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  • sight -_-
    sight -_-

    How much time I have to wait untill I get my pack. Because I wait 2 days now and nothing. HOw big is the delay

  • E B
    E B

    Ps4 is down 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • one of those canadians
    one of those canadians

    The servers were down yesterday and I couldn’t use my renown booster 😐

  • K. Liang
    K. Liang

    The frame problem is the April fool event

  • lolli pop
    lolli pop

    my xbox lost the servers first then the fps show at 999 :( what to do any idea , i have tried everything but it is not fixed

  • PotatisPolisen

    6 years Ubisoft.. 6 years..

  • Jermaine Sylvester
    Jermaine Sylvester

    The Xbox version is just testing the switch port of r6

  • super gaming jeff
    super gaming jeff

    bruh me and the bois just pushed through the pain and pushed plat with 39 constant FPS thinking it was normal 😂

    • super gaming jeff
      super gaming jeff

      Btw the glitch has been fixed and now runs the proper frames

  • mlexi

    I can’t believe this mode took two whole years to come out!

  • Darthtrooper05


  • Coqui Boricua
    Coqui Boricua


  • Javier Villanueva Martinez
    Javier Villanueva Martinez


  • Tank_is_Hokage

    Does anyone else’s ranked games consist of everybody disconnecting from the game

  • HnHcDivineSHYNE

    Yes last night April 3 2021 and April 4th they dropped me out of the match and gave me 30 minute ban than 1 hour than 2 hour banned with a total lost of 80 MMR and they won't reimburse us at all.its already bad we have tremendous amount of ddos but for this to be happening is crazy

  • Jacob Caserta
    Jacob Caserta

    Oh really I didn’t notice it broke xbox

  • General Greivous
    General Greivous

    Yep as of today every game I’ve played I keep getting disconnected and lost 100 elo bc of getting disconnected

  • Rafurbi

    I would like deter renown farming at all costs. Hey the game makes me suffer so you do too. I want ubi to implement some sort of reporting system specifically for this. Maybe active players report them. The system checks if it has done any meaningful interactions using the points system. It confirms and warns the idle player. If the idle player doesnt have any kills it doesnt get any renown by the end of the match.

  • M Tauf
    M Tauf

    Playstation has been unplayable too with lag... Thank you ubisoft

  • Ryan Rivas
    Ryan Rivas

    Yeah this bug is terrible. I have a one X and R6 usually runs at steady 59 frames. After the patch I've seen my frames drop in the 20's if things are exploding/shooting. Not playing until its fixed.

  • True Slay
    True Slay

    I havent been able to connect to the servers for the past four days. Even today it still doesnt want to work.

  • MRWHITE3535

    You think that bug is bad.. the division 2 on PC has been unplayable with constant crashing back to the desktop since the last 2 patches and they done nothing about it...

  • MRWHITE3535

    This game really is pathetic now, the time to kill seems like playing Call of Duty, not to mention people running around in pink gay outfits... nothing but a joke now..

  • NateYoinketh_

    YES I PLAY IN XBOX AND IVE BEEN GETTING A LOT LOWER FRAMES, and apparently, what I’ve been experiencing isn’t that bad compared to other people. So I play on first gen xbox 1 and I don’t expect it to do very good. And on siege I’ve always gotten a smooth 50-60 frames while playing. Now I dip down to 38 frames while playing being the lowest and that already feels horrible. So seeing these other comments, I’m surprised mine isn’t worse considering I have a first gen xbox one

  • Warrior Killer
    Warrior Killer

    pc players also facing this problem, my fps is going down to 45 fps from 60 in this season. before this season there wasnt any problem. this problem started after a 90-100 mb update.

  • Blarely

    someone wanna add eachother just for the rewards then never talk to eachother again?:)

  • SchimanoMan

    Someone else having similar performance issues on pc? Cuz my fps dropped from 64 to 45 after the event launched

  • Fihvi

    Me doing better in 45 fps then 60 fps lol

  • Stonks Dealer
    Stonks Dealer

    I thought it was just me as well, we shall join arms brethren

  • Turxp .R6
    Turxp .R6

    Man im a six year player/ champion and im retiring almost all together from rainbow, ubisoft is completely incompetent as a company i cant even load my game up without the connection glitch, on top of that when i made a support ticket ubisoft essentially said they would pass it on and in the meantime get bent😓✌

  • Snow //daily videos
    Snow //daily videos

    hopefully ubi will give xbox players a litlle gift like they did for ps4 and pc when it wasnt working properly/unplayable for them

  • Kai Slokkers
    Kai Slokkers

    You can in no way tell me with a straight face Ubisoft in general actually tests ANY game on release of update ever. All new games come out with game Breaking bugs that are unacceptable. Watch Dogs Lesion literally had a glitch that made it impossible to complete a cruciale mission from the story. And don't even start about Breakpoint at release..... How can such a big conpany get away with this shit. And the worst thing is that these new games STILL get pre-orderd / bought.

