Royal House Recording

Royal House Recording
Royal House Recording

  • UG Luis
    UG Luis

    Had to come back and listen to this again.🔥

  • Tim Tang
    Tim Tang

    Where is the instrumental?

  • Charlie K
    Charlie K

    Rip billy still bumping this 🔥 🔥

  • Nathan Robinson
    Nathan Robinson

    This guys flow and switch ups are dope. Def feelin his music.

  • Bickness Bool207
    Bickness Bool207


  • Max Quality845
    Max Quality845

    gt slid💫💫💫

  • Nate Turner
    Nate Turner

    Where this dude at?$?



  • John DeNune
    John DeNune


  • Doug Mackenzie
    Doug Mackenzie


  • Paul Janka
    Paul Janka

    What gang are theese guys in

  • Tania Whittington
    Tania Whittington

    Me thinking of a random vine: *looks it up* “Swainohthekidd”: Still fine after 10 years 😭

  • Adam Gusman
    Adam Gusman

    I feel this shit in my bones

  • Alagi desmond
    Alagi desmond

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  • JayCreepa978

    my dawg slept on big time

  • Proof Gambino
    Proof Gambino

    Did they bury ebe bandz in gold? He asked to be buried that way.

  • Subaru Nissan
    Subaru Nissan

    What is the female sound effect in the background called? I hear it in a lot of badass rap songs

  • Hyena PaulTv
    Hyena PaulTv

    rip legend

  • Amerykah Mitchell
    Amerykah Mitchell

    He so fine

  • Rclon3z

    “I heard there was money on my head, but y’all shot me in the shin like there’s money on my leg” bars

  • Rob Banks
    Rob Banks

    1:35. Life is like a shit sandwich; the more bread you have the less shit you eat.

  • Rob Banks
    Rob Banks

    Lol yoooo check out squishy face at 0:03

  • anthony cassani
    anthony cassani

    D to the C

  • Ricardo Datboy
    Ricardo Datboy

    Shit bangin in 2021 rip ebe the white boy with glasses that helped kill him only gots 180 days until he’s out 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Liam Dowling
    Liam Dowling

    I’ve heard enough of this music to know this man a legend I don’t give a fuck what anyone says. He been next level

  • King Von
    King Von


  • King Von
    King Von

    tthis trash

  • Brandon Jennings
    Brandon Jennings


  • Bendo

    Just heard this from spotify discovery weekly. Fire

  • Sam McEwen
    Sam McEwen

    Can’t believe this man still being slept on... “Pop a perc and slap the silly out em”

  • Dominic Borgert
    Dominic Borgert

    She in love with the bad guy, but bad bitches never act right

  • Matthew Gonzalez
    Matthew Gonzalez

    Most under rated rapper period. Mfs sleep on sway

  • Joshua Gerus
    Joshua Gerus

    The bars are crazy just wish it had less autotune..

  • Roy Coffey
    Roy Coffey

    RIP Bandz 🙏 swainoh is dope

  • G C
    G C

    Surprised there ain’t nobody talkin bout race in this chat, like white boys ain’t been HARD forever

  • MrKaje72

    How is this not at least 1mil?

  • Justin Dungey
    Justin Dungey

    Swainoh need to get signed dude got flow

  • Kevin Rodriguez
    Kevin Rodriguez

    Yea this a fucking classic. The chemistry y’all got together is crazy. We need a whole mixtape or EP wit y’all. Keep going y’all foreal. Southwest fucking wit y’all foreal

  • Hvnter Wade
    Hvnter Wade

    RIP Billy.

  • Paul Carlton
    Paul Carlton

    Gas homie

  • John Hooker
    John Hooker

    Riverside looking like he ain't never held a gun at the end there YBB

  • Rob Banks
    Rob Banks

    Ain’t non of bandz homies get their get back yet.? What happened to all them T stones that I seen always chillin with him In interviews?

  • Suge-O Grove
    Suge-O Grove

  • Nick

    2021 still riding. Swainoh a straight g 💪🏼

  • Pablo Hernandez
    Pablo Hernandez

    That A- Boogie Flow was hard on that second verses 🔥🔥🔥

  • Tah Tab
    Tah Tab

    Mr bobbily took me here

  • Eric Raymond
    Eric Raymond

    Swanioh been on

  • Javante Luv
    Javante Luv

    Bruh was so talented R.I.P.

  • Riley Mcgrath
    Riley Mcgrath

    Keep it up swainoh

  • Riley Mcgrath
    Riley Mcgrath

    Keep it up swainoh

  • Riley Mcgrath
    Riley Mcgrath

    Good job swainoh keep it up

  • Riley Mcgrath
    Riley Mcgrath

    Yo who ever don't like his music don't even stay and listen

  • Fred D.
    Fred D.

    Slept on

  • Jacob Padilla
    Jacob Padilla


  • Young Nuk
    Young Nuk

    Mack damn

  • Glanderson Booper
    Glanderson Booper

    Looks like they hired the supporting cast from a Dungeons and Dragons tournament at a 2 star YMCA.

    • Glanderson Booper
      Glanderson Booper

      Tell me I'm wrong.

  • Promise Thomas
    Promise Thomas

    white brothers killing it boom boom

  • Michael Magnafichi
    Michael Magnafichi

    He was an alpha around a bunch of goofies. They feared him and were very jealous of his lil low-key and fame

  • fixmyscrews

    im in the field like a mf scarecrow - rip bandz

  • Kaden

    Yo didnt expect this to be so hard

  • ricky ward
    ricky ward

    It's a banger of a tune💯🔥

  • ricky ward
    ricky ward

    I never switch on any buddy's

  • Tyler Anderson
    Tyler Anderson

    1:22 he aiming that shit at bandz the whole time

  • Ricardo Datboy
    Ricardo Datboy


  • Nixon Mollos
    Nixon Mollos

    Shit bandz only makes hot tracks or what!always good vibe and flow!dang!R.I.P. demon

  • ABN Nuzzi Nicholas Clay
    ABN Nuzzi Nicholas Clay

    I need some elbows

  • TheycallmeVinny 123
    TheycallmeVinny 123

    I was here for this release I’ve been on swainoh for a while now yall late af idc late

  • The LastDutchhman
    The LastDutchhman

    Bruhh... drop sum more shittttt

  • Stephon Johnson
    Stephon Johnson

    Crazy how dude that had him lined us in the video 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Rich Riv
    Rich Riv

    Who here 2020- 21 in a few days

  • CHXYCE ¿
    CHXYCE ¿

    Rip bands bruh was too lit

  • Shäne Schultz
    Shäne Schultz

    Not bad for an auto tune rapper

  • Shäne Schultz
    Shäne Schultz

    Got 30 in this 40 I shoot like I’m curry 🔥💯🌊

  • Riley Mcgrath
    Riley Mcgrath

    Keep it up and you'll get fam in no time

  • liran.

    Weird coincidence ebe got a line “call me Santa Claus cuz I’m commin in the sleep” and dis how they did him 🤧😔rip bandz

  • ivbeenused21


  • Abram Molina
    Abram Molina

    this shit real life😈😈

  • Adam Shepard
    Adam Shepard

    beat switch up is crazy dude, that full time part

  • Aaron Hastie
    Aaron Hastie

    Rip band ZZZ

  • Shäne Schultz
    Shäne Schultz

    Damn she fine af she can send her addy fr