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  • Salvatore_Pap

    Your vids and lazarbeams vids are the only vids I don’t skip parts

  • Deacon Grover
    Deacon Grover

    Holy shit is it just me or are there videos editing getting good af it looks dope af lately

  • Edu Aviles
    Edu Aviles

    I think those cars have 500 break-in miles required before it can go higher in rpm ...

  • Travis k
    Travis k

    450 miles!! Lol. Half of those were done doing donuts.

  • Dejan Mandzukovski
    Dejan Mandzukovski

    i mean brand new engine not even properly break in and drifting it on max limiter? what did you expected? santa to buy you a new one hahaha?

  • Dawson Kallio
    Dawson Kallio

    could you please drop the prices on the merch i want to buy some but i don’t have the money

  • Tony Hawk
    Tony Hawk

    Micah for president🙃

  • KevvEh

    I wonder what vehicle dosent have had the check engine light on xD

  • joshua palomaki
    joshua palomaki

    ive eaten one of those gummy bears, went wothout milk but it hurst as all hell

  • Pmack


  • Parker Standridge
    Parker Standridge

    “And then mike you get hit by the car “ 😂😂😂

  • joshua palomaki
    joshua palomaki

    SHEEEESH mans got a dual monitor setup in his car and i dont even have one in my house

  • Dedric Johnson
    Dedric Johnson

    Me with my 392 @3:14 🤣🤣🤣

  • Cristiano Correia
    Cristiano Correia

    I knew you shouldn't haven't gotten a chevy... they suck ass... except the duramax

  • Sam

    shoutout ben for actually sliding this thing

  • Austin Decker
    Austin Decker

    No Ken Do!

  • Reese Holt
    Reese Holt

    Whistling diesel can get away with destroying vehicles you guys can’t so stop fucking up shit

  • parker nash
    parker nash

    Boys y’all need to come out with riding gear!! Like some off road shirts that can take the elements. Bring some dirt-bike shirts and four wheeling gear!

  • Vanilla_Gorilla_C5

    The check engine goes away over time it’s just the ECU freaking out because it’s “not supposed to do that” look at TJ HUNT he did donuts in his C8 on dry assault and it took about a day or 2 for the check engine light to go away. Hope this helps. Also it threw itself into neutral that’s why it immediately stopped spinning tires. 🔥💯❤️

  • Ajrfreak 115
    Ajrfreak 115

    Race Rob Dahms C8!!!!

  • Hunter Reece
    Hunter Reece

    I love how I bought some Merch thinking I win this four wheeler. That would be awesome, but reality hits about a day after you buy the Merch. But I've been watching you guys since before the shifter kart vids always love you keep up the good work.

  • drakesavage1

    You guys know there is a 500 mile engine tyranny break-in on the C-8, and then it let's you go full force right??? CboysTV?? Red-lines wayy higher as well re race the tesla after 500 miles!!!


    Cboys be like what’s break in

  • Kyron Playzz
    Kyron Playzz

    going hunting in the morning but i’ll watch it,

  • FaceDown

    New car, New problems

  • Midnight

    And now they voided the warranty doing that, hopefully when they get it checked out the dealership doesn’t find out they cleared it multiple times

  • Ethan Fleury
    Ethan Fleury

    Should do a half camo but the camo on the dmax

  • lucahoganYT

    We're back to the Cboys being comedians 😂 The last few vids have been absolutely bangers

  • Duane Sauve
    Duane Sauve

    Is that all ken do is drink n bitch ..lol

  • Logan Lee
    Logan Lee

    2:30 had me dead😂☠️

  • ajquick

    hold the traction control button for 10 seconds to disable stabilitrac and it won’t damage it as much

  • pizza 4sale
    pizza 4sale

    Race kens car

  • Jackson's Hawkins
    Jackson's Hawkins

    this one was a banger

  • G G
    G G

    With your determination, mindset and motivation I decided to buy myself a c8 myself... in gta

  • Holly Nidell
    Holly Nidell

    Have to admit, this one was the second most boring video the kids have made.