  • GOD PlayZ
    GOD PlayZ

    What about my battlepass that i paid $$$$$$$$$ for i cant even get through that

  • Lightning Flare
    Lightning Flare

    I’m so sad because I activated a 7 day renown booster on xbox, but with the update, I barely even get 30fps on xbox and it’s just became unplayable. I want to play it but I’m just having a major disadvantage

  • Brett Dueck
    Brett Dueck

    I'm on PS4 but I've got a game breaking audio glitch. It seems like all my audio is multiplied by 5 and layered over itself.

  • LionMain 4 Life
    LionMain 4 Life

    BROTHERS AND SISTERS OF SIEGE. This is a message who likes to grind renown in their free time to earn renown for packs and skins. Ubisoft MIGHT have nerfed the renown you would earn significantly in this latest patch. Now i am praying that it’s just a bug and nothing else but a bug. I need as many of you guys to spread the word on this. Ubisoft is slowly becoming like old EA and you know what that means.. outrageous grind and insane price tags for cosmetics and operators

  • LAPISTime

    Don't play the game? I can get behind that. EA, I'm looking at you! :p

  • Jasnam Mansa
    Jasnam Mansa

    time for ps players to rub it in our faces again

  • Mitchell Kouwenoord
    Mitchell Kouwenoord

    Playstation for the win💪

  • pain

    This is normal for me :/

  • Dr. Mango
    Dr. Mango

    I was starting to think that it was time to upgrade my Xbox 😂

  • BROTHER503 _
    BROTHER503 _

    I haven’t experienced any FPS drop on Xbox

  • Cemetery Driver
    Cemetery Driver

    Anyone else on Xbox mmr messed up I was getting 30 after my second game after being placed

  • Kuwabara Griffin
    Kuwabara Griffin

    Xbox players can barely play seige anyway I'm kidding calm down we all have the same hobby

  • Yung Dinosaurus
    Yung Dinosaurus

    My FPS was fine until yesterday, when I dropped to like 40 in the middle of a game, and it’s been like that since

  • S dynamite
    S dynamite

    well im having fps stutters on pc since this new season n specially the last patch

  • J H
    J H

    I have also experienced constant crashing as well, on top of lag and bad hit registration

  • Just some baseball player
    Just some baseball player

    Thank you I was wondering if my console went to crap

  • Joey Watts
    Joey Watts

    I'm dealing with it at about 30-45 FPS on average... It sucks, but playable. Fingers crossed a fix comes soon!

    • Joey Watts
      Joey Watts

      I agree it's not enough! But I'm just going hard drone duty for the team and giving calls. I can still enjoy the game, just can't really compete when it comes to gunfights!

    • Kimi Z
      Kimi Z

      30 is alright when you are playing games like GTA 5 or RDR 2 but in a fps game it´s completely unacceptable


    Real good joke Ubi, making my Xbox run siege at 35 FPS, real funny

  • BenjiBeatzz

    I literally stopped playing ranked because the frames literally won’t work anymore

  • Mason Miledi
    Mason Miledi

    I thought my Xbox was breaking. I don't know if this makes me feel beter or not

  • Alex West
    Alex West

    On ps5, on performance mode, when it hits 130-140 the system starts whining at a high pitch but when in game it doesn't, when you bring up the score board it doesn't. Switch it to resolution mode so 60FPS, it doesn't make a sound. Very strange, only happens on siege, all other games run silent as hell

  • TheCannibalPizza

    Siege has sadly been unplayable on xbox since year 6 went through for me. It's such a shame, this used to be my favorite game

  • P Bailed
    P Bailed

    Lazy ass crap!!! Cheating is ridiculous! This game is trash!!

