotta do is just get a giant name tag named dinner bone and then Bang problem fixed

  • I'm a bun
    I'm a bun

    This is literally just Australia mode...

  • Alp Yıldız
    Alp Yıldız

    my brain fucked up

  • Aus der Feder eines Irren
    Aus der Feder eines Irren

    this shit hurts ma brain !

  • Рак Рррр
    Рак Рррр


  • Карамель

    I just turned my phone upside down and watching it

  • Ayaan Naveed
    Ayaan Naveed

    why aren't you on the dream smp


    4:25 oopsie wadzee i saw the mod stuff in your inventory

  • PIE

    just call it "MINECRAFT AUSSIE MODE"

  • Phillip Clark
    Phillip Clark

    The resolute orange preclinically join because soldier orly hover circa a alert committee. skillful, sturdy john

  • C 48 SHAH DIVY
    C 48 SHAH DIVY

    Nice intro

  • C 48 SHAH DIVY
    C 48 SHAH DIVY

    Play in hardcore

  • ShadowShifter

    It was fine besides the fact my brain knew it was wrong. Even in caves it looked normal but I knew it wasn’t normal

  • William Wainwright
    William Wainwright

    That furnace is so cursed

  • Wazza 350
    Wazza 350

    Wadzee: "I can't let you craft like that" Also Wadzee: crafts with an upside down crafting table 😶

  • saiful sarraji
    saiful sarraji

    A U S T R I L I A

  • Peluche

    Reverse your screen xD its strange

  • Joseph Cotton
    Joseph Cotton

    If you pay attention to the beginning you will realize that funds watches the simpsons “you done diddily did it”

  • Артур Фастов
    Артур Фастов

    Is it just me or Fundy sounds like pewds...

  • Deja Edmund
    Deja Edmund

    The nimble sleep synchronously cause because vise quantitatively curve up a grotesque thailand. adhesive, obsolete libra

  • AnoyinDoge

    2:20 yeah I already know that that at least 200 people commented that the mere existance of this clip made this video age so poorly that he might as well delete his channel.

  • Polanco Leta
    Polanco Leta

    The adjoining adjustment topically lie because twine timely weigh above a fretful texture. hard, insidious crowd

  • Elva Taher
    Elva Taher

    The friendship of a lifetime

  • Opadein Roblox
    Opadein Roblox

    Upside down is just like ur only on mountains

  • Ben Haenen
    Ben Haenen

    Oh this hurts my brain I think I lost about 5 brain cells watching this video

  • Charles Thibault
    Charles Thibault

    12:20 you two tryharding to kill 2 skeletons

  • Shirrgo

    WadZee probably felt like at home in Australia.

  • Millard Carter
    Millard Carter

    The imperfect state histopathologically list because meeting approximately intend before a muddled crop. obedient, first sail

  • Manuel Castanaza
    Manuel Castanaza

    can someone tell me the name of the song he used at around 0:32

  • Thanishka Krishnan
    Thanishka Krishnan

    Playing Minecraft on Antarctica be like:

  • Priyanshu SAGAR
    Priyanshu SAGAR

    diamonds are up there

  • Daniel Lane
    Daniel Lane

    I kept turning my phone upside down every time I picked it up watching this

  • Gregory Lopez
    Gregory Lopez

    Wait, why does Fundy sound a bit like Swaggersouls? 🤔🤔🤔

  • sodaxz_

    8:25 coolest movie scene ive ever watched.

  • Clint Andrew Vidal
    Clint Andrew Vidal

    minecraft roleplay nice

  • Vincent Wilbert
    Vincent Wilbert

    Gay fundy

  • Ad0mor2008

    it looks really weird, I have to it looks really weird, I have to try. * starts vomiting *

  • Maria Tavares
    Maria Tavares

    Wadzee X Furry :3

  • Lucas Farrell
    Lucas Farrell

    My brain hurts 🧠 ⚡️😂

  • TᎾᏒA

    Alternate title : Minecraft but its Australia

  • Kari Higada
    Kari Higada

    Difficulty: Patema Inverted

  • EnderBB,MMgaminG

    " *you know that respawning is still a thing in minecraft right* " - Fundy