End Of Sentence

End Of Sentence
End Of Sentence

Prison Channel dedicated to giving a voice to those who can’t be heard. Exposing the reality of prison, and enjoying life after E.O.S.

  • Element115

    Gangs are dumb

  • Paul Kettner
    Paul Kettner

    Y’all alr know who did the hit too🤷‍♂️ mwa assasin 😭 clap bout it


    My heart go out to the family's that lost their love ones 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤💕

  • Express Thyself
    Express Thyself

    Why he keep putting his head down..too big for that 🥴

  • Blackholesun 6
    Blackholesun 6

    No one cares


    I'm always rocking with you cuz you keep it real 👊👊🤘🤙

  • DayeTime

    Facts everybody trying act like they from Chicago don't even know they getting brainwashed possessed into a fake persona with a satanic ritual on top. They even try to talk like them but only know one word it's always the same one over and over the internet via xbox chat/youtube. chat

  • Dez Kopernikus
    Dez Kopernikus

    Good stuff man.. rip to that young girl.

  • King JamesD
    King JamesD

    nikka u daid now doe

  • Reembino TM ReembinoTM
    Reembino TM ReembinoTM

    Show me a street manual and I show you a fool ain't no rules to the streets. The rules to the streets are death and jail and my if you lucky you'll get the death penalty or be cripple.

  • NBA Clipz
    NBA Clipz

    Thats self defense

  • Joshua Kuebler
    Joshua Kuebler

    Your message to the youngsters is sincere and legit. Wise words from a wise man who learned life's lessons the hard way. Stay up brother.

  • Patrick Love
    Patrick Love

    That kid was so cute

  • Vordackai Gaming
    Vordackai Gaming

    Where all them ogs at that supposed watch out for the youngings, these fake ass ogs using they luh homies as crash dummies

  • Randall Meloncon
    Randall Meloncon

    Niggas Niggas Niggas. When will U learn? Jail cells & Court tanks & Police vehicles Can be wired for sound whenever a Capitol crime is under investigation.

  • LastBoyScout

    This is like a man bites dog incident .

  • Christian Nelson
    Christian Nelson

    Purple Heart because he a GSC, Grape Street Crip

  • Nic _
    Nic _

    Gd. I dont know you but from this channel and I gotta say I'm so proud of your message that you continue to promote. That street culture and rap culture is not a joke. Im proud that another fuckup like me has really made a mental paradigm shift. Keep it up.

  • Wee Wee
    Wee Wee

    Phill was all talk and show. Pussy

  • King David
    King David

    Real talk

  • MarvNoGood

    First story wasn’t finesse, you was talking to straight up crack head. Anyone who would fall for that is straight retarded. He wasn’t even going to wear those earrings, he would’ve pawned them or sold them on the street and bought CRACK! See now that last story was finesse, that’s some shit you wouldn’t catch at the moment. You gotta be sharp to catch that right on the spot then once you learn that hustle you won’t get finessed no more.

  • John Vargas
    John Vargas

    Trying to road rage with a 6 year old in your car is so shitty. Out causing drama, please leave your kids home, please! A 6 year old had no business being out there with those parents.

  • Teresa Howard
    Teresa Howard

    why are 13-14 year olds out at 1am in the morning? What kinda evil is possessing these youth?

  • Dow jonez
    Dow jonez

    After it’s done once the second time or third time is nothing , when you get into the mix that young you ain’t got no morals

  • Robert Freeman
    Robert Freeman

    Jake talking about white boys that all look alike 😅😑🤣

  • M5 Buy#2534
    M5 Buy#2534

    You should do one on Trenton Adams aka Trenton Hector. He murdered a dude, his girl played a part, he was on the run for almost a month taunting the family.

  • Cholo Master
    Cholo Master

    Mans not dead

  • capanam

    He was wrong for shooting him he didn't deserve 2 loose his life

  • Tony Lujan
    Tony Lujan

    Watching your videos, just proves my theory .... America has a culture problem.

  • Chicagorilla312

    🎶 No fist fights slash yo face wit my knife 🎶

  • robnexus7

    This boy is going to have to deal with the wolves waiting for him in prison

  • Vedo Cartel
    Vedo Cartel

    @1090 have you ever been to new York as a juvie

  • Nelson Ross
    Nelson Ross


  • SimpReincaranated

    Y did youtube hide this video from us😭

  • NaShaun Price
    NaShaun Price


  • vegeta hernan
    vegeta hernan

    Damn my boy got extra fat

  • H town shit
    H town shit

    Jake can you make a vid on the principal who got murdered in texas city, texas

  • Tune Squad319
    Tune Squad319

    If you have a stupid ass street name...

  • Amateur Sleuth 11
    Amateur Sleuth 11

    I bet this fool won't be taking pics of himself in Juvi holding up the ✌sign. 1090 Jake is dead on w/this one! Aidan just screwed himself.