  • Joey Peterson
    Joey Peterson

    And how are we gonna miss the fact that mf still cancel glitch? Frame drops and cancel glitches on console. Wtf Ubi?!

  • Acid

    they need to learn how to do their fucking jobs

  • TheKiraGamer666

    doctor curse back!!!!

  • Green

    Microsoft and Sony don't care. It's gonna take about a week or more

  • Jodye

    The FPS on Xbox is garbage I played a ranked match and it goes below 40 fps don’t play ranked

  • croken gaming
    croken gaming

    I'm pretty sure there are FPS issues on Playstation too.

  • No Life To Save
    No Life To Save

    2k million dollars a year and ubi can’t fix 3 year old bugs, siege isn’t what it used to be

  • Marcell Jones
    Marcell Jones

    **interface bug is still on console** I have gamer tags, vs notification, etc, turned off, the game ignores those settings and has been doing so since this season released.

  • Techartist 123
    Techartist 123

    April updates ruin two games now. You can’t play siege on Xbox and you have to reinstall warzone after the update because of a bug

  • MozzieApex

    I’m glad I have the new Xbox so I can’t actually play

  • Mr. Realistic Mod0
    Mr. Realistic Mod0

    Ubisoft please fix this. I've played the xbox version since the closed alpha. It seems like the xbox version is the last priority for you.

  • James George
    James George

    I should start off saying im on an Xbox Series X. Not sure how many people it's effecting, if it's a specific generation of console issue, or if ubi even knows about it but this season came with way too many issues. The largest issue basically is what PC is experiencing, the game is trying to stay open in the background and it's causing a bunch of separate issues. My friend and I both have the same problems of the game wanting to run in the background, so restarting takes 2-3 times, if not more, even sometimes having to start a different game or hard reset the console for it to work. It takes typically 3+ restarts to have any invites work. At the completion of a match the game has a random chance, (could be after 1 game, could be more) the game will show it's trying to load your renown gain, alpha pack and battle pass XP, but will give an error about 15 seconds after the timer runs out forcing you to restart the previous process. You can no longer completely open peoples gamercards as it will freeze your game and cause it to infinitely load, thus making you restart. And over all hit reg, server stability, kill cams and spectating have all just been getting worse over the past few seasons I've just been losing hope in ubi's ability to find/deal with bugs/glitches before a patch is released and if not before, then to be able to fix it in a 'reasonable' amount of time. It's typically not until mid-season that we get a patch to fix glaring issues and if it wasn't evident in the years prior, it just seems like Ubi could care less about console or their issues.

  • Yaymelol

    Rainbow is Magic sucks with all the spawn peeks and run outs on Plane.

  • Jack

    I've been having issues on xbox ever since the new season released. Constant infinite loading screens when starting up the game or after a match. Not getting renown or battlepass progression after a match. And now I only get 20-40fps on my xbox one x.

  • Siloam King
    Siloam King

    The game is very "jumpy" on Xbox. It's playable just not good for ranked matches. I'm sure it will be fixed so I'm not worried. I'll be back when it's fixed.

  • - Emerealm -
    - Emerealm -

    For me my game runs at 40 fps till about the 2:30 mark then my game runs fine so its really not too bad of an issue for me unless im getting spawnpeeked.

  • TheChicken 9
    TheChicken 9

    I only get 30fps on xbox one

  • General Greivous
    General Greivous

    Every time this damn game fixes something they break another thing and I’m on Xbox where I only run 30fps

  • Tony Cleveland
    Tony Cleveland

    Rainbow is magic is not the best more like a waste of time...doctors' curse by far is the best

  • eqr

    I can't play something other

  • ElCortaPasto69

    Bro thx for the vid, for a moment i thought that it was my inthernet connection and that i had to change it lmao. Hope they change this really soon, please make a vid telling us when it gets fixed so we can continue playing, thanks.

  • Nellis

    I'm on Xbox and it's unplayable

  • Norrotaku

    fuck plane man

  • Jay We Live
    Jay We Live

    Yeah me playing last night.... is how I was playing... horrible. I got mad at myself lol I couldn’t hit my targets at all. I’m big on aiming

  • Debanjan Roy
    Debanjan Roy

    Seige doesn't feel same as before. Ubisoft is ruining the game, I loved so much. Day by day it's becoming annoying.


    Does the fps problem effect next gen xbox 🤔