  • Brad Mason
    Brad Mason

    Add a little transmission fluid into and that will go away

  • David Prudhomme
    David Prudhomme

    Trans pressure is bc its cold with a hot tranny

  • Jack Skonieczny
    Jack Skonieczny

    The spicey gummy bears had me dying 💀😂

  • don dada
    don dada

    maybe got a check engine light because your supposed to do donuts in 2nd😂👌

  • Koby Perry
    Koby Perry

    of course man 😂😂

  • Ramon is fat
    Ramon is fat

    2:48 i see the raptor in the back... am i missing something???

    • Dono612

      I think that’s the duramax and the other blueish gray truck is also a Chevy

  • Ashton Poitras
    Ashton Poitras

    i live in a small town in saskatchewan and no joke there’s this guy who rips a new nsx in the winter on the salty ass roads 😂

  • Cool Guy
    Cool Guy

    Supercars will cut the engine power when the transmission gets too hot, it does that so it doesn't damage the transmission

  • Shred mtb
    Shred mtb

    Whats the music at the beginning of the vid called it sounds sick

  • Ryan Andress
    Ryan Andress

    Loved the video boys it’s like Christmas morning when you guy upload

  • Wisconsin_Quads

    Great work boys. Cheers from Wisconsin

  • hudson Fleck
    hudson Fleck

    I clicked on this video as fast as I can

  • Brappp Kids
    Brappp Kids

    I’m just sitting hear dying laughing about the gummy bears

  • tlads

    Yo this video had me cracked up the whole time 🤣

  • Kody Cunningham
    Kody Cunningham

    Sheeeesh ripping it to hard

  • Mikey Neese
    Mikey Neese

    Lmfaooo ken is going to be the greatest dad with us phrases and jokes

  • Kevin Dorschner
    Kevin Dorschner

    you remember duke your mayor that was a dog

  • Jayde Nicole
    Jayde Nicole

    Today is my first day of watching and ur chanel is sick like its da best of the best chanels

  • Hayden Hovey
    Hayden Hovey

    Is it me or has Ben been getting a bit chubby

  • logan orner vlogs
    logan orner vlogs

    Loving the videos. I want to be like you with the peanuts it looks so fun

  • 4Wheel_ Adventures
    4Wheel_ Adventures

    It’s ok, check engine lights are merely suggestions.

  • Matt Booker
    Matt Booker

    Lololol Micah wooooah that is spicy

  • Spencer Flanery
    Spencer Flanery

    Ben is just the star know

  • Devon Butler
    Devon Butler

    Did you not see every other youtuber with the new c8 lol they are trash and just break.

  • c4or2ey0

    Lol Chevy life 🤣 should have kept the raptor

  • ‘Murican

    I’m pretty sure some sharpie marker will cover that light right up

  • Sirhc Waters-Denning
    Sirhc Waters-Denning

    I have a 2021 Polaris scrambler 850 beautiful quad

  • Abe Giesbrecht
    Abe Giesbrecht

    You Guys should post more

  • Carter Strazzo
    Carter Strazzo

    Who won the snowmobile

  • Conner Snow
    Conner Snow

    Nice vid

  • Armand Ruest
    Armand Ruest

    I’m a mechanic and I’m all for ignoring codes and just full sending stuff but when it comes to transmissions, never ignore the codes it’ll hurt your pockets BAD lmao

  • Big Red
    Big Red

    Got myself a nice no ken do shirt

  • Broo_sh


  • Braydon Byrd
    Braydon Byrd

    Should have got a hellcat

  • ragin cajun
    ragin cajun

    They look good but they look like Ferrari’s, the z06s got that classic corvette look

  • Nash Bruner
    Nash Bruner

    Put new oil and trans fluid

  • Brett Sabel
    Brett Sabel

    The gummy bear bit was priceless

  • gideon yutzy
    gideon yutzy

    the dislikes are guys that are pissed they dont own a c8

  • mr sick hehe
    mr sick hehe

    You should wrap the corvette with the half camo