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  • Mr troll trolle facee
    Mr troll trolle facee

    Ethan been through Hella pain

  • Spooky_ Lxix
    Spooky_ Lxix

    This dude literally fix his cut leg by just pouring a salted water into his leg

  • Legions and legends
    Legions and legends

    Is it really capt tho?

  • ademide adeboye
    ademide adeboye

    All these dumb videos that end with scopion winning subzero...

  • Somedudedisguised Asanotherdude
    Somedudedisguised Asanotherdude

    Never in my life did i see a triple a game with such terrible voice acting....Sounds like actors rehearsing their script for crying out loud

  • Bathoreon

    Does anyone feel like RE8 story very similar to Silent Hill 1?


    So is Mímir kratos's new bedmate? Seems like a win to me.

  • Sandpaper Undertable • 69 years ago
    Sandpaper Undertable • 69 years ago


  • Phương Đỗ
    Phương Đỗ


  • Asobi Spirit
    Asobi Spirit

    "I will hunt you, and I will break you!" Uh............................................... You could just FOLLOW him through the hold you JUST made?????

  • Savage wolf
    Savage wolf

    Actually if I look at the end u see someone walking Ethan

  • Dimas Adhitya
    Dimas Adhitya

    left leg when

  • Bagas prtama tolol
    Bagas prtama tolol

    Nyasr gara² tik tod

  • Larry

    22:31 chased after by a giant [email protected]

  • Thanos American
    Thanos American

    This Is better than I was expecting

  • No One
    No One

    She's suckin on mold no wonder it's stale

  • Mr. Mcmeme
    Mr. Mcmeme

    I wonder: What would have happened if Ethan took Hiensenburg’s Offer

  • koroshi

    1:05:06 is it miranda the bible angel

  • eastbandit23

    Lady Dumitrescu is the wife of the Tyrant from Re2

  • Tasty

    Bro, the last part with the elevator door gave me a heart attack.

  • Spud Magnum
    Spud Magnum

    I enjoyed the game, but it wasnt scary. This was for sure the exception


    Ahh.. 47 at his Finest !! Who also thinks 47 is the Best Silent Assassin of All Killer game's ?..

  • Kevin Hebron
    Kevin Hebron

    This dude reattached his hand like a lego piece😂😂

  • The Animeditor
    The Animeditor

    when he said aw shit i wish he should have also said not again

  • The Animeditor
    The Animeditor

    why did he yell when he picked up his hand from the handle?

  • cheezeofages

    And then Peter sacrifices his relationship with MJ to the devil to revive May.

  • The Animeditor
    The Animeditor

    6:09 Wait That"s Not Cake PLZ Someone Make A Video Of A Cake Ethan Hand

  • Ooriley2

    Gotta love how he attaches his hand in the 2021 game were they make it a different entity then change it back

  • Nick Foles Fan Base
    Nick Foles Fan Base

    flash is so slow in this

  • Fʟᴀᴘʏ Tᴢʏ
    Fʟᴀᴘʏ Tᴢʏ

    To know all answer watch/play resident evil 7 and 8

  • The Animeditor
    The Animeditor

    missed the 2 fingers scene

  • 0


  • Cinematic Gaming
    Cinematic Gaming

    Damn, I’m noticing only now that Chief is bigger than the new spartans! Holy shit 🥵

  • The Animeditor
    The Animeditor

    maybe ethan got infected by the goop juice

  • TheYellowKnightHead

    I didn't realize this is like left 4 dead

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez

    He so lucky

    • Alex Martinez
      Alex Martinez

      She suck on his hands and I'm into that shit

  • James Thibault
    James Thibault

    Quick turn, QUICK TURN!

  • •FranzyPH•

    I think that's water is holy water of SIMP.

  • Dusty schott
    Dusty schott

    Anyone else remember when resident evil was about zombies?

  • Michael Lynes
    Michael Lynes

    Great, first the Walrider, then the Anti-Christ; what's next: Lucifer?

  • GeeEz ._.
    GeeEz ._.

    Huhu i hate this ending 😭

  • Shelby; and that's all really
    Shelby; and that's all really

    I'd do anything for her

  • Eleazar M LT
    Eleazar M LT

    3:25 *FATALITY*

  • Jason Moats
    Jason Moats

    You forgot when lady D impaled his hands with hooks to hang him by the palms, and he has to tear the hooks all the way through his hands to escape

  • ESPEJA Mike
    ESPEJA Mike

    So the final battle is against a Ghoul from Tokyo Ghoul huh?

