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  • Ryan Coleman
    Ryan Coleman

    The fact that the guy who talked about how the shield was a symbol he looked up to was the one murdered by it...

  • Bingo !
    Bingo !

    John Walker you have my heart ❤️

  • CR0W

    "This is an origin story"

  • Marcus Aguilar
    Marcus Aguilar

    Man I always knew this guy was never going to be Captain America for long

  • Patrick Goodman, COG
    Patrick Goodman, COG

    Check on your big, strong friends. They may be carrying a bigger load than they're letting on.

  • Bobby Brown
    Bobby Brown

    John Walker's turn came out of nowhere, I get that the serum enhances your personality, but he didn't have a very bad personality before episode 4. Go back and watch episode 2, he's a very good person that's a lot like Steve in certain ways. Then in episode 3, they give him that "Do YoU KnOw WhO I aM?" scene that's kind of justified when that guy spat in his face. But in episode 4, he's a complete jerk for 90% of the episode except for that one scene between him and Battlestar having dinner, and he ultimately kills a man with the shield that doesn't belong to him. A total 180 character turn that was fairly inconsistent, he'd go from a good person to a bad person depending on how the writers wanted to use him. He felt like a writer's tool more than he did his own character, they made him the villain when they needed a villain and a hero when they needed another hero.

  • Blue Ronin Studios
    Blue Ronin Studios

    "JOHN WALKER YOU HAVE FAILED YOUR COUNTRY, ARE UNWORTHY OF YOUR TITLE, AND THE RESPONSIBILITIES GIVEN YOU. You are herby mandated to turn in your uniform, your helmet, your sidearm, and are ordered to relinquish the shield and title of Captain America." Hopefully this happens in a future episode. Or if the show is a bit more fun, Sam and Bucky have to take the shield away from him by force, he gets discharged/locked up. whatever, and Sam and Buck go after Karli themselves. Either way, DAMN I LOVE THIS SHOW! The human issues at play, the pathos, the drama, the real-world issues, the timeliness of it all.....its the perfect show for the years we're living in!

  • naungyoe321

    ep 3 was my least fav ep, but this ep is just awesome.

  • Cosimo Crupi
    Cosimo Crupi

    That Bucky intro deserved a big screen movie moment !

  • Ryan Patino
    Ryan Patino

    i have a feeling bucky won’t make it out alive after the finale

  • Lyman Wartupua
    Lyman Wartupua

    Let's be honest about one thing, if it was Karli getting her head smashed in it wouldve been fucked up but satisfying.

  • Lazerman

    the fact the flag smasher who talked about looking up to and admiring Captain America ended up being the one to die at the end by the New Captain America mutilating him in front of the world watching


    Remember Civil War between Iron Man and Capt. America? Yep, the parallel situation but diff choices. Good job recalling that Marvel. 😀

  • Rapid Knight
    Rapid Knight

    Omg thats so clever by Marvel and props for noticing that, this was also well edited

  • Captain Anarchy
    Captain Anarchy

    Holy shit! My very first reaction was hysterical laughter too and now every few months I'm compelled to go back to watch that video. I freaking love it lol. I had no idea people reviewed that song.

  • Vetti !
    Vetti !

    I loved Sky-High O:

  • NovastART

    Lamar was walkers moral compass 😦

  • Olivier Hamelin
    Olivier Hamelin

    Sam’s defence against the attacks of the Wakandans was insane and no one noticed...

    • Felipe Felipe
      Felipe Felipe

      Para de mentir seu corno

  • Michael Guest
    Michael Guest

    I like your channel the best because you guys react to shit the EXACT same way I react to shit 😜

  • Joejoejoe Thy wilt
    Joejoejoe Thy wilt

    but john walker's friend dies, this showed he's only a human, vulnerable to decay in philosophical sense.

  • masool aslam
    masool aslam

    As Dr. Erikisen said Whatever will happen tomorrow experiment you always be like This A GOOD MAN that's Steve Rogers

  • DanFromHali

    With how political the series has been, I wonder what the actual backlash of this is going to be. John Walker is an active serviceman in the US Army, operating on foreign soil, with plenty of footage clearly showing him murdering a citizen of Latvia, whom there is no real proof that they were an enemy combatant. There were plenty of conversations after last weeks episode, about how this series proves that Tony Stark was wrong with his stance on the Sokovia Accords in Civil War. But I have to think that if Ross is still around, he might have something to say about the actions of Walker here, especially after taking the Syrum and becoming more than just a soldier with symbol. I hope it dives in to that going forward. It is a really interesting thing though, that at all times, I am rooting for the good guys and bad guys on this series. It's hard not to see all sides of this being potentially valid. You can easily see where in addition to Bucky and Sam, Walker, Karli, and Zemo's actions are all coming from an earnest intention. There's some really good... like, incredible, writing going on here.

