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  • Operator 801
    Operator 801

    Bro, you're the ORIGINAL BOMB!

  • Tanzuko Kun
    Tanzuko Kun

    5th of may, meh bday

  • Maharzan Animation
    Maharzan Animation

    I miss the water check point ❤❤

  • Fortnite Gamer157
    Fortnite Gamer157

    The nonsense with the pig in the beginning was so funny. It got me like: ....?

  • Panda vloger
    Panda vloger

    It’s because the heat of the neather

  • TheSnap

    Dang you’ve grown so much! I’ve been subbed since 38k subs! I haven’t looked at your channel in a while.

  • el_potato

    You are the legend of mincraft and the only to do this in hardcore. Respect :)

  • iisnowcreeper

    the bananas and bread that were on fire during the sponsor thing lmfao

  • Advik Vishnoi
    Advik Vishnoi

    am i the only one who noticed he could get close to the dragon and it would blow up

  • Josh Kilby
    Josh Kilby


  • Destin Spirit
    Destin Spirit

    wait isn't xp suppose to be a time bomb you said everything was a time bomb and exp should be a part of that

  • chiamaka nwigwe
    chiamaka nwigwe

    Guys try to think of the last time wadzee did a overpowered game

  • Roes Bella
    Roes Bella


  • cuse ynot
    cuse ynot

    Day 6 of begging Wadzee to make a Noah's Ark filled with all the mobs

  • Darmie

    Callmekevin already did something like this, but okay, ill watch Fun fact: when i watched kevin i thought if wadzee will do the same thing... and here we are

  • Ryan Tucker
    Ryan Tucker

    Luke TheNotable seeing this: dang


    do time bomb and clearing inventory every time I take damage together plz

  • CharlieAnimates

    WadZee: *builds a huge pyramid* Me: *builds a smol cabin*

  • Tyler LeBlanc
    Tyler LeBlanc

    Imagine if the XP from the dragon could blow up.

  • Clip bot-Davis
    Clip bot-Davis

    What about coal beacon ?

    • Clip bot-Davis
      Clip bot-Davis

      Yes why am I replying to my own comment lol

  • Georgi Babov
    Georgi Babov

    the difference between episode 1 and 2 wow

  • Oliver Aborn
    Oliver Aborn

    Why did u not just go near the dragon and have it blow up?

  • Matthew Jensen
    Matthew Jensen

    Already am

  • Odai

    thats really hard man, im impressed

  • Rakshan Venkapally
    Rakshan Venkapally

    your could have made the dragon a bomb

  • Sayori & King Of Pop
    Sayori & King Of Pop

    I loved it when you got the 10 vein. THAT WAS LUCKY!

  • kingosport yt
    kingosport yt

    Wadzee says please to the mobs so they explode

  • lombardoball

    Add thorns

  • Nitin YT
    Nitin YT

    xp orbs should also explode.

  • Andres Capani Cecchetto
    Andres Capani Cecchetto

    The people that disliked this video are just karens that are complaining that he destroyed the nether, beaches and a desert

  • DarkChocolate Reborn
    DarkChocolate Reborn

    I'm dehydrated af wadzee, pleaseee

  • erdemtugs mygmarsuren
    erdemtugs mygmarsuren

    wadzee using his new edit

  • AJ Murphy
    AJ Murphy

    Wadzee you have heard of dantdm right He previously died in his own hardcore world

  • YO YO
    YO YO

    2:32 C A T S T I C K

  • LowFat_Booger

    A fitting ending for one well deserved win.

  • Josh Choo
    Josh Choo

    Diamonds are still the most satisfying thing to find/mine

  • George Allan
    George Allan


  • Stranger


  • Beenis Man
    Beenis Man

    7800 melons so far

  • Gabo Reyes
    Gabo Reyes

    **sees title** *Mettaton flashbacks*

  • Lucy Hutchin
    Lucy Hutchin

    Anyone else slightly disappointed he didn't check if the dragon was a time bomb?