  • Aren Fuentes
    Aren Fuentes

    so after all what youve done from resident evil 7.. chris redfield is gon come in resident evil 8 just to kill mia like that?.. i believe mia is still alive..

  • ccol009

    That first fight tho... you know damn well bro wit his lil hatchet 🪓 was gonna die. Them big ass War swords against his lil garden axe. 😂

  • Ian McPherson
    Ian McPherson

    Ethan is about as unlucky as Kenny From South Park

  • W0LF B3AT5
    W0LF B3AT5

    **Ethan uses elixir to magically reattach his limbs** Me: “WHY AREN’T WE FUNDING THIS?!”

  • Too Many Lies
    Too Many Lies

    Ahhh that's the stuff. Thanks for showing the gameplay for 2. I wish they would have put in the squad banter for when they use there powers from this one into 3 and the first one.

  • AngelNeonLite

    Lets all bet Ethan is still alive and will be in next resident evil as a "bioweapon"

  • Putzi Moka
    Putzi Moka

    51:11 , Who´s that? At the End of the Road, right side...? =|

  • Justinbuddy56

    the RE8 meeting room: So guys last time we focused on the left arm and right leg being mutilated what should we do next? Some intern: uh the right arm and left leg? Welcome aboard the team boy, you're hired.

  • Doey

    I just went through this moment. I had to turn on all the lights in the room and turn on pictures of cute kittens in the background

  • Matt Villines
    Matt Villines

    Lady Dimitrescu: *pronounces name “Domitresk”* Japanese: *pronounce name “Domitresk”* Literally everyone online: “nO iT’S DeEmEeTrEeEEesK¡”

  • Joe dirt
    Joe dirt

    I love watching no commentary and thinking what this person is saying and thinking as they play

  • Mr Chihuahua Boy
    Mr Chihuahua Boy

    You guys are freaked out by a stupid doll that’s sad I’d just give it a stone cold stunner

  • Bombsim

    idc what no one says this shit was scarier than anything

  • Christian Bauer
    Christian Bauer

    good lord you are terrible at this game. I could make a better playthrough.

  • Lil reddie bluey
    Lil reddie bluey

    imagine the forest added that creature 17:24

  • derrick johnson
    derrick johnson

    First 30 minutes in and I’m not impressed

    • derrick johnson
      derrick johnson

      I’m sorry but I’m not feeling this at all

  • Katō

    until this video i was laughing as ethan was slauhtered all the time at the point that they cut off his hand and put it back on as if nothing had happend

  • Lil reddie bluey
    Lil reddie bluey

    This why I don't want kids

  • Sina Hegzan
    Sina Hegzan

    U are so stupid in play game 😂

  • rdkomo

    The satisfaction when finally beating this guy on Village of Shadows difficulty... Now who's the cockroach mother f-!!!

  • josé lvcas.
    josé lvcas.

    Ethan deserved to rest in piece, after all he has been through.

  • Michael Marlingjr
    Michael Marlingjr

    I’m voting for a ps5 remake

  • Xavier Player
    Xavier Player

    Wow...boy if Barry...???? BSAA??

  • PlayStation Games
    PlayStation Games

    Mass Effect New games ❤️

  • Quang Tuan Tran
    Quang Tuan Tran

    limbs mending water? no tks, but I do want some of that jacket fixing juice

  • Albus Dumbledore
    Albus Dumbledore

    Feminist are crying right now.

  • AugustDK

    RE VII a left arm and right leg. RE Vlll the right arm, a thumb and 2 fingers on the left hand and his heart. Now we missing a left leg to complete the Exodia which means Ethan will be back in RE lX

  • Autumn Schluessler
    Autumn Schluessler

    "yummy :)" I never want to have a child now, I think something won't go to well....

  • Too Many Lies
    Too Many Lies

    Thanks for starting with the third one. The updates in the graphics during gameplay are noticeable to me as a console player for this one which while I'm not totally surprised by, is still nice to see and verify.

  • Sami Mohammws
    Sami Mohammws

    man no boy yas

  • Kevin McLaughlin
    Kevin McLaughlin

    When Lady Dimitresru tastes Ethan's blood and tells him it tastes stale, I think that was when she realized that he was already dead. Never saw the twist coming to be honest. And I was shocked that Mother Miranda was literally the mother of everything that Umbrella Corporation did. She and her experimentations were the inspiration for all of it.

  • scaryflower 874
    scaryflower 874

    I don't like this one I'm sorry but I just can't figure out how to like it.

  • J C
    J C

    Bro the fight so unrealistic if that was real mf woulda been dragon shit by now in the worst way