  • Andrea Vega
    Andrea Vega

    Is crazy that the guy who just to admire Captain America, got kill by the shiedl!

  • Ezio Shekh
    Ezio Shekh

    Im starting to like US agent now lol

  • Ezio Shekh
    Ezio Shekh

    So he is the mcus homelander

  • AidanG

    John is unstable

  • Kendrick Cuh
    Kendrick Cuh

    Bucky looks like claud from gta 3

  • chosen one
    chosen one

    God the sight of the shield with all of that blood splatter just feels so wrong it's a realization of what zemo was saying there's never been another steve rogers and John is what he's saying .you can find another soldier who sacrificed for others but not in the way of jumping on the grenade john would throw the grenade back at the enemy

  • retnyk gaming
    retnyk gaming

    Ayo speaks the code better better than anyone else.



  • matthew popp
    matthew popp

    To be honest , this isn’t a fair comparison

  • Trevyn Baker
    Trevyn Baker

    This episodes ending was freaking crazy

  • Mr. Cake
    Mr. Cake

    Atleast mcu give us the more realistic captain america.. cause I don't understand " no kill" BS code of superheroes.

  • Suvasish Datta
    Suvasish Datta

    Jhon Walker may not the perfect representations on Captain America... But he is the Perfect Representation Of Real America...

  • Joseph F
    Joseph F

    Maaaaaaan who else feel sorry for John walker he just trying to be a captain américa

  • sgtpepper2345

    If anything, this Capt America is far more realistic than the idealized, sugary, impossibly perfect Steve Rogers. This is what America does around the world in real life.

  • manu87495

    I think this is bit of an unfair comparison. Cap was friends with Tony. This dude was an enemy who was just trying to kill Walker. It would have been interesting to see this scenario played out with Steve if he just saw Bucky killed and tracked an enemy down.

  • Jackson Lind
    Jackson Lind

    I love that we actually get to see blood!

  • Jojozilla Dokkan
    Jojozilla Dokkan

    It went pg to the boys

  • Juan Meza
    Juan Meza

    MCU: “hey bruh , so is this how you do the bloody dark stuff then ?” DCEU: “yup! Just like that. Nicely done”

  • Major Blazer
    Major Blazer

    John Walker you f***** up you f***** up bad

  • Connor Hartman
    Connor Hartman

    We’ve needed this

  • mc bad robot voice
    mc bad robot voice

    Zemo is way cooler in this then in civil war

  • Trunks

    its kinda weird people really want john to be like steve instead of being himself what he did doesn't make him a villain just about every avenger has killed someone or gotten someone killed good or bad so to call john a villain but not people like bucky a villain is absolutely mind bobbling to me


    The moment u realise that the exclusivity about Captain America isn't the super soldier serum.. it's Steve Rodgers! the man.

  • Guitar Sparta
    Guitar Sparta

    I have to say, I am dumbfounded by how well they have written John Walker so far in this show. I was afraid they would just lean in to the Faux Captain America angle, and asshole through and through, but they put so much effort to give him layers and development, fulfilling what will most likely be a negative change arc, but one where you can relate to the man. I know a lot of people unequivocally hate him, and while I respect those views, I think they are missing deeper themes in his character.😁

  • Maneswar jha
    Maneswar jha

    I am with walker on this. He was really trying to be good. He will be the point of attraction next week. Last scene was from civil war. Captain went for the head this time.

  • sgtpepper2345

    If anything, this Capt America is far more realistic than the idealized, sugary Steve Rogers. This is what America does around the world in real life.

  • 猫KukkiCat

    Waiting for bucky to say in next ep "That Guy wouldn't die if you didn't give that shield Sam."

  • D.E.G-D 7132
    D.E.G-D 7132

    Aw man, no captain of the football team joke this episode? ☹️ Other than that great video guys!

  • Lil Dave
    Lil Dave

    i kinda hope walker gets karli now

  • ChiefKeith2403

    The Invincible comic series is, in my opinion, one of THE GREATEST comic book series of ALL TIME, its an amazing read and totally worth the time

  • iqmalcrossz

    i mean tony didnt kill bucky

  • TheMikeSkvor

    Super Soldiers: exist Zemo: so anyway, I started blasting.