  • Emerald Rift
    Emerald Rift

    Why is the EXP not a time bomb?

  • Jamal A J Khalifa
    Jamal A J Khalifa

    Creepa, aw man

  • Obiel DeNook
    Obiel DeNook

    This is a fantastic build. I love it. Just a late tip that doesn't even matter now but I would have attempted to see how packed ice looked under the blue stained glass to give the glass texture. Just me, perhaps. :P You should be very proud of this build.

  • pilates13able

    melon farm kinda like lazarbeam!

  • Dennis Wu
    Dennis Wu

    Me: Why did you copy lazarbeams Melong farm?! Dislike Wadzee: wait wait wait I can explain!! Me:unsubscribed! Wadzee: cry

  • not doge
    not doge

    Killer queen has already touched his computer

  • CharlieAnimates

    He’s turning into stampy and that makes me proud

  • Wilson Zhu
    Wilson Zhu

    is it it just me but is everybody i watch is being sponsored by afk arena

  • Dallas Skylight
    Dallas Skylight

    Y explosion vids exclude creepers

  • Sariah Weller
    Sariah Weller

    I want my cake please.

  • Theo Lake
    Theo Lake


  • Joshua Kameros
    Joshua Kameros

    you need one blue coverd block and if you have netherack just bone meal eat and it will turn to the blue block

  • Kerry Cleverdon
    Kerry Cleverdon

    7:17 and at this moment, I wish it was a stone torch.

  • Bartlema Catherine
    Bartlema Catherine

    Onhhhhhhhh I didn’t you have a girl friend 😉

  • Kuba

    Hey! The werido got a sponsor!

  • Ivo Kotze
    Ivo Kotze

    I watched for the end dragon hoping it will just explode then I was disappointed when it didn’t explode

  • JT Bassmat
    JT Bassmat

    1:56 Whenever I see chest hair, for some reason, I have the impulse of saying "Put Duct tape on it."

  • Mccalment Fam
    Mccalment Fam

    you should tweet an really long tweet that only says switchy is trash over and over

  • Jan James Cabildo
    Jan James Cabildo

    Wadzee: If you are enjoying this video so far dont forget to like Me who like before watching the video 👁️👄👁️

  • JoshStar

    Alternative Title: Kira plays Minecraft

  • David Navasca Antonio
    David Navasca Antonio

    Imagine if the exp orbs explodes too lol

  • apolanconate

    Anybody notice at 8:34 wadzee did not see the pig man riding a chicken

  • Patkall TV
    Patkall TV

    You should learn to one cycle The Ender Dragon, it makes this fight so much easier.

  • MichaelQBoro

    I watched this before 10,000, this video is very cool btw :D

  • tolopezo _
    tolopezo _

    if u stand close to the dragon , did the dragon explode ?

  • Yash Vinay Kumar
    Yash Vinay Kumar

    Alt title:blast protection actually becomes useful

  • Moe The person
    Moe The person

    nice new skin and congrats on 3 million subs

  • TENTACLE father
    TENTACLE father

    next hardcore mode

  • elen

    you should try beating minecraft as a vegan !!! no items that come from animals at all!! hostile mobs don't count as animals

  • lucas biertho
    lucas biertho

    Wait the xp doesnt explode, but it is considered by the game as an entity

  • Reno Sebastian
    Reno Sebastian

    this is the first time I'm happy when I see my favorite UZloadr has an advertising sponsor in his video .. ,, keep the spirit of making videos !!!

  • gamjr80 _
    gamjr80 _


  • William Stangelini
    William Stangelini

    You shouldn't of spent that much time into a video if you only get 2m views in 1 year!

  • Ciara Coyle
    Ciara Coyle


  • Curtis Krawczyk
    Curtis Krawczyk

    The round price unknowingly permit because bulldozer beverly snatch but a detailed headlight. flimsy, complex herring

  • TJGエラー 1426
    TJGエラー 1426

    4:01 ah yes the floor is made out of floor

  • Annika Groth
    Annika Groth

    what if he died after all that in the wither fight