  • John D Kryston
    John D Kryston

    Walker is no Steve Rogers. He’s just Walker

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark

    While Warner bros were trying to make light hearted movie like marvel, marvel(Disney) took the dark path.It’s time for DC movies to get dark like Justice league Dark Apokolips

  • Spicy Chips
    Spicy Chips

    When I first ever tried to watch it I IMMEDIATELY stopped at Georgie's death.I later on watched behind the scenes,searched up the actors,saw fan art,fan edits,memes and watched the movie with joy. afterwards.

  • Alex Wolfe
    Alex Wolfe

    I think the political commentary is done really well in this show. They do a good job at not making it a very one way message. It can get very frustrating for people when they do something with a political message that is super obviously leaning a certain direction.

  • Vivek Naskar
    Vivek Naskar

    Yep, I felt the same way. I accidentally clicked on this show.

  • Summer

    I mean Steve still left Tony stranded in an abandoned warehouse in Syberia in a broken suit and no way to call for help. If he didn’t have plot armor he would have died there. And I don’t think he pulled off Tony’s helmet with the intent of insuring he didn’t suffocate but yeah the difference between the two is obvious

  • Omar 5alied
    Omar 5alied

    it's the choices that made us who we are and we can always choose to do what's right Spider man 3 (2007)

  • Hamza Darby
    Hamza Darby

    John Walker is a lot like that dick character who was in line for the serum in the First Cap Movie. A good soldier and a tough fighter, but not a good man like Steve. And as much as he wanted to live up to Steve he could never be Steve. He's the wrong man for the job, someone who can't look passed his own obsession to live up to the job. Rather than doing what's right he's doing what he thinks a famous soldier should do.

    • Hamza Darby
      Hamza Darby

      Although Sam did kill a bunch of dudes episode 1. That was more of a soldier scene than a hero scene. But the line does intrigue me. When is it okay for a super hero to just flat out kill someone. Clearly not on camera in a town centre that's for sure.

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget

    DC being dark is boring most of the times because they're always dark. When Marvel does it, it's a big shocker because you didn't see it coming.

  • Spicy Dragon
    Spicy Dragon

    Thanks for the spoiler in the thumbnail, guys. Thank you so much.

  • Son of Martha
    Son of Martha

    The reason they showed sam talking about the world instead of showing was to foreshadow why he’s worthy of the mantle of CA and John walker isn’t cause Sam see’s all sides and all perspective unlike John walker. Sam will be great CA

  • Royal Jai
    Royal Jai

    Can't believe we only have two more episodes left .... Im gonna have that look on my face like Bucky when his arm fell off 😂.....

  • Chris Ketchum
    Chris Ketchum

    Y’all look incredibly blazed in the intro, I love it

  • Leann Webb
    Leann Webb

    Regarding Greg’s comment about the right and the left pretty much say the same thing about each other: YES! I have friends on both sides of the spectrum. Some hate Donald Trump so much they have let it poison their minds. Then the others are so sure “those leftists” are stealing our country. There are more conspiracies than stars in the sky and both sides eat it up like candy. I mentioned once that my progressive friends and my conservative friends sound alike, only they name different people. I was told by both sides to get my head out of the sand and WAKE UP! When you get that excited you can’t be objective. (Sorry for dumping my political gunk into your comments) Great reaction!

  • TheRubberDuck77

    I SOOOOOOOO am wanting old man steve to come and put Walker in his place and take the shield back, not for Sam or Bucky to, but Steve

  • Sea Bule face
    Sea Bule face

    Captain america the winter soldier: Sam: When do we start? Falcon and the winter soldier: Sam:When do we start?

  • NyX

    Only two more episodes?!?

  • Cris P.
    Cris P.

    I’m serious guys, y’all need stop dropping videos while I’m at work. Ima get fired 😂😂

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    is this show and amazon's the boys similar in plot??


    Oh come on you'd do the same if it was your best friend who got killed okay...I know I would...

  • cheeseman cheesycheese
    cheeseman cheesycheese

    So we quickly go from Wanda and Vision happily vining in a sitcom to... that. I am deeply disturbed yet amazed at the same time.

  • Mr.MovieMafia

    I cannot explain how satisfying Superman’s punch is at 7:23!!! It just feels so impactful and hard

  • Anderson Ruiz
    Anderson Ruiz

    How many screams do you want in your video? The Reel Rejects: Yes

  • Tisha Jones
    Tisha Jones

    Them episode 1 reaction PLEASE!!!!!